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Re: Natural Therapies Warnings/Understanding

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Natural Therapies Warnings/Understanding

"Getting oxygen into cancer cells is a trick and heavy alkaline therapies do exactly that."

Oxygen does not kill cancer cells.  That's an old wives' tale.

What is the evidence?

Available scientific evidence does not support claims that increasing oxygen levels in the body will harm or kill cancer cells. It is difficult to get the oxygen level around the cancer cells in the middle of a tumor higher because the blood supply tends to be poor. But there are differences in the way cancer cells use oxygen that may allow new treatments to better target cancer cells.

According to Dr. Stephen Barrett, who writes about health fraud, a researcher from the Dominican Republic claimed that his clinic had used ozone gas to cure thirteen people with cancer. An investigative news group later learned that two of the patients had died of cancer, three could not be found, two refused to be interviewed, three were alive but still had cancer, and in three cases it was not clear that the patients had actually ever had cancer.

(Typical, typical alternative cancer therapy outcomes.)

As a two time lung cancer survivor who is lung cancer free (one cancer in each lung, clinically verified before and after treatment) I have learned that there is one thing that all cancers have in common and that is that they love sugar/glucose.  That's what they feed on.  Not only does refined sugar turn to glucose in the stomach but so does wheat bread - whole or white, makes no never mind, rice - again white or brown, no difference, and white potatoes are even better yet in producing glucose.  How do I know?  I check my glucose levels after eating and have for several years.  I learned this truth after having had several PET scans where they have you first refrain from eating anything for several hours, and then have you drink more than a pint of glucose solution, wait an hour and scan your entire body in 3D and in color.  The glucose goes directly to the cancer cells.  I've seen it, I've lived it, and I no long have lung cancer (or prostate cancer which I had twenty years ago but cured through both spiritual healing and eating raw garlic).  Raw garlic is cancer's worst enemy.  Also if you do just a little bit of checking around you will find that there was a spike in the incidence of cancer at the same time that soda producers went from using sugar as their sweetener and substituted high fructose corn syrup.  I see that my Costco store allows you to avoid this by supplying your Coca Cola fix with the product from Mexico which still uses sugar.  I avoid all of it by drinking nothing but water, or coffee or tea that I brew myself.

The Inuit people on their native diet were virtually cancer and heart disease free.  They ate animal fats day after day.  Their "deserts" were such things whipped whale blubber with in season berries.  The Inuit were studied for many years.  However, as they switched to the European diets they became just as susceptible to cancer and heart disease as the rest of us.

To avoid cancer - quit eating any refined or modern carbohydrate.  Wheat and rice as food sources didn't exist 10,000 years ago and are a very modern innovation.  So is the white potato. 


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