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Genetic causes of anxiety and/or depression?
rockriffraff Views: 4,712
Published: 10 years ago

Genetic causes of anxiety and/or depression?

I'm new to this forum and hope I am posting in the right spot. I'm here because I am just about to start college and for the past 6 months I have been experiencing severe anxiety or inner tension as well as a very apathetic demeanor. For the first few months I thought it was just because of an issue I had had in my early childhood being brought up again to my conscious mind and stressing me out. I tried Lexapro and that helped a little but only to kind of numb the feelings, not really make them go away. There were a few therapists I went to and they didn't really help either because I didn't really have anything to talk with them about, no issues or anything that I could say was really bothering me.

My symptoms are as follows: inner tension around the solar plexus area (feels like someone grabbed it and is squeezing it, is worse when I am anxious), brain feels inflamed or hot and kind of swollen, like there's a constant pressure around my forehead and the inside of my head always feels hot and compressed, tics such as nose twitching and winking that are hard to suppress and get worse if I am anxious, giddiness, white coating on tongue and also athlete's foot (why I think it might be candida), easily irritable, eczema in winter, tingling sensation in scrotum, hot flashes across parts of bodyt, and a few more that are not coming to mind rigt now but that aren't as important

After talking with my parents I've started to think some genetic factor my be playing a role in my life. My dad can relate completely with how I'm feeling and says my grandfather on his side went to the hospital for a time because he had suffered what was called back then a nervous breakdown. Even my great grandfather had troubles, as was found in a memoir of his that described a number of years he went through called his dark times.

I guess I've always enjoyed life and tried to appreciate things but these last few months have made it really hard. I'm withdrawing from everyone and feel like my fight or flight response is on 100% of the time so I can never relax.

I did some research myself before posting here and found a few things that could be causing this. highest on my list is pyroluria which I am currently awaiting results on for a test I sent in, and after that adrenal fatigue and candida. If anyone has any insight or suggestions on this matter I would greatly appreciate any help I could receive on this matter. Any advice or recommended tests at all would be helpful

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