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QRA Finds Parastites, after 15 months of pain!!! Hopeful
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Published: 10 years ago

QRA Finds Parastites, after 15 months of pain!!! Hopeful


I have been reading CureZone posts for a little over a year, and I have been sick without diagnosis since July 2011. My most recent visit to a health practitioner was on October 9th, 2012. He is a highly reputable QRA practitioner, I drove an entire day to see him based on a referral. He found parasites in my liver, intestine and bone. He did not label the exact parasite, but he did indicate there was protozoan/amoebic invaders due to my positive response to what he gave me. I am now on day 15 of a 90 day, and $3000 protocol. I have been feeling even worse, and assume its die off toxins…but its basically an intensified pain similar to what I have been feeling for just over a year.

((( parasite Blend)))) edited to delete unathorized spamming. Vit D, Vit B, Liver Support, Green Tea extract, HCL, HCL Activator, Digestive Enzymes, Magnesium, xenostat, Osteoven, Pink Salt…and of course 3 Castor oil packs per week to hatch the eggs and force them back into the intestine.…but I was told to take Hyssop as well for mycoplasma I think.

Below is a cut and paste of an outline of the symptoms, treatments and treatments I have had the sheer pleasure of enduring for my entire 36th year on this planet. I am now at the point where I have spent over $30K chasing a cure or accurate diagnosis. Only by sheer luck when orally complaining of body wide tendonitis did a friend of mine say “Sounds like Amoebas, and they are a bi^ch!” Then I sent off stool, urine and blood…awaiting results from October 8th tests.

Can anyone read the below and relate to my situation? Anyone who has healed completely from similar ailments? Just looking to relate to someone who has recovered health from chronic pain and various unexplained ailments. I do feel strongly that parasites are to blame…but I felt the same about Candida, Heavy Metals, Acidic Waste, etc.

Constantly sore hips
Feels like right ankle is sprained, comes and goes since March
Incredible weak at the major tendons (Bicep bend and behind Knees)
Hamstrings are incredibly weak (knees buckle sometimes)
Sugar makes my mouth tongue feel strange
Chemical Sensitivity
Clogged Sinuses and challenged breathing
Dry Eyes (treating with cucumber, flax oil, Walnuts)
Stiff & Weak Muscles Sore Joints (migrates around body)
Back & Neck pain
Slight shortness of breath
Mild chest pain on occasion
Pain in Liver Area (this cleared up for a month but returned after my water
Low Ph (Ph is all over the place, one day 6.0, next day 7.2, everywhere in between despite diet) TODAY was 7.2 in morning.
Quick temper
Brittle Nails (Especially toes)
Clogged feeling in ears (lymphatic fluid in Eustacian tubes, some relief with rebounding and head massage for lymph..seems to go in line with dry eyes..the dryer the eyes the worse the ENT congestion)

SYMPTOMS I HAVE HAD during this illness:
Tonsil Stones (huge ones)
Extremely White Tongue that Stings and Hurts Strong Metallic Taste in mount all day every day (December 2011 to April 2012)
Excess Mucus
Extreme Pain (shooting and stabbing, mostly in legs) Vibrating/Twitching Muscles (today they are not twitching much anymore, but
Blurry Vision
Nasty Body Odor
Frequent Urination
Loss of Sex Drive
Dizziness and unsteady when standing
Light headed
Knee Buckling weakness behind knees
PAIN at an 8 on a scale of 1-10 for many months Hair Loss Liver Spots (legs mostly) Lots of mouth sores (cold sores, but everywhere in mouth and throat)

FIR Sauna
Skin Brush
Mud Pack for Toxin removal
Fasting once day a week (stopped)
Just started Mineral Springs in Paso
coffee enema once a week
Oil Pulling
Green Smoothies, Green Powders, Coconut Powder, Super Berry Mix, Raw Foods, Lemon Water all day
Transcendental Meditation

Lost 100 pounds
Quit Alcohol
Quit Dairy
Quit Gluten
I used to exercise too much (creating acidity, I was playing many hours of
racquetball per day and doing KettleBells for rapid fat loss just prior to
my symptoms starting)
Complete Diet overhaul to alkalize
Liver Gallbladder Flush (twice)
Kidney Cleanse
Intestinal Cleanse
Many pills and protocols
10 Day Water Fast

Fibromyalgia (I don't think so)
Candida Overgrowth (Treated for 4 months, now not a problem apparently)
H Pylori (treated with Mastic Gum, resolved apparently)
KPU (Chuck Cochran picked this up...I don't feel its accurate)
Liver Congestion (Sluggish Liver)
Human Parvo Virus – B19 (high antibodies on blood test)
Low Vitamin D
Slightly low B-12
Potassium Deficeincy
IBS Chrone's (Not likely but I did use Accutane for 2 years in High School) Mycoplasma
Gadolinium Poisoning from MRI with Contrast(This one really freaked me out, but was not a problem afterall...I think) MRI of Throat showed "Extensive Opacification of my Right Mastiod Air Cells) November 2011, chalked up to having a cold and dismissed
Gluten Sensitivity
Dairy Sensitivity
NightShade Sensitivity
I am also told I have NO FOOD ALERGIES!
ACIDIC WASTE BUILDUP causing all pain

Other Noteworthy Stuff:
• My Ph was 5.2 during my water fast, this indicates low tissue Ph I think, but it seems common amongst Water Fasting community
• I never stopped stinking BADLY during Water Fast
• I often can’t hold an enema due to some sort of resistance at the bottom of the descending colon
• I feel better after a FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) Sauna Session, but it doesn’t last
• Sugar and Sugary fruits cause pain (even in smoothies)
• My Chronic dry eyes seem to react well to cucumbers, Walnuts and flax oil
• My hips got a rash right where the deep pain is about a week after my Water Fast and about one day after starting the FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) Biomat use. Is this a parasite signature?
• My Liver aches, but it got better after the last Liver Flush…I did produce some foul debris
• When an enema goes right there is some black and white, foul debris that comes out
• My metallic taste and coated tongue took 8 months to clear up, but finally did after adding massive amounts of probiotics and greens.
• My Body Odor has lessened a lot over the past three months
• Omega 3 seems to clear up my eyes but I react badly to it (hard to breath)
• Too much FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) Sauna & Biomat leads to twitching and Heart palpitations. Taking potassium seems to help the short term


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