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Evolving Bromhidrosis?
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Published: 10 years ago

Evolving Bromhidrosis?

Hi everyone....first off I hope everyone had happy holidays. I sort of did...I was out of the country and although it was amazing to travel, I couldn't quite fully enjoy it because of this issue. I apologize while I start venting....only you guys can truly indersand.

While abroad and in the cold, I noticed my smell was more pungent. I have always been aware of my smell but while wearing warm clothes and a coat, my odor still seemed to emanate from Within all the layers. As soon as My armpits would startsweating it smelled at times pure funky, musty, old people smell, rotten eggy at times, one time like bad food, and at one point only once fishy but that was because I used a baby wipe to clean myself and the mixture of the wipes scent, antiperspirant, and sweat did not mix well. I sweat from my underarms constantly...not runny but more sticky. Even after a good scrub in the shower they smell. My scalp also starts to smell but after a few hours of washing. When I wake up my scalp feels sweaty and smells and my underarms are moist and smelly. I have this underarm odor stuck in my is now even causing me to have this feeling of mucus stuck in the back of my nose/ throat and at times I can't even stand myself.

It would be nice if I could wake up and find that this was all just a bad nightmare and I am normal. How my boyfriend and family manage to stay with and be around me, I do not know but man am I grateful for them. I have gone through some bouts of straight depression, wondering what to do. There are so many possibilities like candida, tmau, metabollic issues, liver, gall bladder, adrenals, hormknes. Should I try juice fasting, or go vegan, eliminate sugars, eat only raw vegetables, take this supplement or that one? I've gone to countless doctors, tried diets, tried vitamins/supplements, botox, electrolysis, changed deodorants and soaps, used natural methods like tea tree, acv, gse, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, coconut oil, etc. I am still determined to find whats wrong but sometimes its just draining. What should I try that I haven't already? Its been 10 years but lately its been getting exhausting and more emotional for me this roller coaster of smell. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you guys for being on this forum...its hard when no one around you can truly understand you and you have no outlet to let all your pain and sorrows out.

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