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Re: Best water filters
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Best water filters

Activated Alumina is the most commonly used fluoride removal media today. Activated alumina filter media are EPA (Environment Protection Authority) and WQA (Water Quality Association) recommended methods for removing fluoride from drinking water.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed Activated alumina as the “best available technology” (BAT) for the removal of arsenic and fluoride.

The standard filtration medium for removing fluoride from water is activated alumina. (And, no, before you ask, it doesn't leach aluminum into the water.) AAL, as it is usually called, has one major problem that sellers of fluoride filtration systems conveniently ignore. It requires a very long contact time between the water and the fluoride reduction medium. A carbon filter that's used to remove chlorine, by contrast, works quickly. With a standard-sized carbon filter chlorine can be handily removed at a flow rate of 3/4 to one gallon per minute. By contrast, activated alumina, in a standard-sized 2.5" X 9.75" cartridge, should process water no faster than about 1/4 gallon per minute. This is very slow by the standards of most water filters on the market. A standard undersink unit usually delivers water at about three times that rate. The accelerated flow rate, though convenient for the user, significantly diminishes not only the effectiveness of the AAL cartridge, but it greatly shortens its life expectancy as well.


* Activated Alumina can be blended with other absorbents such as carbon, clay minerals, molecular bonding agents and elastomeric polymer.
Mechanically strong and highly resistant to abrasion, breakage and deterioration during usage thereby insuring a long life service.
* Activated Alumina is relatively inert, non-toxic, non-corrosive and not prone to oxidation
* Good performance, even at low concentration ranges

* Activated Alumina is considered safe and non toxic and has been widely used and approved within the water filtration industry for many years. It is a recognized treatment media by the WQA (Water Quality Association).


Methods to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water
Activated alumina cartridges**and reverse osmosis membrane filtration systems are the two effective methods for removing fluoride from drinking water. Both can remove 80 to 90 percent of the fluoride. A third method uses a special carbon made from animal bones called Bone Char. However, it's not as effective as aluminum oxide or reverse osmosis and appears to remove only 50 to 60 percent of the fluoride. We are now offering bone char carbon GAC cartridges as an alternative to activated alumina.
If you search on the terms "fluoride removal" at the US Environmental Protection Agency site,, you will find several articles on removing fluoride. The accepted and most effective method is using aluminum oxide. Also, the process to remove fluoride from water was patented in 1936 by Harry. V. Churchill a chemist from Alcoa in New Kensington, PA: "Removal of fluorine from water", US Patent 2,059,553; filed October 2, 1933; granted November. 3, 1936 (using activated alumina). Referenced from For the history of fluoride see
Activated alumina, or aluminum oxide, is a naturally occuring incorganic compound that is chemically inert and non-toxic. It's also known as corundum, a form of aluminum oxide in crystalline form. Rubies and sapphires are prescious gem forms of corundum. Aluminum oxide (alumina) is a ceramic material that can be used as an insulator. It's also used a desiccant to absorb gases and odors, and it does a great job removing fluoride from water. For more information click to see the Aluminum Oxide article at Wikipedia.

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