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Happy saturday - pieces of advise
zoogirl020 Views: 1,620
Published: 10 years ago

Happy saturday - pieces of advise

hi guys! happy saturday :) im just writing to let everyone know you can beat this thing! i know sometimes we get soo overwhelmed, anything that we feel as humans that we cant control WILL get us down, naturally. but we can beat this thing! this isnt forever. most of us at least 70% or even 80% here DO NOT have TMAU or any weird diseases. the internet is such a easy way to get you sick. when my odor started, i noticed i could control it with easy changes like new deodorants, antibacterials, or even magnesium under the arms. but my diet change was never critical, and i kept drinking and eating what i wanted, and taking Antibiotics every time i got sick. this made my odor 100% worse and CHRONIC. i smell even after i shower. this can only be due to a change in intestinal flora (guys, this is key to everything) . we all have somehting in our gut. i know it seems like this is cancer, most of us are in our 20s, most of us feel lost, alone and depressed. most of us have tried suicide ,because drs wont listen, and parents dont help. all we have are the nasty looks, or the clues, or the "whats that smell?" comments. guys, we can beat this. we really can. most of you try supplements for a week or two and since you dont notice any improvements you give up and assume it didnt work. others try diets for a few weeks and the same, you guys are just not trying enough. and please dont have me for saying that, i was one of you just shortly.

a week ago i decided i needed my life back. its been 4 years, and i dont plan to waste any more of my 20s beating this shit that seems so unreal. i bought and read books on gluten free, detoxs and etc. i learned A LOT. i changed my diet drastically. i first followed a clean diet where you detoxed, but it was very high in sugar,and due to my Antibiotic abuse history i feel my problem is related to candida/leaky gut. so after that detox i started clean gut to clean my gut out. its been a week, i still havent seen any imporvements perse and i know that i wont. it takes a while for your body to heal guys, pleae remember this. this odor thing, didnt happen one day to the next.

here are some of thethings that we should aLL supplement with and some tips

-bcomplex, 3x with food
-an antibacterial/microbial such as tricycline(berberine, goldenseal, grapeseed extract) very powerful
-coconut oil
-extra virgin olive oil coldpressed organic to lubricate the intetines (by the way fat is really needed, so increase fat in your diet_
-magnesium (if you read the deficciencies in magnesium ,bb and bo are one of them, i have about 90% of the list!) for this supplement i take natural calm, its really good, tastes great, vegan/gluten free/no preservatives and it really has improved my bowel health (AGAIN, CRITICAL WE MUST BE HAVING AT LEAST ONE BM EVERY DAY, aim for 2)
-high strength probiotic (this is an obvious one, i know VSL #3 and another brand i cant really are top of the brands)
-enzymes + HCL for protein meal digestion ( our digestion sucks, this is very important)
-water w lime in the morning
- Oxypowder is great if you want to do a colon cleanse
-try to keep up w oral hygiene, 2x a day minimum, floss and mouth wash
-use milk of mag as deodorant, it doesnt get better than that
-shower with sebamed (lowph soap, no you dont have tmau but its good for your skin)

i really just wanted to share to give you guys some HOPE. i feel your pain, but i know i will be one of those sucess stories you read about here soon, and i will help you guys. but you must help yourself. i think i gave you all a pretty good start if you havent started yet.
im here if you have any questions :) feeling very knowleadgeable this days!



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