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Re: Wiley Brooks 7 day diet challenge
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Wiley Brooks 7 day diet challenge

Hi, Thank you for any support. I am actually finishing day 4. I knew Wiley was on a trip with his outrageous breatharian 1st step 7 day diet. So far here's what I found:
We do not live in nature, we are nature. The girl or guy making the double quarter pounder w/cheese is as natural as the most enlightened raw food advocate.
If I drink a diet coke 20 oz in plastic bottle with diet coke ice cubes (no water for 7 days is no water) I feel fine and my thirst is quenched and I even understand why all the diet coke people like it so much.(it feels like it disintigrates the quarter pounder out of the internal pipes) I never had a diet coke in my life until Tuesday, first sip tasted like carbolic acid and draino combined! LOL. Taste of diet coke sorta grows on you after first glass.
People who eat fast food do not seem to care about food very much,it is more about habit, convienience and sensory taste I think, this fast food combination tastes good, fast food eaters are just going about thier day and eating is part of a learned social habit and something people think they are supposed to do.
I felt a surge of energy on day 2 and the good feeling has been going all week. There is also a good energetic resonance effect, a 'feel good with the people kind of flow', it is a happy good feeling, not any of the doomsday nonsense or negativity. Wiley said this 7 day diet cures depression. I was not depressed when I started this diet, yet I do see why he would say that, it is a food energetic attunement of sorts, very grounding, convienient and fun for me so far.
I like not messing around with food stuffs, food storage, food taking and paying for excess cumbersome food shopping. I love that fact that no one in McD slanders anyone for eating a double quarter pounder with cheese and NO ONE in burger king slanders anyone for eating a morning sausage crossant, every one is just happy eating thier convienient fast inexpensive meals and getting on with thier day. It is FUN to see NO FOOD POLICE
and FUN not to listen to the negative projectors, negative disease peddling projectors who say,'this food is this' or 'that food is that'. Food is whatever you want it to be.
I will stay on Wileys 7 day challenge until Monday, I like the diet coke more then the food frankly. Maybe that is the point of wileys 7 day diet challenge. LOL
The best part so far is good energy, less urine trips to the bathroom and a non judgemental view of people who eat what they want, when they want. No dis ease projectors.
Also in the book, Remarkable Healings, by Dr. S. Modi,MD, I am learning all disease is caused by demon possesession of fractured soul parts, fractured in this life or prior lives. Food is just something we partake of, out of habit or interest, we put it in our mouth and it comes out the other end. It is the demons who control parts of our souls, bodies, tissues, organs, mind, thoughts and beliefs that make things un natural, unpleasant, negative, sick, dis eased or ill.( Remarkable Healings, by Dr.Shakuntala Modi MD, is a must read for anyone interested in metaphysical healing).

It's been a fun, no hassle, inexpensive, convienient experience so far, it's a sort of 'don't worry be happy' fun intro to breatharianism.
Catch the wave ~~~~~ I'm lovin it!
:) :)


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