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Re: ✮ Could I have Parasites or Lyme disease? Undiagnosed looking for answers. Lost. 17 Y/O ✮ ✮
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: ✮ Could I have Parasites or Lyme disease? Undiagnosed looking for answers. Lost. 17 Y/O ✮ ✮

I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

Your long list of symptoms may seem strange to you but it is what we expect to see in members of the heavy metal detox groups. That is how heavy metals work, they affect many systems in the body.

Dr Hal Huggins, a pioneer in mercury (Hg) free dentistry, addresses the issue of mystery ailments in his somewhat humorous article on Chronic Fatigue. I'm confident you will identify with it!

Check out the symptom lists under the 800+ hair tests at this site used by members of the heavy metal (HM) groups.

I'm confident you will identify with this 1 yr progress report by a teen member of a detox group. He had to drop out of school in his senior year but is now able to do some college studies. I'm sure he'd be happy to chat with you if you'd like.

Did you have any dental work done on silver fillings (50% Hg!) around that time or did someone break a CFL bulb in your home and spread the Hg by using a vacuum cleaner?

This is a good example of the symptoms of chronic Hg poisoning in a female.

This man has one the best documented cases of recovery from chronic Hg poisoning that I've seen. He testified at one of the US FDA hearings on Amalgams in 2010 and his ppt was posted on the net for a while.

This female reporter also has a rather well documented case. She also testified at a 2010 hearing.

Some of us started our downward spiral after getting a biological related illness such as Lyme or Epstein Barr, etc. We later realized our body was handling detox reasonably well until it also had to handle the infection. for example Dr Mark Hyman in his book, The Ultramind Solution writes that he had to go to 10 other doctors before someone realized he had a heavy metal problem.

My situation was similar to Dr Hyman's although I had more of a lead and cadmium problem due to exposure in my family's business since early teen years.

It is so common for people with HM problems to have mood problems. The brain is one of the target organs of HMs. You don't have to be embarrassed, it is just chemistry!

However you'd be wise to act promptly. If indeed HMs are involved, they don't sit idle as seen in this video from the U. of Calgary.

I, like BillyM and RitaM at the links above, used Cutler's detox protocol. Cutler addresses some of the basic concepts at the following link but there is so much more available in the Cutler support groups here and at Yahoo

HMs also affect magnesium retention which is involved in production of brain chemicals related to Depression and anxiety.

The adrenals and related components of the stress response system are very vulnerable to mercury. You have many symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Was your sodium and blood pressure low-norm?

HMs affect your immune system, much of which is in our digestive tracts. It also affects certain digestive enzymes, including the one involved in breakdown of gluten. Many of us HM toxic folks feel better on a lower gluten diet.

Alcohol will put stress on your liver and also feed candida. The latter is so common in females in the HM groups!. You may need more molybdenum to help with sulfate production and breakdown of acetaldehyde. Look up sulfite (with an I) sensitivities.

The liver is one of the most vulnerable organs to Hg. I tend to see these symptoms in those who were also exposed to some arsenic as well. Remember Hg damages the body's detox system and so levels of other toxins can build up.

I assume you are using alcohol to try to relax and be more calm. There are much healthier ways to do that! Mg, GABA and adrenal support were wonderful for a close female friend--hair test #368 at the above link. I have much more for you on that if requested.

I could go on for a long time with your list of symptoms but I need to prepare for Christmas church services and dinner!

Don't give up hope! Just because your current doctor does not have an answer, it does not mean there is no answer! I'm not suggesting that HMs are the only thing that could be causing or contributing to those symptoms. However if your doctors are not making progress with the underlying cause of your symptoms, and the symptoms could have Hms as a cause or contributing factor, doesn't it make sense to consider HMs?!

Best regards,



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