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Re: Dream Forum

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Scoprio21 Views: 2,412
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Dream Forum

Last night (10-14-13) I had the most bizarre and frightening dream! I woke up out of terror and could not go back to sleep! I was literally terrified. In my dream I am in my old elementary schools gym surrounded by tons of people. Also there are four lion sized black cats. I was somehow persuaded to suffocate one of the cats (arms wrapped around its neck) by the other person (I cant remember who). I could hear him suffocating and struggling to breathe as Im choking him. The cat also had an accent (cant remember what kind). The other person and I took turns harming the cat. Finally after 2 or 3 times it passed out collapsing on the other person. I yelled to the other person warning him/her to get up before the cat woke up. the other person idiotically kind of stood in place trying to figure out what I was saying and when he/she finally did realize what I was saying, the cat had awakened! I tried reaching down to get him/her out and was bitten by the cat in the process (which I oddly felt somehow in my sleep). the cat jumps above us (we were in some kind of hole but you could get out easily) and transforms into a man! he starts talking and oddly introduces us to the other 3 cats (his brother mother, and another I cant remember but I think is important) they all raised their paws and touched our hands (like a hand shake!) the transformed man then went on to say im going to make you feel the way you tried to make me. I then asked to go talk to my mom (so weird) the lady I went and fetched wasn't my mom by the way. but she knew me somehow and walked with us outside the gym door. I whisper to her to wait and talk to me until were safe in the hallway (my plan to escape and run). once we were we ran. I split from the other person though I don't know where they went! the crazy thing is when I tried to run I couldn't run as fast as I wanted! the floor all of a sudden got slippery and I could barely run. I ran into a person along the short way that I knew as a little girl from church (she now goes to college with me I see her occasionally) she went on to say "you know theyre going to find you you cant run" I did anyways and landed in a common room area. there were a set of classrooms in this area. I only ran past 2. the room I ended up in was connected to the second room I passed (like hotels with doors connecting rooms). I saw children laughing and appeared to be doing something with their teacher. it was odd because they didn't really pay me any mind the teacher spoke to me I spoke back that's all. I quickly lock the door. Next to the door is a window looking out into the common room its pretty wide! I could see the cats coming and hear the intercom telling the other classrooms to lockdown!. the dream then flashes to the other person running in the hall away from the cats. there was a classroom trying to close and the teacher barely opened the door for a kid to get through but the person I was with. she closed it on his face in panic and fear. one of the cats gets ahold of him.her and kills him/her im pretty sure (idk it flashes back to me) no back to me, everyones scraming at the sight of the cats in the window. the cats are looking for me as im trying to hide and duck. but the window isn't tall enough from the floor to hide me. so they spot me and smirk (creepy). I think one said they were coming for of the cats bangs his paw against the glass repeatedly (in my dream it goes in slow motion dramatically) I panic and start looking for an escape. the teacher shows me a door nearby (kind of like a closet with a lock or a bathroom but it was empty) she looks to see if its unlocked and it is so I hurry and get up turning to the door my hair was in my face and all over the place as im running (which is odd because I just cut it all off but in my dream it was down my back) I quickly lock the door behind me and fall to the floor (hair all in and over my face it was frightening I could barely see) the cats were banging and breaking the door slowly and that's where it ends. what does this mean?

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