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Lyme disease or CFS or Candida or something else?

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randomgirl0106 Views: 2,402
Published: 11 years ago

Lyme disease or CFS or Candida or something else?

Hey everyone I'm new here. I think I may have problems with Candida, but I'm not sure. I'm 21 now. I've always had some mental and physical health issues since I was in middle school, but I was still able to function. I dealt with insomnia since middle school which worsened in high school. By the time I was 14, a freshman and high school I had a darkness around my eyes underneath and above that never went away and I still have, even when I caught up on sleep. People at my school spread rumors I was on drugs because of this and made fun of me. I'm not sure if this was due to insomnia or something else. I didn't get my period til I was almost 16 and it was very irregular, coming only once every only every few months or more and when I did get it I would have horrible cramps and back pain and become very depressed. I also struggled with anorexia around the time I was 16 and 17 and developed Depression around the same time. I think it may have been a result of being underweight or hormone issues. I went long periods without eating during this time and started having hypoglycemic like symptoms. I was tested for hypoglycemia but it came back negative. Although ever since then I've felt really out of it and horrible if I go more than few hours without eating. Around this same time 16-17 my insomnia worsened and when I did fall to sleep I often had sleep paralysis (where I realized I was asleep and couldn't wake myself up). When I gained weight back and got over anorexia the sleep paralysis went away, but I still had the usual insomnia and still had Depression and discoloration over my eyes and felt tired all the time. When I was 18 I went away to college. The first semester was ok, then the second semester I randomly developed bad anxiety in addition to the depression. I also started getting some Acne too which did not respond to any cream or facial wash I bought. I also started having irregular bowel movements with mucus in them and lots of gas and I think what may have been IBS. After my freshman year ended I took a summer class. The girl in my class I was friends with was sick and was coughing up mucus and I caught it and started doing the same, that went away eventually, but after that all the mucus from my nose drips back down my throat all the time (i think it's called sinusitis) and that's never gone away. After that my sophomore year of college at 19. I started getting episodes of sleep paralysis again in addition to the other problems I'd already accumulated. I also started getting occasional pains under my ribcage. But I had a blood test for that and abdominal ultrasound and it all came back normal. The summer between my sophomore and junior year my my Acne which had previously been mild/moderate became severe. I started seeing a dermatologist. None of the creams they gave me did anything, neither did doxycycline, finally I had my hormones tested, which showed I had slightly elevated levels of testosterone. Because of this I was prescribed birth control, yaz. The first two months on yaz nothing happened. The third week into the third month my Acne miraculously cleared. This same week (bak in May) I developed pink eye, two days later my throat was burning too and I ate and felt nauseas. I started having aches in my legs and felt more exhausted than I ever had in my life. I went to the health center at my college,they tested me for mono but it was negative. They said I had tonsillitis and conjunctivitis and an elevated white blood cell count. They gave me eyedrops for pink eye and amoxicillin for tonsilits. The amoxicillin made me regain some energy, and took away the sore throat. But it came back the day I stopped. I also started having even more problems with my bowels not diarrhea, but an urgency to go to the bathroom anytime I ate something. After this I went to the health center again for the sore throat, they said I had tonsilitis again and put me on clindamycin. Once again my sore throat came back after stopping. I went to the health center again and was told I had tonsilitis again, but they didn't want to give me more Antibiotics . After that I had a doctors appointment for my throat and bowel problems. He said for my throat I had large tonsils, but did not have tonsillitis. I had a stool sample but it came back normal. I started taking phillips probiotics, but that didn't really help with the problem, even after a whole bottle. At that point it was the summer. I still had lowered energy and a sore throat constantly on and off, but managed to work part time. Around August the fatigue started getting even worse though. I was basically lying in bed all day. I started having muscle aches in my legs again, which progressed to other body parts. Soon I had joint pain too. I had extreme trouble focusing and remembering things too. I got strep in October and was on Antibiotics again. I got a yeast infection during this time too. The strep went away, but I still have a sore throat on and off and the other problems.I also started getting sores in the corners of my mouth and stinging sensations in my legs, episodes of nausea, worsening insomnia and sleep paralysis almost every night that I actually do manage to fall to sleep that is more recently. I'd had lots of blood tests up to that point, but nothing showed up. It has gotten to the point I can barely even function. I struggle go to class feeling horrible and then collapse on my bed from exhaustion the rest of the day after and do my homework in bed. Looking up my symptoms online my first thought was that I had chronic fatigue syndrome. It's said to come after a virus or an infection and I had an elevated white blood cell count in may suggesting I had something like that. But I figured I should get tested for lyme disease to rule it out. It came back positive for an acute infection of lyme disease. But I had never seen a tick bite or rash and don't go outside that often. The doctor said he thought it could possibly me a false positive, but wasn't sure. I was also tested for EBV the blood test (not the rapid kind this time) which showed I had high levels of a past infection. But I've never had mono before as far as I know. Since then I've been prescribed 3 weeks of doxycycline for the lyme. I've been through a week and a half and feel absolutely no better.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me? If I actually have lyme cause I never saw a tick bite and am not feeling any better? I read pink eye and mouth sores and a lot of the things I have are symptoms of stages of candida, including acne and insomnia which I had before all this. I haven't had the best diet before this consisting of a lot of bread and sweets which is why I think I might have it. Also I was on birth control when this started, which I've heard feeds candida an I have a slight whitish coating on my tongue. So do I have candida or lyme disease or cfs or something else. I'm so confused doctors keep telling me nothings wrong with me and I don't know what to do.

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