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Re: Tired of living like this

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Tired of living like this

Thank you everyone for your time. Theres a lot of good information here, i feel a little overwhelmed at the moment.

Theres so much to try and learn from. I do know quite a bit on nutrition as i learnt a lot back when i had enxiety (before odor started) and was trying to find something to 'cure' my anxiety problems but found out it was not possible, but treatable in certain ways to lead a better life naturally. But at that time i had the mindset that everything was curable even things that seemed impossible like cancer (which is curable under strict diet change, herbs etc) but i got really depressed to learn there was no quick fix for this and started on my path to binging on junkfood, a lot of Sugar i would fuel myself with it in the morning, day, and night. Although i havent gone back to soft drinks i went back to pretty much anything else.

And now that the Body Odor started about 4 years ago i underwent again a diet throughout those 4 years, constantly changing diet here and there, never being consistant with it as i lost the motivation when i didnt see results by the end of the week (i know it may be too short)

So now these days ive been juicing organic veggies like crazy... Well, once a day...(Thats crazy for me i guess) Should i increase this?

The things i have and trying now are:
Marine phytoplankton (a week now)
diatamacious earth (4 days now)
cayenne powder (2 days now, helping for circulation problems, brain fog, heart, etc)
Hawthorne berry extract juice (1 day, for weak heart, circulation)
red dessert clay (internal cleansing, short on and off 2 years)
fermented liver oil (on and off, 1.5 years)
B complex (2 months)
Magnesium chloride ( on and off and topical only or mouth rinse 1 year)
Apple cider vinegar (on and off 1.5 years)
oat straw (for anxiety 2 months on and off)
enemas ( although this helped it was only temporarily relief. After 2 or 3 hours later it smelled again)

I dont take all the supplement together in one sitting but i mix it up. Some of them i take with one another like cayenne and hawthorne for the heart.

I will try some of these other suggestions written here they sound more promising. I hate the thought of going to the doctors with the problem as usually i come out with them trying to push anti Depression pills.

The smell. It seems like im able to produce it now without being gassy at all! i forgot to mention that earlier. It seems like i get moisture inbetween my butt cheeks. Its difficult to describe, its like a type of sweat, exept its more 'stickier' its really strange. As far as i know its not incontinence but a clear looking with sometimes a yellow hue in it. When i put my nose close it resembles a bit like of sweat but not offensive in any way, but sorta off.

Ive read bofore of others having the exact same thing? any insight on this?
I feel like kegels could work to some degree seeying how my outer sphincter muscle is loose. Yup, it was not like that before but then again, i had the smell. (when gassy as far as i can remember) There is also a bump on the side of the anus or something? its strange because i dont remember noticing that before (years ago) seemed like it gradually came on as i didnt notice it right away.

Seems like the only logical thing for me to do at this point is a complete overhaul of my life. Change my diet to mostly raw paleo (with raw milk) Kegels, weight training, EFT, bunch of medical testing, smoothies everyday, no more and i mean no more junkfood (hardest for me) pasta, bread, yoghurt, msg, sugar, and even fructose but im keeping unheated raw honey.

Ive read the book we want to live and i recommend it to everyone. Its about the raw primal diet. i have never been completely on it yet but will soon as early summer hits. Raw meat helps build muscle and i can see a correlation that my muscles are almost non existant and mushy from flexing. I can only imagine how my insides are still holding up. Given bad posture and time i think i can see how people can get prolapse as well as straining on the bowl (i never do, and i squat) But not everyone who has a prolapse will smell. Its funny how things work.

Another observation: My car reaks. And for some reason i can pretty much smell it there at a level i could most often times find foul. I remember one day after work i had been stressed a lot and had drenched my pants in sweat. And ever since sitting down on my car seat it spreaded and multiplyed i guess and made it possible for me to smell it. It does smell like no one wishes to smell like. And as far as i know i cant get the smell off. I tried some products but im still open for other harsher methodes.

I read a article a long while ago how it said humans have similar glands that act like stink glands found in dogs, crazy isn't it? and these secretion as they said was somewhat thicker (if i remember clearly) and produced foul smell. Similar to a dogs butt glands. These glands according to the docter were located around the anus and sphincter muscles, but as far as i know, theres no docter to be able to extract these glands? ahhhh it sucks :( This could be the solution to many people experincing FBO caused or aggravated by anxiety. What do you guys think?


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