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Re: Wiley Brooks 7 day diet challenge

End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...


End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Wiley Brooks 7 day diet challenge

I will admit I never ate at macdonalds or burger king in all my life. We were raised not to eat fast food, as a teenager I got into organics, juicing and practiced macrobiotics for the next 15 years. Then, after meeting a bad dentist, I found dr.hulda clarks dental protocols which work,and then met curezone and mh and did 3, 40 day juice fasts and felt fine after losing weight.
My mom pointed out to me an interesting observation: that many people at Whole Foods and health food stores look sick and unhealthy and many people who eat at places like macdonalds look happy and healthy? She asked me why I thought it was that way?
I thought about it and looked at people who ate at BK and McD and realized she had a point, it is not what goes into a mans mouth that matters, it is what comes out of his mouth that defines the state of his being, his beliefs and thoughts that determine health of body, mind, spirit and soul.
I personally will take Wileys challenge. After 15 years of macrobiotic practice I know the point of all dietary instruction is to eat and drink anything with great good pleasure. Man made diet theories are all nonsense in my humble opinion. When I meet a person who is 250 years old, NEVER gets ill or sick, and is happy, healthy and of good will, good cheer and good spirit, that is the person I will believe. The rest is just self experimentation. Wiley gets no money if a person eats 7 days at McD's or BK and he is not on diet cokes payroll, so I am inclined to believe a person who has no monetary interest in expousing a certain theory of intake.
Wiley is a laugh, he realized food is just condensed energy and he interests me because of his ascension research and his amino acids theories of this particular combined food intake.
We as humans, our flesh is made of amino acids, the same amino acid chains are found in 20 oz. diet coke and the double quarter pounder w/cheese at McD.
If all is belief and belief manifests in reality why not try an inexpensive, convienient 7 day diet?
If food has energy that can be seen, I prefer to try a convienient fun diet, rather then some seaweed or leaf pills. The proof for me will be the 7 day test.
Wiley gets bashed because he is a tall skinny happy independant thinking iconoclastic negro man, an easy target for bashers, and wiley defies all conventional diet theory with breatharian diet, etc and Wiley challenges all man made nutrition theories and he wants a million or billion or zillion dollars becuse thats what all the man invented, man made food theorists make teaching diets that do not make a person feel fantastic, healthier, live longer or better. Hilton hotema lived on fruit and coconuts and is dead, george oshawa lived on macrobiotics and is now dead, the food experts aka gurus who wrote the SAD charts and ate SAD diets are all dead now, old vegetarians are dead, the old herbalists are dead, breatharian/vegan, anti oj phd mony vital looks so pale and thin, I wonder what amarath grain and breatharian/vegan diet really does for him, he is a brilliant bio programer but why is vegan/breatharian diet so good? breatharian jasmuheen says she eats chocolate and tea for taste pleasure and even she got cancer from formaldehyde exposure, herbalists cured her cancer 100%. so wileys work on longevity and diet is of interest to me as no one yet seems to have a diet that causes people to live healthy and happy and dis ease free past 100. Wiley at age 70 seems to being doing better then average to me.
Also in wileys early history wiley said at age 2 or so, he remembered being a god connected being from another planet that did not need food to survive, and he found it odd from his highchair that all the people around him stuffed food into thier and his mouth, hence he later found breatharianism. I know innocence and purity of motive when I hear it and if that is wileys earliest food memories they are purer then any other I ever heard.
This 7 day diet is just the tip of the iceberg to breatharian living according to Wiley. I want to see what his 2nd, 7 day diet challenge is? Dads diet root beer ice cream floats with breyers light sugar free vanilla ice cream only and a ???? for 7 days??
Wiley is a breatharian who is tapping into mass consciousness food energetics.
Maybe to be a succesful breatharian on earth it is important to periodically consume certain very convienient mainstream foods for immunity, adaptation and acclimation?


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