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Have my 2% lugols...just need a push to get started (new here)!
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Published: 8 years ago

Have my 2% lugols...just need a push to get started (new here)!

Hey everyone. I'm new to this group and have been skimming through the posts and stories and learning a lot.

A little about me: I'm 30 and was on the birth control pill for about 9 years and finally decided to get off it May of 2012. Since then, I've put on 12 lbs. (belly fat..normal weight is 130 and I'm up to 142). No matter what I've done, I can't take that weight off with eating well and working out. I've done high carb/low fat, low carb, fruitarian, and vegan for a couple of months. When I went vegan, hair started falling out and I just felt horrible. Mind you, I wasn't taking any vitamins or supplements because I was believing that I was getting all of my nutritional needs from the fruits and vegetables I was consuming. I felt like crap on that diet, so I'm back to eating protein/meat.

I have been dealing with horrible cystic Acne and irregular menstrual cycles since ceasing the bc pill. I do get my period monthly/every month and a half or so. It's never 28 days, and I am guessing I have a hard time ovulating. I recently took progesterone cream and I could feel myself ovulate when I took that, and even lost 2 pounds after. I have a feeling I might be suffering from PCOS because Sugar really aggravates things, i.e. Acne and weight gain. So the only form of Sugar I have been eating for the past 5-6 months is fruits and sometimes agave nectar or coconut nectar if I want to bake. I have been eating super healthy, avoiding gluten when I can, no sodas or other staples of the standard American diet, and definitely no fast food. When I go out to eat, I make the most health conscious choice. I haven't splurged in months, I work out, but the weight doesn't budge! 2 of my aunts had to adopt because of infertility, although I haven't asked if they were diagnosed PCOS.

My mom was just diagnosed as hypothyroid this year and started taking Levoxyth***?? It started with an L, that's all I know! The females on her side of the family have a history of hypothyroid. She said that her doctor never said anything about hashimoto's, just low thyroid functioning. Her symptoms were brain fog and constipation, not weight gain.
I have a feeling I am hypothyroid as well. I went to my doc last friday and she is running a thyroid test, but I think she said TSH...I doubt she is doing T3/T4, so I might have to yell at her for that! My symptoms are: depression(not on medication), brain fog, dry eyes, dry skin, head hair loss, unexplained weight gain (due to possible PCOS or hormonal imbalance of some kind), don't sweat much, acne, and I know at one point I had bad adrenal fatigue, but when I started taking Gaia adrenal health tabs, I felt a lot better. I sleep pretty well and take GABA or Tryptophan.

I was recently taking up to 6 kelp pills at 225 mcg/day and Dulse in my smoothies, but started getting bad headaches. I have heard kelp tablets are known to be contaminated. I stopped taking those and ordered Lugols and just received the bottle yesterday.

I am scared to go through a detox and I am cautious about anything I take, so Grizz's method seems like the safest to me..starting very slow and titrating up. I don't want sudden massive detox symptoms, so I think I will go the slow and steady route. What I'm most scared of are health palpitations and Acne (which I don't need any more pimples!).

I made an appointment with an alternative medicine doctor here in town that I found off the breastcancer website that is frequently cited, so she is familiar with Iodine use. I don't see her until September 3rd since she is booked until then. What stinks is that my insurance won't cover it, so I will be paying a lot, but my health is worth it to me.

I think until then I will start the Lugols at under 1 drop a day for a week and then work up from there. I just need a push and some encouragement. I know to take the companion nutrients. The only one I have left to buy is real salt, which I know is very important and will definitely have that in hand when I start.

Also, I am taking herbal detox drops from Swanson at the moment and have been for a week. Should I cease use of this before starting iodine, or continue until I finish that?

Have most of you lost weight while on iodine? My goals are to prevent or beat hypothyroidism, lose weight, regulate my cycle (which should clear my acne), and be more alert and suffer less Depression symptoms. Just trying to beat my genetic betrayal if possible! :-)

I am thankful for this website. Thank you for reading my long post!

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