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Using DIM (for estrogen dominance) while taking Iodine? Harmful? And other questions...
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Published: 8 years ago

Using DIM (for estrogen dominance) while taking Iodine? Harmful? And other questions...

Started my first dose of Iodine (thanks to Grizz for the info on starting slow, and I put 1 drop of 2% Lugols in 8 oz. bottle of water, and drank 1 oz. this morning). I am all for starting slow to avoid massive Acne detox symptoms because I already have enough acne, and I'm 30 years old and figure I should be past this... Also, I have been dealing with some anxiety symptoms the past few weeks and don't want any more heart palpitations from higher dosage just now.

I suspect that I am estrogen dominant (along with possible high testosterone-PCOS??). Once going off the birth control pill (was on it for 9 years), I have bloated up and gained 12 pounds. As we all know, estrogen is one of the hormones, along with cortisol, that can put on the pounds. I was able to maintain my weight while on the pill and didn't gain. Weird, right, as I've read that most people gain weight while on the pill. I was on Yasmin, though....drospirenone is a diuretic. And of course my doc (who I'm not happy with) wants to put me back on the pill and pump me full of synthetics again. Sorry, but I want my body to regulate on its own.

So, a week or so ago I started taking 3 capsules of DIM (Source Naturals brand). Since DIM is a compound found in broccoli, is it harmful to the thyroid? I have heard some conflicting things and just am not sure what is truth.

Also, is it wise to do herbal detox drops while I'm starting on Iodine? Or is that not recommended?

About bromide - I get highlights put in my hair every 3 months. Is bromide found in hair dye?

Finally, I use a Brita filter at home. Does this take out fluoride in water? At work they have a Culligan tank and that's the water I've been drinking at work.

Sorry if some of these questions are stupid. I'm a newbie! Thank you.

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