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Re: 22 years old. Very Ill. Extreme Fatigue. Digestive Issues Etc. Need advice.
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: 22 years old. Very Ill. Extreme Fatigue. Digestive Issues Etc. Need advice.

"I don't have Addison's though. Probably adrenal fatigue although the endrocrinologist I went to denied that."

== That is SO common in the heavy metal groups! A close female friend went to a typical HMO endocrinologist for 10+ years for thyroid medication that was somewhat helpful for some symptoms. He NEVER tested her adrenals even though she had a list of symptoms as long as her arm!

== After some months in the detox groups I kept seeing my friend's symptoms in the females. I suggested that she go to a functional medicine doctor for adrenal and sex hormone testing/balancing. The key test when Hg and chronic fatigue are involved is the 4x saliva cortisol. She was low almost all day!

== If a person has lots of anxiety, but does not have an energy "crash" until the day after the test, the results won't reflect the complete picture. I have a friend who is very sluggish on the day after a stressful event.

== Another friend was told to stop smoking cigarettes on the day of the test. That caused him to feel unusually "wired" all day! Of course his cortisol was high most of the day!

"She did an ACTH test on me which came back normal. I read was not an accurate test for adrenal fatigue anyways.

== Yes, not typically the best test when Hg is involved.

"But she ended up telling me I was just depressed.

== Yes, that's what so often happens! Dr. Hal Huggins, a pioneer in Hg free dentistry writes about that here( it is almost humorous).

== Of course you are probably somewhat depressed as well. Hg messes with magnesium retention which is involved in making several brain chemicals. There are other ways that Hg messes with brain chemicals, receptors, etc. Don't take it personally. There are many things you can do about it : )

"And yeah I def think I have low stomach acid.

== Ever try some Betaine HCL? You could also take some vitamin C in the Ascorbic Acid form with meals.

I'm blood type A and I heard they do. I had an X Ray done on my stomach once not too long ago and they said I had tons of gas in it. I'm always bloated...

== The cause is not so simple to determine since Hg messes up the gut in so many ways. Some do a stool test such as the one from Metametrix. Digestive enzymes, especially those for protein, were helpful for that symptom in my case.

== Joe

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