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Re: New Here, Desperate, Infested and Broke- need advice!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: New Here, Desperate, Infested and Broke- need advice!

Wow! Sounds like you are having a really rough time! I empathize greatly with almost every thing you have suffered, from personal experience.

Thank goodness you are aware that a big problem is your colon being twisted up. I have learned from 6 months of lurking around the site myself, that parasites are to blame for seemingly 75-100% of all of our problems. Many agree, some may not, but how can alternative medicine be healing tumors the size of bowling balls with all the zapping and weird herbs and for it to work in a week if it wasnt a bundle of bugs "creating" or making up the tumor in the first place!

I totally understand the feeling of having cancer. I'm 34 and have been sick for 19 years. REally sick and although my story would take hours to type and to read, I'll say that at the time I started getting sick a few unfortunate variables in the "eyes of doctors" occurred:

1) We went on two family vacations - one to costa rica, one to mexico ('95/'96)
2) puberty
3) mental issues like lethargy, depression, anxiety and were shrugged off as puberty issues
4) Insane chronic sinus infections and "allergies" and asthma developed, which later were shrugged off as mental issues and hypochondria and I was given a slew of psych drugs and 7 straight years of Antibiotics until I finally had an "emergency sinus surgery" 12 hours after getting my first ever catscan. (you can all only IMAGINE the candida I have been living with until last month when I broke down and did my first coffee enema/liver cleanse!)

That's the basic summary that can maybe shed light on where my advice is coming from in relation to you. When people asked me what I felt, because I didnt look "so sick", I would say well, I could go on for about 2 hours, but basically it's like I feel like I have cancer and I have AIDS/HIV at the same time, but I actually dont. Interestingly enough, when I was "visibly" sick in highschool and the internal medicine/family doctors were completely at a loss, one of the good ones said, "well, it's weird, it's like you have the worst case of MONO we have ever seen, but you dont test positive for MONO. It's also like you have the worst case of strep throat we've ever seen, but you dont have strep throat. We just dont know, so all we can do is give you Antibiotics and painkillers".

Lucky that I'm not addicted to pain pills after I realize all of the awful stuff they used to give me! All of that being said, please DO NOT EVER let anyone start telling you that you are crazy! That is the worst thing that can happen to a person who is sick, because the mind can be one of the strongest healing as well as harmful parts of our body! Being told you're in denial can be detrimental! Since you found the proof in the pudding ; - or potty, so to speak, you need not go there, I'm sure, but I wanted to mention that important lesson I have learned.

Now, parasites are one thing, and you know you have them. I have myself figured out I have them - LOTS, ALL SHAPES SIZES, BRANDS AND COLORS!, because I bought myself a microscope that I have to hide from because it scares me! I did Hulda Clark parasite cleanse protocol and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Lots of things have happened since feb when I stopped it and now I am infested again.

I finally broke down and began enemas, like you did. Honestly, I dont think fancy enema kits are any big deal. I bought a nice stainless bucket after I started with a few clear bucket kits off amazon that were $6 each. I'm telling you - the bucket set was $60 and I really like the plastic ones wayyyyy better because you can see through them and they really arent that hard to clean, and for us trying to do the high enemas, it's perfect because you dont have to go to too much trouble to just grab your extra solution and pour it into the top without getting air bubbles or removing the tube and racing all around possibly contaminating your environment or hurting yourself. Just clean with white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and you're fine. :)

As far as enemas go, if you havent tried the coffee enema, you are cheating yourself. If you havent tried the garlic enema, you are REALLY CHEATING YOURSELF! I started with the coffee ones every day because I began killing TONS AND TONS of bugs and worms and eggs. I kept researching many hours daily, and I decided to incorporate the garlic enema. WOW, WHAT A GAME CHANGER THAT IS! Having the bucket enema is good because you can do a coffee one, and if you think you can take 2 quarts, going "higher", you can pour the garlic in on top of the coffee when theres just a bit left in the bottom. I thought I was moving mountains and massacring generations of bugs until I discovered garlic! I have been off them a week and I feel terrible and have gained 15lbs because I think I slayed a million dragons and now they are all stuck in my various canals. Dont make that mistake.

Also, dont make the mistake and forget to put a pinch of salt in the coffee enema and the garlic one too. I did that, but it wasnt enough for me - I destroyed all my electrolytes, so I'm trying to play catch-up right now from that mistake by drinking pedialyte. It's definitely helping. Also, my second critical error was not replacing the good bacteria properly. I missed a few days of an oral probiotic pill (which, god, I feel for you - they are horrifically expensive!), and even when I did remember to take them, I felt like my Gastro system was so jacked up they probably didnt even get to where I needed them or even metabolize properly. I was basically so concerned with doing the enemas right and FREAKKING THE EFF OUT because i was expelling mountains of white flowery stuff (which i broke down and photographed and posted on here - but they turned a weird yellow because of the flash and camera trying to delineate from the white toilet, etc) that I forgot about the electrolytes and the probiotics.

From a financially conscious standpoint, I would say to look on here for a recipe on making your own yogurt, or get a plain organic yogurt and use some yogurt enema recipes you can find on curezone and follow your coffee and/or garlic enema regime with a final yogurt, or even crush probiotic pills up or empty capsules into a warm water enema and make that your final enema for the session, and try to hold it in as long as possible.

Theres a little blue bulb enema/douche thing you could get at cvs for like $6 and I would recommend this for that part because although it wont "go high", you will be able to retain it longer and possibly it will travel high or even just be absorbed, rather than expelled and wasted.

I never thought I would be talking about poo in my entire life let alone photographing it, but it is a very important part of this whole parasite and candida thing. Both coffee and garlic are antiparasitic but garlic will go hard at candida. Die off sucks, but I heard apple juice helps - I just havent been able to get to the store.

Hope you feel better and PM me if yu have any personal questions you dont want answered here. I'm about to "jump off the cliff" and start some ivermectin tonight.

All the best!

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