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Re: Ready to Quit! Please Help with Toddler!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Ready to Quit! Please Help with Toddler!

First of all I am happy to see your not running to aderal and concerta! Second of all be patient with him ITS NOT HIS FAULT! I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a child and put on multiple pills that even lead to anti depressants and they all just made me sick. Your child does not have a "problem" its the flouride in our water that contributes most if not all of the adhd cases.

Infact I just now 20 some years later got off of flouridated water and what do you know my memory came back! Lack of concentration was a HUGE problem remembering everything I studied and one lousy paragraph I read use to be IMPOSSIBLE and know I know why. Flouride and lead in our water dumb down the brain and its ability to remember and stay on track. Berkey Filters (
) are the only ones I know of that actually take flouride out of our water. brita and the others DO NOT!
until you get ones of these in the mail you can use the DISTILLED from the grocery store. You can also get a distiller that will also remove the flouride for you. It is especially important for pregnant women to drink NON-flouridated water! Also if your reading this and thinking "but we need it for our teeth" thats a load of S*** you brush your teeth dont you? throw our your tooth paste get yourself some "kiss my face" flouride free brand and save your teeth from PITTING! Flouride causes pitting of the teeth as well as that super bright white color on the enamel you see on children in grade school as well as MANY other mental problems head aches ect.

Possible Symptoms of Fluoride Poisoning

Please Note: Having one or more of these symptoms does not necessarily mean you are fluoride poisoned. This page is offered only as a guide, which can help you determine whether fluoride poisoning is a possibility. Only your doctor can diagnose and treat you.*

Arthritis – stiff, painful joints with or without swelling; painful feet in morning
Asthma – especially after showering in chlorine-filtered water
Bony, painful lumps where tendons and ligaments attach to bones. Calcifications of connective tissue on X-ray, especially with pain and reduced range of motion
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – especially if it lifts when you spend time in an unfluoridated city or switch to distilled water for drinking and cooking
Cold – temperature below normal, feeling cold all the time, feeling cold soon after a hot bath or shower
Colic in bottle-fed babies or colic developing when breast-fed babies start solids or are weaned
Dental fluorosis (white or brown spots on teeth
Diabetes – worsening symptoms
Diabetes insipidus (a kidney ailment) – excessive thirst, increased water consumption that does not relieve thirst, dry throat and irritated eyes, and frequent, dilute urine, especially at night, with normal blood Sugar findings
Eyes – moving black spots (scotoma, or floaters)
Fatigue, weakness and brain fog after bathing or showering in chlorine-filtered water
Fibromyalgia (severe muscle weakness and/or pain with extremely sore spots on various bony areas)
food intolerances that seem to come and go
Gastrointestinal problems – irritable bowel, nausea, diarrhea without apparent cause, heartburn and upper bowel pain especially after drinking a full glass of water
Gum disease – irritated or bleeding gums despite good hygiene and diet; gums heal when you use unfluoridated toothpaste
Heart palpitations and increased heart rate without exertion
Kidney disease – worsening symptoms, kidney stones
Skin – hives, blisters, rash on stomach or back within an hour of drinking fluoridated water or after bathing or showering in chlorine-filtered water
Tea drinking – causes upset stomach, gastric pain, heart palpitations or “the jitters” similar to strong coffee
Teeth – loosening or needing to be extracted despite good hygiene and diet
Thyroid diseases – underactive (hypothyroid), overactive (hyperthyroid or Graves disease), goiter and nodules

Now that you will not be ingesting AS MUCH (because we still get it in every shower and bath we take though our skin. You need to rid your body of what you and your child have already been storing. which is where the Iodine comes in i take iodoral. Becareful, you do need supplementation to support your body while on it!! please read up before taking I would be more than happy to lend ANYONE info on all of this! Or you can buy Dr.Brownsteins book, "iodine, why you need it why you cant live without it"

Iodine kicks all the bad things out of our body that are causing all of our sickness and cancers such as :

Aluminum-(in deodorant causes Breast Cancer -which iodoral has cured!!)
as well as many others

Good luck to you and your son. Be gentle with him, adhd kids get a REALLLLY bad rap and its not even their fault its the goverments!!! If I can help with any other info please let me know.

God Bless

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