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Re: Kolt Quinn: Your Second Round of Tapeworm Treatment
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Kolt Quinn: Your Second Round of Tapeworm Treatment

Hello ICU,

Thanks for the quick response!

I checked out the link to the Herxheimer Syndrome and that makes sense. Thank you for sending the link, it was very informative and helpful.

Sorry for the confusion on the meds. What I meant to say is if I had Albendazole in the same dose but from a different drug maker from a different country I would change it up which drug company I used.


One day I may use the 200mg Albendazole pills from China, the next day I would use the 200mg Albendazole pills from Thailand and the third day use the 200mg Albendazole from Brazil. Maybe sounds stupid but hey I'm looking for any edge I can get.

I would do the same with the Praziquantel. I'm fortunate that all the medications I have are produced for human use and are the correct dosages. All the medications came from hospitals and hospital pharmacies in Thailand, China and Brazil. People I know having relationships with the hospitals and hospital pharmacies to acquire the medications.

No animal medications and all the dosages were exactly what you call for in your protocol. It made that part easy. Even the Praziquantel had the little notches in the pill so you could make the adjustment by cutting and adding a fourth of a pill or a half depending on my weight.

Correct. I was not seeing any evidence in my stools of the fish Tapeworms and some of the more drastic symptoms had started to subside at the end of the first round (14 days) of your protocol. Thanks again for creating that protocol and helping all of us.

I think I can deal with a lot so I can tough it out with the second round. I was just trying to tell if my reactions to the medication would be an indication of still being infected or a chance that the medication alone could cause a healthy person to not feel good.

My question would be to you, do you have any feedback or experience on what these medications would feel like if a person had zero tapeworms?

How would a person feel taking this protocol is they were perfectly healthy and were not infected with any parasite/tapeworm?

I was curious if healthy uninfected person would also experience a flu like feeling, headaches and some stomach ache when taking this protocol. Because of how serious these medications are I was assuming so, but wanted to defer to you and get your opinion.

I have read a few posts on this forum about the affects of the meds (Albendazole) on bone marrow. Bone Marrow is critical in producing the white blood cells, and when I first found out I had the fish Tapeworms my blood test showed a very low white blood cell count.

I read all the time about the strain these meds have on the liver. But is there an actual way of telling when you are getting to that point of doing damage that is not fixable with out a medical test? Something I could look for? Yellow eyes, yellow skin, dark urine, a pain in that area?

Yes the Fish Tapeworm is nasty. As you might recall my biggest fear has been those dam little heads (scolex) being locked in on my abdominal wall and growing back after the medication is finished. I also have read the asian fish Tapeworms are very hardy/resilient to all the medications.

That is why the Japanese developed the injection which is not offered in the USA.

I found these links interesting:

I look forward to hearing more about this new medication you're referring to.

I understand about your time and appreciate the time you've already given. Thank you.

And lastly I'd like you to send me a PM with your Christmas wish list? For all you've done for me the least I can do is send a Christmas gift.

To be politically correct call it a holiday gift. I'd like to think of it as a Santa gift for a person that has been very nice. And given so much to so many and receiving nothing in return. Difficult to find people like you these days. And Santa recognizes people such as you.

Actually thinking out loud it would also be cool if all the people from Curezone that have benefited from your many, many hours would all come together to get you ONE HELL OF A NICE HOLIDAY GIFT. I'm in. I just don't know the best way to handle the logistics on it.

I think of how much money you've saved all of us in Doctor's bills and wasted time. Simply amazing.

ICU please let me know when you decide to hang out your shingle and open for business.

Have a great weekend!


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