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Re: Wiley Brooks 7 day diet challenge

End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...


End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Wiley Brooks 7 day diet challenge

the 7 day diet frees you from dependance on any food and water other then the 7 day wiley brooks stated challenge food and diet coke 20 oz. bottle only and immerses you
into the fast food alive living vibrant mainstream of todays 2006 culture, ultra convienient, ultra inexpensive, ultra simple, only fast no hassle foods, 3 foods specified and 1 specific drink allowed for 7 days, no dishes, no cups, no juicing, no sqeezeing, no picking, no farming, no figuring. This shifts all attention from food and drink and allows for focus on lifes energetics. The thing wiley said that caught my attention was the amino acid chains in this energetic combination are exact same amino acids that our flesh is made up of.
Because Wiley choose to leave nature alone does not imply insult to sun and air. He is simply showing a path to breatharian living that is interesting and effective.
My energetics went thru the roof so far in a fantastic way on his 7 day challenge and that is no discredit to my prior 15 years of macrobiotic eating or few years of juicing and fasting.
Wiley as a breatharian drinks no water, only diet coke 20 oz.plastic bottle when he gets thirsty and eats one mcd a week or month if he gets bored and wants to play with "food" energetics, Wiley says he "sees" the energetics, energy, of the food. I have heard spiritual nature vegans and fruitarians say plants and trees scream when you cut them or take thier fruits. See, everyone has a different human opinion.
Exploiting and eating nature is not what breatharians are about.
Breatharians per say, do not need food or water, Wiley found to live on earth as a breatharian it is best to consume certain ultra convienient inexpensive mainstream as you want, which is less and less as you adapt to breatharian living.
This guy brooks gets my vote. And he does have an insight about the energetic combination and why diet coke and mcd are available everywhere on the globe.
Things are here on earth for a reason, maybe God or Mother Earth wanted those poor migrant fruit pickers slave laborers off the fields and into a nice air conditioned fun clean happy civilized work environment earning a living wage in clean modern surroundings and those poor old folks and unemployed teens working in a safe modern environment. I know negroes who, to this day, will not open an asparin bottle because they refuse to even touch the cotton ball inside the bottle, so much is thier disgust of the cruelty inflicted on them by cotton farmers when the slaves were captured, chained and whipped in the hot blazing sun and forced to pick cotton in the suffocating heat till thier fingers bled and thier backs broke, that is the work of the devil, to cause humans, ANY humans such pain and suffering. And higher powers invented MACHINES to do that inhumane work, freeing the oppressed enslaved cotton pickers. Got to look at the big global energetic pictures.
Intake is no matter if you look at it from a spirit is life, point of view.
This guy is the first long standing (30 yr) breatharian to give free breatharian transit instruction, he is to be commended for his unique work and 30 years breatharian field experience, study, work and practice.
Some can only see it from human perspective. If we saw it from spirit, heaven view we would see differently. I actually saw the good auras of good people after 5 days on the brooks challenge. I always wanted to see auras but never could. Wiley was not kidding when he said the 7 day diet was fantastic.It is.
Catch the wave. I'm loving it!
Those two pharses are mcd and diet coke slogans for a reason, the enemy has become the friend and no food is junk and no food is king, it is all energetics working for a greater good.


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