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Re: false assumptions or lies ?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: false assumptions or lies ?

>- And that this guy who conducted the study also never did any testing because he "did not have the credentials" to do so?

Robert J. Thiel, Ph.D., N.H.D He did testing, but not medical testing because antiquated laws prevented it.

Basically, you are saying that people are too stupid to know when they might have a certain pathogen such as Staph aureus? Or are you certain that these people had not already been to a M.D. and told what they had?

>- Also, you say that you have had no complaints to the FDA about your product but also that you are not affiliated.

No complaints, but yes, they know me quite well and it is all over the internet. They visited our office and home with about 20 officers, carted away our equipment and customer list, went on a 6 month long witch hunt where they did anything and every thing that they could to pressure customers to complain about us. They failed and had no complaints against us. There have been a number of customers who had things to say about their heavy handed tactics.

>- Well, how or why would one refute claims that have not even been properly established?

I have shown without a doubt that zappers can kill microbes. Even the $10 zapper works to an extent comparable to its price. The reason that they have not tried is that they know that they will fail. Zappers kill many microbes and the best zappers kill many more than the less effective ones.

>- Also there is no information about the subjects in the sample....what else are they being treated for? What other meds do they take? Etc etc....Without taking all this and much more into account, how can you properly identify all dependent and independent variables? And, most importantly, how can one determine accurate causation?

These things are basically irrelevant because the purpose of randomly dividing into test and control groups is to compensate for variations and to provide a fair, balanced comparison between the test group and the control group who was not subjected to the product under test.

The results were obvious and well beyond the comparisons found in many medicines that get approved.

>- You don't need the FDA to perform an accurate statistical study and you don't need an MD to order tests either.

Actually, yes you do. Many states have adopted statutes disallowing such practices and these are commonly referred to as 'practicing medicine without a license'.

I know that in the state of Alabama that a doctor's prescription is required to obtain a blood test. I do not know of any state where this is not true.

>- I fail to see how you can say that killing some microbes in a jar in vitro applies directly to killing microbes in vivo (much less helminths).

Could this be that you are not looking past the end of your nose? Even the FDA accepts and has published white papers on using electric pulses to kill microbes.

What it comes down to is, Why do we have many thousands of satisfied customers?

>- But does this mean that if we put that same pen in a a bodily orifice it will kill all that is pathogenic in our bodies?

Yes, yes, it will kill not only microbes but your own cells because UV destroys DNA.

Mild Electric pulses do not destroy DNA or human cells, but I see them destroy protozoa, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and other microbes under the microscope and in ponds up to several hundred gallons.

As a final note, I will tell you about my teeth. The molars in my upper jaw are and have been in really bad shape. A couple are badly cracked and frequently get infected. Every time, I MEAN EVERY TIME that they get infected and abscessed, I pull out my zapper and use it. The swelling and pain goes away, quickly. Someday, when dentistry grows up, I may get these teeth repaired with materials that will regrow new tooth material. Until then, I will avoid the barbaric methods and continue to zap.

My point is that the only way that a zapper can stop the swelling and pain of an abscessed tooth is to kill the microbes that are causing the problem. I say that if the electric pulses of a water treatment device like this can reach bacteria inside of jaw or inside of the root of a tooth, then there are few places that it can not reach.

Deny and discourage all that you want. I AM CONVINCED!


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