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Fasciola and a mildly amusing story
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Published: 8 years ago

Fasciola and a mildly amusing story

Hey guys,

So mine's an interesting case and I could really use some help. About a year ago I got a scholarship to study in Asia to finish up an engineering degree. I got done in May and ended up spending the next four months traveling se Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Malaysia, hk, etc). I've been back in Canada for about a year now and initially I didn't realise much wrong. About 2 months after , I started feeling really fatigued and started losing a bit of weight. I also started noticing these weird white dots in my stool and decided to see a Dr. After telling my Dr my symptoms she said it was most likely due to a change in climate (ide also lost about 10lbs by this point, which my Dr attributed to a high metabolism). Bear with me guys, this is rather long but does get rather amusing.
Anyway, I decided to brush things off in the hope that things would stabilize and get eventually better. About two months later though and having lost an additional 10lbs, I started noticing mucous and blood drops in my stool. At this point i would flush the toilet bowl and have the water turn a very light pink. I returned to a different Dr and told her my symptoms and my suspicions of having parasites considering all the street meat I was eating overseas, the bloated stomach, the grinding teeth at nite, the weird gurgling noises emanating from my stomach and the constant pain in my liver and abdomen. She ended up doing a few tests and called me back a weak later telling me there were no ova or parasites in the stool test I had done and that I mite possibly have something else wrong with me given I had high alkaline phosphatase levels (possibly hepatitis). About a week later on an odd weeknite while drinking I got an extremely bloated stomach and on the walk home ended up throwing up a 3/4 ft long milky white worm, that ended up wriggling on the floor grossing me out but confirming my suspicions. About the worst mistake I could have made at This point was not taking this parasite to the Dr with the naive notion that they would take me at my word. Fast forward the next four drs, questions such as "do u hear voices in your head, are they telling you that you are sick and that you have parasites", "are you anxious or paranoid", "do u feel like killing yourself sometimes", and a crackpot Dr telling me to try antipsychotics for two months and if I was still shitting blood and mucous, and still had diarrhoea, she would "try figure something out". I weighed 97 lbs by this point and had been 132 on returning from trip. In short I've lost all hope in drs and am tired of listening to some retard question the fact that I have parasites when I can clearly see them in my stool.
I'm writing this in the hopes that one of you can give me direction in trying to solve this problem. Any advice would be really helpful. I know for one that I have fasciola hepatica as I keep seeing the red rolled tomatoes like skins in my stool (my Dr labelled these vegetable fibers - I haven't eatten a tomatoe in over a yr). I've been on the albendazole prazi protocol I found on one of the pages at This very parasite forum and I've had literally hundreds of these pass in my stool. I don't believe they are completely out yet and I think they have disseminated to different parts of my body (namely my legs) as I keep experiencing the weirdest twitching sensations. I have heard of a drug called triclabendazole, and I was rather hoping someone mite be able to point me in a direction as to where I can purchase this online, any info is reAlly appreciated guys.
The second of my problems are parasites in my intestinal passages, I still continue to have the most random noises coming out of my stomach and a number of gas bubbles (my Dr has tried to pass this off as ibs : ) I have tried papaya seeds, albendazole, mebendazole, and a number of other herbs including absinthia - Wormwood and I have had a lot of success but still seem to be plagued. In the past 1 year I have seen the weirdest most gruesome things come out of my Stool and while I am a lot healthier there is still that final step left to rid myself of these parasites, I seem to run out of ideas however, and idE really appreciate any suggestions or any ideas anyone is willing to throw at me. Cheers guys

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