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Candex anyone? And what led me here...
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Published: 8 years ago

Candex anyone? And what led me here...

My story is that I was on some form of birth control off and on for 9-10 years. Finally decided to get off of it for good May of 2012. I rapidly started gaining weight after that...10-15 pounds within a year and I had no idea what it was from because nothing changed with my diet or workout habits...ate pretty decent during the week, but splurged on the weekends, and work out 5-6 days a week. I just thought my hormones were out of whack so I got them tested. I’m low in estrogen, but shouldn’t be reason for such horrible weight gain. Also have dealt with horrible Acne since getting off the pill. I then started reading up on Iodine and what it can do to balance hormones. Also wanted to get on it to try and avoid hypothyroid diagnosis that runs in my family.

In Feb. or March of this year I decided to give up gluten. I had battled horrible digestion for a couple of years actually and thought that maybe was the culprit. Well, it didn’t help me take any of this weight off. So then I decided to go raw vegan for a couple of months and consumed massive amounts of fruits and vegetables. Acne intensified horribly...really bad. I still didn’t make the connection that this was possibly tied to candida infection. I only did raw vegan for a couple of months because I couldn’t deal with the Acne and it wasn’t helping me lose weight.

Now I’m on a paleo diet...still can’t lose weight. So I’m betting that what I have is candida. My tongue is not all pink...digestive issues, weight gain. I don’t know what else it could be since the Iodine and Boron also haven’t made a dent after a few months.

I should also mention that I gave up all dairy in March. This means no consumption of healthy yogurt or probiotics. I started on a 100 billion probiotic last weekend and BOY, I’ve never felt so awful. I was in bed most of the day...horrible diarrhea, Sugar cravings, headaches. I should have started with a less potent probiotic, I know...

I bought Candex yesterday...most of the reviews I’ve read on iHerb and Amazon are good, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I started my one pill yesterday and have already noticed some positive’s taking away some of the die-off symptoms I’ve been battling the past few days. I did have horrible gas though, and some stomach rumbling. Hoping it’s better today. Has Candex worked for others here? I know it’s somewhat controversial. I plan on being on it a couple of months and hopefully then can ween off of it and control this with probiotics/prebiotics/kefir, etc. I just want to beat this and get control of my weight/acne for good....

My other question is will it interfere with my other supplements? I’m taking companion supplements for my Iodine and just don’t want the enzymes to gobble up all those supplements I need! Thanks for any help, advice, words of encouragement, other methods...

P.S. What really sucks is that I'm starting all this a week before Thanksgiving! I hate having to give up sweet potatoes... Guess it will just be turkey and green beans for me on that day :-(

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