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Re: Dr Schulze blog this week mentions curing lung cancer

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Dr Schulze blog this week mentions curing lung cancer

Dr Schulze

I am sad these people chased you away as it was so wonderful when you were on here long ago

Sadly back then I was under a different name and you left and missed my question by just a fewpeople in front of me as I had tried to contact you for years but failed

I was trying at the time to help my mom with kidney diseases and had some pressing questions

Sadly, she did not realize the power of alternative healing till I had stopped three of her 9 heart attacks when I walked in on them and when she finally tried some tinctures and had such amazing results she decided to do the incurables progeam I had tried to get her to do for 15 years (I know dont push it on unwilling people but she as my mom) she finally ralized I knew what I was talkuing about and learned it when it worked over and over

We were just gonna order the incurable program and I was gonna to go live there a month, do it with her and train my brothers who lived there when she had her 9th dialysis caused heart attack and so unknown reason did not take the cayenne I left that had worked and went to the hospital instead where she had vowed never to go to and they killed her on purpose by giving her a pain drug they told her would kill her before. This was after I sneaked her herbs and stopped her heart attack and raised her blood pressure from the 30s to normal. They even told my grown sons I am selfish for wanting her to live (as I knew she could be healed) and told them to talk to me and set me straight.

We even found out they falsified hospital records to leave out the normal blood pressure readings that 15 relatives all saw so they could justify killing her and her heart attack had also stopped. (apparently my sister had told the doctor repeatedly, my mom should die as she "had no quality of life" and he was not missing his chance to "help her" they neer gave her a pain pill as siad it would kill her and that is why she quit going there but to kill her when she was no longer having a heart attack abnd out of blood presure crisis.  The miniute I heard them say her doctor was on the line, they stopped all treatment, sent her to the [pallitive unit, gave her the pain pill that shut down all her organs and told me she would die that night when I quizzed them.


I was pretty tragic when she finally was wanting to do the alternative health route...and just when I was finally reaching her for this to happn...we waited a long time to talk ot hospital lawyers on our rights and my brother with power of attorney was just going to get her out of there when she died minutes before we got there. It did not have to be.

I am able though to use what happened to her to warn others of what dialysis does to you and help others even though it did not work out with my mom.

But I was able to take the 15 years of research I had to do a long and comprehensive thread to try to help others with kidney disease even though I was unsuccessful helping my mother and father--one for lack of knowledge and the other for stubbornness in not wanting to change her lifestyle and too overtrusting doctors. Everything she ever tried that I did get her to agree to always worked, but she listened to the wrong "healers??" who not only made her suffer multiple times but in the end killed her and three of her kids feel this way.

I wish so much you would come back despite the people who are so rude to you, steal your work and do not respect you, are here to sell and not to care, and all that as there are people here who wants to know more from you, respect you, promote you and your ideas and are not here to sell but who care about suffering humanity enough to devote a lot of time to helping people.

You know how you believe in thinking positive and not would be so great if you came back for the ones who were not like the ones who chased you away...I love you, what you did for the suffering people and I love this site. I just wish somehow I could talk you into returning. This info I learned from you will always help me know that incurable diseases can be cured and how..this is invaluable info.

Dr Schulze when you posted about unyquity, I asked if somehow you could put something on your site so we knew it was really you if you want to revisit that thread in the Dr Schulze forum and see that post(I now see that was under another dr schulze user name). WOW its you:)

I understand if you cannot comeback but I would like to send personal message if I knew it was really you and not someone pretending to be you..the only way I can see for that to happen is if you will post some phrase or something you send to me via personal message and let me know something you wrote on the blog has that exact phrase so I can know it is you. If it is not too much to ask...swritten before I realized that this was the user name you posted under back then,

Even if you cant I am so glad you responded to me as I think I am one of your biggest promoters as I believe in your work and as I said often see a study or article verifying the wisdom of some components you spoke is just uncanny.

You are the man, Dr Schulze and I thank you for giving me the tools to help so many. I know your family and son must be very proud of you. You truly are doing God's work in helping the sick.



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