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Re: Sludge diagnosis, constant pain, really scared!

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godspeed86 Views: 3,476
Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Sludge diagnosis, constant pain, really scared!

Hi gigi,

Don't worry, you are going to be just fine! Keep doing the olive oil and lemon juice flushes. At first I took large amounts like your site says to do, but I learned that I only needed to drink about half a cup of oil and half a cup of lemon juice. Those lumps are cholesterol stones and they're not the olive oil. I know this because I have passed those by only taking epsom salt. You will see lots of different colors, they are gallstones. Everyone's different, but I bet you are going to be feeling some noticeable relief around your 10th flush. There are a lot of stones in there, and after you flush some out the others slide right into position and you experience the discomfort again. But around your 10th flush I think you will be emptying out some to where the discomfort doesn't come back so quickly. You can do the flushes as often as you can handle them. One thing I do suggest doing that's contrary to your site is to fast. Just drink water or apple juice during the day up until the time you are going to drink the oil and lemon juice. If you consume any food before the flush, your liver and gallbladder are going to empty some, and you don't want that. You want to fast so that your gallbladder will completely fill up with bile, and then when you drink the oil and lemon juice you will get much bigger results.

For diet, don't eat products that have hydrogenated oil in them. That stuff makes your bile super thick. You want your bile thin, otherwise it's not going to escape. I'm pretty sure it's the reason why we have clogged gallbladders and livers, so try not to eat it. Other than that eat what you want. Oatmeal and whole grains transport the bile out of your digestive system which is nice.

There is an alternative to Epsom Salt called magnesium malate, but I don't have any experience with it. I am 6 foot and 150 lbs and I take a tablespoon (4 tsp) of Epsom Salt which is almost too much for me. There are times when I have taken just a small amount like a teaspoon, and I would think that even half a teaspoon would have some effect on someone without overloading them. It's the best thing for flushes from my experience. It causes your gallbladder to contract and your bile ducts to open and you get WAY bigger reuslts. It is fast acting too. My flush routine was Water Fasting until about noon, then taking the Epsom Salt and drinking the olive oil and lemon juice, and then about 20 minutes later I'm headed to the bathroom and back and forth till the late afternoon. Also don't have to wait all night that way.

If you are ever having a lot of discomfort during one of the days you're not flushing, you can drink a small glass of lemon juice or vinegar which will make the discomfort subside.

Keep it up! Things will keep improving as you do more and more flushes. At first the discomfort comes back quickly, but after you do some more it will start staying away longer and longer. I will pray for your healing! God bless!

**Just thought of this so I'm adding it now before I go to sleep. Epsom salt will probably disturb any material that is in your liver, so I guess since you are going for quick relief I would suggest not taking the epsom salt. Because once you disturb the material in the liver, the cleansing of the liver seems to be a LONG process. The thought popped in my head before I went to sleep so I thought I should warn you. So just keep doing the olive oil and lemon juice for the quickest relief. :)

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