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Re: ivermectin experts please help!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: ivermectin experts please help!

Holy crap, I think you just about summed up most of our stories. Ugh, I did Clarkia herb thing at the first of the year, then felt kinda better after the first month so I stopped, and then I felt and looked great for about two months.

Then the roof caved in and I gained a zillion pounds overnight, etc, etc, felt like death again, etc. etc, and decided to do the Pharma protocol of ICU. I COULD NOT BELIEVE the worms that came out in the first day! Where I was constipated seemingly for a month, I eliminated like 4 times in the first day! It was amazing feeling until I peeked in a bit closer and saw OODLES OF WORMS - Ascaris babies or something. I had done a megadose of coq10 a few days earlier on a recommendation from here, and not really understanding what it would do.

Anyway, once I started with the two week albenza, prazi, ivermectin thing, and saw the worms, flukes, eggs, you name it, I knew i was on to something. Unfortunately the meds cost a fortune from the indian place u mentioned, and then after the first two weeks I ran out.

Hadnt done a colon, kidney or liver cleanse yet, and this made me nervous, so I just started up after pharma with the extra strength Clarkia tincture at 20 drops 3x a day. Felt great, then constipated, and havent been doing the enemas she says to do. I am going to start them, but I'm realizing after being only on Clarkia for like a month and a half now, it's like every two weeks or so my stomach becomes soooo distended and I feel crazy and I cant eliminate and I feel like maybe it's some worm cycles coming and going and they are dead and just hanging around in my colon!

i decided to start the clark Colon Cleanse now and after two days It's working wonders. I really wanna do pharma again but I'm scared my ole liver and kidneys cant hack it so I have to wait. Had a few 12g pills of ivermectin left over and after reading you guys post, I just had to pop one in my mouth just to see.

My personal life has made this whole journey so much harder and I've been so nervous about die off, that it's like I've wasted time not getting started with a lot of these things. Also I swear to ever-living god that these damn worms have been convincing me to not do enemas! It took me 5 months of reading on here and phobias to get started and once I did a coffee it changed my life! Then I swear I've just not been able to force myself to do one in two months when I needed it the most! These worms are definitely controlling my brain! At least the old guys I've probably had in me for 20 years werent waking me up screaming "dont kill us, please dont kill us" like they did when I did my first experiment with clarkia parasite herbs in the beginning of the year.

The pharma may be dangerous, or whatever, but like steve @scabdraggr says, screw it, I may have to shave my head! I need to dedicate the rest of the year to MASSACRING THESE BASTARDS - oh and get the rest of my system flushed and in check too! Good luck to you all, hope you are feeling better! Thanks, steve, and I'm almost desperate enough to be able to do your protocol! :)

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