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Re: Bloating, itching/flaking in ears, itching/flaking anal area, swollen prostate, etc: could it be parasites/giardia?!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Bloating, itching/flaking in ears, itching/flaking anal area, swollen prostate, etc: could it be parasites/giardia?!

""I am healed" stories "

you just "hit a nail" I think - this is something I've been thinking about myself a lot but then I realized that once you start this journey - cleaning your body of toxins and parasitic infections, it seems like never-ending endeavor and I think the reason why is that the more you free your body the more you free your immune system to find more and more and more ... that's why this seems never ending (this is based on my own experience, could be different for different people of course, as everybody has a different set of genetics, immune responses, parasitic load etc.)

so the conclusion I made is that if you don't want to feel anything, the best is to take some strong medical drugs that will kill your immune system completely and then you will not feel anything, you'll be functioning as "normal human being" - however, at the same time you will carry all kinds of diseases and problems because the "cause" behind all those health problems will not be dealt with by the stuff that just numbs the body and mind and covers up all the symptoms - all those symptoms will still be there you will just not feel them

but once you start removing the real causes of all the problems in the body, then you open the "Pandora box" and then it seems like never ending path to health - but the truth is you get much better, your mind clears and you think all is just fine, until your immune system starts dealing with yet another invader, so hidden before that only when you removed some other culprits (such as heavy metals, some really invasive and aggressive pathogens etc.) only then your body uncovers more...

personally, after my experience, if I would not felt like as if I'm dieing and completely "attacked" by some cruel pathogens, I would not have started this journey because what I learned is that the more leaves the body the more is discovered and truly it all feels like never-ending fight for life

it's actually amazing how much the human body can take and yet function almost as normal, experiencing this only shows that our immune system is truly trying to clear all invaders, but gets overwhelmed with the volume that some of these critters can produce, so without providing some sort of help to our body so it can deal with all that stuff you either end up very extremely sick or numb/mentally paralyzed from some medical drugs that make you not to feel anything

not sure what's better at this point - but to me all this explains why people don't boast about "getting healthy again" - because many times things get much worse when you start cleansing the body and again, this is based on my own experience, it takes extremely long time to bring the body to the "normal"/pathogenically un-invaded state

don't forget - there are many "critters" that people carry and live with happily, not even knowing they are the hosts of these things, but there are things that trigger very sick reactions in the body and I think only the people who were lucky enough not to pick up some of those aggressive and very pathogenic "critters" can live "normal life" and they have no idea what it takes to clean up your body from the bad stuff that entered you somehow/somewhere and all you did was "lived your normal life"....

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