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Opinions about Praziquantel and Biltricide and different countries?
Kolt Quinn Views: 3,619
Published: 8 years ago

Opinions about Praziquantel and Biltricide and different countries?

I'd like to hear some opinions about what I've been reading and hearing regarding Praziquantel and Biltricide.

1) I had a hospital lab confirmed Tapeworm which I hand delivered to the doctor's office in jar.

2) First doctor prescribed Biltricide. 9 pills taken over 3 days.

3) Symptoms better but not gone so a week later a second appointment with a different doctor.

4) The second doctor is a so called "expert" infectious disease doctor, which prescribes Biltricide again. This time 10 pills taken all at the same time. Cost near $200.

5) When I told the second doctor I felt I needed Albendazole as well (having read ICU's protocol) he said Biltricide does it all and no need for anything additional. The perfect medicine and it kills the eggs and heads (scolex) completely. 100%.

6) Symptoms are still present and getting worse again.

7) Obviously the Biltricide didn't accomplish what they believed it would.

8) ICU's protocol makes perfect senses and still in the process getting my last drug and that's where I want opinions.

9) I have reached out to people in China, Brazil and Thailand to track down Praziquantel. I want to hedge my bets and make sure I had increased my chances of getting the medication after hearing how customs can take it.

10) The person in Thailand said very difficult to get Praziquantel because this is an old medicine and the hospitals don't feel it is effective at all anymore. But the pharmacy in Thailand can still order it for a fraction of the cost they sell it for in the US. They just could understand why I would be interested in it.

11) The person in Brazil said the same. Impossible to find Praziquantel because that is an outdated medication and deemed not effective so they don't carry/stock it any longer. But also confirm if found it would be cheap because it was always cheap.

12) An American doctor living in China also said Praziquantel is no longer carried in the hospitals or the pharmacies in China, because it is no longer effective and Albendazole is the best drug. The only place Praziquantel is being used is for animals. He also confirmed very cheap medication because it has been around so long. He looked for days for me with no luck.

13) Three countries that have a lot more parasites and experience in dealing with Tapeworms and all saying the same thing.

14) Why are the doctors here the US making Biltricide the "absolute" of medicines for tapeworms???

15) Is this because of the marketing machine of the drug company Bayer? By calling it a different name and hyping it as this perfect medicine but no real data to back it up? The doctors just read the sales sheet and say wow Bayer has the answer and it is Biltricide.

16) Are the doctors in the US are completely clueless when it comes to type of medicine/treatments?

17) It is certainly obvious that the drug companies are making a ton of money off of relabeling an outdated Praziquantel to Biltricide. $200 for 10 pills. Crazy.

I find this a tad frustrating. Opinions. I'm not implying any big Conspiracy slant. I just find this whole situation really ridiculous.

And since my Tapeworms came from asia I have a whole colony of them that are laughing at the being treated with Biltricide. They are saying "what a joke trying to kill us with that old outdated drug Praziquantel".

And don't get me wrong I've read enough about this drug to believe it has it place still, but used in conjunction with other medications. ICU's protocol is brilliant using the combination of Albendazole and Praziquantel together.

Anyway why do you think Biltricide is be called the perfect drug in the US, a 100% cure and a cost that is crazy. And yet the rest of the world says not effective and they no longer use it to treat people. Why the difference?


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