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Re: Topical Iodine and skin cancer, iodine is too weak
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Topical Iodine and skin cancer, iodine is too weak


A Blood Root Powder Procedure that Kills Cancerous-Type Growths on Contact

First, do a google picture search with these keywords: basal cell carcinoma early stages. If bcc anomalies look like any of these, are not too large to deal with (over 1 square inch), blood root powders will impact anomalies living deeply below skin barrier (see 'first-person' report below).

I have removed more then 13 anomalies off my body over the years using blood root powder (buy online) and wart or corn remover liquids available at most pharmacy s. It is very important to use these substances within a specific procedure. The procedure is basically identify the anomaly size and location on body. Once identified, then attack it with a repeatable 'slow etch away' procedure discussed below, clean-out anomaly remains to allow healthy tissue replacement. Be sure to treat the entire anomaly and some of the surrounding non-infected tissues. This is important because leaving part of the anomaly -- outside of the repair zone -- will allow it to re-infect the treated area sometime in the future.

The basic procedure is to treat the entire bcc anomaly and surrounding healthy skin with a very 'weak etcher,' a chemical called salicylic acid (15 percent via weight). Doctors treating Acne patients use 30 percent via weight of salicylic acid to etch the mutated skin masses off their youths' faces!

The etcher (wort/corn remover brand) is so weak it will take several days of chemical applications on skin surface (repair zone) to open the hardened surface part of the 'cancerous growth' itself. Many skin cancer type growths have two-body parts to them: a hardened-surface membrane and softened sub-surface membrane.

Cancers are typically saprophytic in nature, they are similar to the non-cancerous growths called candida (yeast/fungi growth). Both live off their victims, but their energy sources are different. Cancers typically digest the victim's cellular masses (via cannibalism), while candida spores and colonies just slowly starve off the cellular mass groups within infected organs (consumes free floating sugar/fatty substances FIRST within localized body fluids).

In both examples, these mature growths act/look like worts on the surface. The growth's below surfaces usually develop some kind of steadfast. These steadfast structures in maturing growths just get bigger. In the case of cancers, though, the maturing steadfast begins to take on blood from within the victim.

See below procedure to remove saprophytic growths from victim's skin surfaces

Step 1, Clean entire infected zone with alcohol to remove greases of all kinds from said skin surface. This will allow weak salicylic acids (weak acid by any standard) to slowly and evenly dissolve all tissue masses in direct contact. This means this weak acid will eat into both infected and non-infect skin layers, one skin layer at a time! In all cases, so far, anomaly growth's tissue masses will take longer to dissolve then healthy tissue masses. I do not know why, but my best guess is cancerous living masses are denser or are shielded from chemical attack. In every case, though, the removal of the denser anomaly tissue masses did happen just the same.

Step 2, When the etching process gets deeper into 'wound' some bleeding will occur. Also, it will always be the healthy skin exposed to etcher solution to start bleeding first, and always the anomaly tissues bleed later -- partially within 'wound,' itself. Even so, the denser-like cancerous tissue masses do begin their bleeding event (within anomaly) as did healthy tissues surrounding the 'wound-zone,' via additional etching solutions applied to it.

please note: What the self-patient is looking for? Even bleeding over entire 'wound' itself (both connective surrounding tissues and anomaly tissues too)!

This will take extra time (get even bleeding within entire repair-zone), but it must happen to be sure the anomaly has been removed successfully (specially its steadfast portion). Uneven bleeding just means some 'subsurface' parts of anomaly are still present within 'wound' itself.

And if anomaly steadfast rooting is still present, after added applications of etcher, then some abrasive scrapping could be required to dislodge these well attached roots within 'wound.' If you have ever gotten a wort removed by a doctor, say off hand or arm, said doctor basically does the same thing – dislodges deeper rooting structures with a pointed probe before removing it from victim.

Step 3, What typically happens, during the initial etching applications only, are anomaly-tissue masses begin to dissolve or separate from itself allowing partially bleeding to work through via healthy body tissues currently living below anomaly steadfast.

This 'partial bleeding' effect does indicate below surface 'steadfast' attachments are still present and must be removed (sometimes rooting goes deeper into healthy tissues below to gain anomaly nourishment). If this is the situation of victim, he/she must plan some future scraping of anomaly tissues within repair-zone itself. This scrapping effort usually begins after a few blood root applications has done its dissolving work.

In other words, after several blood root powder applications have done their work (always pre-wet blood root powder with alcohol and apply mixture directly into 'wound' with a flatten spatula), some additional scraping within the 'wound' may be required. The scraping always generates added blood outflows, but can easily be kept under control with clean paper towel nearby. The scraping tool can be a dental-tool used in removing plaque off teeth (molt bone curette #1 or #2 offered at The scraping will generate additional discomfort, but a local anestesia spray called, ethly chloride can reduce most of the sting generated from the scraping procedure.


Please note: before doing any scrapping of steadfast roots within 'wound', apply blood root powder (always from USA sources) with above layer of etcher acid to seal the wound. A top layer of etcher acid dries into a tough crust-type harden patch (sort of a liquid bandaid), then apply a real bandaid over entire exposed 'wound' to protect it from outside infections.

Step 4, Blood Root kills cancerous growths on the spot, if applied in a step like fashion as discussed within this letter. The task being is to expose anomaly tissue masses FOR DIRECT CONTACT with a thin layer of blood root powders (always pre-wetted with small amount of alcohol). Once accomplished, apply etcher acid on top -- acting as a wound seal of sorts. Sealing the entire 'wound' will allow the blood root to do its 'killing task' below! If additional cancerous cellular masses are still deeper within 'wound,' it will take a series of blood-root applications to FINISH the job. After each blood root application be sure to clean out of 'entire wound' via scrubbing and scrapping process discussed earlier.


A. Blood root toxins (pure blood root powder) kill unwanted anomaly masses in layers within steadfast body itself. So if the steadfast's body part -- its 'center masses' are not bleeding evenly too (as surrounding healthy tissues are bleeding), then further blood root applications are required.

B. Be sure to leave the blood root sealed with etcher acid sealed patch - dry on top of entire repair zone for at least 2 complete days. A 2 day application of blood root within repair zone with its sealed patch of etcher does work best at killing/dissolving anomalies of all kinds! In other words, leave the completely 'sealed-up wound' (blood root is in direct contact with anomaly masses with etcher liquid poured on top of blood root layer (let it all dry into a button of sorts) within repair zone! Let it dry, completely, before covering up repair-zone with bandaids of any brand. Leave this completed patchwork in place for two days at a time. After 2 days there will be some itching about the repair-zone -- to alert victim repair-zone itself must be cleaned out and proved free bleeding within anomaly or not.

C. The result is that below the blood root layer/anomaly masses there will gather large amounts of white corpuscles (pus) to do the killing/repairing business. This gathered pus volume will disable and remove both blood root substances and killed anomaly cell masses within the repair zone itself! Once after 2 days have passed, victim should re-open 'repairing wound' in progress and clean out all pus, blood root and killed/weakened anomaly masses with aggressive scrubbing, scrapping and final clean with alcohol!

D. If there are numerous scraping efforts required to 'work' the anomaly out of the repair-zone, I use a desensitize spray called, ethyl chloride. This can of spray is available on if not easy to get elsewhere. In fact, I am with another anomaly on my knee cap, again about size of a dime, and have been working IT OFF VIA SCRAPPING TOOL thin layers of the anomaly every third day at cleanup time. The free bleeding is not even, so I am scrapping off thin layers of the anomaly masses with a dental tool I bought at The process is slow but sure! When I scape on top of now dying anomaly, some fresh bleeding out flows occur from its central steadfast body parts. This is great news, for I may only need to clean-out and scrape one more time – before re-cleaning to let entire repair zone rebuild with fresh connective tissues typically grown in healthy knee caps!

Please note: after each 2-day daily application of blood root powder with etcher acid seal above, the entire infected surface must be re-cleaned and new blood root powder and etcher acid seal re entered into wound itself. The powder itself does not harm the healthy tissue masses, at the same rate, but is very toxic to unhealthy tissues masses on contact.

Step 5, It is very easy to witness if anomaly masses are still present with a self-witnessing of even bleeding or not even bleeding of entire infected zone. This may have to be repeated a few more times, but must happen, until even out-flows of blood are exiting the entire 'wound.' If tiny parts of the steadfast are still present, just let the 'wound' begin repairs. If wound is completely repaired with brand new skin. Just watch the repaired wound for the next few months or so, just in case anomaly tries to reappear -- above the skin surfaces. The odds are VERY GOOD that any remaining below-surface steadfast will be attacked and REMOVED by the immune system OVER TIME!

Step 6, To let the repairing wound close up, infection free, apply repairing type skin creams and place bandaids onto entire wound to allow complete recovery. In a few days the repair-zone will drop its scab and baby-smooth skin appear.

Please note: do not put dry or wet blood root powders on any wet mucus membranes nor near open eyes nor eye lids nor eye-socket itself. Read up on the herb before using, for it is not a weak herb by any standard! Some of my letters discusses the internal uses blood root (killing candida project). If you are concerned about free-floating candida spheres in the body, search google, pictures,mammillaria candida.

In conclusion, Never use black salves of any kind, only blood root powders from USA sources only. As was said earlier, I have removed all anomalies from my body without aid of any doctor, and their billings in the mailbox. I used no cutting tools or insurance policies of any kind, I did this procedure in the privacy of my home.

The last two anomaly s I removed were off my cheek, one under the eye socket (not deep), and other above cheek bone (really deep). The free-flow bleeding is easy to control and a great way to determine if steadfast s are still present or not. The repair of latter anomaly 'wound' was extended for its deepness and size; about a quarter size on skin surface with below surface about the size of a dime!


keywords: beesting,peyronies, candida, dental plaque

p.s.1. I wish to discuss: basal cell carcinoma not-so-early stages -- but a similar type of cancer living within the body. That best example are of the prostate gland kinds. If one will do a short google search on the topic of prostate cancerous growths, two types are to occupy the internet discussion groups: growths that are within the prostate and growths living on the outer-edge of prostate gland itself. The former types are always the slower death road, where as, the latter is usually the swift-death road.

I suspect cancer growths living within the prostate gland (completely inside the gland), are much slower at killing victim, because they fail to 'act as other normal cells' around them! In these cases, CANCER CELLS GROUPINGS have blown their cover--which allow entire cancer grouping to get attacked by the immune system. Where as the more successfully hiding cancer cells groupings -- located on outside of prostate --THESE CANCER CELL GROUPINGS MUST PLAY THE SAME STAY ALIVE GAME (not be caught) as their counterpart anomalies living at the skin barrier (basal cell carcinoma) or risk immediate attack by the immune system too! All the above could easily be proved -- only if insurance companies would pay-up on autopsy requests by the walking dead!

Please note: I am not mixing up the infected-patients types here: the candida ones with cancerous ones. I believe they are both related (even cousins at their saprophyte work), in that the former sets-up the 'infection' stage for easy entry by other. In other words, candida infections are usually longterm, which in turn allows the infection to advance from sugar-base feeding (short-sugar chains) to blood-base feeding by a secondary invader called cancer.

What I am trying to say? To become any overly-sized living carcinoma-cell grouping (cancer growth), it will require said cancer-cells grouping do a great acting job to just stay alive! That 'stay-alive' job being -- to look just like all other neighboring healthy cells despite their over sized appearance to all about them. Why? If cancer growth looks just a little sickly in the localized cellular community -- immune system will 'mark' it and then try to kill it!

So in my opinion it is a much better situation to deal with skin basal cell carcinoma growths on the body surfaces at their early stages. Why? For victim can see and remove them! Whereas, trying to deal with cancer-type growths, at any stage, within the prostate itself will be a guessing game at best! Why? For the victim can not see nor feel them!

I have added this p.s.1. statement to this letter for a good reason! I am at stage 2 of 5 total levels of prostate enlargement for 3 years, and still do not have an 'in the home' repair procedure written. I did some experimenting on myself via injecting a weak solution within prostate gland (do not wish to state what nor amount injected), and I somehow got myself infected.

The good news: I am very thankful it was not an aggressive pathogen within penile structure, for a double dose of penicillin did make it all go away. This failed procedure was done in January of this year, and I still do not have the nerve to try it again. I know I must try again, yes someday, but I am still waiting to get up enough courage to work my current over-sized prostate problem.


The salicylic acid (15%via wt.) concentration dissolves both healthy and unhealthy tissues masses equally over time. If the cleaning out process is done properly, the etcher 'eats away' both types of tissues equally and at the same rate within the 'wound.' Blood root is very different!

Blood Root Old History: A short study of its uses by the indians is somewhat vague, but enough to get the idea of its function. It was used to cure animal hides. This was a great improvement over the older process: urinating onto animal hides to get them cured and useful to tribe.

Therefore, with any 'wound' pre-opened with several salicylic acid applications completed, any living tissues subjected to acid -- within 'wound' itself -- would have been changed to either a very weakened stage or killed tissue state!

While anomaly's cellular masses are being attacked by acid, blood root (direct contact) begins to kill same anomaly via tenderizer action! With both AGENTS acting on same anomaly masses AT SAME TIME, it is not difficult to believe said anomaly would have a very difficult time at living WITHIN HOST for the long-run!

In other words, the Blood Root tenderizing action would not allow -- still alive suffering anomaly -- its body-parts within 'wound' to be kept together! I think it rather difficult for any cancer-cell groupings' living its cannibal lifestyle, while being tenderized and dissolved on the spot!


p.s.3. I did a short test on my body using a weak blood root tincture. Even though the tincture experimenting must continue with further study, the visible results were outstanding to me, on just one application on my hand and arm (right side only).

First, I heated 1 cup of purest water (D. I. Preferred) in a pan on stove. While waiting for it to boil, I added 1 teaspoon of Blood root powder into water being heated. I then added 1 teaspoon of dandelion root powder to same liquid being heated. I mixed both powders well, and let boil for 2 minutes. I turned off the heat.

I then poured this hot liquid in a larger plastic container with coffee filter attached via rubber band. I made the pocket of the coffee filter large enough to contain 1 cup of hot water. I poured the hot liquid mixture into filter slowly, and let it filter through completely over the next few hours. With this liquid now cool, I then added crystals of magnesium chloride to it. The concentration was set at 6 percent. I used a 9 percent mixture in the past, but it was to harsh on my facial skin.

The formula I use is this: a 6 percent concentration in 500ml of purest water (D.I. Preferred) is 30 grams of MgCl crystals. So if the the liquid in the filter container is only 150 ml total, you can adjust the grams of MgCl to 9 grams! Formula is x = 30 times 150 divided by 500 equals 9 grams.

The final mixture was put in a clean glass container with lid, into the refrigerator for safe storage. I then used plastic spoons to take from the container in the morning and poured into my hands to be spread over the facial skin and scalp.

I have used this formula daily for 3 months now and am very happy with its results. The candida eruptions have all disappeared, and my skin texture is smooth and youthful. I would only take liquid from the container with clean plastic spoons. Return the container to refrigerator. Good for about 1 week!

Please note, i use this same mixture with a small rag to wipe inside the mouth, tongue and teeth nightly -- especially if brushing teeth some blood shows up! All good news to me. My dentist is sure to get less visit by me from now on! Enjoy.

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