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Not sure what will help me :(
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Published: 9 years ago

Not sure what will help me :(

Not sure if you can help but found your site and looking for some guidance as my life seems over :(

I have a long story but trying to shorten it to see if I am on the right track or barking up the wrong tree.
I am now 33yr old female and since about the age of 17 I have a constant bladder problem of always feeling like I need to pee like constant pressure on the bladder. Long story short I was due to fly to America (I am a POM but now live in NZ) back when I was about 17yrs old to be an au-pair for a year. Started having the urge to pee quite badly a week before I was due to go, went to Dr they did a urine test came clear (I think) but said it was probably cystitis gave me medicine and sent me on my way! The problem has NEVER gone away, came home from the states after about 3 months due to this, I think I even had a check at the Drs there who couldn’t find an infection. I have had numerous tests back in the UK when I came home (aged 17) had urodynamics, cystscopy, bladder training etc – was told all looks healthy and put it down to an overactive bladder. Think at this time Dr put me on some anti-depressants as I was so down about it all. Went back probably when I was about 22/23 and same outcome, couldn’t find anything wrong with the bladder and was told overactive. So now I am 33years old, still have this constant need to pee all day even though I literally go maybe 7 times a day and don’t go through the night so I am pretty normal with bladder activity. I now also have lots more things wrong: • Depression (on anti-depressants for about 1 year now)• High blood pressure• Forgot to mention had severe OCD probably when I was 24/25 was housebound with it and still suffer with OCD now• I have eye floaters- got them about 3 years ago (even though opticians said eyes look fine except for the floaters nothing serious)• Went to the Dr’s last year as started suffering with bad bloating, feeling of bunged up that my bowel hasn’t emptied properly (Dr just given me fibre etc) Still an issue my whole bowel, tummy etc• I have PCOS• I have always suffered with heavy, painful and very erratic periods, of late they have been very light• About 3 yrs ago started taking antihistamines daily as started getting sinus headaches now if I don't take them I itch really badly• I get hard mucus come up about every 2 weeks from throat• Suffer from bad breath not awful but can he noticeable at times• I have started having to clear my throat after eating and feels like dripping mucus at times • Always tired • I have a dry cough sometimes at night/day for no reason
This is all I can think of at the moment, sorry with bombarding you with a huge list of things I'm just so lost and need help :(

Georgina xx

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