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Re: helping get radiation out of the body
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: helping get radiation out of the body

Thanks for the info in your blog I might try some of this.

Interestingly, it links to someone who drank calendula tea and the external cream I put on my breast in the bathroom immediately after the the radiation consisted of fresh aloe vera, calendula and vitamin e oil.

I had wonderful things about calendula healing someone's breast prior to making it and I credit it with my having far less and late onset of burns from then giving me not only radiation but more than usual due to some factors and they were all stunned I was not burning like the others.

I also took lots of pychonogenol and grape seed extract now they said do not take antioxidants as it can make the treatment not as effective but I did lots of them and not only did I not have side effects they swore I would have but I am cancer free about 13 years later and rarely even get mammograms now. Of course, I did have an early stage.

When I had another cancer scare 2 years ago from a big lump that they could not determine if it was cancer (later turned out to be scar tissue form a hematoma I had after surgery) they said I was never allowed to get radiation again only chemo (not generally effective against breast cancer) or mastectomy (which I will never do) Noone ever told me that thing about if it recurs you cannot have radiation again till over a decade later by chance.

Not that I would now that I know what I do but it drove home to me how I made a mistake doing this and to now it is worst than nuclear fallout makes me feel maybe I should do some of those things. I did buy several baking sodas and have several cups of Sea Salt so can do that one and will look through the others thanks.

I am now wondering how much it may have contributed to a decline in health in last several years. I happened to have a live blood test and I did not tell them I had finish radiation 2 weeks ago or had cancer and they told me every cell had free radical damage. I am happy at least I took those supplements etc and may have blunted a part of the bad effects and luckily always have a pretty good diet but have only recently thought about how it may still be affecting me.

I never even thought much about would I have willingly walked into a heavily contaminated radiation fallout area or went to depleted uranium country no of course not not ever in a million years, but yet I went in there trusting them as they left my lying there and all left the room...I think it being invisible and doing its damage silently and the way they reassure you makes it seem less real than what was really taking place and wonder now why did I do that..fear I am sure but still..

I don't really trust doctors but somehow I did with something so important and never thought much again till of late what did this really do to me. I did not listen to all they said but I did feel it was hard to defy them at all as they seemed so reassuring that there was no other ways and it was not that bad. I figure if someone like me got yelled at for questioning what my doctor said in the 70s when everyone did what they said and ignoring much of their advice can when scared and threatened with pain, disfigurement and dying can do it, those who are more compliant are really at risk of doing this stuff, so you are right, we must spread this info and be confident in doing it.

I hope people will look for my posts on cancer and know that many have been healed of the worst of cancers before submitting to these dangerous treatments so hard on the body.

If nothign else go to and read the cancer testimonies and do that diet. Do something that builds health not tears it down.

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