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Re: 22 years old. Very Ill. Extreme Fatigue. Digestive Issues Etc. Need advice.

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: 22 years old. Very Ill. Extreme Fatigue. Digestive Issues Etc. Need advice.

> IV or other injections are MUCH more lucrative for the doctor.

I stopped reading right there. That is NOT an argument. My doctor, for example, while having made clear right from the start what hourly rate he expects has been extremely bad at sending me bills, and about a year ago he stopped completely and wouldn't send any any more even though I reminded him several times. He has been using DMPS infusions for much more than a decade, as I already said.

What the are you asshead talking about Eastern Europe? Is E.Europe, you idiot? I explicitly talked about the German made "Dimaval" and the 350 page scientific study summary coming with it (aimed at doctors, such a document must be made by the manufacturer). No use talking to someone who deliberately, or because he's a total idiot, ignores what's being said.

And of COURSE you also ignore that only a tiny fraction of a chelator even gets into your body from the digestive system when you take the chemical as a capsule (10-15% typically). So 100mg DMSA means you get 10-15mg into the blood only. Talk about wasting money - DMSA is quite expensive, go and shit 90% of it out with no gain, sure.

You are full of sh|t. Stop talking about things you are not qualified at all to talk about, or at least don't try to make your stupid opinion seem as if they are "facts".

Now shut up and go away, idiot. I am so sick and tired of this anti-DMPS nonsense COMING FROM COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE who've "heard something". Let the professionals speak and not your personal anecdotal "evidence". As bad as doctors are at knowing effects of long term low-level chemicals exposure (it goes way beyond mercury), at least they've been trained how to treat anecdotal evidence, while in forum such as these everyone gives advice to the entire public based on a handful of anecdotes, each of which can easily be countered by another one that says the exact opposite (which, of course, people like you don't bother to research because you only look at the examples that support YOUR point).

And by the way, I'm quite intentionally being an a..hole, mostly for other readers and not even so much becuase of the guy I reply to - this weeds out the kind of people I dislike even more, those who seem to think the "truthiness" of a message depends on how "nice" the person who says it is. All of those who reject my thoughts on this topic just because I'm not nice: go yourself. I WANT you to not use medicine that works, I WANT you to be selected against by nature. Go and do what the "nice" people say, for you I recommend "natural" treatments, and oh please be soooo careful with those horrible dangerous chelators, don't use them, PLEASE!

By the way, as an example for counter examples: It is generally known that chelators should not be used, ever, when kidney function is impaired. Of course, there is a counter example for everything in real medicine. I know the story of one guy (in Germany) who was close to kidney failure, had had lots of Amalgam fillings removed and LOTS of issues. Of course doctors told him he could not use chelators. However, as stupid as patients often are, he was so desperate, he told himself that his kidneys were about to fail anyway (nephrologist had told him so), so what did he have to lose? He used DMPS, injections, several times (don't remember, I think he may even have done it himself at home). His kidneys IMPROVED. He got other problems over time, an allergy against DMPS. He still used it occasionally, but with lots of injections of anti-allergy drugs, and he suffers quite a lot for 3 days until the allergic symptoms subside. He does it because without DMPS his kidney's condition deteriorated again.

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