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Image Embedded 22 years old. Very Ill. Extreme Fatigue. Digestive Issues Etc. Need advice.

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randomgirl0106 Views: 12,433
Published: 10 years ago

22 years old. Very Ill. Extreme Fatigue. Digestive Issues Etc. Need advice.

So I'm 22 years old. Had issues with my physical health since middle school, around 11 years old, or at least that's when I first noticed. It started off just constipation and insomnia.Oh yeah and when I did sleep I often had nightmares. Earlier than this as a kid I was almost a complete loner, I was terrified of social situations and talking to people for some reason. Psychologically I also had some OCD tendencies and slight anxiety starting around 10 years old. By 13 I had extreme OCD, which eventually went away on its own, I guess cause I couldn't keep up with all the rituals but I still had obsessive tendencies and thoughts from then on. By 14 my insomnia worsened. It took me around 4 hours to fall asleep at night. I developed discoloration around my eyes and was rumored to be a drug addict at school cause of this. At 15 I got my first period and got very sick during it. I vomited a lot and was in extreme pain and experienced depression, which never went away. The next months following I did not get any more periods. Not longer after this I was feeling bad about my appearance so I stupidly decided to lose weight (I was already underweight when I made this decision) but I managed to obsessively diet and get myself down to 80 lbs at 5'5. I was diagnosed with anorexia, hospitalized and put on a feeding tube for months. After I got out of the hospital I was still secretly trying to stay thin so I went long periods without eating anything. I soon developed hypoglycemia. I started craving Sugar and carby things all the time. Also my insomnia worsened. I would only sleep a few hours a night and I often knew when I was asleep but couldn't wake myself (sleep paralysis they call it). Eventually as I gained weight my sleep paralysis went away for awhile. But I still felt terrible.I was exhausted all the time. I was cold all the time. I had orthastatic intolerance and low blood pressure even after gaining all the weight back. Also my body temperature decreased progrossively over the years andIt's only 96 degrees now. I still had never gotten regular periods. They came rarely randomly months apart and were always very painful. At 18 I went away to college despite all this. My Depression got worse, I developed severe anxiety and started to have bowel issues. had mucus and gas a lot and stomach pain after eating. Could never focus, I felt both mentally and physically exhausted. I also started to lose my hair. I'd had minor Acne since 14 which around 19 became severe. All over my chin, jawline and forehead. I started going to a dermatologist who tested my hormones to find I had slightly elevated testosterone and prescribed yaz to me. I took it and3 months in my Acne completely cleared. Unfortunately I also got sicker than ever. The same week my Acne cleared I got pink eye and tonsilitis and became extremely fatigued to the point I could barely get out of bed. I had muscle aches in my legs. I was tested for mono but it came back negative I was given Antibiotics for the tonsilits, but I got tonsilitis again 2 more times and then strep. I was given Antibiotics for all this. At some point in between the Antibiotics and birth control my bowels got even worse. They became completely indigestion and always urgent, yet hard to get out at the same time. For awhile they were yellow, clay colored. At this point in my life I was 21 and spending most of my time in bed because I felt so terrible. I looked up my symptoms and thought I had CFS. Although they said Lyme can mimic its symptoms so I decided to get tested for that. It came back positive for an acute infection of lyme. The doctor said the way the results looked it could be a false positive though. But he gave me 2 weeks worth of doxycycline anyways which did not leave me feeling any better. After the 2 weeks I was retested for lyme twice. One time it was negative, one it was positive for an acute case again, but the doctor examined the results further that time and said it looked like a past case and that I didn't have lyme.

I'm not really sure what's wrong with me. Something to note though my mom had a lot of mercury fillings done as a teen and got pregnant with me in her early 20's. Not sure if I could be mercury toxic. I'm blood type A. Not sure if that matters. I also had all the necessary vaccines they want you to get. My grandparents live on a lake I used to swim in every summer as a kid. Now sure if I could've picked up parasites. Oh yeah and I've been off yaz for 8 months now. This are picture of my eyebags

Perhaps it might help to see?
Other things I forgot to mention. I need to pee all the time. Really thirsty a lot too. Feel faint. Can't focus. I'm continously losing more of my hair. My gums are receding. I have chronic genital pain and irriation for almost a year. I've been tested for STD's multiple time and it's always negative, so I don't understand why. I started seeing an alternative doctor who told me my eye bags were from a gluten allergy. So I've been gluten free for 2 months (and almost completely Sugar and dairy free too) they haven't gone away. He wants me to take progesterone now too so I can sleep. I've been on it almost a week now and feel nauseas and think its making me worse. I don't completely trust him. But I'm very hopeless and lost at this point. So I thought I might ask on here if anyone had any advice for me? BTW I'm only 105 lbs at 5'5 now. So I need something that won't make me lose weight preferably.

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