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Re: Dr Schulze blog this week mentions curing lung cancer

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Dr Schulze blog this week mentions curing lung cancer

Thank you so much, Doctor Schulze

Omy gosh, it meant the world to me read what you said and have one whose name I think I have typed a muillion times speak out here and for the compliment thank you so much

In rereading this thread, I also do not go into other forums to promote my products and draw people over there which I thought was against curezone rules like some posters and since I am not selling anything but good advice, I don't have to worry about breaking rules or chasing people away who might think their health is not one's first priority.

Starting an argument for no reason is also apparently a good way to insert mentions and benefits of the product you sell and promote and apparently is a good way to get around the rules of keeping self promotions on your forum and this person is not the first I have seen do that. Obviously, Schulze or I had done nothing to deserve a hostile post like that and this must have been the motive in doing this to get her product inserted into a non promotional forum to draw people to one's books etc.

I am pleased to know some people see through that but not pleased to know that the sellers cause people to leave or not talk on here. That is kind of sickening that a place designed to be a masterful website full of knowledge, hope and health is seen by some on here as a way to make money or use other people's worry to do so or to gain self importance.

Yes, I have felt not selling anything is the best way to keep it honest and be able to freely promote the good things I see from various sources and be able to put them together for the best for the person needing help.

Yes, I think it is so sad when others stifle people from speaking or when they intimidate or make others feel inferior as I have seen some people do on here (not referring to the person in this thread) but hostile people are not conducive to healing in either attacking or putting people down which only causes them to leave, get angry or create feelings not conclusive to healing.

I have spoken to people who were terrified to post as they had been repeatedly attacked for asking a question or made to feel stupid for trying to learn by a very well known poster on here and it saddened and angered me as that is the last thing a sick person needs.

Absolutely, one wants to go comprehensive adding all they can to get well and change their lifestyle and so many want to cut corners. I know that is human nature but although Schulze said occasionally something as simple as a few cups of carrot juice can heal someone, generally, for even healthy people doing all you can is optimal and certainly the case for a desperately ill person.

Whether one changes slowly or fast, change is needed an change is not necessarily terrible. Feeling better and learning new ways of eating etc is it's own reward and can be exciting. some people;s deprivation is another one';s salvation.

I do believe raw foods and diet is key as well as cleansing the elimination organs and other things too.

I like learning from people who actually worked with the sick and dying and who cured themselves more so than people who just learned it from reading although research tendency is good for helpers to possess o increase their knowledge and this is also a good trait one can add to one's arsenal of healing tools making continual learning a part of it all.

I have spoken to people who cut corners and did not follow suggestions to the letter and did things like not taking enough of a formula or mixing it all together and taking it once a day and they did not get well.

Also those who focused all their attention on some "miracle cure" that was often quackery who neglected the most important parts of a healing program as they did not want to do or sadly in some cases could not afford to do what was needed but in those cases, I always give a lot of suggestions for getting similar benefits with some changes and how to best do it on a budget as being poor myself, I have learned and thought about some tips.

I believe Schulze said those who did MORE than necessary nearly always got better and those who bulked and did not want to do what was necessary to get ill generally did not get healed. Those who go hog wild often get rewarded by definitely healing.

I do believe there are some awesome herbs and things out there that do multiple and incredible things for us or a particular disease, but lifestyle changes that heal the body are nearly always good for us or of true benefit.

The more we make the changes habitual and routine, the more we continue those things and can not overwhelm ourselves.

I know the very comprehensive and complete programs I give to people suffering various diseases, can be overwhelming in their scope and hard to do but those who follow them have excellent chances of healing even the worst of diseases.

I am so happy to receive your wonderful and positive feedback and collaboration of my thoughts in a thread that make me feel attacked for no reason. It rally gave me a lift..thanks you for taking the time to post what you did.


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