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Steps to Take for Autoimmune Disease

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Published: 9 years ago
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Steps to Take for Autoimmune Disease

I received a message from "I am Cool" requesting help with her Lupus, and I didn't want this message to go to just a single person. Here is my message to her:

You have a terrible and deadly autoimmune disease. ALL autoimmune diseases are the result of a severe deficiency of vital micronutrients. 1st of all: STOP eating all wheat products ASAP!

Wheat perforates the intestines sending SHIT into your bloodstream and this drives your immune system crazy.

You should take the following VITAL steps ASAP. You are dealing with a VERY DEADLY disease. I have friends who died from this, so don't waste any time to get on this program. Don't waste a minute. You can read more about it as you go with my links. Doctors are USELESS on autoimmune disease because they are not trained in nutrition and there are no drugs that can replace nutrition.

1) 20,000 IU Vitamin D3 Geltabs for 3 months then get the at home D3 test kit to be certain your blood level is near 80ng/ml. Adjust dosage accordingly.

2) Start on the Dr. Brownstein Iodine Protocol.

Your goal is to get to 100 mg Iodine per day with required co-supplements including Boron/Borax. IMO, jump right into 12mg a day of iodoral, accept a few detox problems & start at 12mg a day. A few pimples & detox rash are only temporary, death is permanent. Titrate up to 100mg a day of iodoral as quickly as detox allows. You will stay at this level for as long as it takes to cure your Lupus or send it into remission.

3) Radically change your diet to an "Optimal pH" Diet. This is a cross between Vegan and STRICT PALEO diet. You measure your urine pH each day and adjust your diet until your urine pH is between 6.8 and 7.2. The closer to 7.2 the better.

Additional steps to raise your pH is to add potassium bicarbonate to your water for a pH of 7.2 Reduce your consumption of meats & acidic foods, and make a lot of fresh veggy/fruit smoothies. Add Spirulina & almond milk & diatomacious earth (Food Grade) to all of your smoothies. Absolutely No dairy products No milk. NO wheat products, NO Man Made foods. No Coffee, absolutely no soda pop, Only natural brightly colored foods shall touch your lips.

To get some additional ideas, study the Multiple Sclerosis Diet here:
MS & Lupus are very closely related. The diet you will be on is very similar to the MS diet.

Best to all.

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