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Re: HELP!!! Frantic!!! Bugs I cannot see crawling across my face and all in my hair under the skin and pin prick bites.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: HELP!!! Frantic!!! Bugs I cannot see crawling across my face and all in my hair under the skin and pin prick bites.

I have ANSWERS!!! I am so hapy to report this. I've had this since May 2012 and was scared it would never go away. No one would come back to these posts and tell us what really worked. I am here to share. You will need;

1. Sulfur Ointment by De La Cruz Acne Medication (10%) You can buy it in the hispanic section at Walmart or order online. You will need 1 per day. 2. Neem Oil - Organic Leaf Polish. Dyna-Grow Pure Neem Oil Organic Leaf Polish -It is 100% Natural Free of Water or Additives. 3. Washer Dryer 4. Amonia but Bleach okay with whites (but not mixed) 5. Vacuum with Bags. I bought one from Sears 6. Microcide SQ Broad Spectrum Disinfectant - Buy online 7. MSM Supplements (Walmart or online) These are natural sulfur supplments that are amazing. 8. Yogurt and anything else that boosts your immune system including Vitamin C 9. Remove all sweets from your diet. The bugs don't go after sugur but they can survive on someone with a compromised immune sytem. A serving of Sugar shuts down your immune system for hours. I was eating Sugar every few hours going back for a cookie here and there. I was shocked how hard it was to give this up.

DO not use Bleach or Borax on your body. These do not work on your skin and are bad for you. Its just not worth it. And particularly - PLEASE do not put these things on your children. The other stuff, tea tree oil, clove oil, cedar oil etc. all drive the bugs crazy (you will feel a pause and then they'll be on the move) but it won't kill them and they will hold on somewhere on your body until the initial smell dies down. Then it will be business as usual. Don't waste money on these. Clove Oil was helpful in that it was soothing and a little mixed in with olive oil dabbed on my skin here and there helped cover up some of the sulfur and neem odor and was calming. Talk to your pediatrician about how to treat your children before you do anything. Even if they don't agree with your diagnosis they can help you determine if what you are doing could hurt them and possibly suggest an alternative or a better way to use the product. My daughter kept reminding me - its a skin condition. Its more then that but she's right. Its not cancer. We can get through it. The hardest thing is initial panic and then the Depression from feeling like you have to stay away from everyone. You don't. This will end. . Antidepressants. They didn't cure me but adding them were very helpful. I noted a lot of people become suicidal - please go get them. I take Lexapro 20 mg. If you tell Dr. you are anxious because you have bugs crawling on you at night they will gladly give them to you. Please note that Post Partum Depression can cause the feeling of bugs as well as other things - and the antidepressant will help with that. I had a family member that went through it recently - so there's nothing wrong with the possibility that it "might be in your head". It might be because we're a bunch of buzzing electrical impulses so anything's possible...- and then it might not be. Don't take it personally - just rule it out. If it doesn't help then you know its physical. I would have been sooo happy if it had just been corected with the antidepressants. I would recommend adding them temporarily no matter so you can deal with this and still go to work and live a life. If you have nerves of steel and this isn't bothering you much then God Bless you. If you can get your doctor to try two doses of Ivermectin then all the better. Start right into the treatments and cleaning I'm suggesting at the same time - except hold off on the sulfur until the next night. I found that I couldn't completely eradicate them from my body. The truth is that I could eradicate them from my body but I just kept giving them back to myself. I couldn't find a good way to clean my work, car and house without being a problem to my co-workers and family etc. I was exhausted from all the cleaning. I don't know if I will ever get up again in the morning and not put my bedding in the laundry and vacuum. I hope so but its so ingrained in me now. Steps: As soon as you can get the De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment, apply it head to toe including your scalp at night. Cut your finger nails and toe nails VERY short. (They'll grow back). Brush the sulfur ointment into the cracks and under each of the nails. If you have anything but short hair begin parting and applying to your scalp only (not on your hair). Apply like you are putting on hair color. Small sections with a comb and apply to the scalp and on to the next section. Completely cover your scalp. Rub it into your scalp a little when done. If you have short hair then just glob it on. Now begin applying sulfur to your neck, face, and move downward to the soles of your feet. Stand on a towel because they will try to move away from it and they wil drop to the floor. Because you have already treated your nails they will not hide there. When you are done roll the towell on the floor in towards the center carefully and put into the washing machine to wash on hot with bleach or amonia. You have to admit that you cannot reach every inch on your back. I didn't realize it until I added a little light food coloring so I could see everywhere I had applied the cream and I saw a large section I would have never known I had missed. Add a little color to your sulfur so you can see. I took the plastic cover from a new tooth brush I recently purchased and used the soft smooth side to apply the sulfur on my back. It worked very well. Rub in with your fingers so there is a little exfoliating after applied. Not too rough. You're going to be applying this for a few days and it can be uncomfortable. In the am get up wash it all off, shampoo and soap up with sulfur shampoo and soap (Walmart or sometimes Osco in the hispanic section - or online). Reapply the sulfur ointment from the neck down to go to work. When you get home from work apply to your scalp and face and apply a little more to the rest of your body without showering off what you had on that day. It will save you a little money. If you're smelly and greasy from work that day then shower and reapply. When your Neem Oil arrives take a sniff from the bottle to get a good idea what the night is going to smell like. It does not smell good but its not the worst thing I've ever smelled. This product is a natural pesticide and is used on the body as well for health. It is a pesticide in that it doesn't initially kill pests but it renders them sterile. Shower and then apply the Neem Oil either full strength or one time I added a little lemon soap to it to take away the edge. Apply it full body before going to bed. THe bugs will like it....I warn you. They like oil for some reason. So you will feel them and you will think this isn't working but it is working on making every one of those crawling things unable to lay eggs. I got up half way through the night, washed it and reapplyed the sulfur but you can also just leave it on all night. In a.m. make sure to immediately take your bedding to the washer and wash as hot as possible with bleach or amonia and dry in dryer for 60 minutes if possible but no less then 30. Vacuum well and immediately toss the bag into a sealed trash bag and discard into an outside trash can. Use the Sulfur the next night and the neem combination the following etc. so that you are alternating - using the Neem oil for a full total of 3 nightsand the sulfur on all others. You will start to notice that by mornings things are better. I struggled because I got to work and they were active again there. I could feel them coming up my legs and all over me and by the time I got home they were everywhere. They were in my house, work etc. I had to start over every day. Here's where the Microcide and Neem oil also play in. You have to treat your environment. I was missing this part and it is why it drag on for so long. The suggestions on the internet do not adequately treat your envionment. The Diam. Earth didn't do the job for me. I made a mixture of Neem oil for plant spraying as reflected on the bottle. I added a little lemon soap to help with smell. At Home - I sprayed the diluted mixture it all over bedding, carpet, floors and plants before leaving for the day. Its a safe oil so you can just spray it and wipe it up. At work I sprayed it all over my desk, computer keyboard tray, and particularly the carpet. I also sprayed it on the plants and in the plant dirt in my work area. Its a leaf shine - it will just make them look better. Just be careful since they aren't your plants. Don't go crazy. Focus on your carpet and chair and as much as possible your computer without breaking it. You can do it after everyone leaves at the end of the day if you don't want anyone to know you are doing this. Its not harmful. When you receive your Microcide SQ - this stuff is really the big difference. Mix it per the instructions - they will send you a spray bottle and directions. Its strong but you can use it on fabric and all surfaces. This is used in hosiptials. I used a little bit at the beginning of the day at work but when everyone left the office I sprayed this stuff everywhere and left. Focus on carpet around your desk and particularly your chair. This is where you are giving them back to yourself. When you get out of the car when you get home - spray your car thoroughly, focusing on your seats and the carpet. Take care of yourself and make sure you have fresh air. Take a walk around the block if you can. Its tempting to begin forgetting about your health with this and you need your health more then anything. When you get inside continue with your sufur/neem treatments and spray your bathroom with the microcide before going to bed. Vacuum plenty. If you can steam clean - do this before beginning to apply the neem and microcide sprays. The microcide spray might be a problem with the steam so check before combining anything. You should start seeing results quickly and I was done within a week. I didn't have luck with the DHEA or the Borox. Don't bother. If it doesn't take it away its not worth doing. Your skin might be mad at you when you're all done. THe neem should help but a good way to get your skin back into ph balance is as follows: add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to one half cup of water. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and apply to your face before putting on lotion and make up for the day. It will make a big difference. Also, Vitamin C face cream from the health food store should be inexpensive and very helpful. MSM as noted prior is amazing at helping with inflamation and helps your skin restore itself as well as helping get rid of parasites.. Its turned out to be a pretty good product for me. Most of all - please hold your head up - please don't become suicidal - its not worth it. It will end. It will go away. You're not crazy. We don't know what this is yet but we will find out eventually. It won't hurt to tell your doctor because they need to keep hearing from us. Don't listen to everything you read. Many people have very unhealthy and bad ideas. As you run into bugs again (and you will here and there) think about where you felt them. Treat that area right away. Shower and use the sulfur that night. Also the sulfur medication might really irritate your bumps the first few nights. Hang in there - it will not hurt anymore after awhile and it will improve. My bumps went away. I stopped feeling crawling. I prayed and I still pray for you. Try to stay in tune with things that keep yourself focused and peacful. It will help your life and your health.

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