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Re: Natural Therapies Warnings/Understanding
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Natural Therapies Warnings/Understanding

"Just remember one thing bro....this isn't your disease, its not your pain...its not your nause,vomitting, waisting's not your leukopenia, neutrapenia, and it's not your funeral."

You obviously haven't read my posts.  I'm a three time cancer survivor.  Prostate for twenty years.  Lung cancer with partial loss of lung for four years, and same thing in other lung for nine months and my blood oxygen level runs from 95% to 97%.

I still haven't found a link in any of your posts that point to individual cancer cures which is what I look for.

If oxygen could cure cancer, then a hyperbaric oxygen chamber would cure cancer.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

How is it promoted for use?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used in conventional treatment for decompression sickness; severe carbon monoxide poisoning; certain kinds of wounds, injuries, and skin infections; delayed radiation injury; and certain bone or brain infections. Decompression sickness, commonly known as "the bends," is an extremely painful and potentially dangerous condition that strikes deep sea divers who surface too quickly and, occasionally, miners and tunnel builders who come up too rapidly. It can also affect fighter pilots who climb very quickly.

Claims about alternative uses of HBOT include that it destroys disease-causing microorganisms, cures cancer, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome, and decreases allergy symptoms. A few supporters also claim that HBOT helps patients with AIDS, arthritis, sports injuries, multiple sclerosis, autism, stroke, cerebral palsy, senility, cirrhosis, Lyme disease, and gastrointestinal ulcers. Available scientific evidence does not support these claims. Because of that, the FDA has sent a warning letter to at least one manufacturer about promoting HBOT for unproven uses. The FDA considers oxygen to be a drug, meaning it must be prescribed by a physician or licensed health care provider to treat illnesses or health conditions.


What I will support is that maintaining a healthy oxygen level will promote the body's own defense mechanisms for not only the prevention and cure of cancer, but other disease as well.  American don't know how to breathe.  All you have to do is to purchase a small device that attaches to your finger which tells the oxygen level in your blood and anything below 95% is detrimental to your health.  Anything under 90% is a serious problem.  These devices are in the $50 range.

Leaning proper breathing will prevent and even cure disabilities more than anything else.




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