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This forum is in trouble!
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Published: 10 years ago
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This forum is in trouble!

Glaxony your quote- "The parasite forum is devolving into a huge ad campaign for a bunch of people and products who have nothing to do with Cure Zone. This troubles me since there are so many people who have put their hearts and souls into CZ for years, who are never even mentioned or recommended. I get weary from reading all the posts of people recommending their favorite doctors outside of Curezone, instead of sending them to our own wonderful advisors who teach people how to use natural means and take responsibility for their own health. In an effort to steer the parasite forum towards greater integrity in terms of it's purpose, and encourage people to utilize the expertise of people here instead of referring out, I have been moving and hiding a lot of posts lately and I would like to have time to move more. Any suggestions beyond what I am doing would be greatly appreciated. Here is my announcement to the parasite Forum".

Since you have asked for feedback I will offer my opinion. Curezone is not or shouldn't be about supporting the local contributors of other forums. It should be about people sharing sucess stories of treating and ridding themselves of parasites using natural means.

I battled a horrific parasite infection for almost 2 yrs. I had a heavy infestation of roundworms, flukes and tapes. These are the ones I could see plus who knows what else. This forum at that time offered many different experiences and protocols. I tried the Humaworm and Barefoot products that are always touted here with no sucess whatsoever. The regular Barefoot dewormer was costing us hundreds of dollars per month and very ineffective. I never got rid of the helminth infestation until I bought my herbs in bulk and started making my own deworming medicine for pennies per day.

If there is a doctor who is saving lives and healing people then Why on earth would you want to stop promoting him. We are here to help and support one another. This forum is in desperate need of some success stories and solutions.

I too spend many hours per week helping people for free. I am giving back what I so freely was given years ago. I know the pain and frustration of seeing a worm in the toilet every day for 6 months straight.

Glaxony you stated in another post that you are feeling jealous of a certain doctor getting lots of business while you a naturopath spending many hours here are not. Since this is not your private forum you must not have any expectations or censor what people are sharing on this forum. It is not about local promoters but about success.

I hope you can see what you are doing here. People have stopped posting and sharing. As the moderator you have to ask yourself why.

Best to you always!

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