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Is Lugol's Iodine Safe For Oral Consumption? Keep hearing conflicting views, who is right?
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Published: 8 years ago

Is Lugol's Iodine Safe For Oral Consumption? Keep hearing conflicting views, who is right?

Hello all.....I am new to the forums. I have been hypothyroid for a while and was wondering if I might be low in Iodine. I went on amazon looking for an Iodine supplement and the top selling one was J. Crows 2% solution of Lugol's Iodine. So after reading and noticing most of the reviews are positive I proceeded to order a bottle.

However upon further snooping on the internet I find numerous sources telling me that Lugol's Iodine is harmful and can cause permanent damage to the body if swallowed internally. I only swallowed 3 drops which were diluted in a cup of water. For hours afterwards I had a metallic taste in my mouth and my stomach also felt weird.

Also, upon further inspection of the bottle it says "Talisman Only, Keep away from children" and comes with no dosing instructions.

I can't help but feel I may have been scammed/duped looking for an easy "magical solution".

Furthermore upon reviewing various websites they all say Lugol's Iodine is toxic, including wikipedia........



According to this website for example:
The Insanity of Ingesting Iodine

Skull and cross bones emblem on iodine bottleLugol's iodine is a special formulation of iodine that is sold by quacks who proclaim it to be a supplement for internal consumption. They suggest that it is a medicine for an endlessly growing plethora of diseases, but they are careful to never actually call it a medicine lest they risk imprisonment. They present Lugol's iodine as the gold standard of iodines for drinking. The formulation is 5 g. of chemically extracted iodine, and 10 g. of potassium Iodide per 100 milliliters of distilled water. There are rogue people who advocate drinking as much as three teaspoons of chemically-extracted iodine daily; to supposedly cure and prevent countless illnesses. In some cases, they are even orally giving it to small children in what is blatantly child abuse.

Dr. Guy E. Abraham and his close partner Dr. David Brownstein have been repeatedly quoted and cited by the quacks of iodine drinking as "the experts" on this topic; so it is worth a moment to discuss them. Brownstein wrote an entire book about drinking iodine, and Abraham's faithful point to his credentials as a professor and a former M.D. However, their therapies are not even endorsed by their own establishment. In previous times, they were both a willing part of a medical system that routinely gives children radioactive iodine to virtually destroy any chance of them having a long and healthy life.

"Want to join the experiment? If you are already taking iodine click here to become a member, or Order a bottle for $40 to try it out for yourself!"

-- Dr. Guy E. Abraham

Elemental iodine is quite useful as a topical antiseptic, and topical applications eliminate a plethora of health issues wrought by iodine deficiencies. However, elemental iodine can quickly become toxic when orally consumed, for it is so difficult to not overdose. It is always safe when it organically occurs in foods, such as fish. The effects of an overdose with elemental iodine mimic the central nervous system problems that are caused by well-known poisons; for instance, the metallic taste that is caused by arsenic poisoning. The iodine that is found in typical retailers is always toxic in any amount when taken orally.

The poisonous short-term effects of ingested iodine are well known, but the consequences of tiny amounts being ingested over a period of years are unknown. We have written this hoping that those considering following such m*o*o*nic advice will research enough to find the truth prior to hurting themselves, or their children.

Symptoms of Iodine Toxicity

Abdominal pain
Metallic taste in mouth
Mouth and throat pain
Inability to urinate

Shortness of breath
Excessive thirst
Profuse vomiting

Other misguided followers of Abraham and Brownstein allege that iodine itself is not toxic, and that the toxic effects only result from methanol being inside the over-the-counter products. They usually follow with boasts about Lugol's iodine lacking methanol, while ignoring all the other toxicity facts about it. However, the National Institutes of Health specifically cites Lugol's iodine as being poisonous, and even its fumes are dangerous whenever it is heated. The official medical term for toxic overexposure to iodine is "iodism", and this condition is virtually always the result of oral consumption. No other mineral supplement requires environmental protection suits in its production process, because iodine synthesis is a dangerous and chemical-laden production process.

Some of those who are consuming synthetic iodine (and even giving it to their children) believe that it must be safe because iodine is added to salt and bread. This is actually not true. It is normally trace amounts of potassium Iodide (not iodine) that is added food items. It is a significantly less toxic chemical relative of iodine that somewhat helps to compensate for iodine deficiencies. While the safer Iodide can be found inside the Lugol's solution, and inside of other supplemental iodine solutions, it is still dangerously easy to overdose. It is so dangerous that it is absolutely irresponsible to supplement with it, or to recommend it as a supplement.

It is worth noting that iodine is much safer when combined with carbohydrates like bread, because starches are known to neutralize it. Thus, even if real iodine were inside breads, then the breads would neutralize that iodine. The excessive carbohydrate consumption of our Western diets is one of the many reasons why so many of us are lacking iodine. For this reason, victims of iodine consumption are recommended to eat bread by iodine manufacturers and poison control centers.

There has been a philosophical debate that has raged for eons about whether a people should be protected from themselves. However, there is no debate about whether children should be protected from bad adults. All of us in society have a shared duty to protect children from harm. It is our moral duty to report any parent who is poisoning a child with iodine, or any other toxic substance, to child protective services or other relevant governmental agencies. Contact us if you know of this happening to a child, but you are too afraid to get involved. Poisoning a child is a symptom of the mental illness, Munchhausen by proxy, so the abuse will only get worse in time if there is no intervention. For some really bad parents out there, the book from Brownstein is the excuse that they need.

Health safety links:

She goes on to state how the safest form of ingested iodine is red marine algae.

I just don't know what to believe at this point, all I know is I only took 3 drops diluted in water and I still have a funny metallic taste in my mouth.

Also from Wikipedia:

Because of its wide availability as a drinking-water decontaminant, and high content of potassium iodide, emergency use of it was at first recommended to the Polish government in 1986, after the Chernobyl disaster to replace and block any intake of radioactive 131
I, even though it was known to be a non-optimal agent, due to its somewhat toxic free-iodine content

So whats the real story? I just don't know what to believe. Have I been duped? Is ingesting oral lugol's iodine poisonous and are the ramifications really as bad as stated here?

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