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Re: How many have and haven't had success in getting diagnosis for parasites?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: How many have and haven't had success in getting diagnosis for parasites?

Well, I think it's two fold. The parasites showing up on the tests and the person looking at the scans to diagnose them. I simply did not have any luck. One parasitologist believed I had a fluke infection due to the size of my bile duct during an ultrasound and some white layer around it. But, believed the infection was since gone. Another time I went in to have an ultrasound and knew exactly where one of the flukes were. I grabbed the probe and put it on the site and it looked exactly like one of the picture you see of a transparent fluke. You can see the digestional track along the inside of it with along with it's orifice on it's back or belly. Yeah, that was plain as day. Still didn't get a diagnosis. Had what I was told was a mass on my bladder right on the track mark below my navel. Wasn't diagnosed. Had a ct scan which showed very minor cysts in my liver. Only to the next day kill close to thirty with a battery charger, which was stupid.. If you really suspect flukes buy the triclabendazole and try to eliminate them is what I think. I spent a lot of money on tests to have everything come back negative. When I took it the first time before they became resistant the medicine worked wonderfully well. I just couldn't clear them and possibly didn't have enough on hand. But, the medicine should work. Maybe it won't kill the eggs but when I took the medicine with a fatty meal it started working within 5 minutes. Large masses were dislodged from my left hip, traveled across my navel to my liver, up my liver to my gallbladder and into my bile duct. The body did a fantastic job and trying to get rid of them. So, I have faith in that. If the flukes aren't resistant to them and you have enough on hand, I truly believe your body will be able to get rid of them. You might have to push some of the flukes into your bile duct. That was a little rough, but once there if the bile duct is intact then it will go to your intestines and out. My duct just wasn't in good enough shape at that point. So, I don't know. The tests are expensive, I think your better suited to buy the egaten and go from there. Also, for some of your other parasites the Madagascar cloves are very strong. Maybe they will help with some of the other parasites..

If you suspect other parasites I don't know what to say. Currently the Ascaris is my worst infection I believe. They are everywhere. It's important to not let things continue on. I first developed movement in one of my shoulder blades 6 months ago but was too preoccupied with other things to chase after what it could be. So, Madagascar cloves might be a good idea to see if anything changes. Mebendazole along with quinfamida should kill off smaller infections pretty well. I double up on the mebendazole and it helps a lot but the Ascaris are still there. Also, I took decaris 6 months ago and got a lot of dead parasites from that. I don't know which ones they were but it was a lot of die off from it. Essentially I had Ascaris for a year and a half before I finally figured it out. It shouldn't take people that long. I just trusted that things would get better or didn't believe I could have 4 different parasites from a trip to the phillippines. Most doctors feel that if they have diagnosed a person with one parasite then they got the culprit but it's possible a person has multiple parasites. So, it's tough.. If you are worried about side effects then I would recommend daxon if you can get it. I noticed a lot of fatigue on albendazole. Mebendazole to a degree aswell, but I was taking twice the dosage so I guess that is to be expected. Yeah, I honestly feel if a person can rule out or simply eliminate the worst possibilities and move forward from that in a timely manner they will recover quicker and they won't get stuck. Also turning to Jesus for help too!!

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