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Dog Poet
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Published: 8 years ago

Dog Poet

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Joker is Twerking with Bobby Vinton's Hair.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are so many criminals loose in these times, organized and disorganized that you nearly have to strip search the universe to find an honest man. Dishonesty is so rampant that even people who are commenting on the dishonesty and using their commentary to trumpet their own generosity toward the public good (something we really, really need to know and god forbid that should go under the radar; Yeah, I'm cynical, you spend your days researching the internet and looking under rocks and see what happens to you- grin) and who also support financial and promotional engines in human form, who are not afraid to tell you that the Saudis own Hollywood. If you don't mind the extended reach, that is true, indirectly, since the Saudis are Tribe Members, if not actually, which I suspect they are, then certainly they are honorary members who have had their integrity and humanity circumcised in a neighborhood, Satanic Temple. You do not get to blow your way up the ranks, (PLW-grin) or... later on, down the ranks, unless you leave that particular be-foreskin at the entrance. Generally you have to toss it there afterwards, so that it can be trampled on by the growing number of converts after 'some of this', or 'some of that'. Requests come in for everything from Bobby Vinton's hair to what's her name's Twerker; obligatory ♫kazoo solo♫ as a shadow slut dances on the white sheet, hanging on the north wall. The Tower is behind the sheet but you can't see it; not that anyone knows what the Cube of Space is anyway (grin).

Corruption is like oxygen when it comes to politicians. This is how I define clueless, whether it be politician, or any of their victims. Clueless is when you do shit and you are a public figure and you just take it for granted that no one is going to find out. On the pedestrian level (meaning the great unwashed that the politicians walk on as if they were a living, breathing sidewalk) it's kind of like cheating on your wife or husband. There is a vibrational synchronicity that exists between a man and a woman, with telepathic undertones, that outs you eventually. Also, the subconscious, in all of us, is programmed to screw up whenever the self conscious is operating in a deceptive way; Lying to yourself, lying to others, one follows the other and Bob's your mother. I'm upgrading that Brit saying to conform with contemporary mores.

A thought went across my mind just now, like one of those single clouds crossing a cerulean sky. Bear with me. We know that the government and corporate Hell servants have been messing with the food and water and because, they are, pretty much, all corrupt, allowing Nestles to steal people's water and then sell it back to them. Nestles owns a lot of other companies because Nestles is a vampire coven. Don't buy ANYTHING made by Nestles. Anyway, I was thinking about all of the ways that the government, the corporations and The Tribe Bankers are screwing over the human race. Nobody here is stupid enough to believe they are going to stop, until they ARE stopped and speaking only for myself, I hope they get stopped hard and permanent and never see anything beyond reincarnation as a shit fly for the whole of the next cycle, unless they are sent all the way back to being a rock.

Okay, we know that the government recently fired a whole lot of doctors for some reason. I don't usually pay much attention to any of the reasons given by the government, corporations or Tribe Central Bankers because it is a given that they lie without exception. Now we are seeing this. Government Mormons.. more precisely, government m*o*o*ns, are out with the old door to door. We know that Obama (I don't f***ing) Care was the main sticking point during the shutdown and probably the one thing Obama and Co. was not going to budge on. Why is Obamacare so important? Yes, we know that Obama is a corporation and Central Banker butt boy, so it is important to his employers (What? You thought that was you? ...dumbass). We also know that since Obama (I don't f***ing) Care was put together by industry lawyers and lobbyists, this means some kind of annuity payback for Obama and his Hollywood family but, he has all kinds of swag coming in for later anyway. He abused the American public so much that he will never have to worry about income. He will have to worry about the Karma for it all but since he is a full on Satanist, he doesn't see what's what anyway. He only sees what he's allowed to see, as he makes his way to lasting perdition.

Yes... it is taking me awhile to get to my point and that is intentional. The bigger the windup the more impactful the pitch. Okay, we know that Obama and the hideous slime that he serves, are capable of anything. They are devoid of conscience and incapable of remorse. We know they've been poisoning the Earth with fracking and fracking isn't even necessary. We know they've been passing out the depleted uranium like candy from the neighborhood pedophile's house on Halloween (No doubt his Halloweenie is in costume too). We know about The Tribe poisoning the Palestinians wells and whatever they can get to, including their leaders; which is why they no longer have leaders. We know the Tribe is in control of the American government. We KNOW that the medical establishment has been poisoning the public via vaccinations. We know that a whole lot of micro-biologists were killed by the government a few years ago.

Okay, take all of this into consideration, as well as the mentality of the Tribe Owned monsters so engaged, and think about it. What if Obamacare is the new government agency for national, selective euthanasia? What if it is also the agency that provides the chemical cocktails that turn the public into even more completely controlled drones than they already are? Yeah, they can manage the whole thing right out of the government run health clinics.

The Tribe offspring, of The Tribe Monsters, who organized The Bolshevik Revolution, for the purpose of performing the greatest mass murder in history, is looking to out do themselves by making it happen again... in the United States first and then, anywhere else they can make it happen ...because they worship death and the one they serve hates the human race, which is why he picked a people that have no sense of humanity.

Obamacare might well be the Elite's Death Factory. They can put whatever they want into whatever they prescribe. Of course, this might all be simple coincidence. There's a lot of that going around these days. However, the degree to which they are poisoning the Earth and already poisoning humanity with toxic pharmaceuticals, vaccines, commercial foodstuffs... the list is impressive once you spend a little time looking it over... all of this indicates to me that everything they come up with has something to do with an increase in enslavement, an increased body count or... increased complexity and confusion.

It is very interesting that the online infrastructure of Obamacare doesn't work. Who would have the power to make all thing go 'aft gang agley; for the gang that couldn't think straight? In times of relative peace the Joker is around but seldom seen. In times like these, the Joker is Wild and directly engaged in everything that happens. It's going to get wilder and crazier and more comical with each passing day. World shakers, religious leaders, Gleem smiling entertainment androids, shit talking Feds, commercial warlords in pantyhose and all the rest of the animated embarrassments, who are a travesty on the human race, are all in line for some form of serious public humiliation. They're going through it at this very moment, in the milder stages, although they are probably unaware of it. They probably think they are really important, really valuable, really suave, really sexy and really connected to 'what it is', instead of what they are, which is so pathetic that laughter is hard to come by ...but... it's not going to stay that way. Laughter is coming because the cosmos is going to provoke such a sequence of comedic events, while awakening the spirit of mirth within 'many' of us. Of course, there's a lot of us who quite possibly will not be laughing but those are the ones among us who have been doing all the laughing for quite some time and are laughing now, no doubt and... no doubt, that would be nervous laughter.

End Transmission.......


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