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Re: Naturopath MD nothing gained

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Naturopath MD nothing gained

Might it not be a good idea to actually get tested? There are several tests which can prove what's going on: blood, muscle and stool tests. The most accurate to detect candida related complex seems to be the blood test: it includes anti-Candida antibodies IgG, IgM, and IgA. At least that way you will know candida is your issue or not. Most Dr's don't know much about it so you might have to google and bring in information to help them order it.

Not saying this will make treating the candida enigma any easier if you test positive but, at least you will know candida is in fact something to worry about. I embrace candida as not a stand alone issue but, rather a symptom of some other underlying issue which addressing may go a long way towards helping erradicate candida. Thus, why many think balancing the system to be critical (easier said than done and the theory behind acupuncture and naturopath treaments). It could be so many things which are all intertwined (and treatments of such are intertwined). 

From my research, just about every candida sufferer has underling adrenal/thyroid issues since if as Anthony was trying to embark about leaky gut takes hold which is very common, then the immune system goes haywire trying to mount a respose everytime you eat and wears down the immune system which wears down the adrenals/thyroids (perhaps Dr/s can help determine what's going on with your endocrine system and help get it working FOR you to help get candida nder control again). Leaky gut happens when candida goes fungal boring through the intestinal wall enlarging the pore which digested food enters the blood stream, allowing large molecule food particles to seap through (as he states feces which I don't really think of as correct but who knows could be). The body rightly mounts an immune response to the large food particles  and all sorts of allergic type (hitamine) reactions take place. A negative feedback loop which causes additional boyd system feed back loops: chain reactions, if you will.

As frustrating as I have found it and you as well to deal with how little real immediate help there is to be found within medicine for Candida Related Complex, it doesn't mean there can't be some help there as well. If only with testing to make sure candida is the issue. Then again, there are many rx antifungals which many report being critical to their healing. It's certainly frustrating which only causes more stress further depleting the adrenals and taxing the thyroid. Adrenal fatigue is common with candida and low body temps are a indicator of this endocrine issues.

I don't have the answers, nor claim to be an expert. The hard part for me was grasping how I had to go beyond my comfort zone and seek constantly to try to grasp all this complicated and overwhelming information if I was going to get better. It was very depressing at first (still is) but, input from people who were at least as sick I was am and have gotten better through time/dilligence and perserverance gives me hope that I have to just keep plugging away to get to the point they got to. It's too easy for someone who has gotten well to think their path is the only solution so, you are going to have to judge things on your own. Don't take anyone's advice without researching things thoroughly. This has been one of my mistakes running wildly after all these  "ideas" which only further put my body out of balance.

Might I suggest checking out for a full and comprehensive candida treatment protocol. What you find here are people doing this and that but, rarely with a broad brush on all the interconnected issues which crop up. Things like adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid, liver support, dealing with die off, diet, antifungals, probiotics, etc are all built into this protocol, albeit sometimes very subtly. With a large group using the same protocol it's also much easier to ask questions on whatever crops up and get more precise answers since many will have gone through similar periods. At least it's another place to get input to help widen your seeking. I have no affiliation to any web site, certainly not this one. Only suggesting what I wish someone would have suggested to me a LONG time ago when I first learned and tried to start treating my complicated situation. The hard part was grasping how no one outside source like a dr or what have you was going to make much of a difference without me being point man.....I'm still trying to learn and think it's going to be a never ending dynamic along my journey. 

Good luck and many healing blessings along your journey.










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