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An Update
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Published: 10 years ago

An Update

Hello All,

So it has been a while since I have made an update about my condition. I think the last time that I did an update I had just moved down here.

So last semester was my first full semester. I worked out a lot and within a year had lost over 60 pounds from all of that awful seroquel that I had taken. I adopted a vegan diet and with PB shakes I had gotten rid of the Body Odor . Go figure it went away during the last week of classes after I had to spend four months of nasty comments and people gasping for air during class. I got over excited, I went to the salon I did a lot of stuff, I even signed up for online sites to look for people to hang out with. Then I messed up. I ate a lot of bad food thus abandoning my vegan diet.

Then one day I went to an OA meeting and the woman next to me would not look at me, she kept rubbing her nose. I dismissed it because it was a warm rainy may day. I went to Big Lots after the meeting to get these cookies that I liked. The employee was returning baskets to the front of the store and when he walked past the cashier ( I was at the cash register)he tapped his nose and looked at me. During the entire transaction the cashier looked down and tried to avoid contact with me. Ever since it has been hell.

After like two weeks of blending into the crowd and being normal again it was taken away from me. People would not sit next to me on the bus and when they do they turn the other way or cover their noses. For some reason the odor problem seems to be even worse, it had escalated from " what is that smell" to " it smells like s***. I began going to the gym less and less and continued to eat terribly. Well until the cashiers at the local supermarket began talking about me.

So I exercised around my neighborhood and did weight lifting at the gym once or twice a week. So by the end of summer I had lost 100+ pounds overall. Sadly I have not been able to enjoy this loss because why should I look good if I smell terrible. I continued to wear my "fat clothes" ( They are 3x and I am now a size 12). Even shopping for my back to school clothes was a chore. While I was enjoying how my clothes fit in the dressing room someone else was complaining how bad the area smelled.

I continued to see my psychiatrist monthly and had been juggling different meds. Once I realized that the meds were not going to stop the people from whispering (they were doing it in front of me) it dawned on me that I was not the crazy one. I told this to my psychiatrist and whenever I finish the session he says " dont worry we'll get these whispers to stop" Like I am some kind of nutter! I was also getting therapy but I had to stop because it was interfering with my class schedule.

So fast forward to now. I am taking an accelerated course in school so that I can hurry up and graduate faster. Unfortunately the gasp, coughs, whispers, and nasty comments are so much I can't even focus. I have pretty much given up and am a total slacker now, the professor does not even waste her time with me because it is obvious that I just dont care. I have a feeling that at the end of this course (ends next week) I will not be allowed to take the second portion of the course. I may not even be allowed to take the final next week because I am a couple points below the minimum requirement. Lets be real I probably failed my exam yesterday afternoon.

The odor is so bad I think that now my Grandfather can smell it. This is weird because before my family members could not smell it and thought that I was loony. So I stay in my room most of the time burning incense and oil warmers to mask any possible scents. There are times where I can smell myself even on a vegan diet and I smelled of old meat. When I smell old meat everyone else smells feces. I even cause an odor trail sometimes like yesterday because I binged on pizza in frustration the night before.

For those that do not know me back when I lived in NYC I had a plastic drawer filled with supplements from online shops. I had kept Vitamin Shoppe in business spending thousands on supplements and colonics and other procedures. Im not saying that those products did not work I just did not see it through, I gave up when the odor got worse or wanted to try something else to see if it worked.

Now I live in Florida and I am starting a new collection with a red storage tote. I want it to stop. So I came to the realization that I had candida a couple of weeks ago. I tried the candida diet but failed, no Sugar is hard! Plus I am trying to lose more weight and these diets seem so unsustainable, I need at least 1200 calories to function. I need proteins and fats ( in my situation vegan rice protein shakes with avocados)in my diet.

So I was sitting at home after a hard day of class and it made me wonder what was causing the candida. I remembered back in august when I was juicing for a meal every day for 11 days and I had used the bathroom around the 9th. I remember that in the bathroom I passed something wormlike. I thought it was mucoid plaque from the PB shakes so I dismissed it. It occured to me that maybe it was a parasite. I have in the past done the parasite cleanse and the Tapeworm cleanse but with my short attention span and desire to yield immediate results I eventually gave up.

So I have been ordering supplements online and sadly I have been eating terrible this week. In all fairness my doctor put me on Paxil after I told him that people were shouting at me from their cars (sadly I have a reputation now in the neighborhood that I live in thus barring me from making friends and associates) and for some reason I have gained 20 pounds in one week and my face is so swollen I look like a different person ( My grandfather said that I looked Chinese one morning and my professor asked me if I was okay because I looked swollen). I stopped taking the paxil a couple of days ago but my face is still swollen and the weight is still there.

Oh I forgot to mention I went to my doctor and told him my situation. He gave me a full allergy test and ordered that I go in for bloodwork (sadly I have not because the last time I did I stunk up the entire waiting room of Quest Diagnostics) The allergy test revealed that I was allergic to a lot of environmental allergies including wheat cultivated. The food allergy test pinged that I had reactions to corn, spinach, lima beans, apples, bananas, apricots, and carrots. My diet contains almost all these items on a daily basis so I have been trying to give these items up but wheat and corn are in everything and the allergy drops cost a lot. Plus they take months to kick in.

So now tomorrow I intend to do the parasite cleanse starting tomorrow. I am going to kick off with the Tapeworm cleanse ingesting COQ10 with some virgin unrefined organic coconut oil. This will then be followed by the parasite cleanse. I am going to see this in full and by November I will get a colonic to see the results. I have not had a colonic since I lived in NYC and I was getting so many. I did do an enema a week or 2 ago but unlike 2009 I have been having normal bowel movements (like 1-2 a day) vs the infrequent movements I had back then.

I write this long diatribe not to be a narcissist but because I had been googling "fecal Body Odor " for the last week. I want to be odor free by the New Year or at least not smell like I don't wash myself ( I bet money that if we did a swab test I am cleaner than most of the people that make nasty comments about me) or that I have bad hygiene because I do not like most of the people on this forum. I write today because I was googling and today I ran into one of my old curezone posts. I was surprised at how well written it was but digging through my old posts it showed how much I had given up so easily or never saw cleanses, fasts, or programs through.

I know some of you feel hopeless but do not. Tomorrow will be better and I am sure that we can all beat this if we try really hard! I am not going to recommend products or cleanses because I do not know you or your body. Just try as hard as you can and do not give up!

If anyone want to PM me or give me advice feel free to contact me on here I am all ears and accepting of all suggestions. I think that I have leaky guy syndrome from all the parasites and terrible food (remember when I told you about the daily red meat I ate when I was younger and working at a fast food restaurant? You probably don't!). I just want this to be over and I will not stop trying until I am smell free...again.

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