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index to SSRI stories
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Published: 8 years ago
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index to SSRI stories

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What Drug Date         Where Additional
Suicide Effexor 2011-11-11 England Lawyer Impulsively Jumps In Front of Train: Effexor, like All A/D's, Can Cause Impulsivness
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-11-11 England Physician Kills Himself Shortly After Starting an A/D
Personality Drained Away/Huge Weight Gain Med For Depression 2011-11-10 England After Many Years on A/D's, Man Felt Like His Personaity Was Drained Away & He Became Obese
Violence Med For Depression 2011-11-10 Canada Man Strikes an Ax at a Neighbor
Death Antidepressant 2011-11-10 England 23 Year Old Woman Dies of Cardio-Respiratory Arrest: High Level of A/D's in Body: No Alcohol or Drug
Suicide Celexa Antidepressant 2011-11-10 England Woman, 73, Kills Herself While on Celexa
Murder-Suicide Prozac 2011-11-09 California Man Kills Two Police Officers & Himself
Heart Disease Med For Depression 2011-11-09 Global ++Depression Meds Are More Likely to Cause Heart Disease
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2011-11-08 Malta/Mediterranean Man Attempts to Murder Uncle With Hammer: Confused & Agitated
Bizarre Behavior Lexapro & Desyrel Antidepressants 2011-11-08 California +Famous Actress Kim Richards Exhibits Bizarre Behavior on TV
Dulled Mind/Numbed Body Zoloft 2011-11-07 Georgia Woman Physician Quits Zoloft: Tells How She Recovered From Depression
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-11-07 Texas Woman Drives Her Car Into Lake
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-11-05 Ohio Soldier, 22, Kills Himself: Black Box Warning on Suicidality for This Age Group
Robbery/Bizarre Med For Depression 2011-11-04 England Man Steals 54 Supermarket Trolleys: Doesn't Know Why: Recent Change in Depression Med
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2011-11-03 New Jersey Mother Kills her Six Year Old Son: Attempts Suicide
Violence Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-11-03 New York Man Attacks Mail Carrier: Beats Him Violently For No Reason
Suicide Prozac 2011-11-02 England Groomsman Hangs Himself the Day of Sister's Wedding
DUI Paxil 2011-11-01 Connecticut No Alcohol Involved: Woman Crashes Into Car in CVS Parking Lot
Suicidal Thoughts Med For Depression 2011-11-01 New York Vassar Student on Med For Depression Feels Like Killing Herself
Affair With Minor Med For Depression 2011-11-01 Alabama +Woman School Teacher Molests 15 Year Old Male Student
Worsening Condition Zoloft 2011-10-31 U.S.A. Child With Autism Conditions Severly Worsens While on Zoloft
Murder Med For Depression & Bipolar Illness 2011-10-31 South Carolina Mother Kills her Two Sons, Her Husband and Her Step-Mother
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-10-29 Nebraska 18 Year Old Kills Himself
Murder Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-10-28 Scotland Man Kills Ex-Partner In Front of Their Children
Murder Med For Depression 2011-10-27 Washington DC Father Murders his 17 Year Old Daughter: One Day Withdrawal
Murder-Suicide Meds For Depression & Anxiety 2011-10-27 New York Lawyer Kills his Wife, Two Children & Himself
Ineffective Wellbutrin/Zyban 2011-10-27 Global ++Ineffective in Smokers with Post Acute Myocardial Infarction: Journal Article
Workplace Violence Med For Depression 2011-10-26 Nevada Man Shoots & Injures 3 Managers at Wal-Mart in Oct. 2010: Trial Has Begun
Suicide Antidepressants + Sleeping Med 2011-10-26 Australia Asylum Seeker Commits Suicide
Assault Paxil 2011-10-26 Virginia Woman Assaults Police Officer
Flawed Data Meds For Depression 2011-10-26 U.S.A. ++Black Box Warning for Adolescents & Suicide Showed a Decline in Suicides After 2004
School Stabbing Med For Depression 2011-10-25 Washington **Girl, 15, Stabs Two Girls in School Restroom: 1 Is In Critical Condition
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-10-25 England Woman Plummets From Top Floor of Shopping Center
Affair With Minors Zoloft 2011-10-24 Ohio +Woman School Teacher Molests Five of Her Male Students
False Information Antidepressant 2011-10-24 Global ++Pharmaceutical Co. Listed Emotional Liability For The Suicide Attempts During Clinical Trials
Robbery Med For Depression 2011-10-24 Wisconsin Man of Good Character Tries to Rob Bank
Statisitcs Med For Depression 2011-10-24 U.S.A. ++One-Fourth of Women in Their Forties & Fifties Take Depression Meds
Murder Med For Depression 2011-10-23 Nebraska Live-In Boyfriend Kills his Girlfriend
Violence Med For Depression Withdrawal & Alcohol 2011-10-23 England Man Engages in Frenzied Attacks Two Nights in a Row
Murder Zoloft 2011-10-22 Oregon Four Dead: Man Kills his Father, Step-Mother & Two Others: Possible Withdrawal
Violence Med For Depression 2011-10-22 Massachusetts Woman Knifes Another Woman in the Face: Given 1 Year in Prison
Suicide Suspected Prozac 2011-10-21 California Man Given Double-Dose of Prozac One Week Before He Disappears: Suicide Suspected
Suicide Prozac 2011-10-21 Florida Woman Drowns Herself
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2011-10-20 Idaho Man Wraps Grandmother's Body in a Tarp & Throws in the River After She Has Heart Attack
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-10-18 Canada 15 Year Old Boy Kills Self: Wrote That his Med For Depression Was Not Working
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-10-17 Arizona Postpartum: Mother Prescribed Med For Depression Commits Suicide
Hypomania & Confusion Med For Depression 2011-10-17 U.S.A. Man Becomes Hypomanic & Confused After Taking Depression Med For a Stroke
Shooting Rampage Desyrel Antidepressant & Mood Stabilizer 2011-10-16 California Eight People Dead in Shooting Massacre at a Beauty Parlor
Ineffective Meds For Depression 2011-10-14 Global ++True Drug Effects Were Neglibile for Patients With Mild, Moderate and Even Severe Depression
Violence Med For Depression 2011-10-14 Canada Man Stabs to Death his Beloved Dog and his Two Cats
Murder-Suicide Celexa Antidepressant & a Benzo 2011-10-13 New Hampshire Husband Kills Wife & Himself
Violence Med for Depression 2011-10-13 Pennsylvania Father Gets 5 to 10 Years for Shaking his 3 Month Old Baby: Serious Injuries
Suicide Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-10-12 Iraq/Tennessee Soldier Kills Self: Family Sues VA Hospital
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2011-10-12 Canada Mother Attempts to Kill her Two Young Child: Change in her Depression Med Recently
Birth Defects Paxil 2011-10-11 U.S.A. Over 600 Lawsuits Filed for Birth Defects From Paxil
Violence Med For Depression 2011-10-11 England Former Chef Attacks Two Police Officers In House Rage
Robbery Med For Depression 2011-10-11 Scotland Thief Stole Phones From Bank: Had Taken Too Much of his Depression Med
Suicide Prozac 2011-10-11 England Postpartum: Mother of 10 Week Old Infant Kills Self: Recent Withdrawal
Blackouts Antidepressants & Alcohol 2011-10-10 U.S.A. ++Increased Chance of Blackouts Combining A/D's With Alcohol
Hallucinations Zoloft Antidepressant 2011-10-10 California Man Hallucinates For 3 Weeks Upon Taking 75 Mg. of Zoloft As Recreational Drug
Shooting Med For Depression 2011-10-10 New York Shooter in Daily Gazette Newspaper Office in Schenectady Now In Custody
Violence/Death Med For Depression 2011-10-09 New York Man Lunges at Bystanders & Police With a Knife: Is Killed by Police
Hypomania & Worsening Depression Antidepressants 2011-10-09 Global Antidepressants Can Cause Worsening Depression & Hypomania: Psychologist's Report
Felony Med For Depression 2011-10-09 Massachusetts Man Faces Multiple Charges Following Chase With Pregnant Passenger in His Car
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-10-07 England Man's Personality Changed After He Started A/D: Became Paranoid: Killed Self
Worsening Condition Zoloft 2011-10-07 Florida College Student Becomes Worse on Zoloft: Forced to Quit University
Suicide Paxil 2011-10-07 New Mexico Lawsuit Won: $3.2 Million: Woman's Behavior is Bizarre After Taking Paxil: Kills Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-10-06 England Suicide Note Left by Man Who Hung Himself
Relapse Antidepressants & Psychiatric Meds 2011-10-06 Global Taken Over a Long Period of Time Those on Meds Are More Likely to Relapse Than the Un-Medicated
Suicides Med For Depression 2011-10-06 Australia Two 16 Year Old Girls Kill Themselvs: Both on Antidepressants: Questions to Be Answered
Less Effective for PTSD Lexapro 2011-10-06 Global Studies in Israel Show Psychotherapy More Effective Than Lexapro For PTSD
Birth Defect/Death Zoloft 2011-10-05 Ohio Parents Claim Pfizer Covered Up Studies Showing This Birth Defect: Lawsuit
Shoplifting Med For Depression 2011-10-04 Canada Woman Shoplifts Whle On New Depression Med
Violence Med For Depression 2011-10-03 Illinois Man Threatens Murder/Suicide: Two Shots Fired: 2 Day Withdrawal
Ineffective Med For Depression 2011-10-03 Michigan Man Who Killed 7 People Said Medicine Didn't Help: Possible Withdrawal?
Murder Med For Depression 2011-10-03 Missouri Life In Prison For Man Who Killed Woman In a Park
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2011-10-02 Canada 15 Year Old Boy Attempts Suicide: Recovers When Taken Off Medication For Depression
Violence Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-10-01 England Man Attacks Friend: Combo of A/D & Alcohol: Most Dangerous Combination
Stand-Off With Police/Suicide Med For Depression 2011-10-01 England Man Has Stand-Off: Kills Himself
Worsening Condition Antidepressants & Antipsychotics 2011-09-30 Texas Teen Girl's Cutting & Self Harm Increased While on Meds: Decreased After Discontinuing Meds
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-09-28 Washington/N Dakota Woman's Son Kills Self: Mother is Now a Member of Suicide Suvivor's Club
Suicide Prozac 2011-09-28 England 15 Year Old Daughter of Well-Known Artist Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-09-28 England Builder, 37 Years Old, Takes His Own Life
Murder Med For Depression 2011-09-27 Virginia Grandmother Kills 2 Year Old Granddaughter: 2 Day Withdrawal
Embezzlement Med For Depression 2011-09-27 England Woman Treasurer of Children's Group Steals 10,000 English Pounds
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressant 2011-09-27 Australia Man Shot to Death by Police While Trying to Commit Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-09-26 California Famous Singer, Vesta Williams, Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-09-25 Nebraska Male Nurse Kills Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-09-24 Washington 43 Year Old Man Drowns Himself
Murder Antidepressants 2011-09-23 California Woman Kills: Had Long History of A/D Use With Bizarre & Hostile Behavior Associated With A/D Use
Death/Early Psychiatric Medications 2011-09-23 Global Psychiatric Meds Are Causing Early Deaths & Health Care Workers Know This
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-09-22 England IT Engineer Kills Himself
Restless Leg Syndrome SSRIs 2011-09-21 Global ++Both Children & Adults Have Huge Increase in RLS While on SSRIs: Journal Article
Murder Med For Depression 2011-09-20 Illinois Triple Murder: Man Kills 3 People
Oil Spill Zoloft & Painkiller 2011-09-20 California Captain on Zoloft: $44 Million Dollar Settlement for Oil Spill
Murder Prozac 2011-09-20 Alabama Woman Kills Her Husband 53 Days After Wedding
Arson Med For Depression 2011-09-20 Texas Woman Sets Five Fires to Five Different Buildings
DWI-2 Prozac & Alcohol 2011-09-20 Arkansas Woman Arresting for Speeding
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2011-09-19 Ireland Postparum: Rock Star's Wife Attempts Suicide
Death Effexor 2011-09-19 Canada Two Babies Die: Autopsy Lists Effexor as Possible Contributing Factor
Murder Antidepressants 2011-09-17 Oklahoma Two Day Withdrawal: Man Shoots Stepdaughter's Friend
Murder Antidepressant 2011-09-16 Rhode Island Mother Kills Her 8 Year Old Daughter: Trial in Progress
Murder Prozac 2011-09-16 Canada *16 Year Old Stabs 15 Year Old: Will Be Tried in Youth Court Because of Bad Reaction to Prozac
Murder Med For Depression 2011-09-16 Canada Grandmother Kills her 2 Grandchildren: Had Just Started a New Med
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressants 2011-09-15 Georgia Woman Kills 3 Teen-aged pedestrians: Obstructs Officer
Fraud Med For Depression 2011-09-15 Mississippi Woman Working at Health Clinic Commits Fraud
Stand-Off With Police Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-09-14 West Virginia Man Has 3 Hour Stand-Off With Police: Threatens Suicide & Harm to Others
Murder Paxil Antidepressant 2011-09-13 Kentucky Younger Brother Shoots his Older Brother 18 Times
Hallucinations & Delusions Prozac Antidepressant 2011-09-13 U.S.A. Woman Has Hallucinations & Delusions on Prozac
Mania & Anxiety Meds For Depression 2011-09-12 Global ++More Women Taking A/D's: Cause Side Effects Like Mania & Anxiety: Journal Article
Adverse Reactions & Cardiovasular Problems Meds For Depression 2011-09-12 Global ++Adding Another A/D to Existing A/D Produces Serious Problems & No Benefit
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2011-09-11 Australia Mother Kills Her Daughter and Then Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt Effexor 2011-09-10 Canada Patient Attempts Suicide by Taking Overdose of Effexor
Assault Antidepressant 2011-09-09 Mississippi Firefighter Sentenced for Assault on Wife
Statstics Med For Depression 2011-09-09 Australia Claim that 1 In 5 Members of Parliament are On Depression Meds
Shoplifting/Kleptomania Antidepressants 2011-09-08 Australia Woman Senator Arrested for Shoplifting: Had Been Acting Odd on Depression Med
Suicide Effexor 2011-09-08 California 21 Year Old College Student Kills Self: Was Not Feeling Well on Effexor so Doc Doubled the Dose
Stand-Off With Police Med For Depression 2011-09-08 Colorado Former UNC Student Sentenced to Prison For Standoff With Police
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-09-08 England Woman, Mother of Three, Kills Self While on Depression Med
Suicide Cymbalta 2011-09-07 U.S.A. Person Taking Cymbalta For Condition Other Than Depression Kills Self: Peoples Pharmacy
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-09-07 Phillippines Famous Fashion Designer's Daughter Kills Self: Said Med Made Her Feel Weird
Ineffective Zoloft 2011-09-06 Global ++Zoloft Not Effective for Mild to Moderate Postpartum Depression: Medscape
Suicide-By-Cop Med For Depression 2011-09-05 Arizona Woman Becomes Violent: When Police Arrive, Attacks Officer with Knife: Is Killed
Rampage Shooting Lexapro & Two Benzo's 2011-09-03 North Carolina *Eight Dead in Nursing Home: Jury Spares Death Penalty Due to Medications
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-09-02 Canada Famous Hockey Player Commits Suicide
Murder Med For Depression & Bipolar Disorder 2011-09-02 Kentucky Mother Kills her Two Children & Then Holds Her Therapist Hostage
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-09-02 India 20 Year Old Woman Computer Science Major Kills Herself
Murder Med For Depression 2011-09-01 Illinois Mother Kills Her Two Young Children: Flees: Hits 3 Pedestrians
Stand-Off-With Police Cymbalta Antidepressant 2011-09-01 Oklahoma Councilman Has Stand-Off With Police: Wanted Them to Shoot Him
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2011-08-31 England 74 Year Old Man Attempts to Murder Wife of 50 Years
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressant 2011-08-31 England Man Blames A/D for Aggressive, Perverted & Disturbing Behavior
Assault Paxil & Amphetamine 2011-08-31 Virginia Woman Assaults Police Officer
Assault Med For Depression & ADHD 2011-08-31 England Boyfriend Assaults his Pregnant Girlfriend
Violence/Felony Med For Depression 2011-08-31 California Mother Attacks Her Son's School Principal: Was Having Problems with Her Med
Ineffective SSRIs & Atypical Antipsychotic As Add-On 2011-08-30 Global ++Soldiers: 89% of Soldiers with PTSD are Taking SSRIs: Add-On of Atypical A/P Ineffective
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-29 Illinois 19 Year Old Kills Self: Dose Increased One Week Before: Her Parents will Report It To The FDA
Murder-Suicide Attempted Med For Depression 2011-08-28 North Carolina Mother Kills Her Two Young Daughters & Attempts to Kill Self: Husband Discovers Bodies
Death Med For Depression 2011-08-28 England Football Star Dies From Suspected Overdose of A/D in 2008: Memorial Planned
Murder-Suicide Lexapro & Benzo's 2011-08-26 Idaho College Professor Murders Co-Ed and Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-26 Canada 15 Year Old Girl Kills Herself: Her Age is Covered by the FDA Black Box Warning for Suicide
Suicide Zoloft 2011-08-26 England Man Overdoses on Zoloft: Verdict by Coroner is Suicide
Suicide Attempt/Cutting Prozac 2011-08-25 England 13 Year Old Girl Feels Worse on Prozac: Cuts Herself: Few Days Later Attempts Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-25 Rhode Island Woman Drowns Herself
Worsening Depression Antidepressants 2011-08-25 England Famous Television Presenter Advised Not to Take Antidepressants Again For Her Depression
Suicide Meds For Depression 2011-08-24 California Famous Author Iris Chang's Mother Writes Book: She Believes Cause of Iris' Suicide Was A/D Meds
Heart Attack Risk Celexa Antidepressant 2011-08-24 Global ++FDA Warns of Heart Risks for Those Taking More Than 40 mg a day of Celexa
Suicides Zoloft & Effexor 2011-08-24 Australia 16 Year Old Girls, Two of them, Kill Selves: Zoloft & Effexor Banned in Britain For That Age
Assault & Suicide Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-08-24 California Famous Reality Star's Husband Assaults Her & Then Kills Self: 2 Week Withdrawal
Murder Med For Depression 2011-08-23 England *Man Released From Prison Hospital Because his Murders Were Caused by Psychosis From Depression Med
Suicide Med For Depression & PTSD 2011-08-23 Iraq/Texas Soldier Kills Self: Involved in High Speed Chase With Police the Month Before This
Murder Med For Depression 2011-08-23 California Postpartum: Mother Throws 7 Month Old Son From 4th Floor Garage: Critical Condition
Murder Med For Depression 2011-08-23 Oklahoma 16 Year Old Kills His Grandparents and Burns Down Their House
DUI Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-08-23 England Driver Was Drinking Because Withdrawal Was Giving Him Nightmares
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-22 Michigan 21 Year Old Commits Suicide
Murder Zoloft Withdrawal 2011-08-22 Kansas Four Dead: Man Shoots Wife, Two Children & Mother-In-Law
Suicide Rates Medications for Depression 2011-08-21 U.S.A. ++Suicide Data From CDC for 2007: Increase in All Ages Except 24 & Under: Black Box Warning Working
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-21 England 26 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-20 England Woman, 27, Kills Self: Leaves Behind her 5 Year Old Daughter
Violence Med For Depression 2011-08-20 U.S.A. Seventh Grade Girl Becomes Violent on Depression Med
Aggression Med For Depression 2011-08-20 England Woman Becomes Aggressive and Has Insomnia on Depression Med
Assault Antidepressants 2011-08-19 England Two Police Officers Attacked by Man on A/D's: No Alcohol Involved
Air Rage Antidepressants 2011-08-19 England/Caribbean Woman Goes Berserk on Airplane: Emergency Landing Is Necessary
Suicide Antidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds 2011-08-19 England Man Kills Self With Broken Bottle: No Alcohol Involved
Hostage Taking Prozac & Two Other Meds for PTSD 2011-08-18 Georgia Soldier Holds 3 Fellow Soldiers Hostage at Medical Center
Mortality SSRIs & Tricyclic Antidepressants 2011-08-18 Global ++Elderly on Antidepressants Have 54% Higher Mortality Than Depressed Unmedicated Elderly: BMJ
Murder Prozac Withdrawal 2011-08-17 Alaska Postpartum: Mother Kills 3 Week Old Infant
Murder Med For Depression 2011-08-16 Illinois 21 Year Old Murders his Father
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-08-16 Pennsylvania Fireman, 32 Year Old, Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-08-16 England Bus Driver Hangs Himself
Murder/ Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2011-08-15 Island of Jersey/UK Six Dead: Man Knives Families: Tries to Commit Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-14 New Hampshire Soldier Who Had Earned a Bronze Star for Duty in Iraq Kills Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-13 Michigan 17 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: Black Box Warning for Suicidality on Those 24 & Under
Violence Med For Depression & PTSD 2011-08-12 Alabama Soldier, a Vietnam Veteran, Attacks Wife & Grandchildren
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-08-12 England Woman Hangs Herself
Murder Attempt Med For Depression & ADHD 2011-08-11 New Hampshire 17 Year Old Attacks Sleeping Neighbors With Baseball Bat
Murder Attempt Prozac Withdrawal 2011-08-11 South Carolina Mother Shoots Son: One Week Withdrawal
Suicide Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2011-08-11 Washington Famous Romance Writer's Son Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-10 Texas Man Jumps to his Death From Galleria Mall in Dallas Onto Ice Skating Rink
Vehicular Homicide Cymbalta, Seroquel & Benzo 2011-08-10 California Man Loses Control of Car: Goes Over Curb: Kills Woman: No Alcohol Involved
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-10 England Man Throws Himself Under Train
Suicide Lexapro 2011-08-10 New York Woman Jumps in Front of Train
Murder Cymbalta & Seroquel 2011-08-09 New York +.8 Year Old Boy Kidnapped & Killed as He Walked Home From School: Every Parents' Nightmare
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-09 India Mother, a PhD in Math, Kills 6 Year Old Daughter & Self: Father Is a Civil Engineer
Powerful Antidepressant Music 2011-08-08 Global ++Music Can Help More Than Medication For Depression: Live Science
Shoplifting Med For Depression 2011-08-08 England Shoplifter Threatened Security With a Knife
Murder Celexa Antidepressant 2011-08-08 Florida 17 Year Old Kills His Parents
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-08 Texas Police Officer Commits Suicide
Blunting of Emotional Love SSRIs 2011-08-05 Global ++SSRIs Can Blunt Emotional Love
Murder Med For Depression 2011-08-05 South Carolina Man Murders His Ex-Wife: Known as a Happy, Easy-Going Man
Violence Med For Depression 2011-08-05 England Woman is Sentenced for Vicious Attack in Restaurant
Suicidal Ideation, Falls, Etc. Antidepressants 2011-08-03 Global ++Over 65's More Prone to Suicidal Ideation, Falls, Fractures, Etc. Than Non-Medicated Seniors
Shoplifting Med For Depression 2011-08-03 Ireland Woman's Behavior May Have Been Influenced by Med
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2011-08-02 New Jersey Mothers Kills her 8 Year Old Son and Herself
Homicides Antidepressants 2011-08-02 Global ++A/D Induced Akathisia-Related Homicides & Genes of the CYP450 Family: Journal
Birth Defects Effexor 2011-08-01 U.S.A. Two Cases of Babies Dying Whose Mother Took Effexor During Pregnancy
Crime Against Humanity Antidepressant & ADHD Med 2011-07-31 Australia Clinical Trial: Children as Young as 11 Being Given Combo of A/D & ADHD Med
Mania Med For Depression 2011-07-31 Minnesota Man Develops Full Blown Mania on A/D: Believes God Is Talking to Him
Child Endangerment Zoloft & Oxycodone 2011-07-30 Florida Mother Crashes her Car With her 2 Young Children Inside: No Alcohol Involved
Ineffective For Minor Depression Celexa & St. John's Wort 2011-07-30 Global ++Celexa & St. John's Wort Are Both Ineffective Against Mild Depression: NIMH
Anger/Aggression Med For Depression 2011-07-30 England Man Deliberately Damages Friend's Computer
Mass Shooting Amphetamines & Steroids 2011-07-30 Norway Norway Shooter Was Taking a Combo of Steroids & Amphetamines
Assault/Rape Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-07-29 Australia 62 Year Old Man Attacks 85 Year Old Woman In Public Restroom
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression & Anxiety 2011-07-29 England Postpartum: Mother Kills her Two Young Children & Herself
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-07-29 India Woman Jumps to Her Death
Suicide Wellbutrin 2011-07-29 Maine Coroner Rules that Cmplications From Wellbutrin Were the Cause of Man's Suicide
Delayed Infant Development SSRIs & SNRIs 2011-07-29 Global New Danish Study Finds Correlation Between Pregnant Women Taking A/D's & Delayed Infant Development
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-07-29 England Grandmother, 70, Commits Suicide
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2011-07-28 Australia Woman Urinates in Bleachers at Game: Video Camera Catches Act: Shown All Over the Country
Stand-Off-With Police Med For Depression 2011-07-28 Canada Man Dies After 8 Hour Stand-Off With Police: one Day Withdrawal
Suicide Med For Depression & Anxiety 2011-07-28 Canada 18 Year Old Girl Kills Self: One Day Withdrawal
Emotional Turmoil Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-07-28 New York Writer Sends Out Letters He Later Regrets Sending
Serotonin Syndrome Antidepressants & Zyvox Antibiotic Combo 2011-07-28 Global ++FDA Warns of Serotonin Syndrome With Combo of All A/D's & the Antibiotic Zyvox
Suicide Prozac 2011-07-27 Iowa Man Kills Self on Prozac: Had Been Taking It for One Week
Felony Antidepressant 2011-07-27 Australia Man Purchases Bomb Making Materials on eBay: Taking an A/D
Murder Med For Depression 2011-07-26 New Jersey Classmate Stabs to Death a Jersey City Medical Student
Murder Med For Depression 2011-07-26 Wales Ex-Miner Stabs to Death Wife of 41 Years
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-07-25 England Man Stabs Himself to Death
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-07-25 England 19 Year Old Hang Himself
Murder Attempt/Suicide Med For Depression 2011-07-25 England Man Almost Kills his Wife: Then Kills Himself
Diabetes Paxil & Statin Drug 2011-07-25 Global ++Combo of Paxil & Statin Drug Could Cause Diabetes: Almost 1 Million People Could Be Effected
Murders Chantix 2011-07-25 Vermont Chantix Involved in Two Different Murders in Vermont: Lawsuits
Murder Med For Depression 2011-07-24 China Grandmother Decapitates 8 Month Old Granddaughter
Serotonin Theory SSRI & SNRI Antidepressants 2011-07-22 Global ++Serotonin Imbalance In Depressed People Does Not Exist: Journal Articles
Suicide Effexor 2011-07-21 Wales Woman Kills Self After Change in Medication to Effexor
Violence SSRIs, SNRIs & Chantix 2011-07-21 Global Meds That Can Cause Violence: Peoples Pharmacy
Assault Med For Depression 2011-07-21 England Perpetrator's Assault was Out of Character For Him
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-07-21 Canada 17 Year Old Kills Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-07-21 England Popular Woman Chef Commits Suicide
Assault Antidepressants 2011-07-21 Scotland Man Assaults Woman When Voices Tell Him to Kill Her
Violence Meds For Depression 2011-07-21 Vermont Five Hour Stand-Off At VA Hospital Ends With Only Minor Injuries: Med For Depression Being Adjusted
Assault Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-07-20 England Mother Attacks Teacher at Her Child's School
Relapse of Depression Antidepressants 2011-07-20 Global ++Patients Who Took A/D's More Likely to Relapse Than Those Unmedicated Depressed Patients: Journal
Suicides SSRI Antidepressant 2011-07-20 U.S.A. Soldiers: Army: 18 Suicides Per Day: 40% on A/D's at Time of Suicide: No Figure on Withdrawals
Kidnapping Med For Depression 2011-07-18 Massachusetts Boyfriend Attempts to Kidnap his Girlfriend: Also Felt Suicidal
Suicidal Behavior/Possible Murder Med For Depression 2011-07-18 England Suicidal Groom Hires Hit Men To Kill Wife During Honeymoon
Ineffective Zoloft & All Antidepressants 2011-07-18 Global ++A/D's Ineffective for Depression In Alzheimer's Patients: Meta-Analysis From Australia
Murder Antidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds 2011-07-16 Missouri Man Shoots & Kills His Ex-Wife
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2011-07-15 Arizona Property Manager Kills Wife & Self: Said Med Made Him Worse
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2011-07-14 England Mother Stabs 11 Year Old Daughter: Then Stabs Self: 2 Week Withdrawal
Murder Lexapro & Two Benzo's 2011-07-13 North Carolina Man Kills 8 People in Nursing Home in 2009: Trial Begins Using Prescription Drug Defense
Arson Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-07-13 England Arsonist Barricades Himself in a Burning Flat & Threatens to Stab Police: 4 Years in Prison
Withdrawal Syndrome Med For Depression 2011-07-12 U.S.A. Man Can't Discontinue his Med Without Becoming Worse Than Before He EverTook a Med
Suicides & Suicidal Thoughts Depression Treatment 2011-07-11 Missouri Three Suicides & 40 People with Suicidal Thoughts Were BeingTreated For Depression In Joplin Tornado
School Shooting Zoloft Antidepressant & ADHD Med 2011-07-11 Alabama **14 Year Old Kills Fellow Middle School Student
Murder Antidepressants & Alcohol 2011-07-11 Pennsylvania Man Kills Wife's Online Love Interest: Cold Turkey Withdrawal from Meds
Withdrawal Syndrome Cymbalta 2011-07-10 U.S.A. Patients Suffers Panic, Anxiety, Dizziness & Insomnia for Many Weeks While Withdrawing
Violence Med For Depression 2011-07-08 Pennsylvania Father Shoots to Death 17 Year Old Depressed Son Who Attacked Him With Knife: Ruled Self-Defense
Shooting Zoloft & Alcohol 2011-07-07 Pennsylvania Tenant Shoots Loaded Gun Out of Apartment Window
Assault Med For Depression 2011-07-07 Ireland Woman Brutally Attacks Neighbor Woman: Given 7 Months in Jail
Mania ? 2011-07-06 Florida Casey Anthony Was Manic After Caylee's Death According to Psychiatrist Keith Ablow
Weight Gain SSRI Antidepressants 2011-07-06 Global ++Many People Gain Considerable Weight on Depression Meds
Vehicular Homicide Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-07-05 Pennsylvania Woman's 14 Year Old Son Dies When Mother Crashes her Car
Vehicular Homicide Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-07-05 South Dakota Man in Car Hits & Kills Bicyclist
Suicide-By-Cop Med For Depression & Other Psychotropic Drugs 2011-07-05 Connecticut Man Attempts Suicide-By-Cop
Autism SSRI Antidepressants 2011-07-04 Global ++Up to 3.8 Times the Risk of Autism in Babies If Mothers Took SSRIs During Pregnancy: Study
Violence & Murder SSRI Antidepressants 2011-07-04 Global ++Almost 11 Times More likely to Commit Violence/Murder while on SSRIs than on Other Drugs: Study
Suicide Antidepressant & Painkillers 2011-07-03 England Man Commits Suicide While Under Influence of Depression Med & Painkillers
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-07-02 India 24 Year Old Woman Medical Student Kills Herself
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2011-07-02 England Teacher Found Gulty of Unacceptable Professional Conduct
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2011-07-01 England Man Shoots Woman in Head: She is in Serious Condition: Then Kills Self
Chronic Treatment Resistant Depression SSRI & SNRI Antidepressants 2011-07-01 Global ++Possibility SSRIs Cause Chronic Treatment Resistant Depression
Murder Meds For Depression & Anxiety 2011-06-30 Oregon Woman Shoots & Kills Her Landlord
Robbery Med For Depression 2011-06-30 Ireland 52 Year Old Man With No Criminal Record Steals Bag With 500 Pounds In It
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2011-06-29 Colorado Man Detonates Dry-Ice Bombs in Front of Strip Clubs
Murder Med For Depression 2011-06-29 Tennessee Mother Murders Her 16 Month Old Daughter
Car Crash Zoloft & Xanax 2011-06-24 Australia Depression Medication the Reason For Man Running Car off Road According to Police: No Alcohol
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-06-24 India Senior Employee of Space Research Station Kills Self in his Office
Shooting Rampage Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2011-06-23 New York Four Dead in Pharmacy Shooting
Murder Antidepressants 2011-06-21 England Wife Being Treated For Depression Kills Husband With Hammer
Suicide Attempts Antidepressants 2011-06-17 U.S.A. Number of Men Between 21 & 34 Who Attempted Suicide on A/D's Is Up By 155% from 2005 to 2009
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-06-17 England Detention Officer Hangs Himself
Arson Prozac, Paxil & Zoloft Antidepressants 2011-06-17 New Jersey Mother Has Habit of Setting Fires & Attempting Suicide
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2011-06-16 California Famous Star of Teen Mom, Amber Portwood, Attempts Suicide
Inappropriate Behavior Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-06-16 Australia Woman Magistrate Accused of Bullying & Treating Defendants Unfairly
Murder Zoloft 2011-06-16 Virginia Woman, A School Teacher, Kills Husband, a Law Enforcement Veteran: Has No Memory of It
Murder Attempt Med For Depression +Alcohol 2011-06-16 England Man Stabs Neighbor Who Was a Good Friend
Murder Antidepressants 2011-06-16 Texas Man Kills Wife After Doubleing His Dose of Depression Med
Violence Med For Depression 2011-06-15 Wisconsin Woman Attacks Police Officers
Bipolar Disorder Antidepressants 2011-06-15 Global A/D's Lead to Mania Which Leads to Diagnosis of Bipolar: Former Editor of New England J of Medicine
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2011-06-15 Pennsylvania Man Attempts Suicide: Said Prozac Scrambled his Brain
Murder Med For Depression 2011-06-13 Minnesota Man Kills his Wife
DUI Med For Depression & Painkiller 2011-06-13 New York No Alcohol Involved: Woman's Jeep Goes Airborne & Lands on Parked Truck
Missing Med For Depression 2011-06-13 Ohio Mother & 4 Year Old Son Go Missing: Mother Lied About Where She was Going: Out of Character
Affair With Minor Prozac & Marijuana 2011-06-13 Canada Mother, Foster, Has Affair With her 14 Year Old Foster Son
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2011-06-12 England Mother Kills Her 5 Year Old Daughter & Herself
Suicide Cymbalta Antidepressant, Xanax & Painkiller 2011-06-12 New York 20 Year Old Crohn's Disease Victim Kills Himself
Robbery/Car Crash Med For Depression 2011-06-11 England Getaway Driver of Robbery Hits Man With his Car
Bank Robbery/Bizarre Med For Depression 2011-06-10 Pennsylvania Mother Dresses Like a Clown & Robs a Bank
Child Endangerment Med For Depression 2011-06-09 Kentucky Mother Picks Up her Children at Daycare: Intoxicated on Depression Med: No Alcohol Involved
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-06-09 California 16 Year Old Kills Self: Suicide Letter: Rejection Sensitivity Which is Common with A/D's
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-06-09 Maryland Woman Kills her Ex-Boyfriend's Girlfriend
Self-Harm Effexor 2011-06-09 U.S.A. 16 Year Old Begins Cutting Herself on Effexor: Had Never Before Done This
DUI Effexor & Benzo 2011-06-08 Washington Wenatchee City Councilman Crashes Car Into Building:No Alcohol Involved: Arraigned on DUI
Murder Med For Depression 2011-06-07 Massachusetts Man Stabs his Girlfriends & Then Runs Over Her With His Car
Hostile & Suicidal Behavior Antidepressants 2011-06-07 Pennsylvania Woman Becomes Hostile & Suicidal on Depression Med
Child Endangerment Zoloft & Alcohol 2011-06-06 Massachusetts Woman Crashes her Car in Parking Lot: 8 Year Old Grandson Inside the Car
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-06-06 Colorado Man With Untreated Bipolar Disorder Was Given an Antidepressant at Low Cost Clinic
Murder Med For Depression 2011-06-06 Texas Man Kills Sheriff's Deputy
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-06-05 India 19 Year Old Nursing Student Ends Her Life
Assault Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-06-04 Georgia Woman Assaults her Boyfriend
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2011-06-03 England Man Kills Girlfriend & Himself
Murder Med For Depression 2011-06-01 New York Man Felt Like He Was Dreaming When He Killed His Ex-Girlfriend & Her Date
Suicide-By-Cop Attempt Med For Depression 2011-05-30 Connecticut Man Forces Police to Shoot at Him
Suicide Celexa 2011-05-30 England Suicidal Son of Marquess Kills Self Shortly After A/D was Added to his Mood Stabilizers
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2011-05-29 Florida Retired Police Captain Convicted of Two Counts of Attempted Murder
Assault Med For Depression 2011-05-28 China Man Assaults Woman Bus Driver While She is Driving
Shooting Wellbutrin & Paxil Antidepressants Plus Ritalin 2011-05-28 Texas Man Shoots At Police Station Building & Windows: Runs Into Woods & Kills Self: Possible Withdrawal
Cruelty to Animals Med For Depression 2011-05-28 England Man Kills Cat & Other Pets In Vicious Manner: Jailed for 46 Weeks
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-05-27 Korea Famous Pop Singer Hangs Himself
Assault Med For Depression 2011-05-26 Colorado Chiropractor Beats His Ex-Wife & Her Friend: Had No Previous Criminal History: 5 Years in Prison
Murder Antidepressants 2011-05-26 England Wife, 68, Murders 75 Year Old Husband. Had Been Married 51 Years
Suicide Effexor 2011-05-26 England 22 Year Old Woman Hangs Herself
Murder Prozac 2011-05-25 Canada 15 Year Old Kills his Friend: Had Deteriorated on Prozac so Doctor Doubled His Dose
Violence/Death Med For Depression 2011-05-25 Texas Woman With Scissors Lunges at Police: Is Fatally Shot
Murder Med For Depression 2011-05-25 California Husband Arranges for Wife's Murder: Had Change of Personality on Depression Meds
Murder Antidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds 2011-05-25 U.S.A. Famous Band Star's Father Kills His Wife, The Mother of the Band Star
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2011-05-24 Pennsylvania Man Kills Girlfriend, her Two Young Children & Himself: 4 Dead
Bank Robbery Med For Depression 2011-05-24 Costa Rica Man With Impeccable Record Robs Bank With Toy Gun: Goes Free
Indecent Acts Med For Depression 2011-05-24 Australia Man Commits Indecent Acts: No Prior Record: Sentence Suspended
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-05-22 England Man Commits Suicide by Hanging Himself
Emotional Numbing & Addiction Lexapro 2011-05-21 California Famous Dancing With the Stars Actress Paulina Porizkova Emotionally Numbed by Lexapro
Murder Paxil* 2011-05-20 California *Wife Given Probation After Stabbing Husband Over 200 Times: Rage Caused by Meds
Road Rage Med For Depression 2011-05-19 Australia Truck Driver Given 8 Months in Prison for Road Rage
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-05-18 Illinois Woman Kills Herself: Police Are Searching for her Missing 6 Year Old Son
Violence Med For Depression 2011-05-18 Oregon Wife Calls 911 Because A/D was Having a Negative Effect on Her Husband
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressant 2011-05-17 U.S.A. Woman Experiences a Psychosis Which She Says was Triggered by an A/D That Was Like Jet Fuel
Murder-Suicide Attempt Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2011-05-16 Washington Man Shoots & Kills Wife: Attempts Suicide
Rage Med For Depression 2011-05-15 England Physician Exhibits Rage & Bizarre Behavior While On Antidepressants
Obesity Meds For Depression 2011-05-14 Global ++Research Shows Widespread Use of Antidepressants May Explain Why Obesity Rates Have Climbed
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-05-13 California Woman, 25 Years Old, Rhode Island School of Design Graduate Commits Suicide
Hit & Run Zoloft Antidepressant & Ativan 2011-05-13 Pennsylvania 74 Year Old Woman Kills 25 Year Old Pedestrian
Stand-Off With Police Med For Depression 2011-05-13 Wisconsin Suicidal Man Has Stand-Off With Police: Nobody is Injured
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2011-05-12 Utah Mother Tries to Kill her Two Young Children: Slits Their Wrists
Violence Zoloft 2011-05-12 California Man Becomes Violent: Police Forced to Shoot Him: He is Killed
Murder Threats/Assault Prozac 2011-05-11 Massachusetts Man Assaults Member of Family & Threatens to Kill Them All: Had Weapons
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-05-11 England Bank Manager Commits Suicide
Suicide-By-Cop Zoloft & Remeron Antidepressants 2011-05-11 California Man Attempts Suicide: Police Try To Help: Man Lunges at Police With a Knife: Shot Dead by Police
Suicide-By-Cop Med For Depression 2011-05-11 Wisconsin Wife Callas Police: Husband Attempting Suicide: Man Shoots at Police: They Kill Him
Assault Med For Depression 2011-05-11 Ireland Man Assaults Judge in Court: Throws Heavy Chair at Him: Three Day Withdrawal
Murder-Suicide Chantix 2011-05-10 Pennsylvania Husband Kills Wife & Himself: Lawsuit
Ineffective Psychiatric Meds for PTSD 2011-05-09 Global ++PTSD Patients Just As Likely to Commit Suicide While on Meds As With No Treatment At All
Suicide Wellbutrin Withdrawal 2011-05-08 Maine 18 Year Old College Freshman Kills Self
Suicide Effexor 2011-05-07 England Woman Commits Suicide After Husband Dies
Suicide Zoloft 2011-05-06 Ireland Man's Behavior Changes After Taking Zoloft: Said A/D Was Driving Him Mad & Giving Him Nightmares
Suicide Prozac 2011-05-06 South Dakota 15 Year Old Kills Self: He Said Prozac Wasn't Working
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-05-05 England Man Kills Self: Unable to Sleep: A/D's Can Cause Insomnia
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-05-05 Connecticut 22 Year Old Commits Suicide: Parents Are Part of Suicide Prevention Walk
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-05-04 Florida NASA Engineer Leaps off Tower: Had the Delusion, While He was on A/D's, That He Was Going Blind
Suicide Lexapro Withdrawal 2011-05-04 Nevada Inmate Kills Self: Family Wants Answers
Robbery/Assault Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-05-04 Australia Man With Knife Attacks Woman and Robs her House
Assault Prozac & Risperdal 2011-05-02 Canada 20 Year Old Attacks Woman in Mall Restroom
Cerebrovascular Stroke Antidepressant 2011-05-02 Global ++Increased Risk of Stroke for Users of Depression Medications: American Psychiatric Assn
Taking Two Antidepressants is Counterproductive Meds For Depression 2011-05-02 Global ++Taking Two A/D's Does Not Benefit Patients But Increases Side-Effects: Star*D Study
Murder Lexapro & Abilify 2011-04-30 California Mother Kills her 3 Year Old Daughter: Attempts to Kill her 7 Year Old Son
Ineffective Psychiatric Medications 2011-04-30 Global ++Little Evidence That Psychiatric Medications Can Help PTSD: Stanford University Study
Murder Med For Depression 2011-04-29 Minnesota Father Drowns his 7 Month Old Son
Anger Med For Depression 2011-04-29 U.S.A. Man Becomes Angry & Loses his Conscience: Compares it to David Carmichael's Case
Murder Attempt Zoloft 2011-04-29 Nevada Man Shoots at TV Crew: Obstructs Police Officers
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-04-28 Virginia 18 Year Old Kills Self: Covered by FDA Black Box Warning for Suicidality
Robbery Antidepressant 2011-04-28 California Famous Woman, Paris Hilton, Has Her House Robbed: Robber Was in Several Days Withdrawal
Arson Med For Depession Withdrawal 2011-04-27 North Carolina Woman Sets Her Apartment House on Fire: At Least 3 Years Prison Time
Assault/Kidnapping Med For Depression 2011-04-27 New York Man Assaults Wife: Then Kidnaps Her to Withdraw Money From Bank Account
Murder Antidepressants 2011-04-27 Canada Son Kills his Father
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-04-26 Minnesota 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self in Suicide Pact: 14 Year Olds Covered By Black Box Warning on Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-04-26 New Jersey Husband Kills Self: Wife Has Annual Ribbon Awareness Campaign
Knife Attack Med For Depression 2011-04-25 England Man Attacks Girlfriend & Then Slits Own Throat: Both Survive: Had Changed his A/D that Day
Causes False Symptoms of Heart Attack Zoloft & SSRI Withdrawal 2011-04-24 Global Man Has All the Symptoms of a Heart Attack While in Zoloft Withdrawal: Peoples Pharmacy
Murder-For-Hire Med For Depression 2011-04-24 Indiana Son With No Criminal Past & Good Family Man Hires a Hit Man to Kill his Father
Insomnia, Sadness, Decreased Concentration SSRIs & SNRIs 2011-04-23 Global ++Patients on A/D's Continue To Have Symptoms of Depression: Study at Southwestern Med Center
Shoplifting Med For Depression 2011-04-22 England Medication Change of A/D's Led Man to Shoplift
Assault Antidepressants 2011-04-21 England Paitent Assaults a Staff Member at Hospital
Arson/Suicide Attempt/Dog Slaying Med For Depression 2011-04-20 Georgia Man Fatally Stabs his Dog, Sets his Apartment on Fire and Attempts Suicide
Suicide Celexa 2011-04-19 California Woman Kills Self: Medical Examiner Believes Celexa Contributed to her Suicide
Suicide Prozac 2011-04-19 Washington Woman, 45 Years Old, Commits Suicide: Had Toxic Levels of Prozac in her Body
Murder Prozac 2011-04-18 Illinois 19 Year Old Son Stabs & Beats his Father to Death
Disorderly Conduct Med For Depression 2011-04-17 England Man Acts in Disorderly Manner on Train: Is Ejected at Next Railroad Station
Self-Mutilation Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-04-15 New Zealand Depressed Man Cuts Off His Own Finger, Cooks It & Eats it
Assault Med For Depression 2011-04-14 England Man Beats 63 Year Old Who Is Now On Life Support
Murder Med For Depression 2011-04-14 Illinois Postpartum: Mother, a DePaul U. graduate & Accountant, Smothers Her 8 Month Old Baby
Assault Paxil 2011-04-14 Virginia Award Winning Virginia Tech Student Assaults Police: Creates Mayhem
Murder-Attempt/Suicide Celexa* 2011-04-13 Florida Autopsy of School Board Shooter Released: Celexa Found: Shooter Killed Himself
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressant 2011-04-13 New Jersey During Suicidal Bid in Car, Man Kills Another Motorist: Given 18 Years in Prison
Shooting - Rampage Antidepressants? 2011-04-12 Netherlands 7 Dead: 17 Wounded in Shooting at a Dutch Mall
Violence Antidepressant 2011-04-12 England Man Accused of Murder-For-Hire Has Row in Prison: Physicians Blame his Antidepressant
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressant/ Probably Cymbalta 2011-04-12 Utah Man Acting Bizarrely Backs Over Victim With His Car
Violence - Domestic Effexor 2011-04-11 Iowa Attorney Brutally Attacks His Wife
Murder Attempt Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-04-11 Canada Man Shoots At Canadian Royal Police Mountie
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2011-04-11 Iraq/U.S.A. Soldier, A Woman Veteran of Iraq, Attempts to Kill Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-04-09 Texas Soldier in Marines Who Was Active in Suicide Prevention Kills Himself
Murder Med For Depression 2011-04-09 Canada Man Stabs Wife 126 Times: Felt Worse For the Two Months He Was On the Medication
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2011-04-09 Wisconsin Co-Ed Tries to Kill Herself: Her Age is Covered by FDA Black Box Warning For Suicidality
Shooting Med For Depression 2011-04-08 Texas Woman Shoots Self in Leg: Blames Two Non-Existent Intruders
Bizarre Behavior: Manslaughter Med For Depression 2011-04-08 Massachusetts Mother Withholds Life Saving Medication from Young Son: Results in His Death
Panic Attack Med For Depression 2011-04-08 U.S.A. Man Being Informally Interviewed by Police Has Panic Attack: Questioned About Computer p 0 r no
Shoplifting Med For Depression 2011-04-07 Australia Woman Steals From Drugstore: Medication Said to Have Made Her Disoriented & Confused
Ovarian & Breast Cancer SSRIs 2011-04-06 Global ++SSRIs Cause Increased Risk of Ovarian & Breast Cancer: Meta-analysis: Bloomberg Reporting
Murder-Suicide Chantix Anti-Smoking Med 2011-04-06 England Father Kills his Two Young Children, his Wife & Himself
Tremors/Parkinsonism Zoloft 2011-04-06 Global Man Suffers From Tremors & Parkinsonism: Zoloft Said to Be the Cause
Worsening Mental Condition Antidepressants 2011-04-04 England Famous Pop Star Adam Ant Says Antidepressants Left Him In Purgatory: Wants to Abolish Them
Worsening Mental Problems & Weight Gain Antidepressants 2011-04-04 England Famous Wombats Star Matthew Murphy Reveals Problems With Depression Meds
Violence Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-04-02 England Mother Becomes Violent With Police: On Depression Med & Alcohol, a Dangerous Combo
Heart Attacks Antidepressants 2011-04-02 Global Increased Risk in Middle Aged Man For Heart Attacks Who Are On Meds For Depression
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-04-01 England 72 Year Old Man Sets Himself on Fire
Mania Meds For Depression 2011-04-01 Global Mania Can Be Triggered in Children by Depression Meds
Murder Med For Depression 2011-03-31 Australia Man Kills Woman in Stoney Creek
Suicide Zoloft Antidepressant 2011-03-31 Iraq/South Carolina Soldier Kills Self: Highest Rate of Suicide Ever in History Among Marine Corps
Suicide Prozac & ADHD Med 2011-03-31 England 10 Year Old Hangs Himself: Coroner Questions Use of Prozac & Ritalin
Bizarre Behavior/Child Endangerment Med For Depression 2011-03-31 Virginia Woman Lets 11 Year Old Girl Drive her Car: Says She Was On Wrong Med For Depression
Assault Med For Depression & Alcohol 2011-03-31 Australia Groom Beats Bride in Their Limousine on Wedding Day: Serious Injuries
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressants & Sleeping Pills 2011-03-31 Canada Woman School Bus Driver Has Crash: Kills 9 Year Old Girl in Bus
Assault Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-03-30 Arkansas Man Kicks his Wife & Shoots at Her
DUI Paxil & Lithium 2011-03-30 Alaska No Alcohol Involved: A Drug Recognition Exam Said Man Was Too Impaired to Drive
Murder-For-Hire Lexapro Antidepressant 2011-03-29 Alabama Woman Hires Man To Kill her Husband
Arson Med For Depression 2011-03-29 Ohio Woman Burns Down her $400,000 House: Her Son Had Killed Himself There
Violence/Death Med For Depression 2011-03-27 Ohio Man Goes Berserk: Threatens Police: Is Shot Dead by Policeman
Suicide Effexor Antidepressant 2011-03-27 England Woman Artist Kills Self: Coroner Says Effexor is Dangerous, Expecially for the Young
Insomnia & Periodic Limb Movement Disorder Zoloft & SSRI Antidepressants 2011-03-27 Global Common Side Effects of Zoloft & All SSRIs is Insomnia & Limb Movement Disorder: Dr. R. Rosenberg
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2011-03-26 California 14 Year Old Boy Stabs 13 Year Old Girl and Her 18 Month Old Brother: Molests Girl
Violence Antidepressant 2011-03-23 Australia Man Attacks Woman Who Had Just Given Birth
Murder Attempt/Bizarre Med For Depression 2011-03-22 Illinois Woman Throws 5 Gallon Pot of Boiling Water Over Dinner Guest: Severe Burns
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-03-22 Indiana Woman Drowns Herself in the White River
Death Zoloft 2011-03-21 Florida Man Drowns in Pond While Escaping from Police: Could Swim: Probable Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-03-21 England 32 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide
Murders & Suicides Meds For Depression 2011-03-21 New York Panel Focuses on Suicide & Murder Potentially Caused by Antidepessant Meds: CSET Group
Withdrawal Problems Zoloft 2011-03-20 Global Man Cannot Withdraw From Zoloft: Peoples Pharmacy
School Shooting Meds For Depression & ADHD 2011-03-18 South Carolina **Teen Shoots School Official: Pipe Bombs Found in Backpack
Suicide Prozac 2011-03-17 England 25 Year Old Woman Who Won Diamond Award at Age 11 Kills Self
Felony/Child Abuse Prozac 2011-03-16 Oklahoma Mother Throws 8 Year Old to the Ground and Bites him Badly
Behavior Destabilized Prozac 2011-03-16 Global ++Prozac At Higher Doses May Cause Destabilized Behavior: Molecular Brain Journal
Murder Meds For Depression & Anxiety* 2011-03-16 Idaho 16 Year Old Kills His Mother
Robbery/Death Med For Depression 2011-03-15 Florida Man Tries to Rob Police Officer: Is Killed by Officer: Out of Character Behavior for Robber
Hypomania Lexapro* 2011-03-14 Louisanna 1st Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Resigns After Developing Hypomania on Lexapro: Bizarre Behavior
Murder Med For Depression 2011-03-14 Australia 16 Year Old Boy Kills Neighbor & Burns Down his House
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-03-14 Connecticut Husband Seeks Malpractice Lawsuit Against Doctor
Murder Antidepressants 2011-03-11 England Father Kills 5 Year Old Daughter & Injures 6 Year Old Son By Driving Car Into River
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-03-11 England Bus Driver Sets Himself & Bus On Fire
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-03-10 England Man Hangs Self After Sleepless Night: The PDR Lists Sleep Disorders As a Frequent Side-Effect of A/D
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-03-10 California Business Man Kills Self: Was Testifying in Trial
Threats Med For Depression 2011-03-09 Canada Correctional Officer Charged With Making Threats
Arson Med For Depression 2011-03-09 England Man Starts Two Fires in his House: Laughs When Firemen Arrive
Worsening Depression Meds For Depression 2011-03-08 Global ++Antidepressant Treatment May Contribute to Chronic Depressive Syndrome: Journal of Psychosomatics
Arson Meds For Depression 2011-03-08 California Man Sets Fires in Mall: Now Being Treated For Depression Without Medications
Murder Prozac 2011-03-07 Arizona Woman Hires Hit Man to Kill Husband
Increasing Bipolar Rate Conjectured 2011-03-07 U.S.A. ++U.S. Has the Highest Bipolar Rate of 11 Nation Study: U.S. Has the Highest A/D Use: Connection?
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-03-05 England Builder Takes His Own Life
Murder Paxil 2011-03-04 Illinois Defendant Plans to Plea Involuntary Intoxication by Paxil
Manslaughter Antidepressant 2011-03-04 North Dakota 16 Year Old Girl Causes Car Crash: Charged With Manslaughter
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-03-04 England Mother's Is Heartbroken When Son Commits Suicide: Another Son Also Killed Himself
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2011-03-04 England Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend: One Day Withdrawal From Depression Med
Murder Zoloft 2011-03-03 Tennessee Man Kills his Wife: One Week Withdrawal From Zoloft
Vehicular Homicide Prozac & Benzo 2011-03-03 Ohio Woman Crashes Into Amish Buggy
Death Meds For Depression 2011-03-03 England Man Takes 18 Times the Recommended Dose of A/D: Probable Suicide
Murder Lexapro 2011-03-02 Virginia Richmond Man Murders Co-Worker: Holds Family Hostage: Attempts Suicide
Violence Med For Depression 2011-03-02 England Grandfather Attacks his Family With Knife: Found Depression Med Difficult to Cope With
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-03-02 England Man Hangs Himself
Death Antidepressants 2011-03-02 England Woman Dies of Overdose of Antidepressants; Probable Suicide
Child Endangerment Antidepressants 2011-03-02 Washington Father Abducts Son: Has Access to Weapons: Amber Alert: Child Found Safe
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2011-03-02 Michigan Mother Kills Herself: Attempts to Kills Her Four Children
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-03-02 Arkansas 25 Year Old Kills Himself: Campus Walk For Suicide Awareness
Death/Suspicious Med For Depression 2011-03-01 Australia Pospartum: Mother Finds 7 Week Old Infant Dead: Inquest Into Mother's Involvement
Cab Crash Med for Depression 2011-03-01 California Cab Driver Runs into Dozens of People: One Seriously Injured
Rage Antidepressants & Alcohol 2011-03-01 Australia Dangerous Combo of Antidepressants & Alcohol Makes Man Go Into Rage Against Policeman
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2011-03-01 Pennsylvania Woman Firefighter Sets Clothes on Fire in Bath During Suicide Attempt:: Fights to Retain Her Job
Murder Attempt Zoloft* 2011-02-28 Utah Man Who Shot at Police Released to Home Monitoring Because He Was Affected by Zoloft
Anger/Rages Antidepressants 2011-02-28 U.S.A. Man Has Serious Anger Issues While on Antidepressants
Murder-Suicide/Arson Med For Depression 2011-02-28 Nebraska Mother Kills her 12 Year Old Daughter, Her Husband & Self: Sets House on Fire
Felony Med For Depression 2011-02-26 Georgia Veteran Federal Judge, 67, Becomes Deranged When Given Antidepressant for his Depression
Murder Zoloft 2011-02-25 Arkansas Man Kills Girlfriend & Her Two Children: Appeals Court on Death Penalty
Murder Attempt/Assault With Deadly Weapon Antidepressants 2011-02-25 California Man Assaults Deputies: Wielding Machete
Violence Med For Depression 2011-02-25 Kansas Armed Man Shot & Injured by Police
Assault/Extreme Violence Med For Depression & Bipolar Disorder 2011-02-25 Canada Man Attacks Catholic Bishop Inside Sacred Heart Cathedral
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-02-25 New York Man Has 7 Hour Stand-Off With Police: Kills Himself
Vehicular Homicide Med For Depression 2011-02-24 Massachusetts Man Driving Home from McLean Hospital Hits & Kills Pedestrian
Murder Zoloft & Trazadone Antidepressants 2011-02-24 Afghan/Indiana Soldier Kills Afghan Prisoner: Faces Death Penalty
Murder Antidepressant 2011-02-23 California Man Shoots & Kills Estranged Wife & Her Friend
Murder Antidepressant & Sleeping Pills 2011-02-23 Pennsylvania Man Stabs Girlfriend 20 Times
School Massacre Plot Prozac Withdrawal 2011-02-23 Virginia **Teen Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison For Columbine Style Plot
Child Endangerment Antidepressant 2011-02-22 Indiana Grandmother Deliberately Injures 6 Month Old Granddaughter: Attempts Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-02-22 England 23 Year Old Man Hangs Himself
Death Zoloft & Alcohol 2011-02-22 Ohio Soldier: Woman Marine, 20 Years Old, Dies From Interaction of Zoloft With Alcohol
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2011-02-19 Canada Mother Kills 10 Year Old Son & Herself
Assault Prozac & a Benzo 2011-02-18 South Carolina Woman Deliberately Drives into Group of Children Walking to School: 4 injured
Murder Effexor Antidepresant & Ritalin Amphetamine 2011-02-18 Florida Sociopath Begins Killing People When He Reaches the Age of 60: Death Penalty Phase
Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-02-17 England Woman Attempts to Cut Off Her Head With Circular Saw
Road Rage/Violence Med For Depression 2011-02-17 England Man Who Was Said to Be Affected By His Depression Med Beats Woman Walking Children to School
Murder Prozac 2011-02-17 Mississippi Man Kills Convenience Store Clerk: Death Penalty: Appeals Court: Mitigating Circumstances
Suicide-By-Cop Med For Depression 2011-02-17 Iraq/Oregon Soldier: Police Forced to Shoot Iraq War Veteran
Nervous Breakdown Med For Depression 2011-02-16 California Famous Actress Carrie Fisher Has Breakdown Caused by Depression Med
Arson Prozac & Chantix 2011-02-16 Texas 20 Year Old Sets 10 Churches on Fire: Receives Life Sentence
Murder Cymbalta Antidepressant 2011-02-16 Illinois 15 Year Old Kills Two Neighbors in the Middle of the Night
Shooting Med For Depression 2011-02-16 Germany Man Shoots at Two Italians in Fight Over World Cup
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-02-15 England Man Hangs Himself While on Depresion Medication
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-02-15 New Zealand Man With Mild Chronic Depression Hangs Himself
Murder Med For Depression 2011-02-14 Maryland Postpartum: Mother Kills her Two Year Old
Death Prozac, Celexa & Other Psychotropic Drugs 2011-02-13 Global Soldiers: Powerful Drug Cocktail: Deadly Results for Military
Withdrawal ZOLOFT & Other SSRIs 2011-02-13 Global Zoloft No longer Working: Can't Withdraw: Peoples Pharmacy
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-02-12 Mexico Famous Jazz Musician Dies From Overdose of Antidepressants: Likely Suicide
Murder Antidepressants 2011-02-10 Florida +Mother Kills Her Two Teenaged Children: Publicized On TV & In Newspapers
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2011-02-10 Malaysia Mother Kills 5 Year Old Daughter and Herself
Suicide Med For Depression 2011-02-10 Florida Postpartum: Mother Kills Self
Mania Prozac & Zoloft 2011-02-09 U.S.A. Woman Arrested After Having Manic Attack on Zoloft: Mildly Depressed Man Becomes Bipolar on Prozac
Murder Attempt Celexa Antidepressants 2011-02-08 Massachusetts *Coed at Wellesley Found Not Guilty Due to Celexa Antidepressant Use: Stabbed Boyfriend 8 times
Murder Prozac & Lexapro 2011-02-06 California Man Makes Home Depot Attack Followed by Killing Cellmate That Night
Affair With Minor Effexor* 2011-02-05 Canada *Woman School Teacher Who Molested 15 Year Old Male Student Found Not Guilty: Effexor Insanity
Shooting Prozac & Alcohol 2011-02-04 Texas Man Given 7 Year Sentence For Shooting at Police
Grand Mal Seizure Antidepressants 2011-02-04 Texas Famous Drummer Presecribed a Dangerous Combo of Antidepresants that Led to a Grand Mal Seizure
Assault/Robbery Med For Depression 2011-02-04 England Man Commits Assault & Robbery During Change in his Depression Meds
Alcoholism & Suicide Attempt Prozac 2011-02-03 New York Former Investment Banker Develops Alcoholism on Prozac & Suicide Attempt During Withdrawal
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-02-03 California Man Kills an Acquaintance: One Week Withdrawal
Suicide Antidepressant 2011-02-02 England 22 Year Old Man Hangs Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-01-29 England Man Hangs Himself
Murder-Suicide Wellbutrin Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-01-28 Nevada Councilwoman Kills Husband & Self: Two Week Withdrawal
Violence Prozac 2011-01-28 India Bright Student Becomes Violent: Attacks People: Mother Is a Psychiatrist
Suicide Zoloft 2011-01-27 Florida +Famous Wrestler Kills Self: No Other Drugs or Alcohol in His System
Shooting Prozac & Alcohol 2011-01-27 South Carolina Man Gets 7 Years for Shooting at Police
Murder Prozac 2011-01-26 New York Man Murders his Wife
Violence Antidepressants & Alcohol 2011-01-26 England Woman Attacks Policeman on Dangerous Combo of A/D's & Alcohol
Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2011-01-25 Oregon Man Shoots Cop: Terrorizes Neighborhood: Cop in Critical Condition
Suicide Prozac 2011-01-22 Canada 35 Year Old Man Hangs Himself
Confusion/Possible Robbery Antidepressants 2011-01-21 England Couple Finds Burglar in Their Bed
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2011-01-21 Wisconsin Man Murders 17 Year Old Boy
Death/Bizarre Med For Depression & Anxiety 2011-01-21 Washington Police Shoot Man Who Had Gun Taped to His Hand Pointing It At Them
Mania Zoloft 2011-01-19 U.S.A. Woman Develops Mania on Zoloft: Ruins Her Life
Suicides Meds for Depression 2011-01-19 U.S.A. Soldiers: Guards, Reservists Never Deployed Killing Selves at Alarming Rates
Threat to Health Wellbutrin Antidepressants & Other Psychotropic Drugs 2011-01-18 Global Military's Drug Policy Threatens Toops' Health, Doctors Say
Murder Cymbalta Antidepressant 2011-01-13 Illinois 16 Year Old Kills Two People: At Pretrial Hearing, Discussion of Lawsuit Against Maker of Cymbalta
Suicide Attempt Zoloft Antidepressant 2011-01-12 Wyoming 25 Year Old Woman Attempts Suicide on Zoloft
Aggression & Disorderly Conduct Med For Depression 2011-01-12 England Man Given 12 Month Conditional Discharge: Took Two Drinks with Depression Med
Suicide Antidepressants 2011-01-12 England 66 Year Old Man Hangs Himself
Loss Of Consciousness Antidepressant 2011-01-11 Oklahoma Middle School Student Loses Consciousness After Taking Antidepressant
Extreme Aggression, Hallucinations & Increased Anxiety Zoloft 2011-01-11 Global ++Physician Discusses Zoloft Side-Effects
Violence Med For Depression 2011-01-08 Ireland Woman Attacks Police: Also Involved Alcohol
Bank Robbery Med For Depression Withdrawal 2011-01-05 South Dakota 32 Year Old Robs Bank: Three Week Withdrawal
Vehicular Homicide Lexapro & Alcohol 2011-01-05 California Woman Driver Crashes Into Another Car: One Person Killed
Suicide Celexa & Wellbutrin Antidepressants 2011-01-03 Texas 12 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Shooting Med For Depression 2010-12-27 Utah Heavily Armed Man Shoots At Mormon Church & Bystanders: Killed by Police
Suicide Effexor 2010-12-27 Canada 20 Year Old Kills Self on Effexor: Black Box Warning from FDA on Suicide for Those 24 & Under
Workplace Violence Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-12-21 Indiana Employee Shoots Through Door of Office Manager: Police Say He Was trying to Kill Manager
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-12-20 New York 27 Year Old Woman Analyst for Citigroup Jumps to Her Death
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-12-20 England Pensioner Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-12-19 Texas Husband Commits Suicide: Wife Writes About It In Her Christmas Card
Suicides Cymbalta Antidepressant 2010-12-17 U.S.A. Six Suicides Reported to FDA During Clinical Trials for Cymbalta
School Hostage Situation Med For Depression 2010-12-15 France **17 Year Old with Sword Holds 20 Children & Teacher Hostage
Violence/Homicides SSRIs, SNRIs Antidepressants & Chantix 2010-12-15 Global ++ SSRIs & SNRIs, & Chantix, Have Highest Rate of Homicides/Violence of All Medications: PLoS
Murder Effexor* 2010-12-14 Utah Man Shoots Two Women: Experts Testify Effexor Withdrawal Could Have Influenced Behavior
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-12-14 England Retired GlaxoSmithKline Employee Kills Himself
Violence Antidepressant 2010-12-11 Iraq/Colorado Soldier, Returned from Iraq, Is Shot in Hand by Police: Said his Med For Depression Didn't Work
Worsening of Depression Med For Depression 2010-12-10 Global ++Failure of GPs to Screen for Bipolar is Deadly: A/D's Make Bipolar Worse: J of Affective Disorders
Violence Antidepressants, Benzo's & Alcohol 2010-12-09 Ireland Soldier Smashes ATM Machine: out of Character Behavior
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-12-09 England 41 Year Old Man Kills Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-12-09 England Engineer, 47 Years Old, Hangs Himself
Murder Attempt - Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2010-12-08 Connecticut Deputy Marshal Tries to Kill Girlfriend & Self: Recovers Sanity After Taken Off Antidepressants
Suicide Celexa* 2010-12-07 England Physician & Coroner Testify Celexa Contributed to Suicide of Woman: Pharma Dr. Agrees!
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-12-06 Ohio Counselor Attacks Girlfriend With Hammer: Her Whole Face is Rebuilt
Ineffective Meds For Depression 2010-12-06 Global ++Depression With Psychotic Like Symptoms Not Helped by Antidepressants: Journal Article
Suicide Prozac 2010-12-05 U.S.A. Peoples Pharmacy: Man's 33 Year Old Son, Married With 2 Children, Kills Self on Prozac
Psychosis Cymbalta Antidepressant & Abilify Antipsychotic 2010-12-04 Nebraska Woman Becomes Psychotic When Abilify Is Added as Augumentation For Her Antidepressant, Cymbalta
Suicidal Thoughts & Behaviors Antidepressants & Anticonvulsants 2010-12-04 Global ++Increased Risk of Suicidal Behaviors: ASHP: Medical News Today
Suicide Celexa 2010-12-03 Wisconsin Judge to Mediate Widow's Lawsuit Against Doctor Over Husband's Suicide
Murder Med For Depression 2010-12-02 Washington Physician Testifies at Trial That A/D May Have Caused Murderer to Go Manic
Heart/Liver Problems Pristiq Antidepressant 2010-12-01 Global Wyeth Executives Lied About Risk of Heart & Liver Damage From Pristiq
Mania/Agitation Zoloft/SSRIs 2010-11-29 Global ++Zoloft & SSRI A/D's Can Induce Mania & Agitation: Dr. Charles Raison
Suicide Med for Depression 2010-11-28 California 20 Year Old College Student Kills Self: Wrote in Diary That the Med Was Making Him Suicidal
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2010-11-28 Spain 79 Year Old Kills Wife: Attempts to Kill Self: Judgment Believed to Be Affected By the Med
Child Endangerment Paxil Antidepressant & the Benzo, Ambien 2010-11-28 Virginia Woman Charged With Child Endangerment: Took Paxil, One Ambien & a Glass of Wine, A Dangerous Combo
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-11-26 Texas Man Commits Suicide: Brother Writes About His Death
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2010-11-26 England Dental Nurse Has Affair With Boss: Gives Interview About It to Newspaper
Burglary Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-11-26 Arizona Housewife Commits 8 Burglaries During 6 Week Withdrawal
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-11-24 Canada Father Attempts to Run Over his Daughter's Friends with His Car: Called an Honor KIlling
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2010-11-24 England Man Stabs a For Sale Sign: Felt As Though He Was Having a Breakdown
Death Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-11-24 England Woman Dies From Dangerous Combo of A/D's & Alcohol
Murder Attempt Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-11-23 Nevada Mother Stabs 7 Year Old Son: Father Says She was Sleep Walking: This Can be a Side Effect of A/D's
Property Damage Med For Depression 2010-11-23 Ireland Woman With No Previous Convictions Causes Damage to Car Using Her Keys
Computer Hacker Med For Depression 2010-11-23 England Man Accesses Highly Personal Data From Computer Sensitive Files
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-11-23 Florida Mother Kills 11 Year Old Daughter & Self: Bodies Found by Husband/Father
Felony Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-11-22 Canada Man Smashes Vending Machine With Crow Bar
Suicide Effexor 2010-11-21 Indiana 19 Year Old Coed Kills Self: Alleges She Was Attacked by Notre Dame Football Player
Robbery Med For Depression 2010-11-21 Missouri Woman Who Was Thought of As An Angel Robs Bank: Gets Probation
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-11-21 Ireland Father, Devoted to his Two Children, Kills Them & Then Kills Self
Murder Antidepressants 2010-11-18 Illinois Woman Accused of Murdering her Husband: Trial in Progress
Suicides Antidepressant & Other Psychotropic Drugs 2010-11-18 Global ++Countries that Introduce Mental Health Initiatives For Suicide Prevention Increase Their Suicides
Suicides Antidepressants 2010-11-18 Global ++MedWatch Has Received Reports of About 63,000 Suicides on Antidepressants
Vehicular Homicide Med For Depression 2010-11-18 England Woman Using Med Defense: No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs Involved: Trial in Progress
Embezzlement Prozac 2010-11-17 Wisconsin Woman Steals 34 Million: Prozac Escalated her Spending: Feds to Auction 22,000 Items She Bought
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-11-17 Ireland 23 Year Old Commits Suicide: Parents Cite Irish Psychiatric Establishment for Incomptence
Murder Prozac Withdrawal 2010-11-16 Ohio Step-Father Murders his Step-Son
Arson & Burglary Prozac, Benzo & Oxycontin 2010-11-16 California Man Starts Fire & Burglarizes a Home
Burglary Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-11-15 England Man Mixed Alcohol With Depression Med: Took Away his Inhibitions According to Expert
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-11-15 Iowa Man Commits Suicide: Wife Writes to Newspaper to Give a Warning
Suicide Prozac 2010-11-14 Missouri Woman Police Officer Commits Suicide
Affair With Minor Med For Depression & ADHD 2010-11-13 Utah +Woman School Teacher Found Guilty of Affair with Two 15 Year Old Male Students
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-11-12 England Postpartum: Mother Kills her Infant: Several Days Withdrawal
Ineffective Antidepressant 2010-11-12 California Teen Age Boy Finds A/D's Ineffective: Recovers with Alternative Therapy
Violence/Death Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-11-12 England Man Shoots at Police: They Kill Him
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-11-12 England 29 Year Old Depressed Man Takes his Own Life
Death Wellbutrin & Celexa Antidepressants 2010-11-12 England Family Awarded 500 Thousand Pounds in Death of 29 Year Old Father Due to Wrong Combo of Meds
Violence Wellbutrin 2010-11-12 Florida Policeman Arrested For Firing Gun: Threatening Police Officers
Kidnapping/Assault Zoloft & Neurontin 2010-11-11 Canada Police Detective, Former Soldier, Using Depression Med Cocktail Defense: Had PTSD
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-11-11 Philippines Man Jumps to his Death
Ineffective Antidepressants 2010-11-10 Canada High School Girl Tries 4 Different A/D's: Ineffective: She Begins Cutting Herself
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-11-09 Australia Woman Commits Suicide: Her Depression Med Dosage Was Changed During Phone Call to Physician
Assault Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-11-09 Ireland Woman Assaults Policeman: Mixed Depression Med With Alcohol, A Dangerous Combo
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-11-09 England 32 Year Old Father of One Child Kills Himself
Death 17 Different Medications 2010-11-09 Texas Woman in Psychiatric Hospital for 7 Days Given 14 Different Meds in 4 Days
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-11-08 England Mental Health Patient Kills Self While on Cigarette Break From Hospital
Suicide Antidepressants & Painkillers 2010-11-08 England Soldier, Formerly in Northern Ireland, With Diagnosis of PTSD Kills Himself
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-11-07 England Reality Show Contestant Who Lost in Finals Kills Self: No Illegal Drugs or Alcohol
Murder Med For Depression 2010-11-06 Nevada Woman Kills her 70 Year Old Mother
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-11-05 England Lord, son of the 12th Marquess of Quenssbury, Kills Self: He Had Concerns About his Med
Criminal Tresspass/Disorderly Conduct Med For Depression 2010-11-05 Wisconsin Man Goes Berserk: Family Thinks Med is Responsible
Suicidal Behavior Antidepressant 2010-11-05 U.S.A. Woman Becomes Suicidal After Given A/D for PMS
Violence Med For Depression 2010-11-05 Alaska Man Arrested for 7 Assaults Against Workers at a Local Business
Violence Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-11-04 England Man Abuses Medics & Police: Mixed Alcohol with A/D, a Dangerous Combo
Death Med For Depression 2010-11-04 England Man Ties Rope Around his Neck: Dies: Ruled a Misadventure
Murder Med For Depression 2010-11-03 New York Woman Throws 2 Year Old from 7th Floor Balcony
Murder Zoloft Antidepressant 2010-11-03 Maryland Woman, A College Lecturer, Kills Her Husband
Murder-Suicide Threats Med For Depression 2010-11-02 England 18 Year Old Threatens & Attempts to Kill Girlfriend & Self: Jailed For 1 Year
Aggression Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-11-01 England Woman Breaks Window : Very Aggressive: Recent Withdrawal from Depression Med
Murder Med For Depression 2010-11-01 Georgia Man Murders Wife: Appeals Court
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-11-01 Ireland Postpartum: Woman Attempts to Choke Her Mother
Worsening Depression Antidepressant 2010-11-01 Canada Woman Takes A/D: Gets Worse: Quits A/D: Recovers: Uses Alternative Methods
Burglaries Med For Depression 2010-11-01 Connecticut 23 Year Old Commits String of 17 Burglaries While on Depression Med
Suicides/Child Lexapro & Celexa 2010-10-30 U.S.A. Forest Laboratories Settling Lawsuits of Children & Suicides: 54 Suits Filed: Some Settled Recently
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-10-30 England Man Commits Suicide: Became Worse on Med: Totally Out of Character
Argumentative & Irrational Med For Depression 2010-10-30 Kentucky Med Caused Man to Become Argumentative & Irrational
Violence Cymbalta Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-10-28 Indiana Firefighter Becomes Violent: Mixed Cymbalta With Alcohol, a Dangerous Combo
Mixing Alcohol With SSRIs SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-10-28 Global Doctor Says Mixing Alcohol With Antidepressants is Dangerous: Dr. Donohue's Column
Violence/Death Celexa Antidepressant 2010-10-28 Iraq/Canada Soldier, 22 Years Old, Becomes Violent With Police: They Shoot Him Dead
Racist Threats Med For Depression 2010-10-28 England Man Makes Racist Threats to Shopkeeper: Believes his Med Made Him Irrational
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2010-10-28 England Mother Beats her 7 Month Old: Permanent Brain Damage & Blindness
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-10-28 Massachusetts 16 Year Old at Groton School Kills Himself
Murder Wellbutrin Antidepressant, a Benzo & Alcohol 2010-10-27 New York 24 Year Old Kills Pace College Honors Student
Vehicular Homicide Celexa & Alcohol 2010-10-27 Nevada 23 Year Old Kills Man in Car Crash: Mixed Celexa With Alcohol, a Dangerous Combo
Death Zoloft & Alcohol 2010-10-27 North Carolina Woman Dies from Alcohol Poisoning & Zoloft May Have Played a Role: Coroner's Report
Over Medicated Antidepressants, Antipsychotics & Other Psychotropic Drugs 2010-10-27 Texas Texas Foster Children Over Medicated: 18 Year Old Leaves Foster Care & Meds: Can Now Run Again
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-10-26 Oklahoma 22 Year Old Woman Shoots Herself
Murder Med For Depression 2010-10-26 England Man Murders his Stepfather
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2010-10-26 Afghan/England Soldier Home From Afghanistan Stabs His Girlfriend
Worsening Condition Antidepressants 2010-10-25 Global ++A/D's Can Worsen Overall Condition of a Depressive Episode: Cause Mania: Research in Italy
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-10-24 England Famous Singer's Sister Commits Suicide
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-10-24 Connecticut Daughter Attempts to Strangle Her Mother
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-10-23 Florida College Student at Wharton Kills Self
Murder Med For Depression 2010-10-23 England Father Murders his Six Weeks Old Daughter
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-10-22 England Man Becomes Delusional on A/D Med: Believes He Has Cancer: Kills Self
Suicide Cymbalta Antidepressant 2010-10-22 Ohio 15 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Said She Felt Worse on Cymbalta
Death Prozac & Wellbutrin Antidepressants 2010-10-20 Ohio Famous Comic Writer Dies of Accidental Overdose of Prozac & Wellbutrin
Assault Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-10-20 England 23 Year Old Assaults Two Elderly Women: Mixed A/D with Alcohol, a Dangerous Combo
Shooting Med For Depression 2010-10-20 Pennsylvania University Student Takes Depression Med and Then Begins to Engage in Serious Criminal Activity
Violence Med For Depression 2010-10-20 Rhode Island Man Tries to Run Down Two Police Officers Using His SUV: 5 Hour Stand-Off
Assault Med For Depression 2010-10-19 Australia Man Charged With Assault, Burglary, Causing Injury, False Imprisonment & Criminal Damage
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-10-19 England Woman Commits Suicide
Bizarre Behavior Celexa & Two Benzo's 2010-10-18 California +Octomom: Woman With 6 Children Has Fertility Treatment Resulting in 8 Babies
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressant 2010-10-17 Florida 27 Year Old Veers Into Bikers: One Dead: Leaves Scene of Accident
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2010-10-16 England Woman Shoots her Husband and Drowns Herself
Assault Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-10-15 England Decorator Assaults Client
Murder-Suicide Attempt Pristiq Antidepressant 2010-10-14 Tennessee Man Kills Wife: Attempts to Kill Self: Shoots Self in Face
Anxiety/Panic Attacks Wellbutrin 2010-10-13 U.S.A. Wellbutrin Makes Man Worse: Can't Leave the House Now
Road Rage Assault Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-10-13 England Woman Beats Up a Passenger in Another Car
Assault Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-10-13 Canada Man Learns Combo of Antidepressants & Alcohol Causes Him To Be Aggressive
Erratic Driving/Leaving Scene of Accident Antidepressants & Pain Pills 2010-10-13 Georgia Truck Driver Jailed For Hitting Cop Car: No Alcohol Involved
Suicide Pact Antidepressants 2010-10-13 Nebraska Young Couple Make Suicide Pact: One Dies: One lives: Charged With Assisted Suicide
Death Med For Depression 2010-10-13 New Jersey Depression Med Left Man Disoriented, According to Wife: Probable Suicide
Arson/Pyromania Zoloft 2010-10-12 California Man Sets 17 Fires
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-10-12 Wales 17 Year Old Hangs Himself
Workplace Violence/Murder Med For Depression 2010-10-12 Texas Librarian Shoots Fellow Librarian Inside Library
Suicides SSRI Antidepressants 2010-10-12 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers: 36% of the Soldiers Who Killed Themselves Never Saw Deployment
Roberry/Attempted Kidnapping Prozac & Pain Pill 2010-10-12 California Man Robs K-Mart: Attempts to Abduct Clerk
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2010-10-11 England 33 Year Old Drives Car Home On 3 Tires: Doesn't know He Lost a Tire
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-10-11 Iraq/Texas Soldier, 26 Years Old, Home From Iraq Is Taking 2 Antidepressants & Sleeping Pill: Kills Self
Suicide Antidepressants & Sleeping Pills 2010-10-11 Iraq/U.S.A. Soldier, 39 Years Old, Home From Iraq, Kills Himself
Increase in Suicide in Military Meds For Depression 2010-10-10 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers: Antidepressant Increases Followed by More Suicides: Senator Sees a Connection
Suicide Effexor 2010-10-09 Washington Woman Kills Self: Husband Fights to Change HIPAA Statute
Breach of Peace Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-10-09 England Man Becomes Abusive With Police: Combined A/D With Alcohol, a Dangerous Combination
Suicides & Violence SSRI Antidepressants 2010-10-09 Canada SSRIs Can Cause Suicides & Violent Behaviors: Dr. David Juurlink: Drug Safety Expert
Suicide Zoloft 2010-10-09 Washington 20 Year Old Coed Kills Self at University of Washington
Suicide Celexa Antidepressant 2010-10-08 New Zealand 26 Year Old Kills Self: Celexa Increased his Anxiety
Worsening Condition Antidepressant 2010-10-07 England Boy With OCD Becomes Worse on Depression Med; Is Helped by CBT
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-10-07 Ohio +Mother Kills her Two Young Children & Herself
Increase in Social Security Disability SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-10-07 U.S.A. ++Six Hundred % Increase in SSD Since SSRIs Introduced: Causes Mania/Psychosis: R.Whitaker's Book
Death Antidepressant 2010-10-07 Ohio 16 Year Old Girl Dies After Taking Overdose of Antidepressant: Possible Suicide
Stand-Off With Police Med For Depression & Bipolar Disorder: Withdrawal 2010-10-07 North Dakota Soldier, Home From Iraq, Has Suicidal Two-Hour Stand-Off With Police
Suicide Paxil 2010-10-06 Missouri 22 Year Old College Coed Kills Herself
Worsening Condition Med For Depression 2010-10-06 U.S.A. Depression Med Worsens the Course for a Woman With Bipolar Disorder: Common Occurrence: CNN Health
Arson Prozac 2010-10-05 Illinois Man Develops Pyromania After Taking Prozac: Also Consumes Alcohol
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2010-10-05 New York Man Has 90 Minute Stand-Off With Police Over Suicidal Action
Bizarre Behavior Prozac & Alcohol 2010-10-04 Ireland Woman Becomes Abusive With Police After Bizarre Incident: Prozac & Alcohol Deadly Combination
Suicide Prozac Withdrawal 2010-10-03 Colorado/Kentucky Major General's Son in ROTC Kills Self After Recent Prozac Withdrawal Syndrome in June, 2003
Erratic Driving Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-10-02 Australia Man Crashes into Day Care Center Building: Mixed Alcohol With A/D: Dangerous Combo
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-10-02 South Carolina Man Didn't Like the Way Antidepressant Made Him Feel: Kills Self
Assault Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-10-01 Australia Man Beats Girlfriend: Recent Abrupt Withdrawal Which Is a Dangerous Practice
Breaching the Peace/Suicide Antidepressants 2010-10-01 England Man Takes Higher Dose of A/D Than Prescribed: Breaches Peace: Commits Suicide
Child Endangerment Med For Depression 2010-10-01 California Father Beats Wife & Child: Court of Appeals
Air Rage Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-10-01 New Zealand Man Said to Have Had Reaction to Alcohol Mixed with A/D Med: Violent on Airplane
Death Antidepressant 2010-09-30 Illinois Woman Found In Corn Field: Probable Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-09-30 England Highway Engineer Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-30 England 26 Year Old Man Kills Self
Child Endangerment Med For Depression 2010-09-30 Indiana Mother Abandons her 3 Year Old Daughter in Grocery Store Parking Lot at Night
Antidepressant Use Antidepressants 2010-09-30 North Carolina Soldiers:1 in 10 Soldiers at Fort Bragg Take Antidepressant: Many More Take Other Psychotropic Meds
Murder Zoloft 2010-09-28 Iowa Young Man Kills Two in 2006: Iowa Court Upholds Conviction
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-27 England 31 Year Old Hangs Himself
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-09-27 Pennsylvania 16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Suicides Celexa, Effexor & Remeron Antidepressants 2010-09-27 Canada Most Lethal of the Newer Antidepressants in Regard to Suicide Overdose
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-25 Washington Grandmother Kills 3 Family Members & Self: Also Possibly on an Antipsychotic
Psychosis Antidepressants 2010-09-24 Canada Man With Good Employment Record Ends Up Homeless After Psychotic Episode He Links to Use of A/D's
Death Antidepressants 2010-09-24 Kansas Woman Who Had Been Missing 6 Years Body Is Found: No Foul Play: Probable Suicide
Child Endangerment Antidepressant 2010-09-24 Utah Mother Accused of Trying to Harm Her Children
Child Endangerment Prozac 2010-09-24 Israel Mother Abuses Her Own Son
Murder/Crime Spree Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-09-23 Texas 57 Year Old Man With No Criminal Record Goes Berserk: Commits Crimes & Then Murders a Woman
Suicide Attempts Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2010-09-23 Oklahoma Woman Made Two Suicide Attempts While Taking Wellbutrin, A.K.A as Zyban, To Quit Smoking
Divorce/Emotional Blunting SSRI Antidepressants 2010-09-23 Global ++SSRIs Can Cause Emotional Blunting & Divorce: Article by Physician
Suicidal Behavior Prozac, Zoloft, Plus 3 Benzo's & 1 ADHD Med 2010-09-23 Colorado Man Plans Suicide: Finds He Has a Physical Illness Causing his Depression: Stops Meds: Recovers
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-23 England Man Sets Himself On Fire
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-09-23 England Man Judged By Docs To Not Be Mentally Ill is Given A/D's: Kills Self
Mania/Bipolar SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-09-23 Global ++9 Out of 10 Bipolars Became This Way Through Antidepressant Induced Mania: Doctor Speaks
Violence Med For Depression 2010-09-22 Wales Man Becomes Paranoid on A/D's & Rips Security Cameras From Neighbor's Walls
Violence Med For Depression 2010-09-21 England Combination of Depression Med & Alcohol Made Man Violent: Received 4 Years in Prison
Suicide-By-Cop Attempt Antidepressants 2010-09-21 Canada Man Attempts a Suicide-By-Cop: Shot At 3 Times But Survives
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-09-21 England Man On Depression Med Hangs Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-20 New York 17 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-20 Ohio 17 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Abnormal Behavior Med For Depression 2010-09-20 New York Man Exhibits Abnormal Behavior: Then Disappears: Family Blames Medication
Suicide Prozac 2010-09-20 England Barrister Kills Self After 5 Hour Siege With Police
Violence Med For Depression 2010-09-19 Washington DC Capitol Police Shoot Man Who Drew Gun On Them: Man Was on Depression Medication
Driving While Ability Impaired Paxil & Benzo 2010-09-19 New York Man Charged With DWAI: Two Accidents: No Alcohol
Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-09-18 Pennsylvania 18 Year Old Kills Self: Parents Blame Recent Abrupt Withdrawal from Depression Med
Hostage Taking Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-09-17 England Father Holds His Two Children Hostage: Police End Siege
Assault Med For Depression 2010-09-17 England Man Assaults Police Officers
Suicide Remeron Antidepressant 2010-09-17 England Woman Hangs Self: High Level Of Remeron Found During Toxicology
Abnormal Dreams Antidepressant 2010-09-17 California Man Talked of Weird Dreams That Would Kill Someone: Supervisor Reports Him
Adverse Reaction Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2010-09-16 U.S.A./Crotia Famous Woman Tennis Star Forced to Take A/D: Playing Declines
Adverse Reaction Antidepressants 2010-09-16 Wales Woman Weans Herself Off A/D Meds Taken For Years: Feels Much Better
Murder Antidepressant & Bipolar Med Withdrawal 2010-09-16 Canada Father Murders Young Daughter: Five Day Withdrawal
Death Med For Depression 2010-09-16 England Woman Dies From Overdose of Depression Med: Possible Suicide
Murder Antidepressant 2010-09-15 Japan Man Stabs Store Owner: Antidepressant Side-Effects Cited
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-15 Kansas 17 Year Old Star Athlete Hangs Himself
Murder Antidepressant 2010-09-14 South Carolina Mother Strangles her Two Young Children: Drives Car With Their Bodies Into River
Rages Prozac & Sleeping Pills 2010-09-14 England Famous Singer Says Prozac Gave Him Rages: Destroyed his Marriage
Murder Med For Depression 2010-09-14 New York Man Stabs Tenant To Death During Robbery
Suicide Zoloft 2010-09-14 California Woman Social Worker Commits Suicide In Oceanside, CA
Assault Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-09-13 Australia Man Assaults Police Officer: Out of Character Behavior: Escapes Jail Time
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-09-13 England Man Commits Suicide: Deliberately Steps In Front of Bus
Robbery/Aberrant Behavior Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-09-13 Alabama Woman On Oxygen Tank Robs Bank
Suicide Prozac 2010-09-13 England 23 Year Old University Student Kills Self
Robbery Zoloft 2010-09-13 Florida Man Commits Robberies: Appeals Courts:
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-09-11 England 20 Year Old Stabs Himself in the Heart
Assault Med For Depression 2010-09-11 Texas Man Uses Knife To Attack An Acquaintance
Threats of Violence Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-09-10 Australia Man Threatens Life of his Postman
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-09-10 England Man Takes His Life: Body Not Found for 2 Weeks
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-09-10 Texas Loving Grandfather Commits Suicide
Suicides Meds For Depression 2010-09-10 New Zealand High Rate of Suicide in County: People Asking if High Rate of A/D Use Could Be The Cause
Threats of Violence Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-09-08 England Man Makes Threats of Violence Against Others
Adverse Reactions Antidepressants & Polypharmacy 2010-09-07 Global ++Monotherapy Controls More Episodes Than Polypharmacy: Causes Less Cardiovascular Problems
Abuse of Power Med For Depression 2010-09-04 Wales Police Officer Abused Force Records to Pester Someone
Suicide Paxil & Zoloft 2010-09-03 Global Soldier's Use of Paxil & Zoloft: Army General Issues Warning About These Two Drugs
Murder Med For Depression 2010-09-03 Washington Postpartum: Mother Drowns 7 Month Old Twins
Missing Person Med For Depression 2010-09-03 England Son Missing: Family Believes He Suffered an Adverse Reaction to Depression Med
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-09-03 England Man Hangs Self: Said Depression Med Was Not Working
Death Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2010-09-03 California Man Shot With Taser: Dies: Medication, Wellbutrin, Blamed For Heart Attack
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressants 2010-09-02 South Dakota Man Taking Multiple Antidepressants Kills Pedestrian
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2010-09-01 Washington Woman Makes Suicide Attempt: Helped With Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Arson Med For Depression 2010-09-01 England Woman Sets Her House on Fire
Suicide Celexa 2010-08-31 Iowa 22 Year Old College Student Hangs Himself
Shoplifting/Kleptomania Med For Depression 2010-08-31 England Man Arrested For Stealing Twice From Same Store On Same Day
Murder Attempt Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-08-31 Vermont Man Shoots at Policeman
Murder Zoloft 2010-08-31 Florida Man Kills a Woman: Appeals Court
Mania Antidepressant 2010-08-31 U.S.A. 7 Year Old Becomes Manic & Suicidal on Antidepressant
Loss of Employment Med For Depression 2010-08-30 California Disoriented School Teacher Fired: She had Just Increased Her Dose of A/D: No Alcohol Involved
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-08-30 England Devoted Husband Pays Tribute to Lovely Wife Who Commited Suicide
Vehicular Homicide Lexapro 2010-08-29 New Jersey Woman Kills Pedestrian: Leaves Scene of Accident: No Alcohol Involved
Anger Lexapro Withdrawal 2010-08-29 Illinois Woman Experiences Extreme Anger While Withdrawing From Lexapro
Death Med For Depression 2010-08-28 England Death of GCHQ Cleaner Sparks Security Alert: Probable Suicide
Violence Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-08-28 Wales Man Beats Two Women
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-08-28 England Woman Kills Self While Awaiting Appointment With Health Services
Workplace Violence Med For Depression 2010-08-27 Texas Woman Kills Best Friend-CoWorker At their Place of Business
Murder Med For Depression 2010-08-26 Pennsylvania Woman, 32 Years Old, Stabs Her Mother To Death
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-08-26 England Prison Officer Writes Message in Blood Before Killing Self
Murder Attempt Zoloft 2010-08-25 Iraq/Kuwait/Maine Soldier, Home From Kuwait & Iraq, Attempts to Kills 3 Policemen: Dose of A/D Had Just Been Doubled
Violation of Name Suppression Laws Med For Depression 2010-08-25 New Zealand Man Tells Reporters He Sometimes Does Random Things Because He Is On Depression Med
Murder Med For Depression 2010-08-25 Scotland Murderer Had No Background of Violence: Became Irrational When Combing Med With Alcohol
Ineffective SSRIs/Antidepressants 2010-08-24 Global ++Medscape: Meta-Analyses Suggest Antidepressants Are Only Marginally Better Than Placebo
Murder Med For Depression 2010-08-24 North Carolina Soldier, Home From Iraq Since 2008, Accused of Killing Best Friend
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-08-24 England 19 Year Old Kills Self: Parents Did Not Know He Was In Treatment
School Incident/Bizarre Zoloft* 2010-08-22 Australia **School Counselor Exhibits Bizarre Behavior: Became Manic On Zoloft
Hostility Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-08-22 New York Girlfriend Impulsively Goes Off A/D & Her Boyfriend Says Trouble Quickly Followed
Bizarre Interests Effexor Withdrawal 2010-08-22 Canada Man's Fantasies Began After He Abruptly Stopped Effexor
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-08-21 England 24 Year Old Hangs Himself
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2010-08-19 Iraq/Wisconsin +Soldier, Served in Iraq: Now With National Guard Kills Wife, Child & Self: On A/D's For Two Weeks
Crime Against Humanity Paxil 2010-08-19 U.S.A. Doctor Who Faked Data in Study of Paxil Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-08-19 England Famous Dress Designer Kills Himself
Suicide-By-Cop Med For Depression Withdrawal & Alcohol 2010-08-18 California 20 Year Old Attacks Police With a Knife
Death Celexa, Cymbalta, Trazadone Antidepresants & 5 Other Meds 2010-08-18 California Famous Brittany Murphy's Husband's Autopsy
Murder Antidepressant 2010-08-18 Minnesota Father Drowns 6 Month Old Baby While Wife Is Out of House
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-08-18 Virginia Editor of Virginia Quarterly Review Commits Suicide
Emotional Numbing Med For Depression 2010-08-18 New Jersey Co-Ed Disontinues A/D Med Because It Makes Her Numb
Depression In Older Adults Therapy, Yoga & Meditation 2010-08-18 Global ++Older Adults Recover Better From Depression With Therapy, Yoga & Meditation Than With A/D's
Violence Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-08-17 England Wedding Guest Goes On Violent Rampage
Solicitation To Commit Murder Antidepressant & ADHD Drug 2010-08-17 South Carolina Attorney's Personality Changes on Meds & He Solicits to Commit a Murder
Fraud Med For Depression* 2010-08-17 North Carolina Lawyer Commits Fraud: A/D Med Caused a Loss of Judgement That Led To His Misconduct
Suicides Antidepressants 2010-08-15 Indiana Coroner: High Suicide Rates Due To Lack of Counseling: Already on Depression Meds
Mania Antidepressants 2010-08-14 Canada Meds For Depression Can Cause Mania According to Mood Disorder Association Director
Murder Med For Depression 2010-08-12 South Africa Prison Warder Kills Wife: Irregular Use of Med: Dangerous Practice: In & Out of Withdrawal
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2010-08-12 Iraq/U.S.A. Soldier Attempts Suicide: Draws Smiley Face On Wall With his Own Blood
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2010-08-11 Michigan Man Who Just Started Taking Med For Depression Kills Another Man & Self
Murder Antidepressant 2010-08-11 New Zealand Postpartum: Mother Lets 13 Month Old Son Drown in Tub: Does Not Call Emergency Services
Assault Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-08-11 England 29 Year Old Attacks his 93 Year Old Great-Aunt & His Grandmother
Murder Wellbutrin 2010-08-11 Nevada Man Kills Girlfriend by Stabbing Her
Murder Prozac 2010-08-10 England Mother Kills Her Three Year Old Daughter
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-08-10 Maryland Mother Kills Her Autistic Son & Herself: Recent Withdrawal Of About 3 Weeks
Assault Med For Depression 2010-08-10 England Man Attacks his Girlfriend's Sister
Assault Med For Depression 2010-08-09 Australia Man Assaults Three Police Officers
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-08-06 England Man Hangs Himself
Murder Prozac 2010-08-06 Nebraska Mother Kills Her 12 Year Old Son
Suicide Paxil 2010-08-05 Wales Man Leaps Onto Track at Burry Port Railway Station: Verdict of Suicide
Stealing [Kleptomania] Antidepressants 2010-08-04 England Woman Steals From Friend: Takes Overdose of Her Antidepressant
Suicide Celexa Antidepressant 2010-08-03 England 27 Year Old Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-08-03 Scotland 21 Year Old Man Kills Self
Assault Med For Depression 2010-08-02 Pennsylvania Soldier Assaults Hospital Staff: A/D Said To Be Affecting His Mood
Assault Remeron Antidepressant 2010-08-02 New York Woman Slips Drug Into Man's Drink: He Becomes Very Ill
Abuse Antidepressants 2010-08-02 England Woman Curses & Uses Racial Abuse Against Store Clerk
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-07-31 Virginia Man Kills Friend at Bus Stop: Several Weeks Withdrawal
Mania Antidepressants 2010-07-30 Australia Young Girl Prescribed Depression Med Becomes Manic While on Med
Suicides Antidepressants 2010-07-30 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers in Army: Highest Suicide Rate Ever: 1/3rd Taking Prescription Drugs Like Antidepressants
Death Celexa & Alcohol 2010-07-30 England Woman Dies From Combo of Celexa & Alcohol
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2010-07-30 California Woman Attempts Suicide Twice While on Antidepressants
Suicide Celexa Antidepressant 2010-07-29 England Man of Strong Character Hangs Himself
Bus Crash Med For Depression 2010-07-29 England Bus Driver Who Had Taken No Alcohol That Day Crashes His Bus
Suicide Celexa Antidepressant 2010-07-29 England Former Mayor Hangs Self: Had Set Up Camera To Photograph Girls: No Alcohol
Violence Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-07-29 Australia Ex-Boxer Attacks Man on Ferry: Four Day Withdrawal
Suicide Prozac 2010-07-28 England 23 Year Old Woman Kills Herself
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2010-07-27 Pennsylvania Woman Kills her 40 Year Old Daughter: Attempts to Shoot Self
Shooting Spree/Attempted Murder Med For Depression 2010-07-27 Florida Man Goes on Shooting Spree on Highway 92
Violence Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-07-27 England Woman Attacks Pensioner & His Wife
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-07-27 India 24 Year Old Catholic Nun Commits Suicide on Convent Grounds
Kleptomania Med For Depression 2010-07-27 England Man of Good Character Steals From Employer: Can't Remember Incident
Violence Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-07-27 England Man Goes on Rampage: Combo of A/D's & Alcohol: Dangerous Mix
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-07-26 California +Famous Actor Mel Gibson Said To Be Using Antidepressants: Radical Change in Personality
Murder Med For Depression 2010-07-26 Malaysia Son Murders his Mother
Suicide Paxil 2010-07-25 Mississippi Father Says his Son Became Worse on Paxil: Son Kills Self
Violence Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-07-25 Massachusetts Woman Becomes Violent With Police: Is Shot to Death by Them
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-07-25 England Famous Woman Gardening Writer for Telegraph in U.K. Kills Self: Inquest into A/D's
Murder Med For Depression 2010-07-24 England Suspect in Murder Case Was On Depression Medication
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-07-24 Australia Man Tries Many A/D's Over 20 Month Period & Then Kills Self
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-07-23 Michigan Mother Kills 13 Year Old Handicapped Daughter and Herself
Murder Med For Depression/Bipolar Withdrawal 2010-07-23 Canada Woman Kills 12 Year Old Neighbor Who Was Autistic
Violence/Aggression Chantix 2010-07-23 Global ++Link Between Violence/Aggression & Chantex Confirmed in New Study
Stand-Off With Police Lexapro Antidepressant 2010-07-23 Washington DC Husband Has 6 Hour Stand-Off With Police After Argument With Wife
Violence Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-07-23 Wisconsin Milwaukee Mayor Attacked by Man Withdrawing From Depression & Bipolar Meds
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-07-23 England Man Lays his Head on Railroad Tracks
Suicide Paxil 2010-07-23 California Family Files Lawsuit Against Glaxco For Suicide of Man on Paxil
Increased Depression SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-07-22 Global ++New Scientist: Too Much Serotonin in Some Brain Regions Causes Depression
Hallucinations Med For Depression 2010-07-22 Washington Woman Basketball Star Has Hallucinations Caused by Depression Med
Violence Antidepressants 2010-07-22 Australia Woman Attacks Paramedic: No Alcohol Involved
Violence Med For Depression 2010-07-22 England Man Throws Bottles From Rooftop During 4 Hour Stand-Off
Suicide Paxil 2010-07-22 U.S.A. Man Commits Suicide: Became Worse on Paxil: Lawsuit
Suicide Prozac 2010-07-22 Massachusetts 15 Year Old Phoebe Prince Kills Self: Six Who Bullied Her Were Arrested
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2010-07-21 California Woman Takes An Overdose of Depression Med: Seizures & Elevated Heart Rate
Suicide Zoloft 2010-07-21 England Father of Two Kills Self
Violence Zoloft 2010-07-20 Vermont Man Arrested For Firing Gun On City Streets
Violence Med For Depression 2010-07-20 Tennessee Man Threatens Police With Knife: Shot Dead by Police
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-07-20 India Woman Physician Commits Suicide
DUI Lexapro & Xanax 2010-07-20 Tennessee Firefighter With his Child in Car Arrested For DUI
Murder Celexa* 2010-07-19 Oklahoma Man Kills Best Friend: Given Death Sentence Waives Appeals: Expert Testifies On Celexa
Murder Zoloft 2010-07-19 Virginia Woman Give 82 Year Old Father Zoloft For Which He Did Not Have Prescription
Delusions/Hypochondria Lexapro 2010-07-17 India Man Becomes Delusional On Lexapro: Believes He Has Leukemia: Tests are Negative
Workplace Violence Threats Med For Depression 2010-07-17 England Man Threatens To Kill 3 Co-Workers: Has No Memory of This
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-07-16 Texas +Woman Mayor Kills Daughter & Self
Murder Antidepressants 2010-07-16 Indiana Postpartum: Mother Kills 3 Month Old Baby
Violence Med For Depression 2010-07-16 California Father Attacks 12 Year Old Son
Violence Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-07-16 England Officers of the Police Attacked by Man Yielding Meat Cleaver
Violence Med For Depression 2010-07-16 Canada Man Attacks Police Officers
Suicides Antidepressants 2010-07-16 Global ++High Suicide Rate Among Those With Fibromyalgia Might Be Due to Their Antidepressant Use for Fibro
Suicides Antidepressants 2010-07-16 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers High Suicide Rate May Be Due to A/D's With Black Box Warning on Suicidality
Death Antidepressant & Tramadol 2010-07-16 Washington 18 Year Old Dies From a Combo Of Antidepressant & Tramadol, a Painkiller
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2010-07-15 New York Man Attempts to Kills Two People: Then Kills Himself
Murder Lexapro 2010-07-15 Texas 22 Year Old Kills 6 Month Old Baby: Appeals Court
Disinhibition Antidepressants 2010-07-13 California Famous Actor's Ex-Wife Says Antidepressants Sent Her Out Of Control
Violence Med For Depression 2010-07-13 England Woman Attacks Man: Bites & Kicks Him
DUI Prozac & Xanax 2010-07-13 Florida Man Arrested For DUI: No Alcohol Involved: Only Prozac & Xanax
Suicide Lexapro Withdrawal 2010-07-12 Colorado 19 Year Old Woman Kills Herself
Psychosis/Schizophrenia Antidepressant* 2010-07-11 England +Famous Son of Bin Laden Becomes Schizophrenic Due to Antidepressant Use According to UK Doctors
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants & Steroids 2010-07-10 England Man Shoots 3 People: Week Later He Kills Himself
Serotonin Syndrome SSRIs & Dextromethorphan 2010-07-10 Global ++Combing SSRIs with Dextromethorphan Can Cause Serotonin Syndrome: Peoples Pharmacy
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-07-09 England Woman Hangs Herself
Inappropriate Contact Prozac* 2010-07-09 Wisconsin Grandfather Has Inappropriate Contact with Step-Granddaughter: 20 Year Sentence: Court of Appeals
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-07-09 China 17 Year Old College Coed Commits Suicide
Investigated About Boy's Disapperance Med For Depression 2010-07-09 Oregon Postpartum: Step-Mother of 7 Year Old Missing Boy Investigated: She had Postpartum Depression
Assault Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-07-08 Australia School Gardener Assaults a Police Officer
Violence Med For Depression 2010-07-08 Ireland Dublin Man Breaks Into Home to Harm a Woman
Ecological Disaster Prozac 2010-07-06 Global ++Shrimp's Behavior Changed by Prozac in Ocean: Causing Ecological Diaster
Ineffective Zoloft 2010-07-06 Colorado Man on 200 Mg. of Zoloft for 2 Years Feels Depressed As Ever
Violence Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-07-06 England Woman Attacks Friend & Family With Knife
Mind Racing/Med Ineffective Paxil 2010-07-06 Arkansas Young Man With Panic Attacks Finds Paxil Ineffective: Develops Racing Thoughts
Arson Med For Depression 2010-07-05 Australia Deadly Black Saturday Bushfires Started by Man on Antidepressants: 10 Counts of Arson
Nervous Breakdown Prozac 2010-07-04 Australia School Boy With Autism Has Violent Nervous Breakdown on Prozac
Plane Crashes SSRI Antidepressants 2010-07-04 U.S.A. ++Between 1993 & 2003 One Hundred Pilots in Fatal Crashes Were On SSRIs
Serotonin Synrome SSRI Antidepressant 2010-07-03 Global Woman Becomes Extremely Ill With Serotonin Syndrome from Antidepressants
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-07-02 Alabama Woman Locks Herself in Trunk of Her Car: Kills Self: 5 Different A/D's in Her System
Death Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-07-02 Pennsylvania Police Forced to Shoot Man
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2010-07-02 England Depressed Man Slits Wife's Throat: Jumps in Front of Train: Said Meds Weren't Working
Siege With Police Med For Depression 2010-07-02 England Police Have 4 Hour Siege With Man Threatening to Blow Himself Up
Mania Med For Depression 2010-07-02 Kentucky College Student Becomes Manic on A/D: Diagnosed as Bipolar: Overcomes Obstacles
Violence Med For Depression Withdrawal & Alcohol 2010-07-02 England Son Attacks Relatives & Bites his Mother's Fingers
Psychosis Zoloft & Wellbutrin Withdrawal 2010-07-01 U.S.A. Man Becomes Psychotic While Withdrawing from Zoloft & Wellbutrin
Plane Crash/Bizarre Behavior Zoloft 2010-06-30 North Carolina Pilot On Zoloft Crashes Plane: Six Dead: Pilot Displays Bizarre Behavior
Suicide Pristiq 2010-06-30 Ohio Man Commits Suicide: Said Pristiq Made Him Feel like Killing Himself: Lawsuit
Murder Zoloft &Tricyclic Antidepressant, 2 Benzo's & Painkiller 2010-06-30 New Jersey Man Shoots & Kills Pharmacist
Depression Cymbalta 2010-06-30 U.S.A. Woman Says Cymbalta Given For Fibromyalgia Made Her Depressed
Murder Antidepressant 2010-06-29 Arizona Man Murders his Wife
Worsening Depression/Suicidal Thoughts Antidepressant 2010-06-29 England Woman Diagnosed as Depressed: Becomes Worse on Depression Med: Actually Had Thyroid Problem
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-06-28 India Famous Model in India is the Second Famous Indian Model to Commit Suicide
Suicide Paxil 2010-06-28 Canada 17 Year Old Kills Self: Jury Recommends Changes in Prescribing For Ontario College of Physicians
Suicide Zoloft Antidepressant 2010-06-25 India Famous Former Super Model Commits Suicide
Violent Threats Antidepressants 2010-06-25 England Tenant Threatens Landlord With Violence: Uses Emails
Murder Med For Depression 2010-06-24 Georgia Postpartum: Mother Murders Her Baby
Murder Med For Depression 2010-06-24 Virginia Woman Runs Her Car Into Another Woman: Charged With First-Degree Murder
Shooting Lexapro & Prozac 2010-06-24 Georgia Policeman Shoots Another Policeman in Arm
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-06-24 New Hampshire Man Kills His Sister: Two Day Withdrawal
Violence Med For Depression 2010-06-23 Washington College Student Viciously Bites Policeman
Danger To Children Antidepressants, Antipsychotics & ADHD Meds 2010-06-23 Denmark ++BMC Research: Danish Children At Risk From Psychotropic Medicines
Murder-Suicide Depression Treatment: Antidepressant? 2010-06-23 Texas Municipal Judge Killed by Husband, an Attorney: He Then Kills Himself
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-22 New Mexico Father Kills his Two Sons & Self: Recently Started New Depression Med
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-06-21 Kuwait Sheikh Kills Friend: Recent Withdrawal From Depression Med
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-20 South Carolina Soldier, a Vietnam Vet, Kills Another Man & Then Himself
Worsening Depression Antidepressants 2010-06-20 Texas Soldier's Condition Made Worse by Antidepressants: Recovers From Depression Using Acupuncture
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-19 Virginia 16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2010-06-18 England Postpartum: Mother Attempts to Smother 5 Week Old Baby
Arson Antidepressant 2010-06-18 Missouri Defense Claims Antidepressant Sent School Administrator Into Mania
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-06-18 England Father of Four Kills Self After Notifying Police Through E-Mail
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-06-18 England Woman Kills Self on Train Track
Murder Antidepressants 2010-06-17 England Husband Kills Wife: His Condition Worsened on Depression Meds: Visited GP 90 Times
Workplace Violence Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-06-17 Canada Newspaper Employee Attempts to Bomb Newspaper Office: 3 Day Withdrawal
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-06-17 California Woman Confronts Police: Shot to Death by Police: Expressed Suicidal Urges
DUI Effexor* 2010-06-16 Minnesota Politician Airs Video on How Effexor Interacted for Her With Alcohol: Compelling
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-16 England Man Kills Self After Remembering Being Molested as Child: Common Side-Effect of Depression Meds
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-06-16 Germany German Student Targets Hells Angels
Bone Loss Effexor 2010-06-16 Global ++Massive Bone Loss in Peridontal Disease For Those on Effexor: Study
Heart Attacks Antidepressants 2010-06-14 Global ++18 Year Olds Diagnosed With Depression & Given A/D's More Likely To Die of Heart Attack at 55
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-06-14 England Landlord Hangs Himself Outside his Pub
Murder Wellbutrin 2010-06-13 North Carolina Husband Told Dr. that Wellbutrin Gave Him Violent Thoughts: Then Killed Wife
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-06-11 Turkey University Students Commits Suicide
Ineffective Bipolar Disorder Medications 2010-06-11 Global ++Global Industry Analysts' Bipolar Market Report
Violence Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-06-11 England Man Pulls a Knife on Taxi-Cab Driver
Murder Antidepressants 2010-06-11 England Woman Shoots Man From Window of Her House
Violence Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-06-11 Australia Man Commits Violence Against Elderly Person: 4 Day Withdrawal
Mood Swings Antidepressants 2010-06-10 England Woman Has Terrible Side-Effects From Depression Med Including Horrible Mood Swings
Suicide Attempt Cymbalta & 4 Benzo's & 3 Painkillers 2010-06-10 California Famous Talk Show Host Larry King's Wife Attempts Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-10 India Member of Royal Family Commits Suicide
Murder Antidepressant 2010-06-10 India 23 Year Old Hires Gangster To Murder his Father
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-06-10 England Man Kills Self While On Depression Medication
Violence Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-06-09 England Man Kicks His Way Into Estranged Partner's House
Murder Zoloft 2010-06-08 Colorado Postpartum: Mother, A Mental Health Counselor, Becomes Delusional on Zoloft & Kills her Baby
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Antidepressants 2010-06-08 England 39 Year Old Woman Collapses & Dies
Death Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-06-08 England Nurse Accused of Killing 3 People Dies Before Trial While on Antidepressants & Alcohol
Forgery Med For Depression 2010-06-08 Canada Former Lawyer Commits Forgery
Death Antidepressants & Polypharmacy 2010-06-07 U.S.A. Soldiers: 32 Die of Toxcity From Prescription Drugs in Last 3 Years: Wounded Warrirors Unit
Road Rage/Child Endangerment/Assault Cymbalta Antidepressant 2010-06-05 Iowa Mother Given Cymbalta For Fibromyalgia Becomes Manic & Dangerous
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-05 England 17 Year Old Girl Kills Herself
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-06-05 New York 18 Year Old Kills Self in 2004: Parents Part Of Memorial Bike Run
Paranoia & Worsening Depression Antidepressant 2010-06-04 Scotland Scottish Labor Party Activist Become Paranoid & Has Worsening Depression On Depression Med
Violence Med For Depression 2010-06-04 Ohio Mother of Buckeyes' Football Player Attacks Police Officer & Others
Child Endangerment Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-06-03 Connecticut Chaperone Harrases Young Girls on Trip
Robbery Med For Depression 2010-06-03 Texas Man Turns to Appeals Court on Robbery Sentence
Mania/Worsening Depression Antidepressants 2010-06-02 Global ++1 In 3 People Given A/D's May Become Worse: Then Diagnosed With So-Called Bipolar Disorder: Web MD
Road Rage Effexor & A Benzo 2010-06-02 New York Motorcyclist Charged in Road Rage Incident
Murder Med For Depression 2010-06-02 Illinois Son, 30 Year Old, Kills his Father
Emotional Numbness Antidepressants 2010-06-02 California Famous Actress Didn't Have Any Feelings While on Antidepressants
Car Crash Med For Depression 2010-06-02 England 18 Year Old Steals Family Car: Crashes it: One Week Withdrawal
Suicide Attempt Paxil 2010-06-02 Colorado Woman Seriously Injured in Suicide Attempt on Paxil: Lawsuit
Child Abuse Zoloft & Alcohol 2010-06-02 Missouri Mother Beats & Injures Three Year Old Child
Suicide Attempt Meds For Depression & PTSD 2010-05-31 Iraq/U.S.A. Soldier Attempts Suicide: Recovers After Discontinuing Most of his Meds
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-05-30 Iowa Soldier, 21, Home From Iraq Hangs Self
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-05-30 Texas Nurse Kills Self After Abrupt Change in Depression Meds
Suicide Zoloft & Lamictal 2010-05-29 Florida Woman Taking Zoloft Given Lamictal Instead of Lyrcia: Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
Suicide Zoloft Withdrawal 2010-05-28 New York 17 Year Old Hangs Herself
Murder-Suicide Celexa Antidepressant 2010-05-28 West Virginia Elderly Man Kills Wife & Himself
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2010-05-28 Wisconsin 16 Year Old Girl Blind & Unable to Walk After Suicide Attempt While On A/D's
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-05-27 Nebraska Man Admitted to Psychiatric Hospital Hangs Himself One Hour After Admittance
Stealing/Kleptomania Med For Depression 2010-05-27 England Cab Driver Steals $200,000 from Aunt's Savings
Suicide Wellbutrin 2010-05-26 Illinois 22 Year Old College Student Commits Suicide
Murder Zoloft & Klonipin 2010-05-26 Mississippi Man Kills Father in 2006: Appeals Court: May 2010
Heat Stroke Antidepressants 2010-05-26 Global ++Risk of Death: Heat Wave: Greater For Those Over 70 On Antidepressants
Violence Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-05-26 Ireland Man Goes on "Biting Attack" in Pub
Assault Med For Depression & Alcohol 2010-05-26 Canada Man's Depression Med Combined With Alcohol Led to Assault
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2010-05-26 Illinois Woman Holds Police Officers at Bay: Threatens Suicide
Death Meds For PTSD 2010-05-25 Iraq/Kentucky Soldier, 32 Year Old Woman, Dies in Her Sleep
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-05-24 England Businessman Hangs Himself
Adverse Reaction Antidepressants 2010-05-24 New Zealand Woman Disabled by Antidepressants: Member of Parliment Will Plead for Better Patient Information
Arson/Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2010-05-24 England Depressed Man Sets Fire to His Room: Attempts Suicide
Death Med For Depression 2010-05-24 England 30 Year Old Mother Felt Unwell on Depression Med: Dies at Home
Murder Paxil 2010-05-24 U.S.A. Man Kills Wife
Death Antidepressants & Antipsychotics Combo 2010-05-24 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers, At Least 128, Die: Antidepressants Can Increase the Rate of Sudden Cardiac Deaths
Suicide Prozac 2010-05-23 California Woman Kept on Prozac For A Decade Without Seeing the Doctor: Commits Suicide
Cognitive Impairment Antidepressants 2010-05-22 Australia Man Refuses to Take A/D's Again Because He Cannot Think While on Them
Murder Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-05-21 Ohio Woman Kills her Friend: Found Guilty by Jury
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-05-21 New York 29 Year Old Woman Jumps From Brooklyn Bridge
Arson Antidepressant & A Benzo 2010-05-21 Minnesota Woman Sets Fire to her Triplex
Suicide Attempt Paxil 2010-05-21 U.S.A. Woman Takes Overdose of Paxil In an Attempt to Kill Herself
Child p 0 r n o g r a p h y Med For Depression 2010-05-21 England School Teacher Has Indecent Images of Children on his Computer
Crime Against Humanity Paxil 2010-05-21 Japan ++Paxil Is BeingTested on 7 Year Olds Despite FDA Black Box Warning for Suicidality
Ineffective SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-05-20 U.S.A. ++Star*D Outcome: Only 3% of Those Taking Antidepressants Had a Sustained Remission After 1 Year
Murder Lexapro & Remeron Antidepressants 2010-05-20 South Carolina Mother Investigated in 17 Year Old Daughter's Death: Mother Then Dies of Heart Failure
Suicides Med For Depression 2010-05-20 Tennessee Two Men Die By Suicide in Small Town On Same Day
Road Rage Med For Depression 2010-05-20 Australia Man Singes Police Officers Eyebrows During Road Rage Rampage
Self-Harm Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-05-20 New York Woman Reports to Police That Her Boyfriend Was Self-Harming
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2010-05-19 England Barrister Blames her Medication for Bizarre Behavior
Abnormal Dreams Antidepressants 2010-05-19 England Vivid Dream Caused Woman to Drive Into Town in the Middle of the Night
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2010-05-18 England Soldier Makes a Suicide Attempt by Overdosing on his Antidepressants & Sleeping Pills
Mania & Depression SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-05-18 Global ++SSRIs Can Cause Rapid Cycling from Mania To Depression And Back in So-Called Bipolar Patients
Suicide-By-Cop Attempt Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-05-18 Hawaii 27 Year Old Points Gun at People on Street: Wants Police to Shoot Him
Stalking Antidepressants 2010-05-17 Florida Man With Knives & Garrote Stalks Woman
Worsening Depression Meds For Depression 2010-05-17 Global ++Reduces Symptoms in the Short-Term But Worsens Symptoms in the Long Term: Book: R. Whitaker
Mania Prozac 2010-05-17 Global ++Patients Who Feel Better Than Well on Prozac Are Soft Bipolars Who Might Become Manic
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2010-05-15 England 23 Year Old Co-ed Attempts Suicide: Left With Irreversible Brain Damage
Murder Attempt Prozac 2010-05-14 Colorado Wife Poisons Husband
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-05-14 North Carolina Soldier Runs Away From Psychiatric Hospital & Kills Self
Violence Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-05-14 Minnesota Woman Beats her Dog
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-05-13 England Man Hangs Himself: No One Can Believe It
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-05-13 California Woman Jumps From Parking Structure at Cal State Fullerton
Assault Antidepressant 2010-05-13 Ohio Woman Uses Knife Against Brother-In-Law: Became Aggressive on Depression Med
Suicide Celexa 2010-05-13 Florida Former Fire Chief Commits Suicide After 3 Weeks on Celexa
Suicide Plotting Prozac/SSRIs 2010-05-12 China +Man's Condition Worsens on SSRIs Which Are Popular in China: May be Apropos to School Stabbings
Serotonin Syndrome Antidepressants 2010-05-12 New Zealand Woman Almost Dies From Serotonin Syndrome
Unethical Antidepressants 2010-05-12 U.S.A. Physician With Ties to Pharma Wants to Place All 20 to 30 Year Olds on Depression Meds as Precaution
Death Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-05-11 Washington Woman Dies From Combo of Depression Med & Alcohol: High School Son Tries To Be Brave
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-05-11 New York 17 Year Old Kills Self: Vigil Held In Town
Child Endangerment Zoloft & Two Benzo's 2010-05-10 Montana Mother Arrested For Erratic Driving with Two Young Children in Car
Worsening Depression Antidepressants 2010-05-09 South Dakota 19 Year Old Athlete's Condition Worsens on Antidepressants: Begins Drinking Heavily
Death Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-05-09 England 33 Year Old Man Dies From Respiratory Depression: Mixed Alcohol with Depression Med
Death Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-05-08 England Mother Caring for Injured Daughter Dies After Combining Antidepressants with Wine
Child Abuse Antidepressants 2010-05-07 Virginia Mother Burns Child on Hot Stove: Believed to Be Deliberate
Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2010-05-07 Ohio Boyfriend Attacks his Girlfriend with Hammer: Is Shot Dead by Police
Murder Med For Depression 2010-05-06 Arizona Wife Murders her Husband
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-05-06 New Jersey High School Student Kills Self: Parents Sponsoring Fundraiser for Suicide
Violence Prozac 2010-05-06 Australia 10 Year Old Boy Taken From School in Handcuffs After Violent Attack
Suicide Antidepressant Adjustment 2010-05-06 South Carolina Postpartum: Depressed New Mom Commits Suicide After Antidepressant Adjusted
Embezzlement Antidepressants 2010-05-06 Utah Woman Comptroller Steals $30,000
Murder Attempt Med For Depression & Illegal Drug 2010-05-06 California Mix of Prescription Antidepressant & Illegal Drug May Have Caused Mother to Stab her Two Year Old
Death From Pneumonia Prozac & 8 Other Drugs 2010-05-05 California Famous Actor Corey Haim Dies From Pneumonia
Murder Med For Depression 2010-05-05 England 19 Year Old Kills Roommate: Doctor Kept Increasing his Dose of Depression Meds
Ineffective Antidepressants 2010-05-05 England Famous Artist Said Doctors Finally Realized Antidepressants Didn't Work for Him
Stealing/Kleptomania Med For Depression 2010-05-04 England Grandmother Steals from V.A. Charity While on Depression Med
Mental Illness Disability Rate Prozac/SSRIs/SNRIs 2010-05-04 U.S.A. ++Mental Illness Disability Rate Has More Than Doubled Since Introduction of Prozac in 1987
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-05-03 Australia Coroner Recommends Training for GP's After Suicide of Man in Treatment
Murder Med For Depression 2010-05-03 New Hampshire Husband Kills his Wife
Anxiety/Depression SSRI Antidepressants 2010-05-03 U.S.A. ++Children Exposed in Womb to SSRIs Suffer More Anxiety/Depression at Age 3
Suicide-By-Cop Threat Med For Depression 2010-05-02 New Jersey Man Threatens Police In Attempt to Die by Suicide-By-Cop
Suicide Attempt/Subway/Cyanide Med For Depression 2010-04-30 New York College Student Thought to be a Terrorist When He Attempts Suicide in Subway With Cyanide
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2010-04-29 England Husband, Aged 68, Murders Wife and Self
Psychosis Paxil 2010-04-29 U.S.A. Child with Depression Given Paxil: Becomes Bipolar: Then Schizoaffective & Finally Schizophrenic
Divorce Antidepressant 2010-04-29 Global Man Starts Depression Med: Wants Divorce: This is a Problem of Epidemic Proportions with SSRIs
School Knifing/Murder Meds For Depression & ADHD 2010-04-28 Massachusetts **Sixteen Year Old Kills 15 Year Old in High School Bathroom in Sept. 2009
Murder Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-04-28 Virginia 40 Year Old Murders Girlfriend: Trys to Kill Himself
Bipolar Disorder Antidepressants 2010-04-28 U.S.A. ++Antidepressants & ADHD Meds Causing over 1 Million Young People to Be Diagnosed as Bipolar
Adverse Reactions Cymbalta 2010-04-28 U.S.A. Woman's Side Effects from Cymbalta Are As Bad As Her Depression
Murder Med For Depression 2010-04-28 Michigan Grandmother Drowns her 4 Year Old Grandson
Assault Med For Depression 2010-04-27 Texas City Councilman's Wife Tells Group at Meeting that She Beat Up Her Husband
Murder Attempt Antidepressant & 14 Other Meds for PTSD 2010-04-27 Iraq/Nevada Soldier Ambushes Deputy
Bizarre Behavior/Self-Mutilation Antidepressant 2010-04-27 Canada Man Changes From One Antidepressant to Another: Goes Berserk
Suicide Paxil 2010-04-27 Kansas Loving Husband and Father Commits Suicide in 2003: Lawsuit
Assault Med For Depression 2010-04-26 England School Teacher Attacks Pupil with Bar Bell: Seriously Injures 14 Year Old
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-04-26 England Man Told his Wife is Dying: He Kills Self: She Recovers
Forgery/Bigamy Antidepressant 2010-04-26 Australia Man Unlikely to Commit More Offenses Because He Was on A/D's at Time of This Offense, Lawyer Says
Assault Antidepressants 2010-04-25 England Man Attacks a Frail Kidney Transplant Patient
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2010-04-25 Iraq/Colorado Soldier Attempt Suicide: Transitional Units for Soldiers Criticized
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-04-24 Georgia Son Commits Suicide: Parents Start a Survivors of Suicide Group
Robbery Meds for PTSD 2010-04-24 Utah Soldier Breaks Into Restaurants
Murder Med For Depression 2010-04-23 Texas Postpartum: Mother Drowns Two Month Old Baby
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-04-23 Columbia, SA Famous Supermodel & Television Host Kills Herself
Murder Lexapro 2010-04-23 California Woman Stabs Man To Death: Appeals Court
Murder-Suicide Celexa SSRI Antidepressant* 2010-04-22 Ireland *Jury Finds Celexa Cause of Murder-Suicide: Two Physicians Testify: Foundation Demands Action
Assault Antidepressant 2010-04-22 Ireland Chain Saw Attack by Man Against Youth in his Neighborhood: Alcohol Also Involved
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2010-04-22 Oregon Fomer Girlfriend Shot by Man Who Then Shoots Himself
False Accusations Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-04-22 England Woman Accuses Man of Molestation: Then Admits Lying: Charged With Perverting the Course of Justice
Self-Mutilation Prozac 2010-04-21 Illinois Man Self-Mutilates on Prozac: Lawsuit in Progress
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-04-21 England Man Deliberately Steps in Front of Car
Murder Antidepressants 2010-04-21 England 28 Year Old Stabs Stranger To Death On Street in Broad Daylight
Assault Antidepressant 2010-04-21 Iraq/England Soldier Seriously Wounds Girlfriend: Originally Charged With Attempted Murder
Side Effects Reports Meds For Depression 2010-04-20 Global ++Patients Report 20 Times More Side Effects Than Physicians Report: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
Murder Plot Med For Depression 2010-04-20 Washington Man Is Accused Ot Plotting to Kill Deputies
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-04-19 England Famous British Judo Star Tipped For Olymics Kills Self
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2010-04-18 Malta Man Stabs Policeman: Also Involved Alcohol
Worsening Depression & Panic Attacks Prozac 2010-04-18 England Woman's Depression Worsens & She Has Panic Attacks on Prozac
Murder Zoloft 2010-04-17 Indiana 27 Year Old Shoots Man Outside of Bar: Alcohol Also Involved
Suicide Treatment For Depression 2010-04-17 Ohio Soldier Shoots Self on Steps of VA Medical Center
Death Antidepressant 2010-04-17 Georgia Man With Knife Lunges At Police Officer: Shot Dead
Assault Med For Depression 2010-04-16 England Man Assaults Another Man: Also Involved Alcohol
Murder Attempt/Kidnapping Med For Depression 2010-04-16 Canada Man Took Six Times His Prescribed Dose of Depression Med
Bizarre Behavior Prozac 2010-04-16 Tennessee Woman Enters High School: Acts Strangely and Knocks Over Teacher: Possible Alcohol Also Involved
Assault Antidepressants 2010-04-16 England Employed Man Attacks Woman on Sidewalk in Front of her 3 Children: Alcohol Also Involved
Bizarre Behavior/Threats of Violence Paxil 2010-04-15 Texas Famous Singer For Blue October Rock Band Has Strange Episode: Only Drug Involved Is Paxil
Increasing Number of Military Suicides Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil or Prozac 2010-04-15 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers: House Committee on VA Affairs: 1 In 6 Soldiers Medicated, Mostly With SSRIs
Psychosis Antidepressant 2010-04-14 Washington 11 Year Old Girl Given A/D for Bedwetting: Becomes Agitated: Has Psychosis: Never Recovers
Mental Illness SSRIs & Other Psychiatric Meds 2010-04-14 U.S.A. ++35 Times as Many Children On Govt. Disability for Mental Illness Since Prozac Was Launched
Violence Zoloft 2010-04-14 California Police Officer Allegedly Attacks & Molests a Woman
Murder Zoloft Withdrawal 2010-04-14 Idaho Man Murders in 2002: Appeal Filed April 14, 2010
Violence Antidepressants 2010-04-14 New Zealand Man Demands Bus Refund at Knifepoint
Death Antidepressants & Alcohol 2010-04-14 Ireland A & E Physician Warns of Anitdepressant & Alcohol Combo After Death of Govt. Official's Nephew
Bizarre Behavior/Vandalizing Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-04-13 South Africa School Teacher Vandalizes School Property: Injures Student
Murder Prozac 2010-04-12 Tennessee Involuntary Intoxication Plea in Murder Case: Intoxicated by Prozac
Vehicular Homicide Med For Depression 2010-04-12 West Virginia Woman Gets 6 Years in Prison: No Alcohol Involved: Took Large Dose of Depression Med
Assault Med For Depression 2010-04-12 Australia Reveler Assaults Man at Folk Festival
Murder Antidepressant 2010-04-10 Illinois Mother Kills her 3 Year Old Daughter
Murder Med For Depression 2010-04-10 South Carolina Man's Wife Puts Depression Med in his Food: He Hallucinates: Hospitalized: Then Shoots Mother-In-Law
Worsening Depression & Suicidality SSRI Antidepressants 2010-04-09 Global ++13.5% on SSRIs Had Worsening Depression & Suicidality:Sharp Drop in Brain Activity Within 48 Hours
Bizarre Behavior/Burglary Zoloft 2010-04-08 Texas Family Says Man Had Bad Reaction to Zoloft: Violently Burglarized Neighbor's House
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-04-08 New York First Suicide at Brooklyn's Tallest Building: Woman Jumps to her Death
Suicide Paxil 2010-04-07 Indiana Priest Took Paxil Because Parish Ignored Child Abuse Scandal: Kills Himself: Lawsuit
Vehicular Homicide Celexa 2010-04-06 Nevada 22 Year Old Kills Man During Crash
Adverse Reactions Lexapro 2010-04-05 U.S.A. Journalist Has Bad Side Effects: Doesn't Believe Lexapro is Working
Reduction in Anxiety Exercise 2010-04-05 Global ++Anxiety Greatly Reduced by Exercise: Anxiety Disorder Assn. of America
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2010-04-04 North Carolina Father Kills his Two Children, his Wife & Himself: On Depression Med for 16 Days
Suicides Not Mentioned 2010-04-04 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. ++Soldiers: Suicides Among 20 to 24 Year Olds: 4 Times the Average: FDA Black Box For Suicidality
Death Antidepressants 2010-04-03 New York Famous World Wrestler Dead: Likely Suicide
Robbery Zoloft, Benzo & Lithium 2010-04-03 Massachusetts Man Robs a McDonald's in Salem
Postpartum Depression Antidepressants 2010-04-02 Global ++Postpartum: Antidepressants Can Exacerbate Depression Symptoms: American Journal of Psychiatry
False Accusations Antidepressants 2010-04-02 England Postpartum: Woman Falsely Accuses Man of Rape: Wastes Police Time
Clinical Trial Manipulation Antidepressants 2010-04-02 Global ++All But 1 of 38 Positive Studies Published But Only 3 of 36 Negative Studies: AJP
Violence Antidepressant 2010-04-01 Florida Fired Employee Reacted to Depression Med: Became Violent with Wife
Stealing Antidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Med 2010-04-01 Texas Woman Teacher Steals $50.00. Superintendent Said She was Acting Out of Character in Many Ways
Suicide Celexa 2010-03-31 England Ex-Cop Commits Suicide While on Celexa
Injury to Child Prozac 2010-03-31 Alabama Student Brings Prozac to School: 13 Year Old Friend Takes Drug & Has to Be Hospitalized
Aggression Med For Depression 2010-03-31 Ireland 22 Year Old Becomes Aggressive & Abusive
Affair With Minor Antidepressant Withdrawal 2010-03-30 New York +Woman School Teacher Molests 14 Year Old Male Student
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-03-30 Minnesota 79 Year Old Commits Suicide: Became More Confused on Depression Meds
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-03-30 Texas Postpartum: Mother Attempts to Murder 20 Month Old Daughter
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressants 2010-03-30 Canada Driver of School Bus: 9 Year Old School Student Dies
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressant 2010-03-30 Washington Three Month Old Dies in Car Crash: Perpetrator Gets 10 Years in Prison
Murder Med For Depression 2010-03-29 Michigan Postpartum: Mother Smothers 9 Month Old Daughter: Became Worse on Med for Depression
Stealing Med For Depression 2010-03-29 Australia Woman Steals: Then Has Bike Accident
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-03-29 Korea Famous Actress' Brother Kills Self: Had Signed a Contract for Local TV
Stockpiling Weapons Prozac & Paxil 2010-03-29 New York Police Find Gun Arsenal in Brooklyn House
Permanent Loss of Libido SSRI Antidepressants 2010-03-27 Global ++After Discontinuation, Many Patients Still Experience Low Libido: Journal Article:Peoples Pharmacy
Death Effexor 2010-03-27 England Physician Dies Mysteriously: Possible Suicide
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2010-03-26 U.S.A. 19 Year Old Tries to Kill Herself on Antidepressant: Her Condition Worsened on Drug for Depression
Crime Spree Antidepressant 2010-03-26 Alaska Couple Went on Crime Spree After Consuming Full Bottle of Antidepressants: Woman Has No Memory of It
Violence Zoloft 2010-03-26 North Carolina 17 Year Old Shot Dead by Police After Attacking Them With a Knife
Suicide Prozac 2010-03-25 Washington Unconvicted Jail Inmate Kills Self While on Prozac
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-03-25 England Man Showed No Suicidal Symptoms but Hanged Self Shortly After Starting Depression Med
Suicidal Behavior Paxil 2010-03-24 Iraq Soldier Becomes Suicidal For First Time In Life After Starting Paxil
Stalking Med For Depression 2010-03-24 Tennessee 19 Year Old Arrested For Stalking
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-03-24 Australia Man Tries Suicide-By-Cop: Injures Police Officer
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-03-24 England Man's Body Found in Thames: No Foul Play Suspected
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-03-24 England Shopkeeper Becomes Hyper On Depression Med: Hangs Himself
Confusion/Disorientation Antidepressant 2010-03-23 Massachusetts 21 Year Old Woman on Experimental Antidepressant Runs Away From Home
Air Rage Antidepressant 2010-03-23 Ireland Soldier, Now Retired, Becomes Violent on Aircraft
Murder-Suicide Meds For Bipolar Disorder 2010-03-23 North Carolina Husband Kills Wife & Self: Antidepressants Usually Given For Bipolar Disorder
Murder Antidepressants 2010-03-23 Iraq/Kentucky Soldier Involved in Murder of Fellow Soldier
Dementia Symptoms Effexor, Wellbutrin & Remeron 2010-03-22 U.S.A. Woman Begins to Show Signs of Dementia After 15 Years of 3 Antidepressants and 5 Other Psych Drugs
Murder Med For Depression 2010-03-20 Canada Professor Killed his Daughter in 2007 While on Depression Med: He Dies of Heart Attack Today
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressant 2010-03-20 England Flasher Exposes Himself on Bus: May Have Been Disinhibited by Depression Med According to Reports
Death Med For Depression 2010-03-20 Florida 45 Year Old Man Dies of Heart Attack from too Much Medication for Depression
Hypomania SSRIs/SNRIs & BuSpar 2010-03-20 Global ++Combination of Antidepressants & BuSpar Can Cause Hypomania in Some Patients
Cruelty to Animals Antidepressants 2010-03-19 Ohio Woman Found to Have Dozens of Emaciated Horses at her Farm
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2010-03-19 England Man Torments Neighbor With Voodoo Doll & Messages from Satan
Dangerous Combination Lexapro & Effexor Antidepressants 2010-03-19 Global ++Manufacturer of Lexapro Recommends Not Combining it With Effexor
Violence Antidepressant 2010-03-19 Delaware Woman Stabs Man Multiple Times with a Scissors
Murder Prozac 2010-03-19 England Woman Nurse Accused of Killing Two Elderly Patients
Murder Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2010-03-18 New York Mother Kills 19 Year Old Daughter, A College Student
Murder Antidepressant 2010-03-18 England 18 Year Old Woman Stabs a Friend to Death
Violence Antidepressant 2010-03-18 Ireland Husband Stabs & Wounds Wife
Psychosis Antidepressant 2010-03-18 California 15 Year Old Misdiagnosed: Given Antidepressant: Becomes Psychotic & Hallucinates
Violence/Suicide Attempt Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-03-18 Australia Man Guts Neighbor's House: Then Sets Himself on Fire: Several Weeks Withdrawal
Murder-Suicide Wellbutrin 2010-03-18 Oregon Sheriff's Deputy Kills Three Woman & Himself
Suicides SSRI & SNRI Antidepressants 2010-03-17 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers: VA Clinical Settings: Suicide Rate Was Twice the Base Rate Following Antidepressant Starts
Murder Med For Depression 2010-03-16 North Carolina Man Kills His Neighbor
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-03-16 Australia Musicians Celebrate Their Son's Life: He Killed Himself on Antidepressant
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-03-16 Georgia Man Found Dead in Truck by Side of Road
Suicides Effexor 2010-03-15 Canada Coroner Says Effexor Linked to Two Suicides: Possible Third Suicide
Murder Celexa 2010-03-14 Arkansas Mother Smothers her Two Young Children
Mania Effexor 2010-03-14 U.S.A. Two Musicians Become Manic on Effexor: One Finally Has a Nervous Breakdown
Death Prozac & Methadone 2010-03-13 Arkansas 21 Year Old Dies From Medication Toxicity: Was on Prozac & Methoadone
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2010-03-13 Florida Father Kills his Twin Sons & Wife: Attempts Suicide
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2010-03-13 England Father Stabs his Step-Daughter: Attempts Suicide
Shoplifting /Kleptomania Med For Depression 2010-03-13 Connecticut Former School Principal Shoplifts from Store
Memory Loss Prozac & Two Other Antidepressants 2010-03-12 Canada Man Loses Memory on Antidepressants: Possibly Permanent: Writes a Book
Assault Antidepressant 2010-03-11 England Man Assaults a Friend
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-03-11 England 19 Year Old Hangs Herself Less Than a Month After Beginning Med For Depression
Birth Defects Prozac 2010-03-11 Global Pregnant Woman on Prozac Twice as Likely to Have Infant with Heart Defects
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2010-03-10 Illinois Co-Ed Makes Suicide Attempt: Had Panic Attack on Depression Med: FDA Warns of this in March of 2004
Sudden Death Antidepressants, Antipsychotics & Other Meds For PTSD 2010-03-10 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers [One Hundred] Die Suddenly on Cocktail of Meds for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-03-10 England Young Aspiring Actress Hangs Herself
Worsening Depression Antidepressants 2010-03-10 U.S.A. Woman's Depression Worse After 7 Different Depression Meds: Recovers with Psychotherapy
Death Antidepressants & Antipsychotics 2010-03-09 North Carolina 23 Year Old in Mental Hospital Dies From Prescription Drug Toxicity
Suicide Effexor & Lexapro 2010-03-09 Australia Famous Woman News Broadcaster Jumps from Cliff: In Process of Switching Meds
Anxiety SSRI & SNRI Antidepressants 2010-03-09 Global ++Anxiety Increased by SSRIs & SNRIs: Could Lead to Suicide: ISR Veterans's Study
Assault Med For Depression 2010-03-09 New Zealand Man Assaults 62 Year Old Woman: Weapon Used Was his Car
Death Antidepressants & Seroquel: PTSD Meds 2010-03-08 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. Soldiers Are Dying From Deadly Cocktails for PTSD
Suicides/ Suicides Attempts/Addiction/Birth Defects Paxil 2010-03-08 U.S.A. ++150 Suicide Cases & 300 Suicide Attempts Settled: 3,200 Paxil Addictions Settled
Assault Zoloft Withdrawal 2010-03-08 Minneseota 25 Yer Old Assaults Parents: Also Involved Alcohol
Murder Attempt Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-03-08 England Roomate Stabbed 30 Times by Man in Withdrawal from Depression Med
Cataracts Effexor & Luvox Antidepressants 2010-03-08 Global ++Higher Chance of Cataracts with Effexor and Luvox
Murder-Suicide/Arson Antidepressants 2010-03-06 New Jersey Woman, Former Model, Kills Boyfriend & Self, Sets House on Fire
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-03-06 U.S.A. Famous Singer, Leader of Sparklehouse, Commits Suicide: Had Previously Overdosed on Antidepressants
Death Med For Depression 2010-03-06 Virginia Woman Who Was Missing Found Dead in Lake: Had Memory Loss on Med
Fraud Med For Depression 2010-03-05 England Nurse Scams Hospital of $10,000: Can't Remember Incident
Violence Paxil* 2010-03-04 Afghan/Massachusetts Soldier Has Meltdown: Assaults 5 People: Dr. Says Paxil Can Cause This
Condition Worsens Paxil & Other SSRIs 2010-03-04 Florida Famous Golfer Becomes Worse While Taking Antidepressants
Plane Crash Prozac & Two Other Antidepressants 2010-03-04 Oklahoma Plane Crash Where Pilot was on 3 Antidepressants: Two Dead
Suicidal Behavior Antidepressants & Med For ADHD 2010-03-04 Canada Non-Suicidal Woman Becomes Suicidal For 1st Time on Antidepressant & Med For ADHD
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-03-03 India Professor at University Jumps From Building
Cruely to Animals Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-03-03 Georgia Dog Owner Convicted of Beating Dog
Violence Antidepressants 2010-03-02 Australia Man Becomes Violent While Taking Two Different Antidepressants at the Same Time
Murder Antidepressant & Meds For PTSD 2010-03-02 Oregon Soldier, 29 Years Old, Shoots & Kills Neighbor
Weight Gain Antidepressants 2010-03-01 Global ++Meds For Depression Can Cause Weight Gain & Obesity as a Side Effect: Study: AGP
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-03-01 Wales Son Finds Body of Father Who Hanged Himself
Murder Med For Depression 2010-02-28 England 21 Year Old Kills Girlfriend & Daughter
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-02-28 New York Man Says Goodby on Facebook Before Taking a Fatal Dose of Depression Meds
Death Antidepressant 2010-02-28 England Missing Man Found Dead With Empty Box of Depression Med Nearby
Murder-Suicide Prozac 2010-02-27 California Man Shoots 3 Deputies: Kills One: Critically Injures Another: Kills Self
High Speed Chase With Police Zoloft 2010-02-27 Maine 27 Year Old Steals Car & Takes Police on High Speed Chase
Cure Placebo 2010-02-27 England Author Thought He was Better on SSRI But Was on Placebo
Tests Positive for Amphetamines Prozac & Adderall 2010-02-27 Maryland Midshipman Dismissed from Academy: Was Not Taking Amphetamines
Murder Zoloft 2010-02-26 Minnesota 23 Year Old Decapitates his Step-Mother
Speeding in Car/Amnesia Med For Depression 2010-02-26 England Clergyman Has No Memory of Speeding in Car: Will be Given a New Trial
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-02-26 Korea Research Professor at University Commits Suicide
Mania, Suicide & Violence SSRIs & SNRIs 2010-02-25 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. ++Soldiers: Veteran's Govt. Meeting: More Soldiers Kill Themselves Than Killed in Combat
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-02-25 England Man Hangs Himself After his Dose of Depression Med Was Doubled
Suicides SSRIs 2010-02-24 Iraq/Afghan/U.S.A. +Soldiers: Dept. of Defense Studying Link Between High Suicide Rate Among Vets & Medications
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-02-24 Wales 24 Year Old Kills Self: Became More Emotional When Combining Depression Med with Alcohol
Vehicular Manslaughter/Hit & Run Lexapro 2010-02-24 California Man Hits Photographer With Car: Flees and is in Another Accident
Violence Prozac Withdrawal 2010-02-23 New Hampshire Man Charged With Domestic Violence: Recent Withdrawal from Prozac
Suicide Paxil 2010-02-23 Pennsylvania 23 Year Old Kills Herself in 2003: Lawsuit Decided Today
Delayed Infant Development Antidepressants 2010-02-22 Global ++Pregnant Woman On Depression Meds: Developmental Delay in Infants: Pediatric Health: Denmark
School Shooting SSRI 2010-02-19 Finland **On Sept. 23, 2008 a Finnish Student Shot & Killed 9 Students Before Killing Himself
Suicide At Elementary School Meds For Mood Swings & ADHD 2010-02-19 Texas 9 Year Old Hangs Himself in School Restroom
Suicide Prozac 2010-02-19 Washington Man Intentionally Overdoses on Prozac: Ruled a Suicide: Possible Lawsuit
Child Abuse Zoloft & Paxil 2010-02-19 Delaware Physician Molests 9 Young Female Patients
Theft Paxil 2010-02-18 England Fan Steals Famous Musician's Guitar: Paxil & Alcohol Involved
Ineffective Med For Depression 2010-02-18 Canada ++Study: Depression Meds Not Very Effective & Raise Cardiovascular Deaths If Taken with Beta-Blocker
Emotional Blunting/Personality Changes SSRIs 2010-02-18 Global ++Study: SSRIs Cause Emotional Detachment/Personality Change/Reduction in Positive Emotion: BJP
Death Antidepressants 2010-02-18 England Well-Known Businessman, 52, Dies From Fall Down Stairs: Med For Depression Made Him Woozy
Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2010-02-18 Iraq/U.S.A. Soldier Becomes Violent During One Day Withdrawal from Depression Med
Turns Bipolar & Angry Med For Depression & ADHD 2010-02-18 U.S.A. Man Becomes Bipolar Because He Took Meds For Depression & ADHD
Death Antidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds 2010-02-17 England Man Dies From Overdose: Sometimes Forgot How Many Pills He Took
Vehicular Manslaughter Antidepressants 2010-02-17 Texas Wrong-Way Crash: Four Dead: Two Injured: Defendent Found Guilty
Death Antidepressant 2010-02-16 Texas 26 Year Old Dies: Possible Intention Overdose: Toxicology Being Performed
Suicide Antiepressants 2010-02-15 England Nurse Commits Suicide
Loss of Employment Celexa Antidepressant 2010-02-13 England Worker Fired for Flatulence Caused by Celexa: Listed Side-Effect in the PDR
Murder Med For Depression 2010-02-12 Ohio Postpartum: Mother Kills One Month Old Baby
Violence Effexor* 2010-02-11 Georgia 23 Year Old Man Smashes 29 TV Flat Screens with Baseball Bat at Wal-Mart
Weapons Charge Antidepressants 2010-02-11 Massachusetts Man Has Huge Cache of Weapons in His House
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-02-11 England Woman Jumps in Front of Train: Had Anxiety & Nightmares Possibly Caused by her Antidepressant
Overmedication Mes for PTSD: Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, etc. 2010-02-11 Global Soldiers Are Being Over Medicated for PTSD: Can Barely Function
Paranoia/Anger Prozac 2010-02-10 Michigan Woman Becomes Angry & Paranoid on Prozac: Quits Taking the Drug
Death Antidepressant & Alcohol 2010-02-10 Ohio 20 Year Old Woman Dies From a Combo of an Antidepressant & Alcohol
Anger/Aggression Effexor 2010-02-09 U.S.A. Woman Becomes Aggressive & Angry While on Effexor
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-02-08 India Grad Student Stabs Former Haryana Director General of Police
Suicides Med For Depression 2010-02-06 Arkansas Coroner's Report:: Two Brothers on Depression Med Kill Selves One Week Apart
Personality Change/Suicide Med For Depression 2010-02-06 Iraq Iraq Council Member Who Fought Al Qa'eda Kills Self: Personality Changed on Depression Med
Robbery/Death Antidepressants 2010-02-05 Arkansas Man Tries to Rob Bank: Killed by Police
Arson/Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2010-02-05 England Man Sets his Apartment on Fire
Felony Antidepressant 2010-02-05 Louisiana Lawyer Indicted by Feds Over Alleged Threat to Court
Murder Attempt Zoloft & Seroquel 2010-02-05 Illinois Man Attempts to Kill Police Officer
Robbery/Then Suicide Med For Depression 2010-02-03 South Carolina 71 Year Old Man in Silver Jaguar Robs Bank: Then Commits Suicide in Car
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-02-03 England Man Prescribed Depression Med Told Doc He wouldn't Kill Himself: Then Commits Suicide
Manic Reactions Antidepressants 2010-02-03 Global Children Being Labeled Bipolar After Manic Reaction to Antidepressants: New Report: Generation RX
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2010-02-03 New Zealand Postpartum: Mother Tries to Kill Baby & Self While Driving her Car
Murder Antidepressant 2010-02-03 Washington After 7 Day Trial, Man on Med For Depression is Found Guilty of a Murder in the Year 2000
Psychosis, Anxiety & Agitation Effexor 2010-02-03 Louisiana Depressed Man Becomes Anxious, Agitated & Psychotic on Effexor: Hospitalized for One Month
Murder Prozac 2010-02-02 Alabama Man Kills Police Officer During an Investigation Into a Crash
Shooting Med For Depression 2010-02-02 Tennessee Man Shoots Five Times: Then Gun Jammed: One Child Injured
Assault Med For Depression 2010-02-02 California Successful Businessman Burglarizes Student's Dorm Room & Tries to Molest Her
Anxiety Increased Celexa, Zoloft & Effexor 2010-02-02 U.S.A. Man Who Tried 3 Different SSRIs & SNRI Had Unbearable Anxiety After Starting Each Med
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-02-02 England Man Complained that His Depression Med Made Him Feel Worse: Kills Self
Road Rage Med For Depression 2010-02-01 England Driver Smashes the Face of a Man in Another Vehicle
Crime Against Humanity SSRIs/SNRIS/Antidepressants 2010-02-01 Global ++New Book by Lilly Executive Claims Drugmakers Knew of Potential for Homicides, Mass Shootings, etc
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-02-01 England Depressed Man Who Fell for Internet Dating Scam Kills Himself
Murder Antidepressant 2010-02-01 Canada 14 Year Old Girl Kills 3 Year Old Boy
Aggression SSRIs 2010-02-01 Sweden Reports of Aggression from SSRIs Received by the Medical Board in Sweden
Serotonin Syndrome Celexa 2010-01-31 U.S.A. Woman Misdaignosed with Fibromyalgia: Actually Had Serotonin Syndrome
Hallucinations Med For Depression 2010-01-30 Iraq Iraqian Civilian Has Hallucinations on his Med For Depression
Neurological Damage Med For Depression 2010-01-29 Connecticut Man Nearly Dies from Adverse Reaction: May Have Some Neurological Damage
Worse Than Ineffective SSRIs/SNRIs/Antidepressants 2010-01-29 Global ++Studies Suggest Antidepressants May be Worse Than Ineffective: Newsweek Magazine
Murder Lexapro 2010-01-28 Louisiana Involuntary Intoxication is the Defense at Trial: No Alcohol Involved
Worsening Depression Prozac 2010-01-28 Illinois Woman Given Prozac for Mild Depression Begins Thinking About Killing Herself
Road Rage Med For Depression 2010-01-28 England Driver Goes 100 MPH: Weaving: Causes Crash: No Alchol Involved
Suicide Pact Antidepressants 2010-01-28 England Woman & Husband Engage in Suicide Pact: She Dies: He Recovers
Death Antidepressants 2010-01-27 England Man Found Dead at Home: Probable Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2010-01-27 Australia Cameraman Hangs Self in Emergency Room of Psychiatric Hospital
Violence Med For Depression 2010-01-27 England Man With Knife Threatens Police: Had Recent Change in Med For Depression
Suicide Prozac 2010-01-27 West Virginia Man On Prozac Kills Himself with Overdose of Prozac Only
Unethical Conduct Paxil 2010-01-27 Global ++Manufacturer of Paxil Is Unethical During Clinical Trials for Paxil in Regard to Placebo Washout
Driving Erratically Antidepressants 2010-01-26 England Councillor, a Woman, Drives Erratically: Also Involved Alcohol: Mixture Has Warning
Assault/Death Meds for PTSD 2010-01-26 Massachusetts +Famous Ice Skater's Brother Arrested After Assaulting Father Who Then Collapses & Soon Dies
Lactation Difficulties Antidepressants 2010-01-26 Global ++SSRIs Are Linked to Lactation Delays After Giving Birth: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology
Stand-Off With Police Pristiq Antidepressant 2010-01-26 Florida 45 Year Old Shot to Death During 3 Hour Stand-Off With Police
School Shooting Threats Celexa Antidepressant 2010-01-25 Virginia **Senior in High School Theatens to Kill 4 Classmates: Facebook Involved: Bail Denied
Murder Med For Depression 2010-01-25 Georgia 20 Year Old Kills Friend in 2004: Supreme Court of Georgia Denies New Trial
Child Endangerment Med For Depression 2010-01-23 Tennessee Father With Two Children in Car Drives Erratically: Hits Two Cars: Swerves on Road
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-01-23 Illinois 17 Year Old Brutally Attacks Woman With Hammer
Violence/Death Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2010-01-22 California 39 Year Old Is Violent: Tasered by Police: Dies: Coroner Rules Wellbutrin Killed Him
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-01-22 England Man Sets Himself on Fire: Dies from Burns
Suicide Med For Depression 2010-01-22 New York Man Broadcasts his Suicide Via Facebook
Vehicular Manslaughter Lexapro 2010-01-21 Idaho Man Has Four Car Crashes In One Day: No Alcohol Involved
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2010-01-21 Ohio Man Found Gulty of Stabbing Wife: Not Sentenced Yet: Could Get 31 Years in Prison
Mania/Bizarre Behavior/Then Death Lexapro 2010-01-21 Ohio 62 Year Old Man Becomes Manic and Insane on Lexapro: Tasered by Police: Dies
Robbery Med For Depression 2010-01-21 Australia Man's Depression Med Was Changed to Another Depression Med: He Commits a Robbery
Preterm Birth SSRIs 2010-01-21 Global ++Fourteen Percent of Woman Had a Preterm Delivery on SSRIs: Most After First Trimester
Death Prozac/Sarafem 2010-01-21 California +Famous Actress Brittany Murphy Was taking Sarafem, Same Drug as Prozac, at Time of Death
Assault Med For Depression 2010-01-19 Australia Man Assaults Two People: Was in a One-Day Withdrawal
Murder Med For Depression 2010-01-18 Pennsylvania Woman Kills Church Worker: Had Amnesia on the Drug: Amnesia is a Frequent Side-Effect in the PDR
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressants 2010-01-18 Canada Woman Points Gun at Police: They Shoot Her
Suicide Zoloft 2010-01-17 Oregon 15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide After a Few Weeks on Zoloft
Murder Effexor & Other Antidepressants 2010-01-16 England +Niece of Millionaire Member of Parliment Kills her Boyfriend
Violence/Then Death Prozac 2010-01-15 Connecticut Wife Says Husband Began Acting Crazy on Prozac: Shot Dead by Police
Stealing Effexor 2010-01-15 Iraq/New York Soldier Steals Truck: Other Offenses Involved
Serotonin Levels Lowered SSRIs & All Antidepressants 2010-01-14 Global ++In Half of All Patients, Their Serotonin Levels are Lowered by SSRIs, Not Raised: Columbia U.
Loss of Creativity Antidepressants 2010-01-14 California Famous Folk Singer/Songwriter Lost Her Inspiration on Antidepressants
Assault Med For Depression: Cold Turkey Withdrawal* 2010-01-14 Massachusetts Man Attacks Two Others With a Hammer: Expert Testified the Withdrawal Was at Fault
Emotional Blunting Antidepressant 2010-01-14 North Carolina Soldier Has Loss of Emotions on Depression Med: Counseling Worked for Him
Shoplifting [Kleptomania] Med For Depression 2010-01-14 Florida Woman Shoplifts at Sears
Mania Med For Depression 2010-01-14 U.S.A. Coed Becomes Manic on Her Antidepressant
Violence/Assaultive Antidepressants 2010-01-12 Canada Policemen Becomes Violent
Shooting Zoloft 2010-01-11 Minnesota 64 Year Old Shoots Into his Exclusive Country Club: Became Manic for First Time on Zoloft
Suicide Celexa, A Benzo & Pain Pills 2010-01-11 California Financier Kills Himself
Child Endangerment Antidepressants 2010-01-09 Massachusetts Father Takes his 2 Young Daughters on a Terror Ride in his Truck: One Child Injured
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2010-01-09 England Man Stabs Friend in the Face: Also Involved Alcohol
Death Med For Depression 2010-01-09 Montana Man Freezes to Death: May Have Become Confused
Molestations Zoloft & Paxil 2010-01-07 Delaware Pediatrician Accused of Molesting nine Female Patients
Suicide Prozac 2010-01-07 California 15 Year Old Girl Stands In Front of Train
Embezzlement Med For Depression 2010-01-06 Scotland Woman Nurse Embezzles Large Sum From Nursery School
Child Endangerment Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-01-06 Texas Postpartum: Woman's Baby Missing: Told Father She Had Killed Him
Serotonin Syndrome & Mania SSRI Antidepressants 2010-01-05 Australia TGA Warns of Mania & Serotonin Syndrome with SSRI Antidepressants
Career Destroyed Med For Depression 2010-01-05 Australia Musician Wrecked by Med for Depression: Lost Co-Ordination: Became Extremely Aggressive
Ineffective SSRI Antidepressants 2010-01-05 Global ++SSRIs Ineffective For Mild to Moderate Depression: JAMA
Stealing Effexor & Benzodiazepines 2010-01-05 Ohio Pharmacist Sentenced: Also Exhibited Bizarre Behavior & Anger Displays at Work
Suicide Antidepressant 2010-01-04 India Woman Goes Overboard on Cruise: Became Violent on Antidepressants
Felony & Misdemeanor Charges Antidepressants & Painkillers 2010-01-04 Vermont Prosecutors Offer Settlement to Former Police Chief That Led to his Resignation
Mania Med For Depression* 2010-01-04 New York Psychiatrist Diagnoses a Depression Med Induced Bipolar Disorder in College Professor
Kidnapping/Suicide Med For Depression Withdrawal 2010-01-03 Maine Inmate Kills Self: Also Kidnaps Woman the Previous Day: Four Day Withdrawal
Stand-Off With Police Med For Depression 2009-12-31 Ohio 31 Year Old Man With Gun Holds Police at Bay
Murder Cymbalta & Trazadone Antidepressants 2009-12-31 Massachusetts Man Shoots Another Man Through Window: Then Enters House & Shoots Him in the Head
Worsening Depression Zoloft 2009-12-30 New York Teenager Finds Zoloft Does Not Help Him: Condition Worsens
Assault Antidepressants 2009-12-30 Wales Woman Smashes Man's Face with Glass
Murder Med For Depression 2009-12-28 Florida +Man Who Shot 4 Relatives Dead at Thanksgiving is Now America's Most Wanted Man
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-12-25 Georgia Delta Employee Kills Self
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2009-12-24 Utah Father Kills Wife, his Two Children & Himself
Assault Antidepressant 2009-12-24 Minnesota 21 Year Old Assaults Police Officer: Becomes Violent
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressant 2009-12-24 England Postman Stages Rooftop Demonstration
Violence Antidepressant 2009-12-24 England Man With Knife Attacks 82 Year Old Neighbor
Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs Lexapro Antidepressant & Depakote 2009-12-24 Georgia Man Involved in Car Wreck Injures Child: No alcohol Involved
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-12-23 England 73 Year Old Man Jumps from Building
Assault Med For Depression 2009-12-23 England Neighbor is Assaulted: Car Tire Also Thrown Though Sliding Glass Door
Blackmail Med For Depression 2009-12-23 Wisconsin Teen Blackmails Fellow High School Students into Bizarre Acts Through Facebook
Suicide Remeron Antidepressant 2009-12-21 England Navy Veteran Kills Himself
Birth Defects Paxil 2009-12-21 Iowa Mother Warns of Birth Defects with Paxil After Baby Is Born With Heart Ailments
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-12-21 India Senior Dalit Leader Drowns Self: Was Dalit Panthers Founding Member
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-12-20 Ohio Man Said his Depression Med Made Him Feel Like He Wanted to Kill Himself
Assault Effexor & Wellbutrin 2009-12-19 Pennsylvania Assistant District Attorney Assaults Police Officer
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-12-19 England Woman Not Deemed to Be Suicidal Hangs Herself
Illegal Weapons/Speeding Antidepressants 2009-12-17 Ohio Police Arrest Man For Speeding: Found To Be Carrying Illegal Weapons
Death Med For Depression 2009-12-17 Pennsylvania Woman Dies After Mixing Depression Med With Alcohol
Vehicular Injury Prozac 2009-12-17 Michigan Woman Hits Runner with Her Car: Lawsuit
Death Prozac 2009-12-17 England Woman Crashes her Car & Dies
Assault Prozac Withdrawal 2009-12-17 Michigan Woman Assaults Husband During Prozac Withdrawal: Threatens to Kill their 7 Year Old Son
Assault Antidepressants 2009-12-16 Italy Prime Minister of Italy Attacked by Man on Depression Med
Stroke Risk SSRIs & Tricyclic Antidepressants 2009-12-15 Global ++Antidepressants Increase Stroke Risk Among Postmenopausal Women: Archives of Internal Medicine
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-12-14 New York Senior Inspector with U.S. Customs Kills Himself
Murder Attempt Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-12-14 England Man Stabs Friend 30 Times
Murder Antidepressants 2009-12-14 Australia Man Kills Ex-Partner's Boyfriend: Also Involved Alcohol
Loss of Career & Family Antidepressants 2009-12-13 Australia Radio Show Host Loses Job & Family: Also Involved Alcohol: Deadly Mix with Antidepressants
Increase In Mental Illness SSRIs 2009-12-13 U.S.A. Mental Illness Increased by 150,000 a Year Since the Intro Of Prozac Which Causes Mania/Psychosis
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-12-12 England Farmer Commits Suicide
Murder Zoloft 2009-12-10 Georgia 12 Year Old Boy Murders 5 Week Old Infant
Suicide Attempt in School Classroom Med For Depression 2009-12-10 South Carolina 14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide in School Classroom
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressant Withdrawal 2009-12-10 Utah Woman Flees Arraignment: Goes to Casino In Las Vegas
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-12-09 Florida Suicides Increased in Wakulla County: Many Were on Antidepressant: Not Related to Economic Slump
Murder Antidepressant 2009-12-09 Washington Man Recently Prescribed Med For Depression Murders his Wife
Death Antidepressants 2009-12-09 England Rugby League Legend, 72, Dies From Fall Caused by Antidepressants
Larceny/Weapons Celexa 2009-12-08 New Jersey Police Find a Cache of Weapons in Larcenist's House
Murder Antidepressants 2009-12-08 Pennsylvania 21 Year Old Beats his Mother to Death With a Baseball Bat
Worsening Condition Antidepressants 2009-12-08 England Woman's Condition Deteriorates While On Med For Depression
Warning on Side-Effects Zoloft 2009-12-08 Global Dr. Gott Warns of Adverse Reactions from Zoloft
Unemployable Due to Meds SSRIs & Antipsychotics 2009-12-07 Massachusetts Woman's Four Children Are Unemployable Due to Toxic Reactions to Meds
Murder Antidepressants 2009-12-07 Ohio Son Who is Autistic Kills his Mother
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2009-12-05 Ohio Father Kills his Two Children & Himself
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2009-12-05 Pennsylvania Policeman Sits Naked on Barstool at Bowling Alley
Suicide Prozac/Wellbutrin & Adderall 2009-12-04 Massachusetts 19 Year Old Honors Student at Harvard Commits Suicide: Lawsuit
Murder Prozac 2009-12-04 Iraq/New York Soldier Stabs to Death Two Fellow Soldiers
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressant Withdrawal 2009-12-04 Minnesota 27 Year Old in Recent Withdrawal from Med For Depression Attempts Suicide-By-Cop
Assault Med For Depression 2009-12-04 Scotland 26 Year Old Man Assaults 16 Year Old Girl
Death Antidepressants & Sleeping Pills 2009-12-04 England Woman Who Was Depressed Dies From Prescription Meds: Open Verdict: Possible Suicide
Withdrawal SSRIs/Antidepressants 2009-12-03 Global ++Withdrawal is Sometimes More Severe Than the Original Symptoms or Problem: Peoples Pharmacy
Violence Med For Depression 2009-12-03 Canada Son Beats Mother: Drives Car into Abutment: Out of Character: On & Off Depression Med
Aggression Effexor 2009-12-03 New Jersey Police Officer Become Aggressive With Captain: Is Fired: Files Lawsuit
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-12-03 England Man's Death Forces Change in Police Policy
Infant Abuse Antidepressants 2009-12-03 Wisconsin Child Care Director On Trial: Innocent Until Proven Guilty: On Meds At Time: Trial Continues
Assault Antidepressants 2009-12-02 England Woman Assaults Police Officer
Assault Zoloft & Geodon 2009-12-01 Florida Woman Assaults Another Woman on Golf Course: Was in Withdrawal from Geodon But Still On Zoloft
Anger Antidepressant 2009-11-30 Massachusetts 16 Year Old Girl Says Antidepressant Causes her to be Uncontrollably Angry All the Time
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-11-30 India Member of Indian Administrative Services Kills Self: Totally Unexpected
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-11-29 England 22 Year Old Woman Kills Self
Shooting Celexa 2009-11-29 Texas Police Officer Who Shot Man Was on Celexa: Released from Duty
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-11-27 England 20 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-11-27 England School Teacher, 26 Years Old, Hangs Herself
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-11-27 England 18 Year Old Kills Himself
Shooting Antidepressants 2009-11-26 Connecticut Wheelchair Bound Man Shoots Wife: She Survives
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-11-26 England Woman Jumps From Bridge
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-11-26 California Mother Kills Child in 2006: Recent Withdrawal: Gets 25 Years to Life Sentence
Assault Antidepressants 2009-11-25 England Former Loyalist Paramilitary Jailed Over Knife Attack
Road Rage Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-11-25 England Road Rager Attacks School Bus & Also Two Other Vehicles: Two Week Withdrawal
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2009-11-25 New York Teen Attempts Suicide
Highly Problematic Prozac 2009-11-25 Washington DC Dr. David Gratzer Says Prozac Highly Problematic for Bipolars: Also Ineffective
Assault Antidepressants 2009-11-24 England Man Stabs Best Friend With Knife
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2009-11-24 Hong Kong Mother Strangles her Two Children: Kills Self
Irresponsibility Antidepressants 2009-11-23 Australia Mothers Leaves Children Home Alone for Three Days
Violence Antidepressants 2009-11-22 U.S.A. Many Cases of Violence: One Man Ran his Car Into a Policeman To Get his Gun To Shoot Himself
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-11-21 Pennsylvania Postpartum: Mother Kills Baby
Violence Antidepressant 2009-11-20 Oregon Man Becomes Violent: Police Called: Man Wants Them to Shoot HIm
Murder Med For Depression* 2009-11-19 England *Man Found Not Guilty of Killing Wife While Sleepwalking
Murder Prozac 2009-11-19 Missouri +15 Year Old Girl Kills 9 Year Old Neighbor to See What It Feels Like to Kill
Psychosis & Self Harm Antidepressants 2009-11-19 Australia 8 Year Old Become Psychotic on Depression Med: Better After Stopping Med
Suicide Prozac 2009-11-19 England Woman Sets Herself on Fire
Murder Med For Depression 2009-11-18 Oklahoma Physician Murders His 9 Year Old Son
Assault Med For Depression 2009-11-16 Canada Man Accused of Violent Assault While on Depression Med To Undergo Evaluation
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2009-11-15 Georgia Speaker of the House for the Georgia Legislature Attempts Suicide on Depression Med
Near Death Med For Depression 2009-11-14 England 19 Year Old Collapses & Almost Dies: Took 4 Antidepressants at Once
Suicide Attempts Antidepressants 2009-11-14 England Young Woman Attempts Suicide 8 Times While on Antidepressants for Depression
Murder Celexa Antidepressant 2009-11-12 Texas Postpartum: Mother, Previously Diagnosed as Schizophrenic, Mutilates Infant After One Day on Celexa
Worsening Condition Antidepressants & Painkillers 2009-11-12 Iraq/Illinois Soldier's Condition Deteriorates on Meds: Family Not Allowed to Intervene
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-11-12 Iraq/ Afghan/U.S.A. Senator From Maryland Writes to Secretary of Defense About Depression Meds & Soldier Suicides
Death Wellbutrin 2009-11-11 Iraq/Michigan Soldier Dies From Overdose: Probable Suicide: Lawsuit Settled
Suicide SSRIs 2009-11-10 Germany Famous German Football Goalkeeper Commits Suicide: Age 32
Murder Antidepressant 2009-11-09 Colorado Vietnam Veteran Taking Depression Med for PTSD Kills One: Injures Two
School Hostage Situation Cymbalta Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2009-11-09 New York **Man With Gun Inside School Holds Principal Hostage
Self-Prescribing Med For Depression 2009-11-08 U.S.A. ++43% of Psychiatrists Might Prescribe Antidepressant for Themselves:May Be Apropos to Fort Hood
Mania Med For Depression 2009-11-08 U.S.A. ++860,000 People Suffered Mania From Antidepressants in 2000: Most Not Hospitalized: Book Stats
Murder Med For Depression 2009-11-07 Oklahoma Woman Kills Nurse
Kidnapping & Burglary Med For Depression 2009-11-06 Oklahoma Man Gets 30 Years in Prison for Kidnapping
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2009-11-06 Iraq/Kentucky Soldier Attempts Suicide: Also Involved Alcohol
School/Assault Antidepressant 2009-11-04 California **School Custodian Assaults Student & Principal: Had Manic Reaction From Depression Med
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-11-04 England 19 Year Old Hangs Self
Steals Plane Med For Depression 2009-11-04 Missouri/Canada Student Pilot Steals Plane: Hopes To Be Shot Down For Crossing Border
Murder Paxil 2009-11-04 Iowa Woman Attempts Suicide for 1st Time While on Paxil: Later Kills her Son
Suicide Prozac 2009-11-03 Virginia Woman, 83 Years Old, Kills Herself
Felony Lexapro 2009-11-03 Wisconsin Firefighter Taints his Wife's Tea With Lexapro: Charged With Felony
Oral Ulcer Zoloft 2009-11-03 U.S.A Woman Has Painful Mouth Ulcer: Zoloft Found to Be the Cause
Ineffective Med For Depression 2009-11-02 Australia Woman Took Med for 4 Years: Didn't Help: Recovered With Hypnotherapy
Murder Desyrel Antidepressant 2009-10-31 Maine Son Kills Father: Didn't Want to Take Antidepressant Saying They Made Him Feel Violent
Murder Cymbalta & Desyrel 2009-10-31 Massachusetts Man Kills Gas Station Attendant
Murder Med For Depression 2009-10-31 England Man Stabs Wife Over 50 Times: Possible Withdrawal Case
Murder Med For Depression 2009-10-31 Nebraska Businessman With No Criminal Record Stabs his Wife to Death
Affair With Minor Antidepressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds 2009-10-29 Pennsylvania Woman, 32 Year Old, Has Affair with 14 Year Old Boy: Suspects the Meds
Suicide Prozac 2009-10-29 England 25 Year Old Woman Kills Self: Mother Sues NHS Trust
Inappropriate Behavior Wellbutrin & BuSpar 2009-10-29 New York Anna Nicole Smith's Physician Takes Antidepressant: Has Tryst With Anna
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2009-10-29 Connecticut Woman Attempts Suicide After Therapist Had Affair With Her
Warning Antidepressants 2009-10-28 England GPs Should Not Prescribe SSRIs for Long Periods : National Institute For Clinical Excellence
Stealing [Kleptomania] Med For Depression 2009-10-28 England Postman Steals Mail With Checks In Them
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-10-27 England Woman Kneels in Front of Train
Death Antidepressants 2009-10-26 Tennessee Songwriter Knifes Friend: He Dies From Heart Attack: Alcohol Also Involved
Child Endangerment Zoloft 2009-10-26 Florida Woman Is Under the Influence While Driving Car with 5 Year Old Child
Shoplifting [Kleptomania] Med For Depression 2009-10-26 England Man With No Criminal Record Shoplifts: Can't Account for Why He Did It
Assault Prozac* 2009-10-24 Kansas *Man Found Not Guilty of Assault Using Prozac Defense
Murder Med For Depression 2009-10-24 England Man Kills Wife with Hammer
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-10-24 England Council Employee Kills Herself
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-10-23 England Security Guard Deliberately Steps in Front of Train
Bail Junping & DUI Prozac 2009-10-23 Wisconsin State Representative Arrested for DUI: No Alcohol Involved
Robbery Med For Depression 2009-10-23 England Son of a Worcester Councillor Jailed for Robbery & Spitting at Police
Murder Med For Depression 2009-10-23 New Hampshire Man Kills Wife: Possible Withdrawal Case
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-10-23 England Architect Tries to Smother his Wife
Murder Med For Depression 2009-10-21 England Man Stabs his Wife to Death
Assault Prozac 2009-10-21 Massachusetts Man With Criminal Record Assaults Woman in Restroom
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-10-20 Australia Woman Attempts to Murder her Mother
Suicide Attempt Zoloft & Wellbutrin 2009-10-20 Louisiana 19 Year Old Attempts Suicide: Had Been Diagnosed by Doctor in Ten Minutes
Loss of Career Med For Depression 2009-10-19 New Zealand Climate Scientist Fails to Follow Rules & Regulations
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-10-19 India PRP Activist Jumps in Front of Train
Manic Reaction/Death Med For Depression 2009-10-18 Ohio Married Man of 40 Years Has Mania from Drug: Shot Dead by Police
Suicide Attempt Celexa 2009-10-18 Arizona Woman Deliberately Overdoses on Celexa
Assault Antidepressant 2009-10-18 Australia Man Assaults Another Man: Knocks his Teeth Out
Fraud Antidepressants 2009-10-16 England Suicidal Woman Arrested on Fraud Charges
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-10-16 England 28 Year Old Woman Hangs Herself
Assault Med For Depression 2009-10-16 England Man With Knife Assaults Two Policemen
Suicide Effexor 2009-10-16 New York Man Commits Suicide 8 Days After Starting Effexor
Suicide Remeron 2009-10-16 England Man With History of Depression Found Dead at His Home
Birth Defects Paxil 2009-10-13 Pennsylvania Glaxo Must Pay 2.5 Million: Birth Defects: First of 600+ cases
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-10-13 England Taxi Driver Commits Suicide By Setting Himself on Fire
Air Rage Med For Depression 2009-10-13 India Passenger Goes Berserk: Is Then Tied to his Airplane Seat
Stock Market Crash Wellbutrin 2009-10-12 New York Bear Stearns Hedge Fund Manager on Med Since 2006: Poor Judgment/Risk Taking:Collapse of Fund: Trial
Zombie: Suicidal Behavior Antidepressant 2009-10-11 England Singer Stephen Gately Had Bad Reaction to Med Seveal Years Ago: Died Today
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-10-09 Missouri Son Attempts to Kill Parents: Murder-For-Hire
Worsening Condition Zoloft & Adderall 2009-10-09 California Lindsay Lohan's Family Plans To Do an Intervention: Her Life is Out of Control
Stabbing Med For Depression 2009-10-09 Colorado 20 Year Old Stabs U. of Colorado Student: Charged with Assault
Arson/Murder Threats Med For Depression 2009-10-09 Texas 67 Year Old Man Burns Down Store: Threatens to Kill Owner: Burglarizes a House
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-10-08 Ireland 19 Year Old Kills Self: Unexpected
Assault Prozac 2009-10-08 Ireland Trinity College Student Assaults Another Student: Out of Character Behavior
Black Out/Driver Crashes Bus Med For Depression 2009-10-07 Wisconsin School Bus Driver Blacks Out & Crashes Into House: No Students on Board
Emotional Blunting/Poor Judgement Med For Depression 2009-10-07 England Postpartum: Mother Turns Blind Eye to Abuse of Son by Boyfriend: Son Dies
Death Antidepressant 2009-10-06 Argentina Famous Singer Writes Suicide Note: Found Dead From Gunshot Wound: Probable Suicide: Not Ruled Yet
Pre-Term Delivery SSRIs 2009-10-06 Global ++Women Who Take SSRIs During Pregnancy Have Twice the Risk of Pre-Term Delivery: Study
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-10-04 Oklahoma 22 Year Old Woman Kills Self: Mother Goes on a Campaign to Warn About Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-10-04 Nevada Man Seeks Help for Depression: Is Given Antidepressants: Kills Self
Death Antidepressants & Painkillers 2009-10-04 Virginia Soldier Dies in His Sleep from Respiratory Arrest Caused by Depression Med & Painkiller
Murder Antidepressant 2009-10-02 England Mother Murders her 11 Year Old Son: Attempts to Kill Herself
Death Antidepressants 2009-10-02 England Taxi Driver Hangs Self: Another Open Verdict
Robbery/Death Med For Depression 2009-10-02 New Mexico Police Shoot Man Who Robs Pharmacy: Family Blames Drugs: Doc Withdrew Him
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2009-10-01 Texas Man Kills his Wife: Cannot Believe he Did This
Unlawful Posession of Gun/Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2009-10-01 Missouri Man Threatens to Kill Self or Have Police Kill Him: No Alcohol Involved: Charged with Intoxication
Shortening of Life Span Antidepressants & Antipsychotics 2009-10-01 Global ++Those on Antidepresants & Antipsychotics Have Shorter Life Span: Diabetes & CV: Endocrine Today
Death Remeron Antidepressant 2009-10-01 England Woman Chokes on her Own Vomit Caused by Remeron: Coroner's Ruling
Road Rage Med For Depression 2009-10-01 Australia Angry Driver Smashes the Window of Another Driver: Causes Much Damage
Death Med For Depression 2009-10-01 England 37 Year Old Found Hanging by Rope in his Bedroom: Probable Suicide: Possibly Accidental
Rage Med For Depression 2009-10-01 England Elderly Man Beats & Bites his Doctor: Takes Three Men to Hold Him Down
Rage: Insomnia: Worsening Depression Lexapro 2009-10-01 Global Lexapro Can Cause Rage, etc. U.S. Recall News
Liver Failure Cymbalta 2009-10-01 Massachusetts Coroner Rules Cymbalta Caused Liver Failure in Man's Death
Poor Judgement Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-09-30 England Former Councillor Became Confused During Withdrawal & Spent City's Money on Christmas Lights
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-09-29 England Three Seriously Injured by Man On Depression Med
Birth Defects [Heart] SSRIs 2009-09-25 Global ++SSRIs During Early Pregnancy Double to Triple the Risk of Heart Defects Among Babies
Emotional Instability Effexor 2009-09-25 England Singer Robbie Williams States that Effexor Left Him Physically & Mentally Ill
Murder Med For Depression 2009-09-25 Tennessee 59 Year Old Brother Kills his Sister and Her Boyfriend
Stealing Med For Depression 2009-09-25 Ohio Woman Postal Carrier Steals Mail: Later Diagnosed as Bipolar: Antidepressant Set Off her Mania
Suicide-By-Cop Med For Depression 2009-09-25 California Deputies Forced to Shoot Man
Murder Celexa Withdrawal 2009-09-25 Texas Postpartum: Mother Murders Baby
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-09-24 England Lorry Driver Takes his Own Life
Felonies & Misdemeanor Med for Depression & ADHD 2009-09-24 New Jersey Fireman Holds Daughter's Fiance at Gunpoint for Several Hours
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-23 Colorado Recent Withdrawal: Man Kills Policeman & Self: Wounds Two Other Officers: Also Involved Alcohol
Self-Mutilation Antidepressants 2009-09-23 England Teen-Aged Girl Cuts & Burns Self While on Antidepressants
School Shooting Plot Antidepressants 2009-09-22 England **Two English School Boys Plot to Blow Up High School
Murder Med For Depression & ADHD 2009-09-22 Georgia 20 Year Old Kills Friend in 2003: Life Sentence: Attorney Appeals on Medication Basis
Arson [Pyromania] Med For Depression 2009-09-21 Florida Father Sets his Apartment Building on Fire
Suicides Among Military Antidepressants 2009-09-21 Global ++Senate Adopts Amendent to Study Suicides/Military: 40% of Military Were On Anti's During Suicide
Murder Wellbutrin & Abilify 2009-09-19 Florida Man Kills Elderly Couple in Parking Lot of Target
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-19 England Woman Whose Family Says She Had Everything to Live for Commits Suicide
Bizarre Behavior Prozac 2009-09-19 England Member of Parliament Ousted for Behavior: Writes Book
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-18 New York Famous New York Designer Commits Suicide
Murder Med For Depression 2009-09-18 South Africa Prison Warden Murders his Wife
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-18 France Women is 23rd France Telecom Employee to Commit Suicide in Last 19 Months
Illegal Gun Possession Med For Depression 2009-09-18 Maryland NBA Guard for Cleveland Cavaliers Arrested for Speeding & for Gun Possession
Shoplifting [Kleptomania] Effexor & 3 Other Drugs 2009-09-17 Iraq/Alaska Soldier is Dishonorably Discharged for Stealing from Canteen: Has No Memory of Incident
Assault Med For Depression 2009-09-17 England Postpartum Depression: Woman Becomes Assaultive
Murder Plot Lexapro 2009-09-17 Alabama Woman Attempts to Hire Person to Murder her Ex-Husband
Arson Plot Antidepressant 2009-09-17 Florida Women Attempts to Hire a Person to Burn Down her House for Insurance
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-16 Massachusetts Rockefeller CEO Takes his Own Life
Bizarre Behavior Zoloft 2009-09-16 Illinois Woman School Teacher Has Students Clean Her House in Exchange for Zoloft & Alcohol
Paranoia Prozac, Zolot, Lexapro, Cymbalta & 6 Other Meds 2009-09-16 Nevada Woman Becomes Paranoid on 4 SSRIs: Threatens Officials: Goes to Prison
Death Antidepressant 2009-09-16 Tennessee 35 Year Old Man Pulled From River: Probable Suicide
Stealing Antidepressant 2009-09-16 Louisiana Former Judge Found Guilty of Using Public Funds
Murder Med For Deprsesion 2009-09-15 Michigan Man Who Killed an Anti-Abortionist Was Having Problems with his Depression Med at Time of Shooting
Death Antidepressant 2009-09-15 Illinois Overdose Victim Dies Right After Talking Coherently: Experts:This is Not Unusual For Depression Med
Violence Antidepressants 2009-09-14 England Man Convicted of Knifing Friend: Has No Memory of Incident
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-09-14 Florida Woman Kills Self: Husband Charged With Assisted Suicide
Shoplifting [Kleptomania] Med For Depression 2009-09-14 Canada Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman Guilty of Shoplifting
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-13 California Father Kills 22 Year Old Son and Himself
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-13 New Jersey Police Officer Hangs Himself: Lawsuit Against Medical Clinic
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-13 Iraq/Kentucky Soldier Commits Suicide With his Rifle
Depression Worsens Prozac/SSRIs 2009-09-13 New York Woman's Symptoms Become Worse Than her Original Symptoms, Especially When She Tries to Stop her Meds
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-09-12 Iraq/Virginia Soldier Home From Iraq Kills Self
Violence Antidepressant 2009-09-12 England Woman Who is Depressed Viciously Attacks Another Woman
Birth Defects Paxil 2009-09-12 U.S.A. Civil Trial Begins Sept. 14: Test Case for More Than 600 Lawsuits
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2009-09-10 Wyoming Woman Kills Husband, 2 Year Old Son & Self
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-09-10 England Agitated Man Runs Around Neighborhood With An Ax
Knifing Threat Med For Depression 2009-09-10 England Woman Threatens Neighbors With Knife: Also Involved Alcohol
Robbery Antidepressant 2009-09-09 Florida Man in Wheelchair Robs Bank and Threathens to Blow it Up
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-09 England 20 Year Old Student Hangs Self: No History of Mental Problems
Personality Change Prozac 2009-09-08 England 22 Year Old Undergoes Strange Personality Change on Prozac: Later Dies After Inhaling Aeresol
Murder Antidepressant 2009-09-08 England Mother Murders her 20 Month Old Child
Worsening Depression Paxil 2009-09-08 U.S.A. Pospartum:Worsening Depression with 2nd Baby:Had Postpartum with 1st Baby and Recovered With No Meds
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-09-08 Indiana ++Forty-One Percent of Suicides in a County in Indiana Were on Antidepressant:First 6 Months of 2009
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2009-09-07 New York Unexpected Suicide Attempt: Permanent Brain Damage
Death Med For Depression 2009-09-06 Malaysia Famous Asian Singer Falls to Her Death from 12th Floor: Family Thinks It Was the Effects of her Med
Brain Zaps Effexor/SSRI Withdrawal 2009-09-05 U.S.A. Man Has Brain Zaps While Withdrawing from Effexor: Peoples Pharmacy
Personality Change SSRIs 2009-09-03 Global ++SSRIs Caused Less Empathy & Sympathy: Personality Change: Detachment from Others: BJP
Death Effexor 2009-09-03 England Woman Dies From Overdose of Effexor: Probable Suicide
Death Remeron Antidepressant 2009-09-03 England Man Dies from Overdose of Remeron: Also Involved Alcohol
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-09-02 Iraq/U.S.A. Soldiers, Four, From the 1451st Transport Co. Kill Selves: All Were Prescribed Antidepressants
Death Threats Cymbalta & Tricyclic Antidepressant 2009-09-02 Georgia Pharmacologist Testifies That Mix of Cymbalta With Older Antidepressant Caused Threats Against Judge
Death Wellbutrin, Valium & Vicodin 2009-09-02 New York Journalist Dies From Overdose of Three Medications: Ruled Accidental
Ineffective Prozac/SSRIs 2009-09-02 Global ++Placebo Response Getting Stronger: Prozac Now Not Much More Effective Than Placebo
Unethical Lexapro 2009-09-02 Global ++Drug Maker Puts Money Into Doctor's Pockets to Prescribe Lexapro
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-09-01 Iraq/North Carolina Soldier Kills Self: Was Switching from One SSRI to Another: This is a Time of Heightened Risk
Hypomania Prozac 2009-09-01 U.S.A. Woman Develops Hypomania on Prozac: Later Diagnosed as Bipolar As They All Are
Emotional Blunting SSRIs 2009-09-01 Global ++Some People Who Take Prozac Report Their Experience of Emotions is Blunted: BJP
Death Antidepressant 2009-09-01 Arizona Woman Dies of Heat Stroke: Was Taking Depression Med
Violence Med For Depression 2009-09-01 Canada Woman Becomes Violent: Flicks Blood From Arm at Police Officer
Improper Behavior Antidepressants 2009-09-01 England Singer Blames her Antic on Anti-depression Medication
Adverse Reactions Meds For Depression 2009-09-01 Global ++Twenty-Three % on Depression Meds Say Med Did Not Agree With Them Mentally: Irish Medical Times
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-08-31 Spain Woman Stabs Boyfriend 11 Times: Given 2 Years in Prison
Rare Double Homicide Celexa 2009-08-30 Florida Woman Knifes Boyfriend: He Grabs Knife: Kills Her: Then They Both Die: She Was on Celexa
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2009-08-29 Ohio Police Save Man Who Intended to Kill his Family & Himself
Assault Med For Depression 2009-08-28 England Man Assaults his Mother: Given 26 Weeks in Prison
Assault Antidepressants 2009-08-28 England Nightclubber Assaults Friend
Threatening a Police Officer Prozac 2009-08-27 Missouri Woman Threatens Police Officer After He Stops Her Car
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-08-27 Illinois Man Given 6 Years in Prison for Attempting to Harm Wife
Death Antidepressants & Painkillers 2009-08-27 England Former Woman Soldier Dies After Overdose: Her Father Believes It Was a Suicide
Manslaughter Med For Depression 2009-08-26 Australia Prosecutors Allege Man Deliberately Drove into Another Vehicle While Trying to Kill Self
Suicide Celexa & Effexor 2009-08-26 New York Woman Kills Self with Overdose of the Antidepressants Celexa & Effexor: Coroner's Ruling
Stealing/Amnesia Med For Depression 2009-08-25 Canada Woman Steals: Can't Remember Stealing: Shows Up at Trial with Stolen Cash
Assault Zoloft* 2009-08-23 New York Judge To Allow Zoloft Defense in Assault Case
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-08-23 England Businessman Commits Suicide Weeks Before his Wedding
Suicides Cymbalta 2009-08-22 U.S.A. ++Five Patients Committed Suicide During Clinical Trials for Cymbalta: Warning on Side-Effects
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-08-22 Iraq/Oklahoma Soldier in Iraq From Oklahoma Kills Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-08-21 England 77 Year Old Man Hangs Himself
Nightmares & Anxiety Antidepressants 2009-08-20 Australia Musician Suffers the Adverse Effects of Nightmares & Anxiety When He Starts Antidepressants
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2009-08-20 England Man Threatens Himself With a Knife: Police Called: Stand-Off Resolved After 90 Minutes
Unethical Paxil 2009-08-19 Global Paxil Promoted by Drug Company Using a Sophisticated Ghostwritten Program
Violent Behavior Zoloft 2009-08-18 U.S.A. Young Girl Exhibits Violent Behavior on Zoloft: Never Had Violent Behavior Before This
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-08-18 England Civil Employee Commits Suicide
Self-Mutilation Med For Depression 2009-08-18 England Girl Mutilates & Burns Herself: Also Overdoses on Antidepressants & Paracetamol
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressants 2009-08-17 England Man Shot Dead by Police Outside a Cathedral Wanted To Be Killed
Emotional Numbness Prozac 2009-08-17 New Jersey Man Claims Prozac Robbed Him of the Ability to Feel Emotions
Morose & Irritable Lexapro 2009-08-16 England Woman Becomes Morose & Irritable on Lexapro: Not Given It For Depression
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-08-14 England Warehouse Manager Hangs Himself
Death Antidepressants 2009-08-14 England Loving Father of Two Found Drowned in Lake: Probable Suicide
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2009-08-12 England 81 Year Old Man Kills Wife and Himself
Death Celexa 2009-08-12 England Civil Servant Dies From Overdose of Celexa: Possible Suicide
Murder Antidepressant 2009-08-12 California Husband Kills his Wife: Has No Memory Of the Murder: Trial in Progress
Embezzlement Antidepressants 2009-08-11 Vermont Police Chief Charged With Four Criminal Counts
Murder-Suicide Antidepressant 2009-08-11 Illinois Family of Victim Outraged Over Memorial of Man Who Committed a Murder-Suicide in 2004
Violence Antidepressant 2009-08-11 England Man Attacks a Stranger on the Street
Murder Med For Depression 2009-08-07 Michigan 41 Year Old Kills his Mother & his 3 Year Old Daughter
Death Effexor 2009-08-07 England Woman Dies: Has Levels 3 Times the Fatal Dose in her Body: Open Verdict
Suicide Attempt: Permanent Injuries Paxil 2009-08-07 Wisconsin Court Denies Glaxco Preemption in Paxil Suicide Attempt
Suicide/Bizarre Zoloft 2009-08-07 Colorado Businessman Slits his Own Throat While Driving Down the Highway
Stealing Antidepressants 2009-08-06 Spain Woman Steals from Her Employer
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-08-06 Iraq/Colorado Soldier Returned From Iraq Charged with Attempted Murder of Wife
Illegal Possession of a Gun Antidepressant 2009-08-06 New York 17 Year Old Who Attempted Suicide is Charged With Illegal Possession of a Gun
Bomb Making Antidepressant 2009-08-06 Australia Man Charged with Making Explosive Substances
Stealing Antidepressants 2009-08-06 England Woman Steals Twice from Gas Station
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-08-05 England Store Manager Kills Himself
Suicide Med for Depression & Bipolar Meds 2009-08-05 England Aristocrat in England, Son of the 12th Marquess of Queensberrgy, Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-08-04 England Coroner Rules Man's Death a Suicide
Affair With Minor Med For Depression 2009-08-04 Idaho Woman Has An Affair with a 12 Year Old Boy
Murder Med For Depression 2009-08-03 Australia Woman Stabs Man To Death In a Stairwell
Assault/Criminal Mischief Med For Depression 2009-08-03 Colorado Woman Assaults A Peace Officer: Acts in a Bizarre Manner
Mania Med For Depression 2009-08-02 Montana Psychiatrist Goes Manic on Antidepressant: Later Diagnosed Bipolar As They All Are
Stand-Off With Police Antidepressants 2009-08-02 New Jersey Man Becomes Suicidal: Has Stand-Off With Police
Hallucinations Prozac 2009-08-02 U.S.A. Hallucinations are Present For Two Weeks After a Man Starts on Prozac
Death Celexa 2009-07-31 India 22 Year Old In India Dies During Clinical Trial for Celexa
Dangerous Misdiagnosis SSRIs & ADHD Meds 2009-07-31 Global ++Over 81% of youths Took An SSRI or ADHD Med Before Being Diagnosed as Bipolar
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2009-07-31 Australia Woman Attempts Suicide: Story on The Gap in Australia
Violence Med For Depression 2009-07-31 England Woman Slashes Neighbors Tires While Dressed in Pink Pajamas
Murder Prozac, Zoloft Adderall & Ritalin 2009-07-31 Louisiana 18 Year Old Shoots Deputy
Murder Antidepressants 2009-07-30 Colorado Man Kills One Police Officer & Injures Two Officers: Is Killed by Police
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-07-30 Ohio 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Family Committed to Suicide Prevention Charities
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-07-30 Sweden ++In Sweden, 52% of Woman Who Committed Suicide in 2006 Were Taking Antidepressants: APA Letter
Murder Antidepressants 2009-07-30 Spain Mother On Med For Depression Kills Daughter's Rapist 9 Years Later: Sets Him On Fire
Death Med For Depression 2009-07-30 Florida 21 Year Old on 3 Antidepressants Dies in His Sleep
Murder Med For Depression 2009-07-28 Iraq/Texas +Soldier Kills 5 at Baghdad Psychiatric Center on May 11th, 2009
Murder Med For Depression & PTSD 2009-07-28 Iraq/Pennsylvania Soldier Returned From Iraq Kills Two: May Seek Death Penalty
Violence Antidepessants 2009-07-28 England Man Beats Up Frail Neighbor Who Was his Friend: Out-Of Character Behavior
Murder Paxil* 2009-07-27 Arizona Man Given 11 Years for Killing Brother in 2008
Murder Antidepressants 2009-07-27 Oklahoma Pharmacist Kills Robber: Goes for Overkill: Charged with Murder
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-07-27 England Released Prisoner Kills Himself 4 Hours After Release: Given Depression Med in Jail
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-07-26 Iraq/Colorado Soldier Shoots Fellow Soldier in the Leg
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-07-25 Tennessee Attorney Bizarrely Fakes his Own Death: Sentenced to 5 Years Probation
Violence Med For Depression 2009-07-25 Arizona Man On Med For Depression Threatens Another Man: Is Shot to Death
Crime Against Humanity Prozac/SSRI Antidepressants 2009-07-25 Global Physicians Know That Prozac/SSRIs Are Causing School Shootings: Refuse to Act
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2009-07-24 Texas Husband in Texas Kills Wife & Then Himself: Married 29 Years
Road Rage Death Paxil 2009-07-24 Pennsylvania Woman Drives Wrong Way on Pennsylvania Turnpike: Weeks Earlier Had Another Weird Incident in Car
Suicidal & Violent Paxil 2009-07-24 Iraq/Michigan Soldier Home From Iraq Becomes Suicidal: Holds Police at Bay for 9 Hours
Kidnapping/Intent to Harm Med For Depression 2009-07-22 Wyoming Former Highway Patrol Trooper Kidnaps Man & Plans to Kill Him But Changes His Mind
Assault Antidepressants 2009-07-22 Australia Husband in Domestic Quarrel Assaults a Police Officer
Murder Antidepressants 2009-07-22 England Mother Kills her 2 Year Old: Denies Charge: Trial in Progress
Murder Prozac Withdrawal 2009-07-21 Maryland Mother Kills Child: Went Off Prozac 6 Weeks Earlier Because Prozac Was Making Her Suicidal
Eating Disorder Antidepressant 2009-07-21 U.S.A. Woman Has Eating Disorder that Was Triggered by an Antidepressant
Felony Antidepressants 2009-07-21 Canada Mother Illegally Sells Oxycodone in Front of Teenaged Son: No Previous Criminal Record
Confusion/Death Antidepressants 2009-07-20 England Smoker, 44, Accidentally Sets Himself on Fire: Became Confused & Forgetful
Withdrawal Symptoms Zoloft 2009-07-19 U.S.A. Woman Given Zorcor Instead of Zoloft: Has Symptoms of Withdrawal: Story of Prescription Mix-Ups
Manic Reaction Effexor 2009-07-18 Minnesota Man Becomes Manic on Effexor and Then Suicidal
Bizarre Behavior Prozac 2009-07-18 Minnesota 24 Year Old Developes Mania on Prozac: Actions Cause Him to Lose his Career
Assault Antidepressants 2009-07-18 England 26 Year Old Assaults Man With Learning Difficulties: Assault Lasts 4 Hours
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-07-18 England Woman who Battled Depression for Almost 2 Years Kills Self
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2009-07-18 California Doctor Changes Man's Depression Med; He Kills His Wife & Then Himself
Worsening Depression Med For Depression 2009-07-18 Arkansas Woman's Depression Worsens While on Antidepressant: Uses Neurofeedback & Is Helped
Violence Antidepressant 2009-07-17 Ohio Firefighter Kills his Two Dogs: Possible Withdrawal Case
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2009-07-16 Canada Woman College Instructor Exhibits Bizarre Behavior: Behavior Ends When She Stops Med
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2009-07-16 New York Boy Who Attempted Suicide Was Among the First Test Cases for Pozac: Now a Musician
Allegations of Stalking Paxil 2009-07-16 Missouri Police Chief Placed on Administrative Leave: Lawsuit
Embezzlement Zoloft* 2009-07-15 Virginia Woman Embezzles $300,000: Zoloft Was the Wrong Medication For Her
Harassment Med For Depression 2009-07-15 Australia Police Officer Charged With Harassment
Arson/Hostage Taking Antidepressants & Adderall 2009-07-14 Connecticut Husband Takes Wife Hostage: Burns Down Their House
Assault Med For Depression 2009-07-14 England Man Given 18 Months in Prison For Assault
DUI Lexapro 2009-07-13 California Artie Lange Arrested for DUI: No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs Involved
Mania Cymbalta 2009-07-13 Montana Musician Develops Mania On Cymbalta
Erratic Behavior Med For Depression 2009-07-10 Canada Attorney Fired: Good Work Record Until Placed on Med For Depression: Then He Deteriorated
Suicide Antidepressant, Antipsychotic & ECT 2009-07-10 Illinois Postpartum Depression: Woman Who Ignited Mother's Act Killed Self in 2001: Time Magazine
Murder Med For Depression 2009-07-09 Minnesota Mothers Kills her 10 Year Old Son: Attempts to Kills her 11 Year Daughter & Self
Assault Lexapro 2009-07-09 Mississippi Fireman Attacks his Wife
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-07-09 Washington Young Woman Kills Herself: Sister Writes a Letter of Remembrance
Murder Attempt & Arson Med For Depression 2009-07-08 Michigan Mother Attempts to Kill her Two Children & Self: Also Sets House on Fire
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-07-08 England 36 Year Old Woman Kills Herself
Murder Antidepressants 2009-07-08 Iowa Man Shoots Another Man: Was Taking Two Different Antidepressants
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-07-07 England Man Steps in Front of Train: Coroner Rules Suicide
Murder Med For Depression 2009-07-06 Australia Postpartum: Mother Kills 7 Month Old Twins: Attempts Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-07-06 Arizona 15 Year Old Hangs Himself
Bizarre Behavior/Stealing Med For Depression 2009-07-03 Florida Woman Turns Into a Botox Bandit: Steals From Spas
Bizarre Behavior Zoloft 2009-07-03 Australia Woman [Professional Comedian] Exhibits Bizarre Behavior During Performance: Audience Disgusted
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-07-03 Iraq/New Hampshire Soldier Kills Self: Full Military Honors Planned for Funeral
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-07-03 Michigan Recent Abrupt Withdrawal From Depression Med: Man Kills Himself
Murder Prozac 2009-07-02 New Zealand University Tutor Stabs Girl Over 200 Times
Disorderly Conduct Antidepressants 2009-07-02 England Man Becomes Aggressive Toward Hospital Doctors: Is Arrested
Shoplifting Med For Depression 2009-07-02 England Woman Shoplifts and Is Also Arrested For Being Late For Court Hearing
Loses Employment Med For Depression 2009-07-02 Texas Radio Talk Show Host is Fired for "Wacky" Personality Change on Show
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-07-01 Canada Former Member of Saskatchewan Parliment Kills Himself
Condition Worsens Antidepressant 2009-07-01 Afghanistan/U.S.A. Soldier's Condition Worsens on Antidepressants
Behavioral Changes, Hostility, Depressed Mood & Suicidal Thoughts Wellbutrin & Chantix 2009-07-01 U.S.A. ++FDA Places Black Box Warning on Wellbutrin & Chantix
Death Paxil 2009-07-01 Minnesota Grandmother Falls Asleep on Top of Infant Grandson, Smothering Him: Alcohol Also Involved
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-06-30 Iowa Lawyer, 46 Year Old, Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-06-30 England Man Drowns Himself in River
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-06-29 Indiana Two Teen-Aged Girls Kill Selves: Coroner Is Alarmed at Link Between These Suicides & Depression Meds
Manslaughter Effexor & Aurorix 2009-06-29 Australia Man Gives Two People Fatal Combo of SNRI & Mao Inhibitor Antidepressants
Murder Antidepressants 2009-06-29 England Man Kills Girlfriend: Soon After her Death, He Attempts Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-06-29 England Successful Businesswoman Commits Suicide
School Bomb Threat Med For Depression 2009-06-29 Australia **Vexed Father Makes Bomb Threat Against Elementary School
Stock Market Crash Med For Depression 2009-06-29 U.S.A. ++U.S.A. Being Medicated with Antidepressants Could Have Contributed to Stock Mark Crash
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-06-29 Belgium Famous Singer, Yasmine, [Hilde Rens] Kills Self
Murder-Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2009-06-26 Nebraska 17 Year Old Convicted Killer Sues Pfizer: Claims Zoloft Caused Him to Kill in 2002
Death Zoloft & Demerol 2009-06-25 California Michael Jackson Dead: Possibly Died from Serotonin Syndrome from Combo of Zoloft & Demerol
Murder Antidepressants 2009-06-24 North Dakota Mother Charged with Killing her Newborn Infant
Murder Med For Depression 2009-06-24 California Man Kills his Roommate
Murder Antidepressants 2009-06-23 Oregon Woman Cuts Unborn Son From a Pregnant Mom
Unusual Behavior Med For Depression 2009-06-23 England Council MD Shows Unusual Behavior: Still Wins Lawsuit with Council
Worsens Condition Antidepressants 2009-06-22 California Famous Actor Becomes Worse on Depression Med: Recovers by Quitting Meds
Suicide Celexa 2009-06-22 Ohio Judge Kills Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-06-19 England Ex-Teacher Leaps From Building
Assault Med For Depression 2009-06-19 Australia Man Assaults Another Man & Threatens to Run Over him With his Car
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-06-19 England In-Patient in Hospital Kills Self
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-06-19 England Husband Attempts to Kill Wife: Described as Brutal Attack
Violent Threats Med For Depression 2009-06-18 England Man Makes Threats to Homebuilder: Was on Wrong Medication
Unintentional Poisoning Deaths Antidepressants +Painkillers 2009-06-18 Global ++Combination of Antidepressants & Painkillers Can Be Fatal: National Safety Council
Violence Med For Depression 2009-06-18 England Man Attacks Neighbor's House: Causes Extensive Damage
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-06-17 England Pensioner Kills Self
Violence/Death Med For Depression 2009-06-17 Kansas Man Points Toy Gun at Police: Is Shot by Them
Robbery Med For Depression 2009-06-17 England Former Postman Robs Store: One Day Withdrawal
Disinhibition/Can Lead to Violence SSRIs/Effexor & Alcohol 2009-06-15 Global ++ Violence As a Side Effect of Antidepressants: Provocation by Alcohol: Study
Suicidal Thoughts Prozac 2009-06-14 U.S.A. 17 Year Old Starts on Prozac: Then Has Suicidal Thoughts: Peoples Pharmacy
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2009-06-14 England Husband Kills Wife & Self
Robbery/Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2009-06-13 England Woman Steals Over $5,000: Then Attempts Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-06-12 Ireland Multi-Millionaire Businessman Kills Self: Was on Med For Depression for the Past Few Weeks
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-06-12 England War Veteran Kills Self
Death Antidepressants 2009-06-12 Illinois Man Suspected in Bank Robbery Is Shot Dead by Police
Infertility SSRIs 2009-06-12 Global ++Men on SSRI Antidepressants Have Reduced Fertility
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2009-06-12 England Woman Drives On Railroad Tracks: Also Involved Alcohol
Death Antidepressants & Painkillers 2009-06-11 Iraq/Texas Soldier Dies in His Sleep: Had 11 Drugs in Body Including Antidepressants
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2009-06-11 England Woman Horrifies Shoppers By Attempting Suicide at Pharmacy
Murder Zoloft 2009-06-10 Texas Mother Kills One Child: Critically Wounds Another
Violence Antidepressants 2009-06-10 Florida Woman Threatens Police with Gun: Is Shot & Killed by Them
Vehicular Homicide Prozac 2009-06-10 Florida Woman Critically Injures Cyclist: Goes to Movie Theater After Accident
Murder Attempt Antidepressants & Abilify 2009-06-09 California Son Shoots Mother
Violence Celexa 2009-06-08 Afghanistan/Florida Soldier Is Homicidal For First Time After Dr. Upped Dose of Celexa: Update: 5 Years in Prison
Death Zoloft 2009-06-08 Texas Soldier Dies: Likely Overdose & Probable Suicide: Also Taking Depakote at Subtherapeutic Level
Suicide Prozac 2009-06-08 Connecticut 14 Year Old Girl Kills Self: Happened in 2005: Lawsuit in 2009
Death Bipolar Meds 2009-06-07 Kansas 3 Year Old Girl Dies from High Dosages of Bipolar Meds
Systemic Mastocytosis Antidepressants 2009-06-07 North Carolina Woman Suffers Adverse Reaction: Recovers When Antidepressant is Stopped
Misprescribing Antidepressants 2009-06-07 Global ++Antidepressants Not Recommended in Mania but Frequently Prescribed: Research Study
Suicide Prozac* 2009-06-05 England Man Kills Self: His Psychiatrist Says Prozac Was Probably Responsible
Disciplined Prozac 2009-06-05 Texas Physician Disciplined For Giving Patient Prozac: Not Keeping Records: Patient Killed Self
Arson Med For Depression 2009-06-05 England Man Sets his Apartment House on Fire
Withdrawal Complaints Paxil 2009-06-05 New Zealand Nine Patients Complained of Withdrawal After Newspaper Article on the Subject
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressant 2009-06-04 Arizona Woman Shot by Police After Confrontation
Conflict of Interest Psychotropic Medications 2009-06-03 Global ++Creators of Psychiatric Bible, the DSM-V, Have Economic Ties with Pharma
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2009-06-03 Georgia WNBA Star Deliberately Overdoses on Antidepressants
Death Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-06-03 Australia 24 Year Old Shot by Police During Confrontation: 2 Day Withdrawal
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-06-02 England Daughter Attempts to Smother her Mother: Was Sleepwalking: Acquitted
Stealing Med For Depression 2009-06-02 Arkansas Lawyer Dips Into Escrow Fund for 9.3 Million: Was on Med the Whole Time
Stand-Off-With Police Antidepressants 2009-06-02 Texas Police Shoot Man During Stand-Off
Threats of Violence Med For Depression 2009-06-02 England Man Threatens Police
Assault Med For Depression 2009-06-02 England Court Security Guard Attacked by Man on Med For Depression
Apathy Antidepressants 2009-06-01 Global ++One of the Side-Effects of Antidepressants is Apathy: Research for DSM-V
Drug Interaction Prozac, Paxil & Zoloft 2009-06-01 Global ++Evidence Shows Antidepressants Cut Effectiveness of Tamoxifen in Breast Cancer: Medco Health
Murder Antidepressants 2009-06-01 England Tycoon Kills Girlfriend during Fight: Both Were On Antidepressants
Bleeding SSRIs 2009-06-01 Global ++Increases Risk of Fatal Bleeding For Those on Low Dose Continuous Aspirin
Murder Antidepressants 2009-06-01 England Man Stabs Wife to Death
Murder Cymbalta Antidepressant 2009-06-01 Maryland 15 Year Old Girl Solicits her Father's Murder
Ineffective Celexa 2009-06-01 Global ++Celexa Has No Effect on Repetitive Behaviors in Autism: Causes Many Adverse Effects
Murder Antidepressants 2009-05-31 South Africa Englishwoman Kills her Two Daughters
Suicide Attempt Paxil 2009-05-30 New Zealand Paxil & All SSRIs Linked to Suicide Attempts: New Zealand
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2009-05-30 Australia Police Officer Attempts Suicide
Inappropriate Behavior Med For Depression 2009-05-30 England School Teacher Fired For Inappropriate Behavior in Classroom
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-05-30 India Information Technology Profession Jumps From 6th Floor of Taramandal Complex
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-05-28 North Carolina Man Charged With Attempted Murder of Sheriff's Deputy
Murder-Suicide Prozac 2009-05-26 Netherlands Five Dead: Man Knifes to Death his Girlfriend, Ex-Wife, his Two Children & Himself
Deviant Acts Med For Depression 2009-05-26 Ohio Track-And-Field Star Involved in Tragic Death On Playing Field
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-05-25 Ireland 16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide in 2006: Had Spent Time in Foster Care
Death Zoloft, Seroquel & a Benzo 2009-05-23 Iraq Soldier [24 Year Old Woman] Dies in Sleep in Iraq
Violence Antidepressants 2009-05-22 Japan ++Health Ministries Revise Warnings On Med Guides: Causal Relationship Between SSRIs & Violence
Violence Med For Depression 2009-05-22 Vermont Man Charged With Assault: Had Never Been Violent Before Starting On Med For Depression
Murder Antidepressant 2009-05-22 Australia Man Stabs Neighbor to Death in Fight Over Dog
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-05-21 Canada Son of Father Who Commited Suicide Goes on a Suicide Awareness Campaign
Assault/Burglary Antidepressants 2009-05-21 Minnesota 23 Year Old Pleads Guilty to Six Crimes
Arson/Pyromania Antidepressants 2009-05-21 England Woman Deliberately Burns Down Her Own House
Suicide-By Cop Attempt Med For Depression 2009-05-21 Indiana Woman Attempts Suicide by Cop
Death Med For Depression 2009-05-21 Massachusetts Man on Med For Depression Attacks Landlord and Is Shot To Death
Bad Experience Prozac 2009-05-21 New York Famous Author Christopher Potter Has Bad Experience on Prozac
Vehicular Homicide Zoloft & Vicodin 2009-05-21 Massachusetts Combination of Zoloft & Vicodin Impaired Man's Judgement:: Girlfriend Dies in Crash
Burglary & Assault Med For Depression 2009-05-20 Iowa Police Shoot & Kill Man Involved in Home Invasions and Molestations
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-05-20 England 27 Year Old Man Hangs Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-05-20 Montana Man's Suicide While in Police Custody Remains a Mystery
Death Celexa 2009-05-20 Texas Police Shoot Man On Celexa During Confrontation
Danger SSRIs 2009-05-20 Global Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Points to Dangers of SSRIs like Prozac
Murder Effexor 2009-05-19 Canada Political Aide Nancy Michaud Killed by Man in Recent Withdrawal of Depression Med
Ineffective Prozac & Zoloft, etc. 2009-05-19 Global ++Most Studies of Prozac & Zoloft Were Negative But Still Approved by FDA: Book: Beyond Prozac
Death Celexa 2009-05-19 California Former p 0 r n Star Marilyn Chambers Dies of Heart Diesease at Age 56
Murder Antidepressants 2009-05-19 Australia Mother Smothers Her One-Month Old Baby: Possible Change of Med or Withdrawal
Death/Possible Murder Med For Depression 2009-05-19 Virginia Police Investigating case of Woman Who Died: Husband Was on Med for Depression
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-05-18 Australia 27 Year Old Kills Self
Felony Med For Depression 2009-05-18 England Driver Leads Police on Dangerous High Speed Chase
Child Endangerment Med For Depression 2009-05-18 Tennessee Mother Allows Child to Wander: Her Med Made Her Sleepy & Unaware
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-05-17 India Woman Hangs Herself
Murder Med For Depression 2009-05-16 Canada Man Kills Wife 15 Years Ago: Applies For Prison Passes
Murder Med For Depression 2009-05-16 China Woman Stabs Official Who Made Unwanted Advances: Also Injures Another Person
Felony Lexapro 2009-05-16 New York Doctor Under the Influence of Lexapro Begins Illegally Selling Controlled Substances Online
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2009-05-16 Costa Rica Son Kills Mother and Then Kills Himself
Amnesia Prozac 2009-05-15 Arkansas Mother Reports 2 Year Old Missing: Forgot She had Taken her to Grandma's House
Air Rage Med For Depression 2009-05-13 England Woman Tries to Jump Out of Airplane at 32,000 Ft.: Said She Didn't Care About Hurting Passengers
Divorces Prozac & Other SSRIs 2009-05-12 Global Wife Hates Husband After Starting on Prozac: He Finds Website with over 300 Divorces Caused by SSRI
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-05-12 Florida Woman Tries to Murder Husband Several Times Now & In the Past
Incoherent Antidepressant 2009-05-12 Texas Radio Talk Show Hosts Blames Antidepressant for Incoherence: May Lose Job
Theft Med for Depression Withdrawal 2009-05-12 Oregon Woman Steals from Client With Cerebral Palsy
Suicidal & Homicidal Ideation Wellbutrin & Chantix 2009-05-12 New York Smoker Almost Loses his Life While on Wellbutrin & Chantix
Suicides & Homicides SSRIs 2009-05-11 U.S.A. ++FDA Adverse Reaction Reports from 2004 to 2006
Erratic Driving Antidepressants 2009-05-11 Florida Former News Anchor Arrested: Also Involved Alcohol
Worsens Depression Antidepressants* 2009-05-08 Global ++Mayo Clinic Physician Believes Antidepressants Can Worsen Depression & Also Cause Mania
Murder-Suicide Meds For Depression 2009-05-07 Illinois Father Kills his Two Young Sons & Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-05-07 Iraq/Kentucky Soldier Returned from Iraq Commits Suicide
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-05-07 New York Woman Shoots her Husband
Felony Zoloft & Adderal 2009-05-06 Michigan School Teacher Leads Police on High Speed Chase: Was on 5 Times Recommended Dose of Zoloft
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-05-06 England 23 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide
Manic Reaction Prozac 2009-05-05 California Man Has Manic Reaction to Prozac: Loses Career & Becomes Homeless: Newsweek Magazine
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-05-05 England Woman Stabs her Boyfriend in the Chest: He Survives
Violence Antidepressant 2009-05-05 Australia Police Attacked by Man on Antidepressant & Alcohol
Bank Robbery/School Threat Celexa +Two Other Antidepressants 2009-05-04 Iraq/Pennsylvania Soldier Home From Iraq Calls in School Threat & Then Robs Bank
Murder Med For Depression 2009-05-04 Louisiana Mother Stabs To Death her Two Children: Possible Withdrawal Case
Shoplifting Med For Depression 2009-05-04 Global ++Three-Fourths of Kleptomaniacs Were on Depression Meds at Time of Thefts: U. Of Minnesota Study
Air Rage Antidepressant 2009-05-03 England Woman Instigates Air Rage Attack 3 Hours into Flight
Suicide Paxil 2009-05-03 Pennsylvania Lawsuit Settled for Family of Man Who Killed Himself in 2003
Murder Effexor* +Two Antidepressants 2009-04-30 South Africa Man Kills One & Injures Two in Deadly Shooting Spree
Stealing Med For Depression 2009-04-30 England Man Steals from Friend & Threatens Assault
Suicidal & Violent Celexa* 2009-04-29 New York Ex-Nets Star Jayson Williams Has Reaction to Combo of Celexa & Lithium
Robbery Med For Depression 2009-04-29 California Soft-Spoken Man Tries to Rob Bank: Killed By Guard
Suicide Celexa 2009-04-29 California Patient Kills Self: Psychiatric Hospital Being Investigated
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-04-29 Australia Daughter's Suicide: Mother Writes Book: Soon to Be Released
Robbery Antidepressant 2009-04-28 Australia Woman Initiates a Bizarre Robbery Against Her Church Minister
Violence Med For Depression 2009-04-28 England Man Assaults Wife and Theatens to Fire Bomb their House
Death Med For Depression 2009-04-28 Virginia Man Starts New Med For Depression: Becomes Violent: Is Killed by Police
Vehicular Manslaughter Zoloft 2009-04-28 Tennessee Woman Kills One and Injures One With her Car
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2009-04-28 Australia Teacher Sues Education Dept. Over An Alleged Culture of Punishment & Retribution
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-04-27 Georgia 15 Year Old Kills Himself in the Year 2000: Mother Now Helping Other Survivors
Suicidal Thoughts SSRIs 2009-04-26 Colorado Psychiatrist & Wife Have Suicidal Thoughts After Years of SSRI Use: Also Felony, Divorce. Etc.
Arson Antidepressants 2009-04-24 England Woman Set Her Parents House on Fire
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-04-23 Maryland Teen-Aged Girl Commits Suicide
Affair With Minor Celexa 2009-04-23 New York +Woman School Teacher Molests 13 Year Old Male Student
Assault Antidepressant 2009-04-23 England Ear of Friend is Bitten Off by Man On Med For Depression
Suicide Prozac & Zyprexa 2009-04-22 Florida 7 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself
Bizarre Behavior/Suicide Antidepressants 2009-04-20 Canada Man Exhibits Biazrre Behavior and Then Kills Himself
Murder Med For Depression 2009-04-20 Wisconsin Man Murders His Wife: Bond Set a $1 Million
Murder Antidepressants 2009-04-19 Oklahoma 18 Year Old Kills his Father
Murder-Suicide Paxil & Cymbalta Antidepressants 2009-04-18 Maryland 34 Year Old Father Kills Wife & 3 Children: Then Kills Self
Hallucinations/Suicidal Thoughts Effexor Withdrawal 2009-04-18 U.S.A. Woman Developed Hallucination & Suicidal Thoughts During Effexor Withdrawal: Peoples Pharmacy
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-04-18 Canada Woman in Her Sixties Commits Suicide
Affairs With Minors SSRIs 2009-04-18 Idaho/Global +Woman School Teacher Has Affair With Male Teen Student: SSRI: More Bipolar: More Women Pedophiles
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-04-17 Pennsylvania Woman's Father & Uncle Both Kill Themselves on Depression Meds: Woman Raising Awareness of Suicide
Diabetes SSRIs/Antidepressants 2009-04-17 Global ++Long-Term Use of Moderate to High Daily Doses of SSRIs Doubles the Risk For Diabetes: NIH
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2009-04-17 Montana Woman Attempts to Jump From Bridge: Police Save Her
Ineffective Celexa 2009-04-17 Massachusetts Olympic Gold Medalist Finds Celexa Ineffective Even On a Double Dose
Suicide Prozac 2009-04-17 England Talented Runner Kills Self: Family Believes the Prozac Killed Him
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2009-04-17 South Carolina 73 Year Old Man Kills Wife & Dog: Attempts to Kill Self
Abduction Antidepressants 2009-04-17 Virginia Mother Abducts her Two Sons: Later Found in Fluvanna County
Murder Med For Depression 2009-04-15 California +Woman School Teacher, Sunday School, Molests & Kills 8 Year Old Neighbor Girl
Passed Out Antidepressant 2009-04-15 Pennsylvania Man Says his Antidepressant Caused a Drug-Induced Slumber: Misses Court Hearing
Air Rage Antidepressants 2009-04-14 England Passenger Jailed for Ruckus on Airplane
Suicide Lexapro 2009-04-13 New York 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: Fund for Funeral Expenses Announced
Violence Celexa & Seroquel 2009-04-12 Iraq/West Virginia Soldier Returned from Iraq Exhibits Unexplained Behaviors & Violence While on Meds
Murder Zoloft Withdrawal 2009-04-11 Pennsylvania Coed Murdered by Boyfriend Who Was in Recent Withdrawal from Zoloft
Murder-Suicide Effexor & Celexa 2009-04-11 California 19 Year Old Kills Two & Himself in 2005: Court Rules Psychiatrist is Not Liable to Patient's Victims
Death Antidepressant 2009-04-11 Michigan 15 Year Old Dies From One Taser Shock
Murder Zoloft, Paxil & Prozac 2009-04-11 Illinois Man Shoots his Ex-Girlfriend: Possible Withdrawal Case
Death Celexa 2009-04-10 Tennessee Pilot of Crashed Planed Was Taking Celexa
Mania/Delusions Ritalin & Antidepressants 2009-04-10 New York Boy Took Ritalin: It Caused Him to Become Manic: Ended Up on 20 Different Psychiatric Medications
Assault Antidepressants 2009-04-10 Canada Woman Chases Husband Through Shopping Mall: Uses a Knife: Arrested
Side-Effects List Paxil, Effexor & Imipramine 2009-04-09 Global ++Warning on Side-Effects of Antidepressants: British Medical Journal Publishing
Death Antidepressants 2009-04-09 Tennessee Woman's Body Found In River: Probable Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-04-08 Virginia After Change in Prescription for Depression, Man Burns Himself to Death
Felonies Effexor Withdrawal 2009-04-08 Canada After an Abrupt Withdrawal From Effexor, Man Plans to Have Affairs with Minors
Murder Celexa 2009-04-08 Oregon Postpartum: Mother Kills Her Infant Daughter
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-04-08 New Jersey Man Jumps From 8th Floor of Parking Garage: Also Involved Alcohol
Suicide-By-Airplane Pilots Treated For Depression 2009-04-07 Missouri Canadian Flies Stolen Cessna Over U.S.: Wanted to Be Shot
Murder Med For Depression 2009-04-07 England Mother Kills her Two Young Children
Getting "high" Wellbutrin & Seroquel 2009-04-06 California Prisoners Using These Drugs to Get High: Officials At Jail No Longer Give Them
Kleptomania Paxil 2009-04-04 Florida Serial Shoplifter Steals Millions While On Paxil: Paxil Causes Mania, Including Kleptomania
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2009-04-03 England Millionaire in Financial Trouble Kills Wife & Daughter: Burns Down Mansion: Kills Self
Murder Attempt Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-04-03 Massachusetts Mother Stabs 2 Year Old Daughter with Scissors
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2009-04-03 New Jersey Woman Rescued from Suicide By Internet Connection
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2009-04-03 England Top Policeman In Court on Charges of Reckless & Bizarre Behavior
Assault Med For Depression 2009-04-03 England Woman Assaults Police Officer: Bites his Fingers
Death Effexor 2009-04-03 Utah Mother Blames Effexor For Baby's Death: Mother Took Effexor During Pregnancy
Burglary/Child Endangerment Effexor +Benzo 2009-04-02 Iraq/New York Soldier Home From Iraq Commits Felonies
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-04-02 Canada Woman [A Gulf War Vet] Shoots at an Employee in the Nursing Home Where She Lives
Suicide-By-Cop Attempt Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-04-02 Australia Two Week Withdrawal from Depression Med: Knife-Wielding Man Demands Police Shoot Him
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-03-31 England 55 Year Old Man Kills Self
Hyponatremia SSRIs 2009-03-28 Global ++Patients Taking SSRIs More Likely to Have Hyponatremia & Fracture Limbs During Falls
Violence Threats Med For Depression 2009-03-27 England Man Uses Knife to Threaten Violence Against Girlfriend: Reported by Taxi Driver
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-03-27 England Six Storey Jump by Man On Antidepressants
Serotonin Syndrome SSRIs & SNRIs 2009-03-27 Global ++FDA Upgrades Warning on Serotonin Syndrome
Murder Antidepressants 2009-03-26 Ireland Husband Murders his Wife
Violence Prozac 2009-03-25 England Four Years in Prison for Man Who Went Berserk: Alcohol Combined with Prozac
Suicide Attempt Antidepressant 2009-03-25 North Dakota Hobey Baker Award Finalist Attempts Suicide: Quits Med & Learns to Cope Through Self-Expression
Violence Med For Depression 2009-03-25 England School Teacher Has Altercation with Police in Parking Lot of School: Happened in 2002
Reckless Driving Wellbutrin 2009-03-23 Arizona Woman Arrested For Impaired Driving: No Alcohol Involved
Burglary/Death Paxil Withdrawal* 2009-03-23 Pennsylvania Four Day Withdrawal: Man in Jail for Burglary Dies: Paxil Withdrawal Suspected
Murder Celexa & Wellbutrin 2009-03-20 California 24 Year Old Kills His Parents
Adverse Reactions Prozac & SSRIs 2009-03-19 New Zealand Dangers of Overdose & Dangers of Combining SSRIs with Alcohol
Violence Med For Depression 2009-03-19 England Man Stalks his Girlfriend & Abuses Her
DUI/At Elementary School Prozac 2009-03-18 Oregon Man Pleads Guilty in DUI School Incident
Suicide Attempt & Violence Effexor & Mood Stabilizer 2009-03-17 Tennessee Man Wires Self to Homemade Bomb: Mood Stabilizers Don't Work For Depression in So-Called Bipolars
Child Abuse Med For Depression 2009-03-17 Massachusetts Father Locks Daughter in Closet: Is Abusive
Violence Med For Depression 2009-03-17 Engand Man Carried Knife As a Visual Deterrent: Stabs Someone: Goes to Prison
DUI Wellbutrin & Alcohol 2009-03-17 Texas Police Officer Testifies Woman's Combo of Wellbutrin & Alcohol Led to DUI
Robbery Celexa & Lexapro* 2009-03-16 Pennsylvania Mom Robs Store: She Had Switched SSRIs the Day Before: Reason Given For Robbery
Racist Threats Med For Depression 2009-03-14 England Off-Duty Irish Policeman Received Racist Abuse & Attack from Man On Depression Med
School Shooting Med For Depression 2009-03-13 Germany **16 Dead Including Shooter: Antidepressant Use: Shooter in Treatment For Depression
Road Rage Assault Effexor* 2009-03-13 Australia Man Seriously Assaults Former Wallaby Great Norman Hughes, 79
Feeling Strange Antidepressants 2009-03-13 Iraq/Utah Soldier Quits Med For Depression Because it Made Him Feel Not All Right: Involved in Bank Heist
Murder Lexapro 2009-03-13 Colorado Man Stabs Father, a Physician
Stock Market Crash Zoloft/SSRIs & Benzo's 2009-03-13 U.S.A. Wall Street Journal Wonders if These Meds Contributed to Financial Crisis: Opinion: Peggy Noonan
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-03-13 England Woman Jumps From Cliff
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2009-03-12 England Man Kills Girlfriend & Himself
Murder Antidepressant 2009-03-12 Florida Man Kills 8 Year Old Boy: Stabs Police Officer
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-03-11 Caribbean Wife of Gardener Renowned for his Baptist Religion Commits Suicide
Suicide Attempt Paxil 2009-03-10 Illinois Stacy Petersons' Brother-In-Law Attempts Suicide on Paxil
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-03-10 North Carolina 17 Year Old Girl Kills her Mother
School Knife Attack Treatment For Depression & Strattera 2009-03-10 Belgium **Three Dead in School Day Care: Two Children & a Caregiver: Happened Jan 23, 2009
Murder Med For Depression & Abilify 2009-03-10 Illinois 27 Year Old Shoots Pastor During Church Service
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-03-09 California 20 Year Old University of California at Santa Barbara Student Kills Self
Bizarre Behavior Prozac & Lexapro 2009-03-09 Minnesota Police Officers Bizarre Behavior Exacerbated by Prozac & Lexapro: Alcohol Also Involved
Murder Antidepressants 2009-03-09 Belgium Mother Kills Her Two Young Children: Attempts Suicide: Happened in 2008
Murder Prozac* 2009-03-08 Pennsylvania 18 Year Old Imprisoned for Murder of Father Has New Evidence Against Prozac
Erratic Behavior Med For Depression 2009-03-08 Michigan Director of Ambulance Authority Fired for Erratic Behavior
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-03-08 England Man Drives his Car Unto Train Tracks
Inappropriate Behavior Antidepressants 2009-03-04 Texas Secondary School Teacher is Suspended
Running Away Antidepressants 2009-03-04 Canada Suicidal Man Goes Missing: Is Found by Good Samaritan
Felonies Antidepressants 2009-03-04 Minnesota 23 Year Old Man Charged with 5 Felonies, Terrorist Threats & Kicking a Police Officer
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-03-04 California 14 Year Old Boy Fires Into Crowd: One Man Killed: Five Day Withdrawal
Murder Antidepressants 2009-03-03 Belgium Mother Kills Her 5 Children: Recent Withdrawal: Happened Jan 2nd, 2007
Mania Antidepressants 2009-03-02 Canada Canadian Musician, Author & Activist Becomes More Manic on Depression Med
Hypertension & Preeclampsia SSRIs 2009-03-02 Global ++Pregnant Woman Who Use SSRIs Have 4 X the Rate of Hypertension & 2 X the Rate of Preeclampsia
Death Antidepressant 2009-03-01 New York Wife Believes Husband's Death Was Caused by a Reaction to His Depression Med
Ineffective Antidepressants 2009-03-01 England Member of the Royal Air Force Says Antidepressants Were Ineffective for his Combat Problems
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-02-28 England College President Commits Suicide
Death Zoloft 2009-02-28 Iowa Father Accidentally Smothers Baby: Investigators Claim Zoloft Mixed With Alcohol Made Father Drowsy
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2009-02-26 Michigan 40 Year Old Attempts to Kill Girlfriend: Kills Himself
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-02-26 England Painter/Decorator Hangs Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-02-25 England Man Decapitates Himself
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2009-02-25 Iowa 16 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-02-25 England Millionaire Banker Hangs Himself
False Rape Claim Med For Depression 2009-02-25 England Woman is Jailed For 8 Months For Making a False Claim to Police
Arson/Stabbing Med For Depression 2009-02-24 Michigan Husband Stabs his Wife: Sets House on Fire: Is Shot Dead by Police
Ineffective For Autism Prozac 2009-02-24 Global ++Prozac Is Ineffective For Autism: Clinical Trials
Abuse Crimes Med For Depression 2009-02-24 Texas Federal Judge Pleads Guilty to Offenses: Will Be Sentenced
Threatens Obama Depression Treatment 2009-02-24 Nebraska Man Threatens to Shoot Obama: Tells his Counselor: Counselor Reports to Police
Deaths SSRIs/Antidepressants 2009-02-23 England & Wales ++Between 1993 & 2002 there were 4,767 Deaths On SSRIs/ Antidepressants
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-02-23 England Mechanic, 37 Year Old, Kills Self While on Med For Depression
Murder Effexor* 2009-02-20 Netherlands Kind, Gentle Man Stabs Girlfriend 60 Times: Later Kills Self: Totally Out of Character
Violence & Death Celexa 2009-02-20 Texas Police Forced to Shoot Man During Altercation: Man Dies: Alcohol Not Involved
Death Antidepressant* 2009-02-20 Ohio Prison Inmates Death Caused by Seizure Which Was Antidepressant Related
REM Sleep Disorder SSRIs 2009-02-20 Global ++Body Does Not Become Paralyzed During REM Sleep: Allows People on SSRIs To Act Out Their Dreams
Manslaughter Prozac & Wellbutrin 2009-02-20 Oklahoma Man Driving Over 80 MPH Hits Another Car: Woman Killed
False Claims Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-02-20 Australia Woman Makes False Claims to Get Money from Australian Bushfire
Suicide Lexapro Withdrawal 2009-02-18 Florida Young Man Was Taking Lexapro As Needed: On & Off the Drug
Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2009-02-18 Canada Depressed Man Given Antidepressant: The Drug Causes Paranoia & He Attempts to Kill Wife
Weight Gain SSRIs/Antidepressants 2009-02-18 Global ++SSRIs Cause Weight Lose At the Beginning of Use But Weight Gain After Continuous use
Mania St. Johns Wort 2009-02-18 Global ++St. Johns Wort Can Cause Mania In People With So Called Bipolar Disorder
Robbery Med For Depression 2009-02-18 South Dakota Man Robs Bank: Had Trouble Affording his Antidepressant Med
Violence Antidepressants 2009-02-18 Texas Man Deliberately Points Gun at Police Officer: Police Shoot Him in the Arm
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-02-18 India 42 Year Old Woman Plunges From Top of Office Building
Self-Mutilation/Cutting Med For Depression 2009-02-18 Pennsylvania 14 Year Old Girl Deliberately Harms Herself
Crime Spree Celexa Withdrawal 2009-02-18 Canada Man Goes on Bizarre Crime Spree: Tells Police to Shoot Him
Condition Deteriorated Med For Depression 2009-02-17 England Millionaire Philanthropist Missing: Is Found in a Deteriorated State After Change of Depression Med
Sleep Problems SSRIs 2009-02-16 Global ++Prepubescent Children Who Take Antidepressants Are Susceptible to Sleep Problems Thoughout Life:
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-02-16 England 21 Year Old Students Kills Self Shortly After Starting a Med For Depression
Mania Worsens Antidepressants 2009-02-16 England Young Boy's Mania Worsens on Antidepressants
Suicides Cymbalta 2009-02-16 U.S.A. List of 5 Suicides: People Taking Cymbalta for Pain /Neuropathy
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-02-15 Canada Man Pushes Two Teens Off Platform in Front of Train: Dose Had Been Increased Recently
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-02-15 England Kevin Keegan's Nephew Kills Self With Overdose of Antidepressants
Treatment-Emergent Mania Antidepressants 2009-02-12 Global ++TEM Caused by SSRIs Can Lead to Damaging Behaviors, Arrest & Incarceration
Assault Med For Depression 2009-02-12 England Woman Assaults Another Woman & Attacks a Policeman
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-02-12 Florida 19 Year Old Woman Kills Self 6 Years Ago: Mom Sponsers Suicide Prevention Walk
Suicide Prozac/Remeron & 5 Other Meds 2009-02-12 Iraq/Florida Soldier Returned From Iraq Kills Self: Heavily Medicated
Murder Zolot & 12 Other Meds 2009-02-12 Iraq/California Soldier Returned From Iraq Kills Woman
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-02-12 Greece Policeman Shoots at Bodyguard in Front of U.S. Embassy
Violence/Sleep Antidepressants 2009-02-11 Global ++Violence In Sleep & Link to Antidepressants: Assn. Professional Sleep Societies
Poor Judgement Antidepressants 2009-02-10 California Woman Has Octuplets After Having 6 Children: Uses In Vitro Fertilization
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-02-10 Australia Mother Tries to Poison Her Two Children
Turbulent Emotions/Compelling Thoughts SSRIs 2009-02-07 Global ++One in 20 People Without Depression Had Side Effects Such As Turbulent Emotions & Thoughts: Study
Murder Med For Depression 2009-02-07 Connecticut Mother Kills 3 Month Old Daughter: Possible Withdrawal Case
Murder Antidepressants 2009-02-06 Canada Father Murders his Two Year Old Daughter: No History of Violence or Illegal Drug Use
Threatening Behavior Lexapro 2009-02-06 Maryland 19 Year Old Threatens People & Makes Reference to School Shooting: Uses Violent Language
Affair With Minor Antidepressants 2009-02-06 Texas +Woman School Teacher, 42, Molests her 10th Grade Male Student
Murder Med For Depression 2009-02-05 England Husband Stabs Wife Over 500 Times: Then Stabs Neighbor's Funiture: Also Stabs Himself
Suicide-By-Cop Med For Depression 2009-02-05 Florida Man Forces Police to Shoot Him: Dies As a Result
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-02-05 Iraq/Afghanistan ++More Soldiers Committed Suicide in Jan. 2009 Than Died In Combat: Excessive Antidepressants Cited
Adverse Reactions Chantix/Champix 2009-02-05 Canada ++Over 800 Complaints to Health Canada: 520 Involved Psychiatric Problems
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome SSRIs/SNRIs 2009-02-05 Global ++FDA Warns of Life Threatening Disease: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome With Antidepressants
Appear To Look Older Antidepressants 2009-02-04 Global ++Antidepressant Use Can Make People Look Older Than They Are: Also Causes Face Sagging: ASPS
Arson Antidepressants 2009-02-02 Australia Business Executive Has Downward Spiral in Life: Meds A Contributing Factor: 4 Arsons
Death Antidepressants 2009-02-01 Canada Man Mixes Alcohol with Antidepressants: Death Soon Follows
Bank Robbery Antidepressants 2009-02-01 England Former Drug Addict Takes Large Amount of Antidepressants: Robs Bank: Out of Character
Nightmares/Confusion Remeron Antidepressant 2009-02-01 India With No Concomitant Use of Other Meds, Man Has Nightmares & Confusion on Remerron: Causal Aetiology
Severe Withdrawal Antidepressants 2009-01-31 England Cricket Play Has to Be Hospitalized During Withdrawal From Antidepressants
Stealing/Assault Med For Depression 2009-01-30 England Man Steals Star Wars Construction Kit & Assaults Staff Member
Assault Lexapro 2009-01-30 California Physician on Lexapro Assaults his Girlfriend
Suicide Antidepressant 2009-01-30 England Man Jumps From Window of Hospital
Burglary & Assault Med For Depression 2009-01-30 Connecticut 23 Year Old Breaks Into Girlfriend's House: Threatens Her With a Knife
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-01-30 England Woman Jumps In Front of Train
Assault Med For Depression 2009-01-29 England 24 Year Old Assaults Another Man : Possiblity of Prison Sentence
Assault Antidepressants 2009-01-29 Australia Woman Attacks a Newsagency Worker
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-01-29 England Father Of Three Children Kills Self
Murder Prozac* 2009-01-28 England 15 Year Old Boy Murders Man: Trial Is In Progress
Assault Med For Depression 2009-01-28 Iraq/California Soldier Suffering From PTSD Involved in Fight/Assault
Assault Antidepressants 2009-01-28 Canada Country Singer's Son Assaults His Father
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-01-28 England Father Of Austistic Son Seeks Help For Himself: Given Antidepressants: Kills Self
Fraudulent Misrepresentation Antidepressants 2009-01-27 England Managing Director of Local Authority Exhibits Strange Behavior On Antidepressants
Assault Antidepressant Withdrawal 2009-01-27 Oregon Woman Attacks Deputy
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2009-01-27 New Hampshire 21 Year Old Stabs & Injures Clerk in Store
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-01-27 California Man Who Recently & Abruptly Discontinued His Med For Depression Kills Himself
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2009-01-27 Maine Sailor in U.S. Navy Attempts Suicide
Death Paxil 2009-01-27 Michigan Baby Dies From Heart Defect Believed To Be Caused by Mother Taking Paxil During Pregnancy: Lawsuit
Assault Antidepressants 2009-01-27 England 27 Year Old Bites Off Man's Ear: Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison
Kidnapping/Robbery Antidepressants 2009-01-26 Massachusetts Man Kidnaps 17 Year Old Boy
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressants 2009-01-26 Illinois Woman Forces Police To Shoot Her
Ineffective SSRIs 2009-01-26 Global ++SSRIs Ineffective For Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: Meta-analyses
Death Antidepressant 2009-01-24 Florida Physician Becomes Violent: Police Forced to Shoot Him
Violence Med For Depression 2009-01-22 France Pet Poodle on Antidepressants Mauls Former French President Jacques Chirac: He Was Hospitalized
Suicide Zoloft Withdrawal 2009-01-22 Iraq/Massachusetts Soldier [Women Surgeon] in Iraq Kills Self: Recent Withdrawal
Kleptomania/Shoplifting Med For Depression 2009-01-21 England Woman Shoplifts At Department Store
DUI Lexapro 2009-01-21 Massachusetts Man Given Jail Time for Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drug: 2nd Time: Same Drug
Aggression Antidepressants 2009-01-21 Ohio Man Becomes Aggressive After Taking Too Many Antidepressants: Police Report
False Testimony Antidepressants 2009-01-20 Australia Business Partner of Disgraced Man Gives False Testimony
Loss Of Control Med For Depression 2009-01-17 England Man Smashes His Apartment With a Hammer
Child Endangerment Antidepressant 2009-01-16 California Mother Gives Her 5 Year Old Daughter Brownies Laced with Marijuana
Violence Med For Depression 2009-01-16 England Man Breaks Wife's Arm
Stealing Cymbalta 2009-01-16 New Hampshire Audit Reveals Clerk's Misdeeds
Murder Med For Depression 2009-01-15 Illinois 28 Year Old Son Stabs Father to Death
Murder-Suicide Prozac 2009-01-14 California 33 Year Old Kills Wife & Self: Possible Withdrawal Case
Manic Episode Med For Depression 2009-01-14 Pennsylvania Woman Hosts Wild Party for Teen-Agers
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2009-01-13 England 76 Year Old Man Attempts to Kill Wife With a Hammer
Suicides Antidepressants 2009-01-12 Global ++Suicide Risk Higher for First 12 Weeks Following Antidepressant Start: J of Affective Disorders
Assault Antidepressants 2009-01-12 England Man Attacks Policeman: Out of Character Behavior
Assault Antidepressants 2009-01-12 England Man Jailed For a Year for Attacking Two Joggers
Threats of Violence Med For Depression 2009-01-09 Pennsylvania Man Threatens His Family: Police Called
Murder Antidepressants 2009-01-08 Georgia Mother Kills Her Two Young Children
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2009-01-08 California Famous Sitcom Star Willie Aames Attempts Suicide
Nightmares/Children Antidepressants 2009-01-08 Global Mayo Clinic Lists Antidepressants as a Drug That Can Cause Nightmares in Children
Death Antidepressants 2009-01-08 California Famous Actor Patrick Swayze's Sister Died From Overdose of Antidepressants: 1994
Violence Antidepressants 2009-01-08 Mississippi Firefighter Attacks Wife in Front of Their Small Children
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-01-08 England Man Murders Wife: Stabs her 86 Times
Murder Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2009-01-08 Illinois Trial Begins for Man Who Killed Wife in 2006
Vivid Dreams/Nightmares Cymbalta 2009-01-07 Global ++Certain Antidepressants Such As Cymbalta Have Been Associated with Nightmares
Assault Antidepressant 2009-01-07 England Good Samaritan is Attacked By Man He Tries to Help
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-01-07 India Woman Physician Commits Suicide
Hallucinations Antidepressants 2009-01-06 Connecticut Artist Has Worsening Hallucinations While On Antidepressants
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-01-06 England 25 Year Old Jumps In Front of Train
Death by Police Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-01-06 Maine Man Has Confrontation with Police After Several Days Withdrawal from Depression Med
Embezzlement Med For Depression 2009-01-06 Idaho Woman Embezzles $170,000 From a Non-Profit Agency
Suicide Celexa Withdrawal 2009-01-06 Illinois Man Kills Himself After 13 Days of an Abrupt Withdrawal From Celexa
Crime Against Humanity SSRIs 2009-01-04 Global ++Drug Companies Kept Information Secret About SSRIs
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-01-04 California Fund Manager Kills Himself
Workplace Violence/Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2009-01-03 Colorado 24 Year Old Kills Manager of Eldora Mountain Resort & Self
Assault Antidepressants 2009-01-03 England Woman Assaults 3 Officers at Airport
Violence Med For Depression 2009-01-03 Canada Man Shows Up at Parent's Home & Kicks In the Front Door
Suicide Med For Depression 2009-01-03 Iraq/Michigan Soldier Returned From Iraq Kills Self: Possible Withdrawal Case
Bomb Plot/Suicide Antidepressants 2009-01-02 Colorado Bomb Plot in Aspen: Sheriff Blames Antidepressants
Suicide Antidepressants 2009-01-02 England Man Kills Self After Claiming Antidepressants Turned Him Into a Cabbage
Excessive Spending Prozac 2009-01-02 New York Woman Has Side Effect of Excessive Spending While on Prozac
Murder Med For Depression Withdrawal 2009-01-02 Michigan 27 Year Old Kills Parents
Murder Zoloft Withdrawal 2009-01-02 Missouri Man Kills Brother-In-Law During 10 Day Withdrawal From Zoloft
False Claims Antidepressant Withdrawal 2008-12-30 Texas Soldier Makes False Claims About his Military Service
Confused/Are Missing Med For Depression 2008-12-29 Wisconsin Two People On Depression Meds Missing In Two Separate Incidents
Death Med For Depression 2008-12-26 England Possible Suicide of 28 Year Old Man
Murder/Road Rage Med For Depression 2008-12-24 Texas State Trooper from Utah Shoots 3 People on Freeway: 2 Dead & 1 Injured
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2008-12-24 Florida Uncle Tries to Poison Niece & Nephew
Violence Med For Depression 2008-12-23 England Thug Drags Girlfriend by Hair: Assaults Police Officer
Disorientation Med For Depression 2008-12-23 Canada Woman Becomes Disoriented Trying New Depression Med & Almost Freezes To Death
Reckless Driving Antidepressant 2008-12-22 England Man is Banned From Driving
Murder Attempt Antidepressants 2008-12-20 England Man Attempts to Kill His Mother: Also Thought About Killing Colleagues
Murder-Suicide Celexa 2008-12-19 England Mother Kills Her Disabled Son & Herself
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2008-12-18 California MMA Fighter Justin Levens & Wife Killed in Murder Suicide: Antidepressants Found in Their Home
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2008-12-18 Canada Woman Jumps Into River and Is Fortunately Rescued
Death Antidepressants 2008-12-18 Australia 15 Year Old Boy in Three Day Withdrawal Killed by Police When Boy Became Violent
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-12-17 England Popular Chef Kills Himself: Possible Withdrawal Case
Violence Prozac Antidepressant 2008-12-17 England Woman Attacks Police Officer in Pub
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-12-17 England Pensioner Jumps in Front of Train
Murder Antidepressant 2008-12-17 Michigan Man Kills An Attorney
Murder Prozac* 2008-12-17 South Africa Englishman Murders his Wealthy Wife While Living in South Africa
Road Rage Antidepressants 2008-12-17 England Driver Threatens Two People in Another Car
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-12-16 England Prison Reformer Takes Her Own Life
Murder Antidepressants 2008-12-16 California Man Kills Six Year Old Boy & Wounds the Boy's Mother
Arson Med For Depression 2008-12-16 England Woman Sets Fire to Her Own Home
Murder Med For Depression 2008-12-16 Australia Woman Murders Her Mother
Sexual Dysfunction SSRIs 2008-12-15 Global ++Thirty- Ffity % of Those on SSRIs Have sexua| Dysfunction: Some May Not Recover After Withdrawing
Car As Deadly Weapon Antidepressants 2008-12-15 New Zealand Man Uses Car as Deadly Weapon: Taking Antidepressants & Alcohol
Violence Antidepressants 2008-12-15 Florida Man Becomes Violent: Police Forced to Shoot & Kill Him: Police Exonerated
Suicide Med For Depression Withdrawal 2008-12-12 England Carpenter Imagines his Health & Financial Problems Are Worse Than They Are: Kills Self
Illegal Activity Lexapro 2008-12-12 Wisconsin Eighth Graders Selling Lexapro and Adderall: Adderall Is an ADHD Drug
Death Antidepressant 2008-12-12 England Man Falls From Car Park: Possible Suicide
Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2008-12-12 England Man Suffering From Depression Tries to Kill Himself By Crashing His Car
Murder & Arson Med For Depression 2008-12-10 Pennsylvania Man Charged in Fire Death: Started Four Fires
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-12-10 England Man Drowns Self: Toxicology Showed Antidepressants in His Body
Murder Threat Antidepressant 2008-12-10 Hawaii Man Threatens to Kill Obama: Also Involved an Atypical Antipsychotic Which is Half Antidepressant
Driving Violations Antidepressant 2008-12-09 Massachusetts Man Combines Antidepressant With Alcohol: This Dangerous Combo Causes Him to Crash Into 4 Cars
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-12-08 England Man Was Prescribed Antidepressants But Did Not Tell Staff He was Feeling Suicidal: Kills Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-12-07 Kansas 50 Year Old Kills Self: Depressed Over Loss of Kansas Team in Game
Murder Med For Depression 2008-12-06 Australia Postpartum Depression: Mother On Med For Depression Murders her 21 Month Old Son
Violence Med For Depression 2008-12-06 Arizona Man Becomes Violent with Police & Paramedic: Goes on Car Chase: Closes Inerstate 19 For Hours
Murder Prozac 2008-12-05 New Jersey Man Kills Girlfriend: Stabbed Her 30 Times
Violence Zoloft 2008-12-05 California Woman Abuses Two Boys
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-12-04 England 43 Year Old Kills Self: Act Was Totally Out of the Ordinary According to Family
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-12-04 England Woman Kills Self: After Being Prescribed Med For Depression, Her Condition Worsened
Overprescribing Antidepressants 2008-12-02 Australia ++Over 4000 Children Under 10 Years of Age,, including 48 Babies, were Prescribed SSRIs Last Year
Murder Antidepressants 2008-12-02 Canada 25 Year Old Kills Girlfriend's Family: Also Involved Drug for ADHD
Death Prozac 2008-12-01 New Jersey Woman Dies From Accidental Prozac Intoxication: Rule by Medical Examiner
Violence Prozac 2008-11-26 Michigan Man on Prozac Becomes Violent: Killed By Police: Police Exonerated
Cyber Suicide Lexapro [SSRI Antidepressant] 2008-11-25 Florida 19 Year Old Kills Self in Front Of Webcam: Update on Story
Birth Defects Prozac & Paxil 2008-11-24 U.S.A. ++Women Who Took Prozac & Paxil During Pregnancy Had 3 to 4 Times As Many Babies With Birth Defects
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-11-23 England Man Falls In Front of Train: Believed to Be Deliberate
Kleptomania Zoloft [SSRI Antidepressant] 2008-11-23 South Carolina Woman, a Senator's Aide, Steals Money From His Campaign Funds
Death Prozac [SSRI Antidepressant] 2008-11-23 Wales Rock Star DE CLAREd Officially Dead After 13 Years: Car Found Near Bridge
Death Prozac & Seroquel 2008-11-23 California American Idol Contestant Takes Overdose: Parked in Front of Idol's House
Arson Med For Depression 2008-11-21 California Woman Sets Fire to her Apartment Complex: Does Not Call 911: Also Involves Bipolar Meds
Suicide Celexa [SSRI Antidepressant] 2008-11-21 England Woman Mistakenly Believes She Has Cancer - A Side Effect of SSRIs-: Kills Herself
Suicides Med For Depression 2008-11-21 Michigan Two Brothers, 47 & 47, Both on Depression Med Kills Themselves
Erratic Driving Med For Depression 2008-11-21 England Man Arrested for Erratic Driving: His Antidepressants Made him Feel Weird & Strange
Violence Antidepressant 2008-11-20 South Carolina Man Becomes Extremely Violent & Has Bizarre Behavior: Wife Forced to Kill Him
Violence Med For Depression 2008-11-20 England Taxi Driver Assaults Man After Crashing Into His Car
Suicide Zoloft [SSRI Antidepressant] 2008-11-19 Vermont Patient in Psychiatric Hospital Given Zoloft: Kills Self
Suicide Pact Antidepressants 2008-11-19 California Engineer's Family Kills Self: Five Dead
Suicide Cymbalta 2008-11-18 U.S.A. 24 Year Old Woman Kills Self: Peoples Pharmacy
Murder Antidepressant 2008-11-18 England Man Murders Schoolgirl
Murder Antidepressant 2008-11-18 Australia Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills her Seven Month Old Child
Robbery Antidepressants 2008-11-18 Arkansas 19 Year Old Robs his Grandparents
Criminal Acts/Suicide Antidepressants 2008-11-18 Nevada Bizarre Crime Spree Ends in Suicide: Also Involved Alcohol
Violence Antidepressants 2008-11-17 Wisconsin 24 Year Old Woman Mixes Antidepressants with Alcohol: Became Violent
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2008-11-16 Wisconsin College Student Attempts Suicide Shortly After Starting Med for Depression & Bipolar illness
Assault Antidepressant 2008-11-16 Australia Man Assaults Girl Over 7 Day Peroid: Physician Testifies Antidepressant Made Him Aggressive
Murder Med For Depression 2008-11-14 North Carolina Mother Kills her 7 Month Old Child
Murder Med For Depression 2008-11-14 New Jersey Woman Kills Man In Boarding House
Murder Med For Depression 2008-11-14 Georgia Man Kills his Girlfriend with 3 Foot Sword
Suicide-By-Cop & Robbery Antidepressants 2008-11-12 Ireland 22 Year Old Robs Store & Tries to Get Police to Kill Him
Not Recommended For Youth SSRIs 2008-11-12 U.S.A. ++74% of Youth Will Not Respond to SSRIs: CNS Response Data
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-11-11 England Man Commits Suicide After Breakup with Girlfriend
Nervous Breakdown Antidepressants 2008-11-11 Iraq/California Soldier Returned From Iraq Has Breakdown From Too Many Antidepressants
Birth Defect Paxil 2008-11-10 Canada Lawsuit Over Son's Health Problems Due to Mother Taking Paxil During Pregnancy
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-11-10 England Man Commits Suicide After Losing his Passport
Serotonin Syndrome SSRIs & SNRIs 2008-11-09 U.S.A. ++In 2004, 103 Deaths Recorded from Serotonin Syndrome & 8,187 People Had Toxic Effects
Standoff-With-Police Antidepressant Withdrawal 2008-11-09 Washington Man Arrested After Brief Standoff with Police
Suicide SSRIs 2008-11-08 California Mother Campaigns with Stop Foundation After Suicide of Son
Death Zoloft 2008-11-05 England 18 Year Old Girl Dies from Anorexia She Developed on Zoloft
Gambling Antidepressant 2008-11-04 Russia Man Loses 1.5 Million in Casinos: Unaware of How Much He Was Losing
Homicidal Ideation Zoloft 2008-11-03 Global ++One in Sixty-six Children Aged 17 & Under Had Homicidal Ideation in this Study from the NEJM
Kleptomania Antidepressants 2008-11-03 Australia Woman Steals $28,000 From a School
Do Not Prescribe Zoloft 2008-11-03 Australia ++Pfizer, Zoloft's Manufacturer, Recommends Zoloft Not Be Prescribed To Those Under 24 in Australia
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-11-03 England Woman, A Personal Banker, Hangs Self
Suicide Effexor 2008-11-03 England Tree Surgeon Hangs Himself: High Level of Effexor: Also Involved Alcohol
Depression & Abnormal Thoughts Prozac 2008-11-02 Global ++Lilly Removed Data on Depression & Abnormal Thoughts as Frequent Adverse Reactions:Clinical Trials
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-11-02 Colorado 17 Year Old Inmate Has Antidepressants Constantly Switched: Hangs Self
Shooting Antidepressant Withdrawal 2008-11-01 Pennsylvania Man Shoots Father in Legs: Became Filled with Rage During Withdrawal: 5 Year Sentence to Prison
Murder Paxil 2008-10-30 Arkansas 85 Year Old Man Kills Wife: No History of Violence & He Got Along with Wife: Act Called Bizarre
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2008-10-30 Iraq/California Soldier With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Attempts Suicide After Given Med
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-10-26 California Director John Huston's Daughter-In-Law Commits Suicide
Murder Paxil Withdrawal 2008-10-24 Nevada Man Seeks New Trial: 3 Witnesses for Paxil Withdrawal
Violence Zoloft 2008-10-24 New Jersey 22 Year Old Tries to Stab Mother & Kill Self
Suicide Prozac 2008-10-23 England Woman Shoots Self: Also Self-Mutilated Before Death
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-10-22 England Human Resource Director For Children's Society Kills Self
Assault Antidepressant 2008-10-22 England 18 Year Old Girl Injures her Boyfriend in an Assault
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-10-21 England Renault Formula 9 Designer Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-10-21 England Woman Kills Self: Dosage of Antidepressant Increased One Week Prior to Suicide
Suicide Increase Antidepressants 2008-10-21 U.S.A. ++Increase in Both Suicide Rate & Antidepressant Use Among Middle Aged White Adults
Running Away Prozac Withdrawal 2008-10-20 New Hampshire 17 Year Old Girl Runs Away From Home: 2n Time This Happened During a Recent Prozac Withdrawal
Doubts Own Perceptions Antidepressants 2008-10-19 North Carolina Woman Deteriorates on Antidepressants: Eventually Recovers Without Any Medication
Suicide Cymbalta/Wellbutrin & 4 Other Drugs 2008-10-19 New Mexico Physicist Commits Suicide: Lawsuit Against Physician
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-10-17 India 24 Year Old College Student Commits Suicide
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressant 2008-10-17 England Police Chase Driver 200 Miles Off Course
Suicide Celexa* 2008-10-16 England Coroner Blames Celexa For Man's Suicide
Ineffective Pristiq Antidepressant 2008-10-16 Europe ++Pristiq Is Not Approved in Europe Due to Concerns About Effectivess
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2008-10-15 England Man Kills Wife: Possible Withdrawal Case
Suicide Prozac 2008-10-14 U.S.A. ++Govt. Study: 9% More Children On Prozac Alone Were Suicidal Compared to Those on Therapy Alone
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2008-10-14 England Magistrate Removed From Bench Due to Improprieties
Inappropriate Behavior Antidepressants 2008-10-14 England Football Player Banned From Games For 3 Years
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-10-14 England Coed Hangs Herself
Serotonin Syndrome Cymbalta 2008-10-14 Ireland Woman Dies From Serotonin Syndrome: Cynmbalta Given With the Antidepressant Elavil
Suicidal Behaviors Antidepressant 2008-10-14 Iraq/Wisconsin Soldier Returned From Iraq Becomes Suicidal on Depression Med Given to Her During Demobilization
Suicide Prozac 2008-10-14 California Teen in Juvenile Center Hangs Self While On Prozac
Murder Lexapro 2008-10-12 Tennessee Husband Kills 18 Year Old Friend of Wife
Psychosis Antidepressants 2008-10-09 California Singer Kellie Pickler Said Antidepressants Made Her "Crazy": People Magazine
Suicide Celexa 2008-10-09 Canada Woman Killed Self in 2006: Lawsuit of 3.7 Million
Stand-Off-With-Police Antidepressants 2008-10-09 Florida Man Commits Suicide During 10 Hour Stand Off with SWAT Team
Hallucinations Antidepressant 2008-10-09 England Woman's Antidepressant Causes Her to Hallucinate: Later She Dies From Hypothermia
Suicide Attempt Prozac 2008-10-09 New Mexico Judge Removes Self in Lawsuit Against Prozac Because his Own Son Attempted Suicide on the Drug
Murder Med For Depression 2008-10-08 Ireland Man Kills Another Man & Then Sets his Body on Fire
Suicide Zoloft Withdrawal 2008-10-08 Iraq/Pennsylvania Soldier Commits Suicide: Lawsuit Against United States Government
Stock Market Crash Antidepressants 2008-10-08 U.S.A./Global ++Traders on Antidepressants May Have Contributed to the Financial Crisis: Journalist Adam Hanft
Road Rage/Shooting Med For PTSD 2008-10-07 Iraq/Washington Iraq War Veteran Shoots at Passing Motorist While in a Rage
Mania Prozac 2008-10-06 Canada +Margaret Trudeau Becomes Manic on Prozac: Is Now Off All Antidepressants
Assault Med For Depression 2008-10-06 England Man Assaults his Neighbor
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2008-10-04 England Father Murders his Two Year Old Son & Himself
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-10-04 Texas Soldier, a Recruiter, Hangs Himself: Was the 5th Houston Army Recruiter to Kill Self in 7 Years
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-10-03 Pennsylvania Clinical Social Worker Commits Suicide
Violence Med For Depression 2008-10-03 England Man Threatens Boy With Imitation Gun
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-10-02 South Korea The Most Famous Acress in South Korea Commits Suicide
Murder Antidepressant 2008-10-02 Pennsylvania Man Stabs 19 Year Old Over 100 Times: May Use Involuntary Intoxication Defense
Birth Defects Paxil 2008-10-01 U.S.A. First Federal Paxil Birth Defect Case Has Been Set For Trial
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-10-01 England Man on Med For Depression Refused Admission to Hospital: Kills Self
Theft Antidepressants 2008-10-01 Florida Woman Steals from Her Employer
Embezzlement Antidepressant 2008-10-01 New York Woman Embezzles 20K
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-09-29 Illinois 17 Year Old Hangs Himself
DUI Med For Depression 2008-09-29 California Famous Actress Heather Locklear: Driving Under the Influence: Prescription Meds: No Alcohol
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-09-26 Texas Retired School Teacher Who Was Suicidal & Disappeared in 2007 : Her Body Has Been Found
Death Antidepressants 2008-09-26 New York Police Use a Stun Gun on Man: He Falls 10 Ft. & Is Killed
Assault Antidepressant 2008-09-26 Ohio Police Arrest Woman: Later There Is a Big Controvery on Her Being Jailed
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-09-25 England Retired Train Driver Kills Self
Withdrawal Syndrome Paxil 2008-09-25 Massachusetts Woman's Life Forever Altered by Paxil
Arson Med For Depresion 2008-09-25 England Woman Sets Her Home On Fire: Laughs at Paramedic
Suicidal Urges Antidepressants 2008-09-25 Wisconsin Man Asked Police To Shoot Him
Suicide Wellbutrin 2008-09-25 California Petaluma's Chief Building Official Kills Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-09-24 England 27 Year Old Man Sets Self on Fire
Murder Zoloft 2008-09-24 Tennessee Man Kills One Deputy: Injures Another: May Be in Withdrawal from Zoloft
Assault Antidepressant 2008-09-24 Australia Man Attacks Police: Tries to Throw Fire Bomb at Them
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-09-24 Virginia Woman in Psychiatric Hospital Commits Suicide
Infertility Antidepressants 2008-09-24 Global ++Antidepressants Could Harm Sperm & Lead to Infertility
Murder Antidepressant 2008-09-21 England Husband, Given Depression Med for Mild Depression, Kills his Wife
Mania & Violence Antidepressants 2008-09-20 Rhode Island 16 Year Old Becomes Worse on Antidepressant: Finally Diagnosed as Bipolar As They All Are
Suicide Effexor & Zoloft 2008-09-20 U.S.A. 11 Year Old Boy Hangs Self in 2002: Reported In the Book Medication Madness
Tasered By Police Med For Depression 2008-09-20 Ireland Man Accused of Assault & Threatening Ex-Wife & Children: Police Use Controversial Taser Gun
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2008-09-19 Australia 14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide: Possible Lawsuit
Assault Antidepressants 2008-09-19 Ireland Man Attacks Police with a Slash-Hook
Murder Antidepressant 2008-09-19 Georgia Woman Caregiver Murders her Charge
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-09-19 England Man Kills Himself Falsely Believing He Had Asbesots Poisioning & Had Passed it To His Family
Manslaughter Med For Depression Withdrawal 2008-09-18 England Woman Murders her Husband
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-09-18 England 35 Year Old Man Kills Self: Actions Were Totally Out of Character
Forgery Prozac 2008-09-18 Indiana Nurse Faces 4 Counts of Forgery & Theft
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-09-18 Pennsylvania Missing Man Found After 3 Days: Died of Self-Inflicted Cuts to the Neck
Homicidal Threats Antidepressants 2008-09-18 Australia Man Makes Murderous Threats During One Day Withdrawal: Also Involved Alcohol
Air Rage Antidepressants 2008-09-17 England 21 Year Old Woman Has Air Rage: Plane Forced to Land
Unethical Zoloft & Cymbalta 2008-09-15 U.S.A. ++FDA Web Site on Drug Ads Developed by Drug Industry PR Firm
Death Antidepressants 2008-09-15 England Man Found Dead from Three Different Antidepressants & Alcohol
Suicides Cymbalta 2008-09-13 Global Eighteen Suicides & 41 Deaths: Freedom of Information on Cymbalta
Cancer Acceleration Antidepressants 2008-09-13 Global ++Antidepressants Can Both Accelerate and/or Shut Down Cancer Growth
Murder Antidepressant 2008-09-12 England Mother Murders her 4 Year Old Daughter
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2008-09-12 California School Teacher Found Walking Nude in his Neighborhood
Murder-Suicide Attempt/Arson Med For Depression 2008-09-11 Australia 81 Year Old Attempts to Kill his Wife and Himself: Also Sets House on Fire
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-09-11 North Dakota 25 Year Old Kills Self: May Also Have Involved Antipsychotic
Machete Attack Antidepressant 2008-09-11 Virginia Man Given Life Sentence for Attack: Also Tried to Kill Self
Mania Paxil 2008-09-10 Connecticut Man Takes Paxil for Shyness: Has Manic Reaction: Ruins his Life
Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2008-09-10 Australia 16 Year Old Overdoses: Had Heart Attack: Exhibited Bizarre Behavior while on Med
Road Rage/Stabbing Med For Depression 2008-09-09 Australia Man Crashes Into 3 Cars: Stabs Occupant: His Depression Med had Synergistic Effect With Alcohol
Threatening Judge Antidepressant Withdrawal 2008-09-09 Massachusetts Woman Threatens Judge During Trial
Theft Antidepressants 2008-09-09 Canada Young Man Steals From Employer: First Offense
Suicide Prozac 2008-09-09 U.S.A. Man Commits Suicide on Prozac: Lawsuit
Movement Disorders Zoloft & Geodon 2008-09-08 Texas Man Files Lawsuit Over Movement Disorders: Cites Off-Label Use of Drugs
Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2008-09-08 Montana Woman Held in Jail Five Days: Withdraws from Meds: Kills Self
Suicide [Lawsuit] Paxil 2008-09-06 Pennsylvania 16 Year Old Kills Self: Judge Strikes Down Pre-Emption Ruling: Lawsuit Moves Forward
Suicide Rate Antidepressants 2008-09-06 U.S.A. ++Suicide Rate Among Teens Declines as Antidepressant Use Among Teens Slows
Suicide Remeron Antidepressant 2008-09-06 Wales Man At Low Risk for Self-Harm Commits Suicide
Robbery/Suicide Antidepressants 2008-09-06 Illinois Man Commits Suicide After Holding 12 People Hostage at Bank
Suicide-By-Cop Effexor 2008-09-05 Vermont Man Shot Dead by Police: Effexor Levels 10 Times HIgher Than Normal
Cruelty to Animals Antidepressant Withdrawal 2008-09-04 England Man Tortures his Dog to Death
Serotonin Toxicity Antidepressants 2008-09-01 Australia ++One in Twelve Older Men at Risk for Serotonin Toxicity by Drug Combinations
Suicide Risk Antidepressants 2008-09-01 Europe ++Update From European & Irish Agencies on Suicide Risk in Young Adults
Death Prozac & Effexor 2008-08-30 Wisconsin Woman Races Car at 90 MPH: Two Teens Die in Crash
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-08-30 England 28 Year Old Sets Himself on Fire
Felony/Thoughts of Murder Antidepressants 2008-08-29 Minnesota 18 Year Old Heart Transplant Patient Commits Felonies & Has Thoughts of Murder
Death Med For Depression 2008-08-29 Minnesota Drummer for the Band Named Replacements Dies From Overdose
School Shooting Plot Med For Depression WITHDRAWAL 2008-08-28 Texas **18 Year Old Plots a Columbine School Attack
Child Abandonment Med For Depression 2008-08-27 England Mother Leaves Child Alone So the Mother Can Go Partying
Murder-Suicide Attempt Antidepressants 2008-08-27 Australia Mother Tries to Poison her Two Children & Self: Also Involved Antipsychotics
Child Endangerment Prozac 2008-08-26 Arkansas Mother With 8 Children in Car Runs Into Side of Building
Suicide Lexapro & Celexa 2008-08-23 Maine 24 Year Old Kills Himself
Road Rage/Bizarre Behavior Zoloft 2008-08-22 Georgia Police Arrest Man After Bizarre Chase: Man Is Incoherent: No Alcohol Involved
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-08-20 England 21 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-08-20 England 21 Year Old University Student Kills Self
Suicide Paxil 2008-08-20 Wyoming 23 Year Old Woman Kills Self: Mother Starts a Non-Profit Organization
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-08-20 England Man Given Med for Stress: Becomes Agitated: Kills Self
Theft Antidepressants 2008-08-19 North Carolina Paramedic Steals From Patients
Seizures Wellbutrin 2008-08-19 Global ++Wellbutrin Alone Produced Seizures in Mice: Larger Effect When Alcohol Was Added
Assault Antidepressant 2008-08-18 England Man Attacks Another Man in Nightclub
An Injury/ A Death Paxil & Wellbutrin 2008-08-17 Texas Foster Child Dies: Sister Injured: Antipsychotics & ADHD Meds: Their Docs Had Drug Firm Ties
Road Rage/Child Endangerment Prozac 2008-08-16 Louisiana Postpartum: Mother Deliberately Crashes Into Cars: Throws 15 Month Old Over 7 Foot Fence
Perjury Prozac 2008-08-16 California Woman Testifies She Lied About Rape Allegations: Also Involved Benzodiazepines
Plane Crash Antidepressants 2008-08-15 Alaska Pilot Crashes: Five Dead: Pilot Faulted For Flying Into Bad Weather
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-08-15 England 19 Year Old Commits Suicide
Murder Effexor Antidepressant 2008-08-14 Arkansas State Democratic Party Chairman Killed by Man On Antidepressants
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-08-14 New York Renowned Author Kills Self in 2002: Now Revealed He Was On Antidepressants
Assault Antidepressants 2008-08-12 England Former Police Officer Attacks his Ex
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2008-08-12 Canada Man Deliberately Drive his Van into Car: Kills One and Self
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2008-08-12 Indiana Man Shoots Wife: Kills Self
Suicides Antidepressants 2008-08-11 Indiana Majority of Suicides in Vandenburgh County Were on Antidepressants: Rates Surge
Mania Antidepressant 2008-08-08 Ohio Woman Becomes Manic on Antidepressant: Is hospitalized With Psychosis
Panic Attacks Zoloft Withdrawal 2008-08-08 Tennessee Woman Has Panic Attacks for the First Time in her Life During Withdrawal
Anthrax Murders Celexa 2008-08-08 U.S.A. +Anthrax Suspect Took Celexa First: Became Psychotic.: Psychosis is Listed as an Adverse Reaction
Suicide Cymbalta, Lexapro & Effexor 2008-08-08 Massachusetts Much Loved 46 Year Old Wife, Mother, Daughter Commits Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-08-07 England Businessman Decapitates Himself
Theft Med For Depression 2008-08-07 Canada Engineer Given Depression Med: Then his Life Spirals Downhill
Plane Crash Antidepressants 2008-08-07 California Pilot Dies After Crashing his Plane: On Two Antidepressants that Are Not Approved by FAA
Abnormal Behavior Prozac 2008-08-07 Global ++Fish Exposed to Prozac Exhibit Abnormal Behavior
Knife Attack Med For Depression 2008-08-04 Tennessee 14 Year Old Stabs his Parents: They Are Hospitalized in Serious Condition
Arson Med For Depression 2008-08-04 England Man Sets Fire to His House While He is Inside
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-08-02 England Man Hijacks Taxi at Knifepoint: Drives Off Cliff
Assault Med For Depression 2008-08-01 Illinois Teen Attacks Woman With Claw Hammer: Possible Withdrawal Case
Suicide/Immolation Med For Depression 2008-08-01 England Man Sets Fire to Himself in Front of Police Station
REM Sleep Inhibition Antidepressants 2008-08-01 Global ++Antidepressants Inhibit REM Sleep: Loss of Dreaming Can Lead to Serious Illness
Murder Antidepressants 2008-08-01 Canada Man Murders Bartender: One Day Withdrawal from Med for Depression
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2008-08-01 England Mother Kills her Five Old Year Son and Herself
Car Crash Antidepressant 2008-08-01 Tennessee District Attorney Cited for DUI: No Alcohol Involved but High Level of Prescribed Antidepressant
Suicide Celexa 2008-07-31 Wales Man Hangs Himself: Brother Testifies He Was Having No Problems
Plane Crash Antidepressants 2008-07-31 Pennsylvania Woman Pilot Crashes Glider Plane
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-07-30 England Pensioner Hangs Self: Friend Thought Med Made him Worse
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2008-07-30 England Woman Kills Husband: Attempts to Kill Self
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-07-30 North Carolina 15 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide
Manslaughter Antidepressants 2008-07-28 Ireland Woman Kills Neighbor in Fight About a Puppy: Also Involved Alcohol
Murder Med For Depression 2008-07-26 Arkansas Man Kills 3 Family Members: Injures Two
Assault Antidepressants 2008-07-26 England Ex-Vicar & Religious Ed Teacher Assaults a Father & Son
Vehicular Homicide Zoloft 2008-07-26 Texas Man Hits Biker: Was Also on three Benzo's
Assault Antidepressant 2008-07-25 Canada Mayor To Be Sentenced for Assault: Recent Withdrawal Case
Murder-Suicide Antidepressants 2008-07-24 Washington Mother Kills Son & Self: Change in Antidepressant Med a Week Before the Shooting
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-07-23 Iraq/Washington Soldier Home From Iraq Kills Self: Also Involved Antipsychotics & Benzo's
Wasting Police Time Antidepressant 2008-07-23 England Woman On Trial for Wasting Police Time
Suicide Prozac 2008-07-23 Washington 23 Year Old University Student Kills Himself
Murder Celexa 2008-07-22 Michigan 73 Year Old Man Kills Real Estate Agent: Also Involved the Antidepressant Elavil
Suicide Zoloft 2008-07-22 Iraq/Washington Soldier Returned From Iraq Commits Suicide
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-07-21 Minnesota Father Sends Thank You Note For Support After Son Commited Suicide
Death Antidepressants 2008-07-20 Iraq/North Carolina Soldier's Bizarre Behavior Results in His Death
Suicide Paxil 2008-07-19 Indiana Federal Judge Reverses Decision in Paxil Lawsuit
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-07-19 England Woman Drowns Self
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-07-19 England 26 Year Old Woman Math Teacher Jumps to Her Death
Murder Med For Depression 2008-07-19 Minnesota Vietnam Vet Kills Wife: Burns Down House
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2008-07-18 England Man Attempts to Kill Another Man
Death Med For Depression 2008-07-18 England 34 Year Old Woman Dies After Mixing Nytol, an antihistamine, with Depression Med
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-07-18 England Nurse Kills Self with Deliberate Injection of Insulin
Lack Of Accountability Chantix, Paxil & Celexa 2008-07-18 U.S.A. Veterans of Foreign Wars Demand Accountability from VA on Use of Prescription Drugs
Possible Accident Zoloft 2008-07-18 Conneticut Man Disappears From Ship: Also Involved Alcohol: Civil Trial
Suicide SSRIs 2008-07-17 Global ++David Healy, M.D. Responds to WSJ Article: Doubling of Suicidal Acts on SSRIs Over Placebo
Affair With Minor Med For Depression 2008-07-17 Wisconsin +Woman School Teacher Has Affair with 13 Year Old Boy
Suicide Prozac 2008-07-16 Kentucky Two Young Men Known By Reporter Commit Suicide on Prozac
Vehicular Homicide Antidepressants 2008-07-16 Colorado Woman Given 4 Years in Prison for VH: No Alcohol Involved
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-07-16 California 16 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide: RCC Scholarship Set Up
Attachment Hindered Antidepressants 2008-07-16 Global Anthropologist Writes About Attachment & Antidepressant Use
Suicide Chantix & Zoloft 2008-07-15 Global ++Chantix & Zoloft Share Similar Mechanism: Lawsuit Over Suicide on Chantix
Suicide-By-Cop Med For Depression Withdrawal 2008-07-15 Canada Man Recently Off Med For Depression Is Shot to Death by Police
Death Antidepressants 2008-07-15 Pennsylvania Man Dies in Personal Care Home: Also Involved Alcohol: Owner of Home on Trial
Murder Antidepressants 2008-07-14 Australia Man Guns Down Rival For Woman's Affection
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-07-14 Taiwan Russian Professor Leaps From Building in Taiwan
Murder Med For Depression 2008-07-12 Ohio Man Kills Wife After Changing his Depression Med
Suicide Lexapro 2008-07-12 Missouri 14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide While On Lexapro
Violence Med For Depression 2008-07-12 Ireland Man Brandishes a "Scythe" While on Med for Depression
Death Med For Depression 2008-07-12 England Man Dies, Possibly From Heat Stroke, While on Med For Depression
Zombie-Like State Meds For Depression 2008-07-12 England Woman Files Lawsuit for Adverse Reactions to Nine Powerful Meds for Depression
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-07-10 England Man Jumps In Front of Truck
Death Med For Depression 2008-07-10 Ohio Man Found in Woods: Had Been Missing: Acted Irrational on Med According to Family
Death Antidepressants 2008-07-09 Iraq/Massachusetts Soldier, 33, Dies from Liver Failure: Also Involved Alcohol
Stand-Off-With-Police Antidepressant 2008-07-09 Iraq/Hawaii Soldier [Suicidal] In 18 Hour Stand-Off-With-Police
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-07-07 California A Suicide Linked to SSRI in 1996 Results in Website to Help Families Cope: Article July 7, 2008
Suicide/Impulsivity Antidepressants 2008-07-06 Global ++Almost One-Third of Suicides are Impulsive: Antidepressants Can Cause Impulsivity
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2008-07-03 Ohio Prosecutor Fired for Nudity
Mood Swings Cymbalta 2008-07-02 New York Suspect Questioned About Injuries to 3 Year Old: Says Cymbalta Causes Mood Swings
Violence Med For Depression 2008-07-02 England Man Becomes a Jekyll & Hyde When Combining Depression Med With Alcohol
Air Rage Antidepressants 2008-06-30 Canada Man Jailed for a Year for Air Rage: Also Involved Alcohol
Dangerous Driving Med For Depression 2008-06-30 Australia Man Drives Dangerously in Front of Police Station: Also Involved Alcohol: 4 Day Withdrawal
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-06-30 Utah Utah Supreme Court Rules Wife of Man Who Committed Suicide May Sue Doctor
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-06-30 England Prince Charles' Wife, Camilla: Her Bodyguard Commits Suicide
Wasting Police Time Med For Depression 2008-06-29 England Man Makes False Claims of Molestation
Disease Mongering Zoloft 2008-06-26 Massachusetts Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Operates on Cape Cod In Dr.'s Offices
Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2008-06-25 Connecticut Man Changes Antidepressant Med: Slashes Wife's Throat
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-06-25 England Man On Antidepressants Hangs Self
Death Med For Depression 2008-06-24 England Man's Use of Depression Meds Causes Fatal Heart & Breathing Problems
Anxiety SSRIs 2008-06-24 Global Celexa, Zoloft & Effexor Can Cause Person to Have More Anxiety
Dangerous Driving Med For Depression 2008-06-19 England Man Goes to Trial for Dangerous Driving
Loses Employment Zoloft 2008-06-19 Missouri Police Officer Fired for Use of Zoloft & Consorting with Criminals
Assault Antidepressants 2008-06-19 Ireland Woman Attacks Two Police Officers
Road Rage Murder Med For Depression 2008-06-19 Australia Man Commits Road Rage Murder: 4 Day Withdrawal From Med for Depression
Assault Med For Depression 2008-06-19 Australia Man Attacks Neighbor About Dog
Falls Med for Depression 2008-06-19 Global ++Increased Risk of Falls in Older People Taking Meds for Depression: Public Library of Science
Crime Against Humanity Chantix 2008-06-17 U.S.A. ++Soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Recruited to Test Drug the FDA Says Causes Suicide
Bizarre Behavior Prozac Withdrawal 2008-06-17 Alaska Man Goes off "The Deep End"
Assault Effexor* 2008-06-16 Maine Man Savagely Assaults Friend: Wields a Machete & Tries to Set House on Fire
Death Prozac +PTSD Meds 2008-06-15 Iraq/Texas Soldier Found Dead in Barracks: Cause Not Yet Known: Involved Prozac, Seroquel, Trazadone & a Benzo
Assault Antidepressants 2008-06-15 England Man Arrested in Assault on Girlfriend
Violence Antidepressants 2008-06-15 England Man's Alcohol Use Clashed with Antidepressants, Causing "A Psychotic Reaction"
Suicide Attempt Lexapro 2008-06-15 New Mexico Judge in Lawsuit Said Relative Attempted Suicide on Lexapro
Violence Zoloft 2008-06-13 Texas Man with No Criminal Record Becomes Violent on Zoloft: Fatally Shot by Police
Withheld Safety Information Paxil 2008-06-12 U.S.A. Senator Grassley [R - Iowa] Asks FDA & HHS To Investigate GlaxoSmithKline On Paxil
Felony Med for Depression 2008-06-12 England Depressed Man Waved Knife At Shoppers [& Other Criminal Acts]
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2008-06-12 Massachusetts Woman Beats Up Security Guard at Mall
Arson Med For Depression 2008-06-11 Canada Man Sets Fire to his Parents House: 4 OPP Officers Injured: Perpetrator Dies
Suicide Celexa 2008-06-11 England Woman M.D. Kills Self: Also Involved a Tricyclic Antidepressant
Murder Med For Depression 2008-06-11 Massachusetts Man Stabs Teacher: Has Recently Started Taking Med for Depression & Bipolar Disorder
Death Paxil/Seroquel & Benzo 2008-06-08 U.S.A. +Soldiers [Twelve] Die in Sleep from PTSD Meds As Uncovered by the Father of One of the Soldiers
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-06-08 Arizona 17 Year Old Girl Kills Self
Affair With Employee Antidepressant 2008-06-08 Arkansas School Superintendent Fired for Affair with an Enployee
Murder Med For Depression 2008-06-06 South Carolina Physician Who Killed Wife in 2006 Is Sentenced to 3 Years In Prison
Murder Attempt Zoloft 2008-06-06 South Carolina Man Attempts to Shoot His Wife
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-06-06 Oklahoma Woman, 71, Shoots Herself
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-06-05 England Man Kills Self: Coroner Knew This Man & Was Shocked & Surprised
Aggravated Child Abuse Med For Depression 2008-06-05 Florida Mother Hits Son With Flat Part of Sword
Ethics Complaints Antidepressants 2008-06-05 Alabama Judge May Be Removed From Bench: Also Involved Meds for ADHD & Pain
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-06-04 England Man's Personality Changed on Medication Before He Committed Suicide
Missing Med For Depression 2008-06-04 Minnesota 17 Year Old's Personality Changed on Med: Massive Search of Mississippi River
Ruined Life Paxil 2008-06-02 England Woman's Life Was Runied by Paxil & her Marriage Destroyed: Lawsuit
Death Med For Depression 2008-06-02 England 27 Year Old Dies Suddenly: Paxil & Alcohol Involved: No Other Drugs
Murder Attempt Med For Depression 2008-06-02 New York Mother Attempts to Suffocate her 7 Month Old Daughter
Death Med For Depression 2008-06-02 Australia Man is Shot Dead by the Police
Unethical Antidepressants 2008-06-01 Iraq/Oregon Soldier Is Not Allowed to Speak to a Counselor Unless he Takes Antidepressants First
Murder Antidepressants 2008-05-30 Wisconsin Man Stabs his Mother to Death
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-05-29 England Woman Jumps From Cliff: Her 8 Year Old Daughter Witnesses This
Murder Antidepressants 2008-05-29 Ohio Mother Kills her 11 Month Old Daughter
Murder Paxil 2008-05-26 Texas +15 Year Old Girl Kills Grandmother 13 Years Ago: Life Sentence
Suicide Antidepressant Withdrawal 2008-05-26 Iraq/Texas Soldier Commits Suicide: Was a 19 Year Veteran with a Family
Suicide Prozac 2008-05-25 New Zealand Coroner Reiterates Warnings on SSRIs: Another Suicide
Murder Paxil 2008-05-25 Canada +Father Who Murdered Son Four Years Ago Campaigns Against SSRIs
Murder/Serotonin Syndrome SSRI 2008-05-24 Wisconsin Father Kills Twin Babies While in a Confused State From Serotonin Syndrome
Deaths Paxil, Seroquel, Klonopin 2008-05-24 West Virginia Soldiers [Four] In Their 20's Die In Sleep While on Paxil, Seroquel & Klonopin
Suicides SSRIs 2008-05-23 New Zealand Women's Group Fears Suicides Are Being Caused by SSRIs: Farmer Kills Self
Unethical Zoloft 2008-05-23 Global ++PTSD Alliance Group Is the Creation of a Public Relations Firm Working for Pfizer
Murder Antidepressant 2008-05-23 Ohio Mother Poisons her 11 Month Old Daughter
Adverse Reaction Cymbalta 2008-05-22 Nevada Woman Loses Consciousness After Taking Cymbalta with Med for Back Pain
Murder Zoloft 2008-05-22 Australia Mother Kills Her Two Children
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-05-22 England Man Swallows Over 200 Tablets
Stand-Off With Police Antidepressant 2008-05-22 Illinois Man Goes Berserk on Antidepressant: Says He Felt Weird on Them
Vehicular Manslaughter Antidepressant 2008-05-22 California Woman In Car Kills Teacher on Bicycle
Murder Attempt Prozac 2008-05-20 Connecticut *Not Guilty Because of Psychosis Brought On by Prozac & Adderall
Weapon Possession Med For Depression 2008-05-20 England Interaction Between Med For Depression & Alcohol: Man Given Community Service
Murder Antidepressant 2008-05-20 Maryland Husband Kills Wife: Possible Withdrawal Case
Bizarre Behavior Antidepressants 2008-05-19 England Police Called To Restrain Man at Hospital
Murder-Suicide Med For PTSD 2008-05-19 Iraz/Arizona Soldier Kills his Brother & Himself
Suicide Lexapro 2008-05-18 Iraq/Texas Soldier Kills Self: He was Born & Raised in Oregon
Imprisonment Wellbutrin 2008-05-17 Minnesota Misdiagnosis & the Drug Wellbutrin Blamed for Man's Imprisonment
Alcohol Craving Lexapro 2008-05-17 Pennsylvania Man Becomes Withdrawn & Increases Alcohol Use on Lexapro
Death Zoloft 2008-05-16 West Virginia Teen Killed By Police: Vigil Being Held
Assault Antidepressant 2008-05-16 England Man Assaults Woman At Train Station
Murder Antidepressant Withdrawal 2008-05-15 Canada Young Man Kills Bartender: Suffering With a Two Week Withdrawal
Death Antidepressants 2008-05-15 England Man Dies From Overdose of Antidepressants: Either Suicidal Or Confused
Murder Effexor 2008-05-14 Washington Seattle Jewish Federation Rampage: Effexor +5 Other Drugs: Defendant Ruled Insane
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2008-05-14 Idaho Four Dead: Two Wounded: Man Then Kills Self: Happened At Night in a Church in 2007
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-05-14 England The Cult of "emo" Has Many Members on Antidepressants
Assault Med For Depression 2008-05-13 England Man Gets One Year in Jail for Beating Friend with Pool Cue
Assault Paxil 2008-05-13 Canada Man Beats his Dog to Death: "Out of Character" Behavior
Suicide-By-Cop Antidepressants 2008-05-11 England Wealthy Barrister Shoots At Neighbor & Police: Is Killed by Police
Murder Med For Depression 2008-05-11 Washington Man Kills Friend: Also Involved Alcohol
Murder Attempt Antidepressant 2008-05-09 England Woman Poisons Husband: Is Jailed
Somnambulism Med For Depression 2008-05-09 Australia Man Acquited in Somnambulist Case
Incompetence Antidepressants 2008-05-08 England Physician on Antidepressants Is Ruled Incompetent
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-05-08 South Carolina Woman's Nephew Kills Self: Survivors of Suicide Speak Out Against Antidepressants
Death Effexor 2008-05-07 England Man Dies at Age 34: Coroner Blames Drugs: Also Involved the antipsychotic Clozapine
Murder Antidepressant 2008-05-06 Wisconsin Mother Murders 2 Year Old Son
Ineffective Meds For PTSD 2008-05-06 Iraq/New York Soldier Finds Meds Ineffective
Suicide Paxil 2008-05-06 Maine Navy Corpsman Kills Self with Gun
Bizarre Behavior Med For Depression 2008-05-06 England Man Exhibits Bizarre & Dangerous Behavior on Med For Depression
Psychosis Paxil 2008-05-05 Minnesota Young Man Goes Insane on Paxil: Also Involved Adderall
Suicide SSRIs 2008-05-05 Iraq/U.S.A. ++Soldiers Have More Post War SuicidesThan Combat Deaths in Iraq & Afghanistan
Suicide Paxil 2008-05-03 Iraq/Afghanistan Soldiers Are Receiving Paxil at Record Levels
Plane Crash Prozac & Wellbutrin 2008-05-03 Rhode Island Pilot Made Poor Decision to Fly in Bad Weather
Suicide Celexa 2008-05-03 Wisconsin Man Kills Self: Also Involved the Antidepressant Doxepin
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-05-02 England 22 Year Old Woman Hangs Self
Assault Paxil 2008-04-30 England Man Attacks Police With Ax: Also Involved Alcohol
Suicide Antidepressans 2008-04-30 England 21 Year Old Woman Hangs Self
Murder Zoloft 2008-04-30 New York Man Beats Fiancee to Death With Baseball Bat: Then Is Suicidal
Death Med For Depression 2008-04-29 Connecticut Body of College Student Found in Nearby Woods
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-04-27 Iraq Soldier from Minnesota Kills Self in Iraq
Murder Antidepressants 2008-04-27 Iowa Young Man Kills 7 Month-Old: Was a Prodigy in School: Possible Withdrawal
Murder Paxil 2008-04-24 Maine Wife Murders Husband: Became More Agressive When Mixing Alcohol with Paxil
Murder-Suicide Attempt Med For Depression 2008-04-24 Michigan Man Kills Wife: Attempts to Kill Self
Assault Lexapro 2008-04-23 Massachusetts Woman News Chief at Channel 7 in Boston Arrested
Robbery Prozac* 2008-04-22 Hawaii Man Robs 8 Banks: Wears Outlandish Costumes & Uses Pen for Gun
Violence Lexapro 2008-04-22 California Physician Arrested for Domestic Violence
Death Antidepressant 2008-04-22 Kansas Woman Dies by Drowning: Probable Suicide
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-04-21 Iraq Soldier in Iraq [from Colorado] Commits Suicide
Death Antidepressants 2008-04-21 Canada 18 Year Old Coed Found Dead: Probable Suicide
Workplace Violence / Murder Cymbalta WITHDRAWAL 2008-04-20 Michigan One Dead: Two Injured: Also Involved Lithium & the Antidepressant Trazadone Withdrawal
Death Med For Depression 2008-04-20 California CEO of Avant Corporation Steps in Front of Train: Possible Suicide
Child Endangerment Effexor 2008-04-20 Florida Mother Neglects Children: Drives Into Ditch: Also Involved Seroquel & Alcohol
Cure Exercise Program 2008-04-19 Australia 12 Year Old With Depression & Suicidal Thoughts is Cured with Exercise-Based Therapy Program
School Threat/Lockdown Lexapro* 2008-04-18 California **Violent High School Student Shot to Death on Campus by Police
Theft Zoloft* 2008-04-18 Nevada Woman Deputy Steals From Friends: "Out of Character" Behavior: Jail Time
Vehicular Manslaughter Celexa* 2008-04-18 California Woman Caused Fatal Crash: Also Involved Alcohol
Murder Antidepressants* 2008-04-18 Colorado 13 Year Old Killed Mother & Grandmother in 1999: Is Released From Prison: Now Has Adult Sentence
Arson Med For Depression 2008-04-18 England Man Sets his Meds For Depression on Fire Because They Were Not Working: Causes Fire in House
Suicides: Diabetes: Hypertension: Withdrawal Cymbalta 2008-04-14 Global Reports of Suicides, Diabetes, Hypertension & Withdrawal on Cymbalta
Child Endangerment Paxil 2008-04-14 Florida Mother Puts Child in Danger: Also Involved Alcohol
Suicide Rates Antidepressants 2008-04-14 Denmark ++Suicide Rates Were Five to Six Times Higher Among those Taking SSRIs Than Those Who Were Not
Murder Lexapro 2008-04-14 North Carolina Physician Kills Wife: High Speed Police Chase: Also Involved Alcohol
Self-Mutilation/Suicide Attempts Antidepressants 2008-04-13 England Teen Age Girl Self-Mutilates & Attempts Suicide on Antidepressants: Also Involved Accutane
Death Med For Depression 2008-04-13 California Police Shoot Man Who Was Having a Reaction to Depression Med
Ineffective/Weird Sensations Antidepressants 2008-04-13 California Woman Felt "Strange" on Depression Med & Found It Ineffective
Ship's Accident Wellbutrin & Drug Cocktail 2008-04-09 California Pilot Has Accident: Spills 53,000 Gallons of Oil in San Fran Bay
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-04-08 England Woman's Personality Changed After Starting Med: Killed Self
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-04-08 England Woman Hangs Self With Shoelaces While in Prison
Murder Paxil 2008-04-06 Turkey 21 Year Old Kills Her Mother: National Headlines: Erratic Use of Paxil
Car Accident Antidepressants 2008-04-06 Wisconsin Man in Car Accident Had Suicde Note, Loaded Gun & Antidepressants
Suicide Straterra 2008-04-06 Massachusetts 16 Year Old Kills Self Unexpectedly After Starting Straterra for ADHD
Assault Zoloft 2008-04-04 New Hampshire Man Brandishes Sword at Girlfriend: Other Violence
Suicide Antidepressants 2008-04-04 England 17 Year Old Hangs Himself
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2008-04-04 India Postpartum Depression: Mother Burns 6 Month Old & Herself to Death
Threat to Airport Med For Depression 2008-04-03 Iraq/Florida Man Arrested in Airport for Bomb Making Materials in Luggage: Acted Strangely
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-04-02 Wales Man Hangs Self: Also Began Drinking on the Antidepressant
Murder Antidepressants 2008-04-01 England Mother Murders 5 Year Old Son: Attempts to Kill Herself
Threatening Phone Calls Med For Depression 2008-04-01 Michigan Deputy Arrested: Also Involved Meds for "Bipolar" Disorder
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-03-31 Illinois 17 Year Old Girl Kills Self After Restarting Antidepressant
Diet/Exercise Denied Antidepressant 2008-03-31 Australia Teenage Girl Denied Dietary & Exercise Requirements: Given Antidepressants: Killed in Car Crash
Suicide Antidepressant 2008-03-31 Alaska 20 Year Old Woman Kills Self
Emotional Blunting Effexor 2008-03-31 Canada Woman Has Emotional Blunting and Then Horros of Withdrawal: Writes Book
Suicide Prozac 2008-03-30 New Zealand 17 Year Old Kills Self: Mother Marches For Awareness
Murder Celexa 2008-03-28 Oregon Man Stabs his Aunt
Murder Med for PTSD 2008-03-28 Texas Marine Kills Girlfriend: SSRIs Most Often Prescribed for PTSD
Disappearance Antidepressants 2008-03-27 Canada Missing Student Talked About Harming Herself
Road Rage Med For Depression 2008-03-27 Ireland Woman Sentenced to Six Months in Prison For "Road Rage-Type" Driving
Murder-Suicide Med For Depression 2008-03-27 Ireland Postpartum Depression: Mother Murders Baby & Self
Stock Market Crash SSRIs 2008-03-26 U.S.A./Global ++Traders on Wall Street Admit to Antidepressant Use
Misdiagnosis Med For Depression 2008-03-25 Global ++60% of Bipolars Were First Diagnosed With Depression
School Threat Antidepressants 2008-03-20 Indiana **Teen [16 Years Old] Brings Gun to School: There Is a Lockdown
Suicide Med For Depression 2008-03-20 Minnesota 17 Year Old Swim Star Hangs Himself
Suicide Attempt Zoloft 2008-03-19 Australia 16 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide: Civil Trial Against Doctor Begins
Affair With Minor Antidepressants 2008-03-19 England Teacher Has Affair with Student
Assault Paxil 2008-03-18 Indiana Man Beats Friend: "Devil Made Him Do It"
Bizarre Behavior Paxil 2008-03-18 England Man Arrested For "Religiously Aggravated Behavior"
Suicide Paxil 2008-03-18 Washington DC Detective Kills Self: Lawsuit
Death Prozac 2008-03-18 Alaska Man Dies from Combo of Prozac & Alcohol
Death Effexor 2008-03-17