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Re: What has really helped me in my Candida battle
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: What has really helped me in my Candida battle

Xylitol is meant to be a Quorum Sensing Inhibitor (QSI) and not strictly anti fungal to my knowledge. It's meant to be great for the teeth and gums and can be sold as being beneficial to teeth because it aids re-mineralisation.

I have been searching for other QSI's and so far have come up with Vanilla planifolia although I have not yet tried it. I do intend purchasing a little but it's fairly expensive stuff.

I purchased some Xylitol in bulk powder form as it's not all that expensive and it has a sweet taste which is nice. I also add it to a Malic Acid (sour) and drink it with my meals with one drop of clove essential oil to promote digestion and assist stomach acid production. Clove is meant to warm the digestive fire which is beneficial to anyone with hypochlorhydria/achlorhydria.

1 sl hpd tsp Malic Acid, 1 hpd tsp Xylitol with 1 drop of clove eo taken with meals.

The taste appeals to me which is always a good sign and it reminds me of Granny Smith Apples which I adore. Apples do contain large amounts of Malic Acid and the acid is meant to be beneficial to the digestion and stomach function.

Bacillus Laterosporus BOD is more correctly known as Bacillus Coagulans (BC). B. Laterosporus is not a valid designation and more a marketing name to attempt to indicate a difference. It can be purchased far cheaper than those expensive brand names and I have been using the Source Naturals Duraflora with 5 billion CFU. It's worked very well with ferments as well because it does seem to stop fungal/yeast growth. I add some to all my ferments but it requires a fairly warm temperature for optimum growth and fermentation temperature is often lower than ideal for BC.

Getting some bulk enzyme powder or liquid is what I intend trying. No magnesium stearate to feed the biofilm which litters most supplements.

I purchased some EDTA powder to absorb iron, calcium and magnesium from the biofilm to assist it's break up. It's fairly inexpensive so a cost effective way of doing it rather than purchasing expensive supplements.

I love the taste of VCO and eat it by the dspfull. I wondered whether lipase along with VCO would supply the needed antifungal/antibacterial compounds better than the neat oil which doesn't have that much effect in the stomach where I require it most. Lauricidin would need to be imported which could get expensive with duty plus sales tax (VAT) etc.

Thanks for taking the time posting this information. I had already seen the Dr. Ettinger site and have been using some of the ideas but I don't believe that candida is a problem that I have I don't even know what is causing the problem which makes treating very difficult. New substances have brief effects, like one or two uses and then nothing. Not knowing what organisms are responsible even makes finding effective QSI's difficult because different substances are required for different organism types. Gram positive bacteria require different substances for QSI than gram negative bacteria. Yeasts and fungi could also mean different requirements. The only thing that I am certain about is a biofilm, actually 3 in my stomach.

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