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Re: First day of niclosamide in the flukes, tapeworm program.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: First day of niclosamide in the flukes, tapeworm program.

Hi Kolt!

Thanks for your words!
I will try to go more into specifics in this post since you and probably more people are interested. I am sorry for your weight/muscle loss. I can totally relate to you. I was 150 with no fat, now i'm 125 -_- sucks. All that effort, now gone.

1. Yes i know Weston A. Price. As i said am a 21 year old man who lives in Canada (French Canadian...sorry if my grammar is bad in english). I've been really interested in the relations between food quality, health and high immunity. That is why I chose to let go of the trad. path. I just started my naturopath doctor's degree:)

2. I eat whole foods, as much as i can organic. Animal foods is always organic! I try to eat according to my metabolic type, which is protein type. For those who don't know that, definitely go look that up. Basically it means to eat according to what your genes (ancestral background) are, to the place you live now (cold-hot climate), what foods grow locally. Ratio of calories will go accordingly. For me right now, my macros profile look like : 45-55% fat, 20-25% protein, 20-25% carbs. I do eat dairy, cultured after pasteurization, grass-fed, raw if i can, organic always.

3. You wanted to know more on what exactly i did yesterday. Here's is what i can recall. Woke up, drank water. Had a light breakfast : Kefir (organic, pasteurized but cultured the proper way after, grass-fed), blueberries, 1/2 pear, cinnamon.
Then, i took the niclosamide-yomesan (2g which is 4 500mg) right after my last bite. The pills were crushed into fine powder. Niclosamide is poorly absorbed by the human gut, but it is fatal for tapes on contact. So you need to have as much contact surface as possible. That is why you should chew/break it. I took about 3-5 minutes before i felt lightheaded, headaches, foggy, cramps. It was like this for an hour and went off throughout the day. Like i said, at the end, i was feeling almost like a million buck, just had small headaches due to general tiredness of the treatment. When i took breakfast it was 8am. I had lunch at 12 am. It was a homemade soup with ognions, poireaux, cabbage, olive oil, organic ham, spices. Had two bowl. Important to say that that day was the first in a long time that i felt full easily!!! Later i had a snack of almonds, local watermelon, pear, coconut oil. I drank 2 cups of green tea with the juice of 2 lemons (High Vit C - detox) in the afternoon. For dinner i had organic chicken sautťed (skin, dark meat) with brown rice, olive oil, ognion, bell peppers + sauerkraut.

4. I now have at my house all three meds that i will use, which are Valbazen suspension, Niclosamide, Praziquantel powder. I was very lucky to get niclo-yomesan from my cousin who was coming back home from Italy (OTC there...). I ordered prazi powder from ebay (look carefully for no fillers and a compagny that looks legit). For Valbazen it is easy to order on Shipping was fast, good call service, can't complain.

5. The next comments are from my experience and you need to know that i am not a doctor or don't claim to have a real solution for you. If you have a fish tapeworm, START with niclosamide. It will kill it. Then do prazi+albendazole. The later will kill egg, cyst, larva. If you do have a Tapeworm in your intestine niclo will kill it instantly and you will feel better the first or second day. Continue the treatment for a week. My opinion is that the biltricide you took did have effect of the larva, eggs of the parasite total count in your body, but did'nt took care of the big ones!

6. Coq10 and herbs did work for me for a time... but nothing miraculous. People should definitely start with their diet. getting their sh**t together :). Then incorporate herbs. Then see if nutritional supp could be helpfull. Then if all those don't get the problem fixed, do the meds. Be prepared for the meds thought, in our days (everybody is sick) we do need them most of the time.

Can i ask you how old you are?

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