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Re: Could use some support - starting a fast to heal aftermath of ruptured appendix
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Could use some support - starting a fast to heal aftermath of ruptured appendix

Cat&Co, with my due respect,
Self-righteous is when you do not want to see the opponent's point of view. Self-righteous is when you do not see another answer, just for the fact you want necessarily yours to be the correct one. You may have failed to notice that in this forum post people with aspiration for, experience and knowledge about fasting for cure. I am one of them, having both personal experience, solid theoretical knowledge, respectful manners and also experience in peer-guidance. This is not exactly your FastingForWeightLoss mindset.
Furthermore peer-reviewed medical journals in general would not investigate whether fasting helps or not. Therefore your claim that fasting will not help for neuropathic pain is not based on evidence that fasting-helps-or-not, it is just based on a flawed assumption that peer-reviewed medical journal are the source of God-Science-Absolute-Unbiased-Truth. I am really sorry to shake your beliefs, but drug-oriented studies need only 2 of the whole multitude of sets of patients to have statistical difference from placebo, for the purpose of drug registration. The other, insignificant results or sets, i.e. that evidence no difference or evidence worse-than-placebo-effect, need not to be mentioned for the purpose of publication of a specific-successful-drug-related-claim, even further, statistically insignificant results need not to be mentioned for the purpose of drug registration with FDA. You can make a research on FDA requirements for drug-licenses.
Don't make an assumption I have no experience with pain management. I've seen and experiences both sides: drugs and fasting. Fasting is, was and will forever remain on-the-long-run the undoubtedly more effective, and far more importantly, the cure-oriented-solution, not the masking-the-pain one. Yes, medication does help with acute pain, but the sole fact that the majority of neuropathic pain will become chronic, if only medication is the "cure" proves it is NOT a CURE. It is a chemical reaction that distracts you from real-cure-solution, hiding away your real-problem. It is what you say: a MANAGEMENT that spends the money of the patient and the society and puts a few coins in your professional pocket, while directing the big bucks toward people who make the rules and regulations, such that the majority of people would not learn about the healthier alternatives. Not only because they are not looking for them, but also because when they ask about them, 'professionals' like you speak out arrogantly and narrow-mindedly.
As you might also failed to realize, peer-review journals do no accept publications on fasting as a pain-management, nor do they accept such on orthomolecular approach. I doubt that you want to learn about that, because you do not seem to want to open your mind. If you wanted, you could make a search on any of my claims and a multitude of non-peer-reviewed materials will emerge. You probably even haven't heard about Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Gerson, Prof Brighthope or the Journal of Orthomolecular medicine, that the american academy refuses to index.
You, as medical professional or not, ought to know better than steering away patients from what they believe will help them. Why would you do that? It is self-righteous to cut out straight any other belief different than yours. You ought to know better and respect OPs, patients, collegues and anyone else, for health choices are by constitution, and by innate inborn human integrity, a personal right, duty and responsibility. As a medical professional you ought to offer help and not, using your terminology, to poop on other solutions, even if people come to you after trying a variety of other approaches.
I find this enough, with all my respect, I have better things to do now than arguing your narrow views.

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