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Re: Mom to toddlers, want to buy Silverlungs
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Mom to toddlers, want to buy Silverlungs

Sorry, this is wrong. Both the FDA and our TGA do NOT have any information or reports of Argyria being caused by the home made predominantly ionic silver solution, well not up to the last time I asked our TGA anyway, which was a couple of years ago now. ALL cases of Argyria have been the result of working with silver, over consumption of the so called 'CS' product, ignorance or wilful disobedience in proper production in the home, silver nitrates and other compounds...and that list could go on. The two best examples to see is 'the blue man'...LOL, and that ancient Rosemary Jacobs...again, I'm still laughing.

I have yet to find an article which relates to the predominantly Ionic Silver product as having caused any issue within the human body, they all refer to the CS product...different product, that product is predominantly particles, and I dare say most of those products have proteins or something added to keep those particles suspended in solution preventing gravity from pulling them out of solution, the home made product is predominantly Ag+ ions and should not degrade over time. Shake the bottle, if the bubbles DON'T rapidly dissipate from the surface, it contains additives.

CS as sold by commercial enterprises produce their product using HVAC, hence they get more particles as compared to Ag+ ions in their product. I believe it's called the 'sputtering' method whereby silver is blasted off the electrode using HVAC thus depositing particles of silver into the water resulting in higher particle content. The LVDC method of production as made in the home contains more Ag+ ions to particles, BUT, there are still particles present as some of those ions collide with each other over time forming those particles. Ag+ ions are constantly moving at a rapid pace within the solution which causes some to adhere to each other, but once they stick to each other their electrical charge is lost rendering the solution 'stable', hence you have a solution containing both particles AND positively electrically charged silver ions. Ions will outnumber particle content.

Now, if you have a clear solution, you have produced that solution in a very clean environment and will contain ions AND particles {use a laser light}, if that solution develops colour then THAT is the result of ions forming particles and that laser beam will be much stronger as it refracts light off those particles.

Regardless if the solution is clear or yellow, if there is no settlement and the solution remains absolutely transparent in appearance the particles present will be of such small size they will permeate through any membrane. Think about it for a minute - if those particles present are too large, gravity would pull them out of solution. All that guff about "ours contain the smallest particle size possible" is simply that - guff!

To get it in the bloodstream you just swirl it around under the tongue, thus bypassing the stomach acids {which everyone seems to think makes it ineffective}.

The home produced product will repair bone and tissue, dedifferentiating cells back to stem cells which regenerates the affected bone or tissue {"The Body Electric" by Dr Robert O Becker - NOT to be confused with Bob Beck}, leaving nil or minimal scarring, this is something the so called 'true' CS product is unable to do because it lacks those positively electrically charged ions.

With the home produced product you have the best of both worlds, Ag+ ions AND particles, but the ions will predominate!!

I've been ingesting a small amount of my product every morning for around 10 years now, I certainly would NOT do that with the so called 'true' CS product! My immune system is permanently enhanced by doing what I have been doing for nearly a decade, and by my using it on open wounds etc I have the particle content destroying the possibility of infection and the ion content repairing the tissue - it isn't rocket science, although marketers will have you believe something different of course.

If one is seeking the truth, then one must dig a lot deeper into this subject.

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