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How to help heart disease and palpitations as well as arthritis
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Published: 8 years ago

How to help heart disease and palpitations as well as arthritis

someone elsewhere asked the following question, so thought I would answer it here so more could see it

they ASKED (in red)

Is the lemon juice, ginger juice, garlic juice & apple cider vinegar cure for heart real ?

There is a mail circulating saying that there is a natural cure for heart blockage which will avoid the need for angiography or bypass? How true is it ? This is what it says :

" Ingredients For Making Heart Vein Opening Drink Ingredients:

1 cup Lemon juice

1 cup Ginger juice

1 cup Garlic juice

1 cup Apple cider vinegar

Mix all above and simmer in low heat for about 60 minutes or till solution reduces to 3 cups.Remove solution to cool, then mix 3 cups of natural honey and store it in a jar.

Drink one tablespoon daily before breakfast. Your vein’s blockage will open in most cases. "

I doubt if this will cause any side effects since everything seems to be natural ingredients.

I really need some help since my Mom has a issue with her knee as it pains, as i believe that as this drink is having lime and vinegar it will aid to more knee pain. She also has high cholesterol...

She tried vinegar drink for two days and knee pain increased.

Please reply & advise only if you have sufficient knowledge.

Thanks a ton.

Additional Details

The cause of knee pain is due to pain in joints.. and have heard that in joint pains.. sour n lemony things accelerate the pain and condition..

lots of hope and knowledge here

ok 1st off, lemon though it seems acidic is actually very alkalizing to the body & most diseases are related to an acid body not an alkaline one

. Looking up lemon juice & arthritis we see its very good  for the joints.

I do see a serous problem cooking it & raw is what heals almost everything,
A book by Dick Quinn scheduled for a 2nd quadruple bypass when his 1st did nothing refused, He knew nothing about alternative health,herbs or drugs etc & felt abandoned by his Dr who used fear tactics on him 1st & when that didn't work on his terrified family.

But still Quinn refused. All he could remember was an encounter w/a woman 6 months previous had told him to take cayenne &  said she was attended a lecture of Dr Christopher ( who had stopped a heart attack at the lecture (he stopped many w/cayenne as did his teacher Dr Schulze who cured people too sick to have a heart transplant &  every disease known to man pretty much). this knowledge allowed me when I walked in on my mom on her 7th dialysis heart attack to stop it..I wasn't sure it would work but with in two minutes she sat up, all color came back to her & she said thank god that's over the worst pain I ever had


I tell the story here but also see my second post (under knowledge seeker) as that is where I tell you what to do with a stroke or heart attack form expert
Tom H A discipline of Dr Schulze

buy Quinn's book on amazon for rest of his story as space here limited.type left for dead Quinn only $4


Put your mom on  some short juice fasts while researching this & have cayenne tincture nearby in case of heart attack/stroke (see the link at the 2nd post above for what to do) alternate with lots of raw foods-no animal products use vegan substitutes for now just fasting besides fruit/veggie juices,can use herb teas & veggie broths (real not store canned broths not cubes) but ones made with various veggies and then strained. (note it is harder to heal the second time around naturally so do not go back to old lifestyle though a few small things might be done after healed.

1st you want  to take raw garlic (must be raw & at least three big cloves or more together w/cayenne as cayenne is a food for the heart (see Christopher site for more) as together they reverse plague on arteries/veins also take ORGANIC or wildcrafted ginger TINCTURE  (not capsules or tea) for the capillaries, But what you really want is a lifestyle change not a quick cure for serious problems & that is a vegan low fat diet (I believe 85 to 100% raw is best as raw is THE best healer along w/fresh juices made in a juicer (not anything from store) )Of  course, use whole food as it comes from the earth & not refined.foods and organic if you can if not ok just use some,

important go here-download this must watch video forks over knives mean eating over surgery One of the two featured Drs-Dr Esselstyn- reversed heart disease in his patients I heard him lecture & he showed amazing xrays of the return of the arteries to normal from  very constricted. he has a book also ,(in the film plant based=vegan)  And of course w/stents/bypasses you are only addressing the arteries by the heart not those leading  to the brain,kidneys & all over, In fact for men erectile dysfunction is one of the 1st indicators of coronary arteries disease & plaque.

The other Dr participated in the largest study ever done on the link between food &  health (the china study and has a book by the same name) the long study showed those who ate zero to 10% animal foods (dairy, eggs, fish,. poultry, meats, butter etc )had almost no heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, diabetes etc His study on cancer &  dairy casein (protein) showed they could turn cancer on & off by whether rats were fed 5% diary protein or 20% which fits into the other study results,. Also download fat sick &  nearly dead Watch all videos together with your mom.  Also Go here & read the cures on the hallelujah diet (an 85% raw vegan healthy whole food diet)

There are 166 testimonies on healed arthritis/joint pain &  139 on heart health...just reading through various diseases will give you hope.  here is what is considered raw

A 100.% raw vegan has cured pretty much everything.  I would add green smoothies/green juices &  raw leafy greens to her day (to make smoothies or juice any green w/any fruit she likes & w/her blender/vitamix (for smoothie) or juicer for juice if juicing or juice fasting, drink w/in 20 minutes w/no pulp or food on empty stomach as then it goes  to healing &  repair &  not just digestion mainly

Smoothies can be refrigerated 2 or 3 day & taken w/pulp/food

Use both but make juice fresh each time lest the enzymes &  other vital elements dissipate also if no pulp is used w/the juice it is organic even if heavily sprayed as the pesticides etc are concentrated in the fibers which the machine removes &  the juice once smashed &  freed from the fiber repels the chemicals as oil to water


Greens can be kale, collard greens, leafy tops of turnips, beets, radishes, daikon, carrots, Swiss chard, basil and other leafy herbs, romaine, arugula and other dark green or purple lettuces, bok choy, parsley, watercress, celery, broccoli, dandelion greens and any Asian market greens as well as safe wild greens like lamb's quarter, plantain (weed not banana see yahoo images), leaves of violets, daisies, berries, burdock. cleavers. lemon balm etc

Fruits can be melons, citrus, berries, apple.s pears, plums, kiwi, peaches, grapes, dates, figs, pineapple, coconut, papaya, lychees, persimmons etc

if needed raw agave nectar can be added or raw honey or real maple syrup, stevia, date sugar etc

See this book (one w/arthritis in title by Jarvis &  this one as to the amazing power of apple cider vinegar (use a raw unpasteurized one for best effect like braggs, eden or spectrum from health food store or section of grocery another on arthritis

Raw vinegar garlic ginger &  lemon are all great but not enough I feel to cure serious heart disease or even remove plague.

Cayenne very important

take herbdoc's heart formula &/or herbpharm Hawthorne for heart also

For raw greens, massage with sea salt or /raw (or regular tamari soy sauce or braggs if cant get it) for 5 minutes To make even tastier massage w/the soy sauce westbrae natural while miso &  raw apple cider vinegar. Garlic if desired Can also dehydrate this at 105 degree dehydrator&  still be raw (must have temperature setting like Excalibur) tasty try adding some nutritional yeast for a cheesy taste

go to rawfamily for info on green smoothies &  read books green for life & raw smoothie revolution if you find it listen to her tapes greens can save your life (maybe torrentz has it)

For Schulze go here (email me)


his manual has a chapter on heart send an email address and I'll send you that.


also see

The herb formulas needed can be gotten at or made w/bulk organic or wildcrafted herbs at rosemountainherbs or other place that sells bulk organic herbs

The formula he gives superfood is 50% nutritional yeast (red star #6635 large flake)&  the rest 1 part each then add it all up & add = amounts of the nutritional yeast

he has blog at herbdocblog left of page is diseases list & on right scroll down to there are no incurables diseases his 20 steps to health book is on the right hand side of his blog (herbdocblog)

For the difference natural healing &  medical intervention as well as some Schulze books free download &  read Dr walker book on juices he has which help the heart free

Theres also a Dr Schulze forum on curezone &  forum 4 various diseases

The vegan diet &  this info will also make cholesterol go down &  the incurables save your life program by Dr Richard Schulze is for all diseases & helped a man with a cholesterol of 1400 go to normal.

copy this for future use in case it gets deleted maybe will have to copy each link separately as paste &  copy cuts them off sometimes.

knee pain is not due to vinegar as it dissolves calcium deposits in the body as it does in a tea kettle or water heater they put vinegar into to dissolve it but though Jarvis used Heinz it is not good for body use braggs vinegar or other raw vinegar  I would put the lemon juice fresh into juices to improve taste like veggie juices or apple carrot ginger lemon or some such thing oh see this site too for more help don't use capsuled herbs for the most part they are rarely absorbed use tinctures like herbpharm w/eyedropper top 2nd best tea made w/organic herbs & distilled or steam distilled water as being empty it pulls out more phytochemicals from plant that prevent &  heal disease 

The more you do the better. Also positive affirmations, exercise, deep breathing, hydrotherapy(water, chair & bed aerobics if joints hurt) fresh air, skin brushing, less stress etc contact me on curezone if needed under knowledge seeker

also go to Shirley's wellness cafe and type in raw then click on 2nd link and scroll down to the article Raw Food v/s The Cooked, American Diet - The Great American Rat Experiment also see the pottenger cat study.


By the way Victoria Boutenko of rawfamily cured her severe heart arrymias (palpatations) by going 100% raw vegan, whole food diet
33 years intense study of alternative health, herbs &  nutrition


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