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my history
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Published: 9 years ago

my history


I'm 33 now and suffering this Body Odor for about 15 years. All you are familiar with the suffering I have to endure.

I visited lots of doctors, gastroenterologists, dermatologists, etc. In the first time, I had also acute IBS and I was relating it with it in my mind. I thought that I passed gas involuntarily, mainly due to stress among other people. That was the only logical explanation I came up with (but infact very unsatisfactory too, because I was thinking that I was aware that I wasn't farting). Where did these bad odor come was an unknown. Later I developed the habit of sweeting excessively. At the same time, a permanent odor was staying with me, in addition to that gas thing; no matter how I tried my hygiene -daily showers, regular visits to hot baths and saunas etc, daily change of clothes and underwear. I tried varied deodorants and soaps. Doctors didnot detact it, my family was ignoring it for my goodness and then my psychiatrists give tones of antidepresants and even Solian -a schizophrenia pill. But of course I know that it is not a hallusionary problem, since all those f...g reactions everyday from other people. Indeed there occurred some periods which I found myself and my odor somehow tolerable (interestingly these times were the ones I gained weight: I am 1.76cm and 75kg normally. In those times I was over 90kg).

Last year I decided to go for a diet and applied Dukan diet. I don't know about the validity of correlation but during this diet in which I returned back to my normal weight in 6 months, my odor problem was tolerable + my social life and self-esteem ameliorated significantly. You know, Dukan diet is primarily about taking proteins instead of carbonhdyrates and fats. I cut Sugar and bread and those fastfood stuff, but ate fish, chicken, meat, vegetables (broccoli etc) and lots of water. I was using lemon for sweating the tea. I also started to walk about 10 kms a day. I don't know about the relationship but those seemed to help my odor problem too. I am not claiming that I was odor free but my spring and hot summer was wonderful in my consideration.

However, my suffering days have returned again and I cannot manage to point what has made it happen again. Hygeine practice is the same; I am taking carbon tablets and other supplements. I am gonna mad about reason behind. This time it even get worse. Immediately after taking a shower, I am taking a public transport bus and people around me simply become irritated. I wonder how it can be possible?

My guess:
- diet, exercise and psychology [but if these are the causes, that means we are in the mercy of some supernatural forces we cannot control. of course, diet can be corrected but if there were some physiologic or identifiable cause we could at least hope for an identifiable cure. But in this case, we are doomed to live with it?!] These supernatural forces may also be bacteria or some metabolismic features -enzymes in liver for instance. Again, exactly which practive did lessen my problem, I couldn't single out!!

I know that we have lots of thoughts and associations in our mind. One of such things for me is the relationship between weight and odor. Any thoughts?

Another question. Any of you has feces with a really bad odor. I mean after you go to the WC, you won't let any other person to go in half an hour or long after. That has to do smt about intestines and flora of it. Any suggestions for a cure, aside from taking a bacterial test at the doctor?

After I wrote above I went to a gastroentrologist and had a colonoscopy and blood test (one thyroid test was a little high over normal range, but he said it was ok). Doctor suspected diverticulosis in colon but nothing found. Instead he gave a few medicine for pancreas (kreon/pancreatin, rifaximin and some B vitamin injection) just to try. I have no hope.

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