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TWO Ways of How to Cure PSORIASIS !!
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Published: 9 years ago

TWO Ways of How to Cure PSORIASIS !!

Coconut Oil and Turmeric - Psoriasis Treatments That Works !!

.. two Separate remedies.
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The extractions from two articles..

If you have Psoriasis, you've probably tried many different things to make it go away, from prescription creams to natural remedies. Some treatments may temporarily make the condition a bit better but all too often the Psoriasis comes back.


However, in my recent research into the health benefits of coconut oil, I've learned that it may be the best treatment that exists for psoriasis. According to many people, it works better than anything they've tried. After learning about this, I told a friend about it and she promptly began applying coconut oil to a patch of Psoriasis on her elbow. It helped immediately and After TWO weeks, the Psoriasis, which had plagued her for over ten years, was completely gone.

Now, here's something interesting: my friend also had Psoriasis on other parts of her body but she did Not apply the coconut oil to those areas because she had decided to test it on her elbow first. However, she began including Coconut oil in her daily diet after I told her about its health benefits and those areas also cleared up within two weeks and have Not returned.

Therefore, based on her experience and the anecdotal evidence of other people who have tried it, I'd recommend that anyone with psoriasis try adding 2-3 tablespoons of Coconut oil a day to their diet as well as apply it topically once or twice a day to the affected areas.


You can apply it on the affected areas 1-2 times a day as well as taking coconut oil daily (2-3 table spoons per day).


Turmeric is a popular home remedy for Psoriasis. Turmeric paste is easy to make and many people claim it has significantly improved their psoriasis symptoms.

Curcumin "is the active ingredient in turmeric responsible for inhibiting skin growth factors that lead to psoriasis scales, according to Volume 595 of the journal Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology."

A Note: the paste will turn your skin Orange for a while but will eventually fade, hopefully along with your psoriasis!

How to make the Paste:

1. Pour 1/4 teaspoon or more of Turmeric powder in a non-porous bowl (glass, ceramic or metal). That amount is enough to treat a small, quarter-size area. Use more turmeric if treating larger areas of the skin.

2 Mix enough water into the turmeric powder to make a THICK, smooth paste - about the consistency of Mud. Pour one DROP of water into the turmeric powder AT A TIME, while stirring the mixture with a spoon to remove any lumps. If you accidentally use too much water, add more turmeric powder to obtain the desired consistency.

3. Spread a THIN layer of Turmeric paste onto the psoriasis-affected areas of skin, BEFORE bedtime. Use Enough paste so that you canNot see the underlying skin, but not so much that the paste is falling off.

4. Wrap a piece of gauze (see below what is this) around the skin treated with turmeric paste to keep the paste in place. Leave the turmeric paste on your skin, covered with the gauze, overnight.

5. Remove the gauze and wash the turmeric paste off of your skin using warm water.

6. Turmeric permanently stains porous surfaces, such as plastic and clothing. It temporarily stains the skin, giving it a light yellow to orange color. Stains on the skin gradually face over a few days' time.

Things You'll Need -

• Turmeric powder
• Small non-porous bowl
• Spoon
• Gauze (A thin, loosely woven surgical dressing, usually made of cotton. Or it could be transparent fabric with a loose open weave, used for curtains and clothing)

Hope it Helps. :)


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